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Academy City, District 7

5:33 P.M

A certain albino was walking down the street of District 7 with a bag of coffee in hand. He is on his way to Yomikawa's place, the place where he currently lived in,
a place so huge for a teacher's salary. Thoughts flooded his mind like a river.
Thinking back of the words a certain loli had said.

'If you ever meet onee-sama, what'll you do? I always wonder about that. Misaka says as Misaka asks'

What will he do?

He don't know.

He never think of that situation.

Given the fact that he and the railgun hasn't cross path since then. He is 100% sure that the railgun hates him. That the railgun loathe him. He can't blame her though. After that shitty experiment happened he expect no less.

While he continued on walking, he noticed something is rubbing in his leg, he looked down and saw a kitten rubbing it's head.

"Fucking kitten"

He lightly shoved the kitten away and continued walking. When he looked in front of him, there was a girl completely wrapped in a cloak, looking intently at him. He can't see his whole appearance, only the features of her face. Cold breeze seems to blow even though it's still late in the afternoon.

"What do you fucking want brat?!"

He scowled, completely scaring the girl in front of him, or so he thought. She didn't move or raise even a finger. Feeling of annoyance enveloped him when the girl smiled at him sheepishly. He wasn't prepared for what's coming. A black hole appeared under him, he fell. He was so surprised that he can't react at the last minute. After that, everything turns black.


At Tokiwadai Dorm Room

Slowly, Misaka closed their room's door and headed towards her bed, she carefully took every steps so as not to wake the sleeping pervert opposite her bed. She stays late than usual chasing after that idiot around. She sigh and was about to sit on her bed when suddenly she felt cautious, a chill run down her spine. With quick movements she look back at her roommates bed only to find no one.

"Onee-sama!" Out of thin air, a girl with auburn hair appeared centimeters above her. In the last second, she managed to grab her school bag and swing it in front, hitting the girl in the face.

"You pervert!" she yell, looking at the girl slump on the other bed.

"But ... Onee-sama. Kuroko can't sleep without looking at your face first. I want to-" She was cut off by a sudden gust of wind from the window. On instinct, they both look at the source at the same time.

There, looking at them from the outside, a girl in a cloak. She smiled creepily at the two.

"AAAHHHH!" A portal under Misaka's feet opened and she fell. Kuroko quickly turned around only to see no one. Misaka is gone. Biting her lips, she look at the window and saw nothing.

Their room's door flew open revealing the demonic dorm mistress.

"Shirai! Where is Misaka?!" But her question fell on deaf ears. Kuroko's eyes widen in shock.


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