"I can't believe this happened." Yuki sighed as she gulped much needed breaths of air. Sachiko was gone. She'd truly left. She felt tears spilling from her eyes, but she brushed them away.

She would've gone to see Shimako and ask her how she was holding up what with Yoshino still being bed chained at home. At least she was not hospitalized anymore. That was what Shimako had told her on the phone.

"I should've visited them. I should've gone to the hospital with or without Sachiko. Perhaps then we would not have got so caught up in our little spats."

"They were not little spats, Yuki." Sachiko stated as she walked through the door.

Yumi gasped as she turned around.

"W-what are you…?"

"I could not just leave like that." Sachiko said as she eyed the distressed girl before her, "If you want me to go though, just say so and I will."

"Idiot." Yumi said as she rushed forward and jumped into Sachiko's arms. She started crying uncontrollably, soaking Sachiko's white shirt with her unshed tears.

"I believe we both are."

"I should've answered your calls." Yuki countered.

"I should not have been so pushy when it comes to defining our future." Sachiko responded as she brushed a couple of tars away from Yumi's face and smiled when the girl leaned forward and placed a tentative kiss on Sachiko's lips.

"I love you." Yumi said as she felt Sachiko smile against her lips and recaptured the younger's lips. The two moved in perfect sync, one following the other's movements in a desperate attempt to retain a part of what was, what could've been and what could never come to pass.

"I love you too." Sachiko mumbled as she hugged Yumi tiger. She felt the younger girl place a kiss on her neck and ask, "Do you really have to go?"

"I'm afraid so." Sachiko confessed as she drew back and kissed Yumi once more. Their lips moved against each other in a bigger urgency this time, each trying desperately to get closer to the other first. Suddenly Sachiko nipped on Yumi's lower lip before sucking on it and finally let go. Yumi's head immediately followed Sachiko's and soon felt air instead of the warm pair of softness she'd grown accustomed to for the past couple of minutes.

"Yumi." Sachiko chuckled, making the younger girl pout.

"When will you be back? Also is this roommate thing true?" Yumi went straight to the point.

Sachiko bit her lip to prevent herself from smiling too broadly at Yumi's adorableness. She felt the younger girl squeeze her in protest to the lack of immediate answer.

"After two weeks and no … I forgot to hand it the papers and also your consent is needed as well. So long as your signature does not make it to those papers I'm stuck with you or rather you're stuck with me." Sachiko answered, making Yumi look at her seriously.

"Good to know. Also I'd like to think of it this way - we're both stuck with each other."

"Are we now?" Sachiko replied as she pecked Yumi on the lips.

Yumi smiled as she wrapped her arms around Sachiko's neck and felt the hands on her waist tighten.

"Yes, we are." Yumi said before she dived in for another round of drugging kisses.

Needless to say the two made good use of the remaining hours they had before Sachiko's flight was due and of every other second, minute and hour the two shared for the rest of their lives however rare those occasions were at first. Luckily as time passed the frequency increased greatly.

~The End.~

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