Seeing her again was the only thing I was the least prepared for.

She was on my mind constantly, but facing her again was completely different. What was I thinking anyway? Changing Gale Weathers certainly wasn't in my ability. I loved her with every fiber in me, with every breath that I took, but there was something in her soul that was beyond me. Undeniably, she was beyond me – and that tore my heart apart.

The few months we spent together were the best in my life. I was truly happy with her, just loving her. I knew she was happy, too – no matter how hard she tried to play it cool and conceal her real self, her eyes could not lie. Not to me anyway. Not during those sweet nights when she was mine and I was hers, when she was moaning underneath me, grabbing my thighs, desperately kissing my neck. The tender and yet passionate look in her eyes as she kissed me was telling me everything I needed to know better than any words could. Gale's personality was slowly but surely unfolding before me, and I seemed to love her more every day. I learned that behind her arrogance and cruelty she was sweet and fragile, even breakable. I spoiled her, and lavished love on her, and doted on her, and covered her with kisses all night long, every night. I've simply adored that woman with all I could give.

Gale was opening up to me, and all I wanted was to love her. But I guess some people just don't change. Not in an instant, anyway. When she left me for some stupid career opportunity, I was heartbroken and absolutely devastated for days. She pleaded with me to go along, of course, but that was out of the question. I wasn't a public figure. All I wanted was her.

By then I already knew there was a hole in her heart, but I thought I was going to fill it up eventually. I wanted to, so bad, and tried to, so hard, but I guess my love simply wasn't enough for her. I saw her true self by then – that little scared and lonely girl that desperately needed warmth, and love.

We haven't really seen each other for months.

And there she was. Again.

She looked stunning, as always – that shiny black hair, softer and longer than usual, striking bright blue eyes, slender frame. Everything about Gale shone with confidence and spunk, but she couldn't fool me anymore: she was tired and miserable. No amount of makeup and acting had the power to wipe that away. Clearly her career and fame failed to give her what her heart had longed for.

I sighed. I had tried to get that woman out of my mind and heart, but it just didn't seem to work. The image of Gale kept on haunting me, the memories never leaving me. I was still irrevocably in love with her, I guess, but there was no way I was going to just wait on her. It was pointless. She was insatiable when it came to influence and fame and I was insatiable when it came to her.

Not that I was lonely. No, Sid was always there and I could always count on her just as much as I was sure I could not count on Gale. My mother was very understanding and caring, and I also had a few pals who always had my back. It's just that I really wanted Gale. Nobody in this whole world could ever replace her.

I want her so much! I long to hold her in my arms again, to feel her heart pounding strong against mine, and whisper into her ear about how much I love her. I just couldn't afford another heartbreak and disappointment at that time. Not like this. If only she made one small step in my direction, I'd run after her and kiss the ground she walks on. I'm just not ready to make the first move. Not after Gale had abandoned me like that.