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Chapter 5: The Evening Trap

The forest was illuminated by the moonlight as the silence stretch as it was eternal. The cold wind passed by and rustled the leaves creating an eerie and creepy sound as if the whole forest was hunted. There was no chirping of the lively birds singing a beautiful and cheery song, only the occasional appearance of unfamiliar and odd animals. Four figures walked through the forest. This figures had no destination. They were just patrolling and hunting the killers that dare took away a person's life without second thoughts.

"There's nothing here" Lucy groaned, rubbing both of her hands at her shoulder attempting to brush away the coldness that slowly was creeping into her system.

"I have a strong feeling that something will happen, so we gotta keep moving" Gray said, walking ahead of the group acting as the leader. They were near the border and at a safe distance where any explosions or fights couldn't be heard or noticed by the citizens of Magnolia, but if the worst came to worst and a large scale fight break out, they feared that someone may notice and inform the guild or someone from the guild notices.

"Good thing there's a moon tonight" Mikoto muttered as she follows silently from behind, Accelerator at her front. She felt weird, she still needed to adjust to the reality that her magnetic field couldn't detect any electrical appliances or devices.

She halted her steps when Lucy suddenly stopped, she pulled something from her pouch which was hanging from her belt and raised it in the air. She look closely so as Accelerator who glance at Lucy.

"Gate of the clock key, I open thee " The air came and flattered her hair as a pale yellow light enveloped Lucy. Mikoto couldn't help but watch in amazement as the mage stood performing her magic, "Horologium!" A clock with the same size as an adult man appeared making its fancy entrance. It stretch its arms and legs before spinning its hands and bowed slightly at Lucy.

Before Mikoto could make her comment, Lucy was already inside of Horologium

"It's warm in here, so let's continue walking," Lucy says.'

Mikoto stared then blink, she thought something amazing would happen, she thought Lucy would use some kind of magic that will provoke their enemy. Do not get her wrong, she wasn't insulting her magic, in fact she thought it was convenient. It was just that... never mind, she couldn't voice it out.

They continued walking when all of a sudden, a shadow passed by them, it made a creepy laugh, a laugh resembling to the one of a witch. They were about to follow it when another one passed by and it was followed by tens, then by twice the number. Countless faceless shadow circled around them, laughing creepily now and then.

"W-what are they?!" Mikoto yelps ducking her head and covering it with both of her hands.

'"What is happening?! Kyaa!" That's what Lucy says'

"EVERYONE GET DOWN! ICE MAKE: LANCE!" Cold lances flew and struck the shadows that were hovering around them. The shadows scattered for a brief second then returned circling around them. He tried his luck for a few times but his attempts were futile, it wouldn't do any damage nor shove them away.

"W-what?!" The shadows closed the distance between them and engulf the group until their surroundings turned into pure black.

Lucy woke up, she didn't understand but her head seems dizzy for some reason. She slowly got up massaging her head with her right hand. She blinked few times before looking at her surroundings, her eyes were blurry, but she still could tell that it was night and they were still in the forest. She stood up, but then quick to step back when she saw a white figure. She was about to summon a spirit when she recognized the white figure.

Accelerator, Mikoto's friend.

"W-where are we? Where are the others?!" She asked hysterically, her eyes already recovered and she can now see everything clearly. The man in front of him seems calm, not even bothered and looked unaffected that they were separated from Gray and Mikoto.

"Gone" he simply replied with his hands in his pockets. He continued to look around, there was no sign of destruction and fight. There wasn't even a trace of their companion, just the dimly lit surroundings that gave Lucy a creepy feeling.

Realizations struck her like lightning, her body shook uncontrollably, it dawn upon her like an arrow stuck in the heart.

'What should I do? I'm left to protect Accelerator' she thought

She couldn't let the both of them die and she certainly couldn't leave Accelerator alone. What if something happened to him? She bit her lip to stop herself from crying out loud. What if the enemies found them? She won't be able to protect the both of them. She couldn't let Accelerator die, she had to protect him.

"W-what do you mean? Let's go find them" Lucy suggested as she holds the hem of her skirt.

"Then let's get going, stop acting like a crybaby, damn, you agreed to this fucking sneaking out and now you're fidgeting afraid? Tch" He clicked his tongue and strode past her, not even glancing back to call her. She stared wide eyed at his back, taken aback by those harsh words. She heaved a deep breath and started following him, she couldn't let Accelerator walk alone, their enemies could be nearby and watching them.

"So, can you tell me where are we?" Mikoto asked following Gray as they walked through the forest. The moment they woke up, they started to look for their companion. She couldn't help but inwardly sigh knowing Lucy was stuck with the Antisocial monster. She wasn't worried about him, as far as she knows Accelerator that he would eventually use his ability when the situation demanded it. Her legs hurt for almost an hour of walking but they couldn't stop now that the enemies had started their move.

"I'm not sure what part... but I'm positive that we're still at the forest" He said, not even sparing her a glance, his guard active for any sneak attack. She met Gray as a somewhat cheerful guy, but now that he was in action, she realized that he really was taking his job seriously.

"How come? I thought were familiar with this forest" She rub both of her palms with each other in an attempt to brush the cold off as she continued following Gray to God knows where.

"I am, but for some reason, it feels like we're being played at. I can't seem to find the exit." Their surroundings started to darken due to the tall and thick trees that towered above each other. The cold wind blew and made the leaves dance. The round bright moon still was shining from above and it was still somewhere near dawn.

It gave her creeps whenever she look at the old trees with huge and bulge roots in which a person could fit in.

"A maze huh?" She mused, putting her hand at her chin. Mikoto Misaka is known in Academy City as the 3rd Level 5, The Railgun. She is also known as the strongest Electromaster, partly because of her strong perception that allowed her to easily detect any sister ability of hers and counter it.

She suddenly stopped, frozen. Gray looked at her in confusion, he was about to ask when she suddenly sprang to action. Snapping out of her stupor, she hastily ran and tackled down Gray to the ground just as a green beam of light passed by, barely missing them.

"W-what..?" Gray managed to utter, he was about to ask Mikoto his question when she suddenly grab his hand and pulled him up, his knees grind with the ground and he hisses. He quickly steady his footing as he looked at Mikoto's troubled expression. Raising his hand to touch her shoulder, she suddenly pulled his hand and ran just when another green beam of light passed.

"RUN!" She yelps, running as fast as she could while holding Gray's hand. Another beam of light aimed at them but they kept dodging them.

Gray, having quickly to react stopped and pulled her with him. He stood still and crossed his hand.

"Ice Make: Shield!" A cold shield made of ice appeared in front of them, shielding them from the attacker. Mikoto's eyes widen, her eyes filled of horror as she tugged on Gray's arms, pulling him away from his shield, she didn't even noticed the fact that Gray is now shirtless.

"IDIOT! GET AWAY FROM THERE!" Closing her eyes and pulling him with all her might she managed to pulled him even just by a little margin. A bright beam of light collided with his shield and tore its defenses making a big gaping hole in it before completely annihilating it. His shield didn't even managed to stop it on its tracks and graze Gray's side. He fell on top of Mikoto.

"Guhh..!" He grimaced, holding his side.

Despite the wound on his side, he stood up and the two of them continued running as a rain of green beam of light chase them.

"AT YOUR RIGHT!" Mikoto yell as she dodge to her left escaping yet another beam of light.

"What is that thing?!" Gray asked hysterically.

She didn't have enough time to answer as he pulled Gray down.

"GET DOWN!" She hissed, the both of them ducked as a rain of beam of light passed by, aimed at every direction. It destroyed the huge trees around them and they crouched to take cover.

The bright light of the moon lit their surroundings when the tall trees were took down. They both look up to see yet another devastation in Magnolia forest.

A silhouette of a woman appeared in the shadows and Mikoto gasped, her feet rooted to the ground as she stiffen. Her body shook and she hug herself as Gray place his hand at her shoulder, shaking her.

"Mikoto?! Hey Mikoto what's wrong?!"

She stared at the woman and managed to utter words that she didn't expect will come out of her mouth in her stay in this world.


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