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Hazel woke up that moning with a funny feeling. She knew it was the day. The day of all days. The day she would marry Sammy. Oh he was handsome and charming and funny but she got this feeling that there was someone else for her. Someone else whom she would love more. Sammy took good care of her and oh she loved him so. Who could it be though? No other boy in the 1940's took care of her like Sammy did. Her wedding gown was gorgeous. One her mother had picked out just for her. It was lace with satin undertones. It was set in a modern style with a short train. It was beautiful. Sammy of course hadn't seen it but that funny feeling stuck with her as she got out of bed and went down the stairs to start boiling water on the rusty stove in New Orleans.


Hazel seemed content in her dreams as he watched her from the Argo II window. He couldn't help but open in the door and lie beside her. She stirred but didn't wake in doing so. She made him want to kiss her rosy slumbering cheeks. He didn't attempt to wake her though. So much had been happening with Gaea lately that sleep was good for her. He doubted it was a demigod dream since she seemed content in her cot beside him. Eventually he drifted to sleep but not before he heard a tanned face with curious grey eyes peeping in the window in the door. He dreamed. Frank was watching Hazel from a distance, walk around in an olden dress that she must've worn in the other time. She was older in her mid-20's. He loved her all the same. She turned her head to stare up at him, no not up at him, through him. Her golden eyes shining with delight on the clock that was just behind him. He wondered if he said anything if she could here. A wedding gown was laid out on the neatly made bed before her. He realized it was hers. But who could she be marrying? He knew who. He knew and yet he couldn't admit it to himself that he knew.


She stared up at the clock face to check the time at which her mother would come down to help her get ready. The funny feeling still hadn't left her but she pushed it to the back of her mind as she sipped her coffee with 1 milk and 2 sugars and a little bit of whipped cream. It was her special day, she should be allowed a treat. Sammy, oh Sammy she thought. I'm 25 tomorrow but by then I'll be married to Sammy. Excitement filled her with hope of what was to come. Suddenly she awoke from her daydream by a knock on the door. As she opened the door, her eyes fluttered open to reality.