Rin and Nitori had the same schedule. Practice, do homework, then hang out. It was like that everyday... Except those days when Nitori left. Now, Rin knew that Nitori didn't have that much friends, so the, 'I'm gonna go hang out with some people, Senpai!" Didn't make much sense. It worried Rin, not that he would admit it out loud. It was like... Nitori was lying, which was just plain stupid. Nitori told him everything- not that he cared.

Today was one of those stupid days when Nitori decided to leave Rin alone and go out by himself. Nitori had taken up his usual spot at his desk and had started on his homework while Rin was eating chips on his bed. The only sound Rin could hear was rain. It pounded the ceiling and made even Rin nervous. To say it was a damn stupid time to go out was an understatement. Even so, Nitori chirped out a nervous "M-Matsuoka Senp-pai, I think I'm gonnna h-head out."

"Shit, Nitori, are you stupid?" He barked, making the smaller boy flinch, and Rin feel like a huge dick. Nitori swerved his chair around to face him, although he clearly avoided looking the red haired boy in the face.

"I made plans with friends." Was Ai trying to stare a hole in the ground?


"I-It's true!" Rin considered it for a bit when he realized that he could find out why the boy had a habit of disapearing in the middle of storms. He let out an annoyed grunt and went back to eating his chips. The blue eyed boy brightened, and headed out not knowing Rin's plan.

When the door clicked shut behind the younger boy, Rin put his chips down and went to his task of stalking Nitori. Rin made sure his steps were silent, and he followed Nitori around the campus at a good distance. The gray haired boy didn't seem to be leaving school at all, but rather he went deeper into the building. When Nitori stopped in front of a door, his follower was shocked. It wasn't even a room; just a supply closet. The boy snuck inside and closed it behind him. Rin walked out in the opening and headed towards the closet. He took a few unsure steps towards the door. What was Nitori doing? He couldn't hear anything from inside, the rain and thunder blocked out any noise. Nervously, he opened the closet.

He was not expecting what he saw. He wasn't sure what he was expecting, but it wasn't this. Nitori had looked up when the door opened, and blushed scarlet. His hair was a gray mop on his head, his nose was running, and tears were running freely from his eyes. He had hudled in the back of the closet with his hands hugging his knees.

"M-Matsu," hic, "oka Senpai. What are you-"

"Ai? What the hell? What happened? Why are you crying?" Rin moved towards the bundle on the floor and knelt down.

"Ai..." A loud thunder clap shook the walls and made Nitori flinch and let out a gasping sob. It clicked. The thunder. Rin knew that Nitori didn't like thunderstorms, but not to this extent. The scared boy was shaking and staring at the ground next to Rin, mortified that his Senpai knew his secret.

"You know you could have told me..." Rin muttered before wrapping the gray haired boy in his arms. He laid his head on his soft hair. He didn't know why he did it, but he had to comfort him somehow. Nitori gasped and clung to Rin.

"I-I'm so sorry!" He wailed "I di-didn't want to bother you!"

For the rest of the night, Rin held Nitori.