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"Yui... Wake up," Gouenji murmured to his sleeping daughter. "One more hour, papa..." the young girl mumbled. Yui heard her father sigh. "Alright... I guess you don't want to watch me play soccer with the rest of Inazuma Eleven Japan against the new Inazuma." The moment he finished his sentence, Yui shot up from bed. "I'm up!" she briskly announced. "Good," Gouenji replied before heading towards the door, but stopping as he spotted his maid Junko standing in the door frame.

"Is breakfast ready?" he asked. "Yes, Gouenji-sama, " the maid calmly answered. With a nod, he turned towards his daughter and told her: "I will be seeing you at breakfast." Yui bobbed her head in response.

Gouenji was quietly eating breakfast, a newspaper in his hand. He didn't expect to be reading the newspaper like his father did. He had always thought they were boring, but at the moment he didn't have anything better to do while eating his food.

He looked up as he heard a wheelchair roll in the room. He smiled at the sight of his daughter. She was wearing a cute sundress, a brown sun hat and lovely brown sandals. Junko slowly pushed Yui's wheelchair towards the table. Kei the butler took the breakfast plate from the counter and walked towards the little girl. "Please, enjoy your breakfast," Kei gently told the child while putting the food in front of her.

"Thank you, Kei-san!" Yui said, picking up her fork and starting to tuck in her food.

"Yui, I want you to be on your best behavior today. I know that I don't have to tell you this, but it's just a reminder," Gouenji informed his daughter on drive to the soccer match. "Also, please get to know the kids there, I want you to have fun... Okay?" Gouenji expectantly looked at Yui in the car's rear-view mirror. "Yes, papa. I know, I promise to make new friends at the meeting, " she softy replied. "Good," the father mumbled as he looked at the road again.

"Gouenji, over here!" shouted out a male with an orange headband around his forehead. A small soft smile appeared on the lips of the platinum blonde male. "Gouenji-san!" As he was pushing the wheelchair towards a large group of people, a female with lavender hair tied into a low pony tail walked in his direction. "I'm sooo glad you could make it," she gently said.

"It's been a while, Kira Manako," Gouenji told the female in front of him. Manako bent down and gazed at Yui. "My! The last time I saw you, you were just a baby," Manako exclaimed while tenderly stroking the little girl's cheek. Blushing, the shy Yui stared down at her lap.

"Yui-chan!" a boy with messy ear-length, light green hair happily screamed. Yui briskly turned her head. "Youta-san?" the girl asked, blinking at the boy who was crouching down, panting. "I'm happy you made it..!" he replied Yui with an idiotic grin, before turning towards Gouenji. "Mr. Gouenji, do you mind if I bring Yui-chan to see my friends?" Youta wondered, a little scared of the older man.

With his signature straight face, the Flame Striker nodded in approval."Go ahead," he announced. Youta happily thanked Gouenji, and went behind the wheelchair to push it. After a little trouble, the boy wheeled Yui towards a group of children.

"Hey, Youta-kun!" two females cried in unison. They both had the same grey hair color, while their eyes were more bluish-grey. The only difference between them was that one had pigtails while the other wore a ponytail.

Youta walked to front of the wheelchair, happily waving at the two girls. "Hey Mika and Miku." He turned around to Yui. "These two are Fubuki Mika and Fubuki Miku. They're twins that's why they look similar," Youta informed Yui, who shyly waved her small hand at the twins.

"I'm-" But before she could continue, the twin with the ponytail cut her off: "We know who you are, you're Gouenji-san's daughter!" Both twins held out their hands with a toothy grin. "It's nice to meet you, Yui-chan" they both said in unison once again.

Sweat dropping, Yui shook both Mika's and Miku's hands. "N-Nice to meet you too!" she stammered with a small smile. "So... Which one is Mika and which one is Miku?" Yui asked while she sightly tilted her head to the side. The twin with the pigtails pointed to herself. "I'm Miku, the youngest twin". "And I'm Mika, the eldest," her sister said, puffing out her chest.

Gouenji watched Yui happily chatting with Fubuki Shirou's very curious twins, who were about the same age as his little girl.

"Hey you guys! Sorry we're late," a female with waist-long, greenish-blondish hair apologized. She was grabbing the arm of a male with brown hair and greyish blue eyes. "We wouldn't be late if it weren't for Akio here," she said shooting her husband a death glare. Akio paled but tried not to show it.

"Glad you guys could make it," Endou began, walking over towards the couple: "Don't worry Maaya-san, you guys didn't miss anything, people are still arriving."

Maaya nodded before looking around. "Where is Yuki-kun..?" she wondered. Fudou shrugged but kept a straight face: "I dunno, probably playing with the other children, " he answered.

"You need to get pregnant," a female with curly teal hair firmly asserted another woman with auburn hair. The latter blushed vividly. "You've already told me that, Necro!" she shot back angrily. Necro smirked and began to flip her hair. "I shouldn't have to tell you a hundred times… Just do it, Endou Natsumi," she said with a smug air.

With a pout, Natsumi crossed her arms and turned to look the other way. A female with short white shoulder length hair sweat dropped at the scene, while rubbing her stomach gently. "My, My… We are supposed to have fun," she happily said, wobbling her way towards Natsumi. "Nana-chan, you don't have to try for a child if you're not ready," the white haired female told her friend.

Necro grunted: "I want to see the former princess of Raimon and the famous Endou have a child together though, Jacky!". Natsumi blushed while Jacky giggled.

A male with dreadlocks walked towards the three females. "Jacky, don't move around that much." He gently grabbed Jacky's arm while guiding her over towards a bench. "I'm not a baby, you know, Yuuto-chan!" Jacky informed the male before sitting down on a bench and heard Natsumi and Necro bursting out laughing at the scene.

"Now, Yukio-kun, I want you to stay nearby, don't wander off!" ordered a female with long brown hair. "Yes, Mama..." replied a three year old boy who was holding the hand of a girl of the same age. "Good, now go and play with the other children and please be careful," the woman added. A male sighed while flipping his whitish grey hair. "Stop worrying too much, Honoka," he said, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Sorry about that Fuusuke-kun." Honoka apologized in a weak smile, rubbing the back of her hair. Sighing for the hundredth time of the day, Fuusuke grabbed his wife's hand. "Let's just go and see your friends," he said before dragging Honoka towards the group of adults while their children made their way towards their own friends.

"Hey Gouenji-kun!" A female with auburn hair holding a baby walked towards the platinum blonde male. Gouenji turned to the woman and gave her a small smile. "Hey Chikai... I see that your second is finally born," he commented, watching the small toddler. "Yep! Her name is Azami, isn't she the most adorable?" Chikai cooed down at her baby, who giggled in response. Gouenji chuckled lightly at the sight.

That day was a really fun day, the children got to make new friends and watched the Inazuma Japan Legend play against the New Inazuma eleven, and of course, the original team won.

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