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Annabeth had been spending a lot of time in her room lately for one reason, and one reason only. Percy and well Percy. She searched anniversary gifts on Daedalus's laptop. She didn't actually expect anything to happen but she guessed wrong. There came up a device that was practically made for Percy. It was a mechanical underwater basket weaving kit. Kind of. She thought that the mix of their two parents skills and everything would be sweet. So she asked Leo for parts and tools. He gladly agreed and looked over the plans with a grin. He commented on how it would be perfect. Percy knocked on her door the day of their anniversary looking kind of hopefully into the port hole. Like Annabeth wouldn't see him. The wrapped gift was hidden under her desk so he wouldn't be able to see it. She opened the door and he stood their like a gentleman in a patched up tux using a sewing machine Leo had built on the ship but didn't quite work right yet. She felt underdressed compared to him. The tie he was wearing matched his eyes perfectly and it made her melt. She reminded herself that she is a strong warrior of every kind. Not a lovey-dovey-most-Aphrodite-girls-and-nymphs-fall-over-at-the-sight-of-guy-kind-of-girl, but here she was. He was handsome but with Percy he didn't know which on it's own, made him even cuter… "Uh….Annabeth? Can we uh….go now?" She was brought back to reality, "Where are we going?" The answer as it always is with guys was, "You'll see." She grabbed her present as he turned to lead the way.


The one thing he loved more than Canadian bacon was trying to find animal noises to amuse Hazel. Her giggles as he did so were priceless. Along with that little snort that was adorable when you got her laughing really hard. They were on the deck and Frank had recently learned how to control his gift to only change a small part of him. Like his eyes or his nose or his vocal chords. She laughed when he did a donkey and then an ewe to prove that they were different. Frank felt good when she laughed. Sometimes it was hard trying to find an in-between from the 1940's to the 21st century. She couldn't believe it when Frank had showed her a video called 'What Does The Fox Say?' she asked how people of this century were able to come up with something so clever. Frank rolled his eyes from the fact that it had been all over the media and Hazel had somehow never heard it around camp. Oh well, that's alright. He made the sound of mouse and then morphed into a lion and back to mouse. She squealed with delight (and a snort).