Chapter 8

If Natalie Harrington thought leaking the false article to the press would bring Jason back to her she couldn't have been more wrong. It had been several days since she'd leaked the article and she hadn't heard a word from him.

Who does he think he is? the redhead fumed silently. How dare he ignore me, a Harrington!

"Miss Harrington?" a timid voice called out interrupting her thoughts. "Mr. Harrington will see you now."

Natalie completely ignored the receptionist and headed to her father's office. He'd interrupted a full day of shopping, requesting to meet with her immediately. Whatever he wanted had better be damn well important. As the young woman stepped into her father's huge office she could instantly sense he was not pleased with her. Daniel Harrington glared at his daughter as she approached his large desk.

"Natalie Danielle Harrington", he growled as he slammed down a newspaper. "What is the meaning of this?"

The redhead had the decency to look ashamed.

"It's nothing Father, just a prank to get back at Jason", she quickly explained.

"Nothing? Do you realize that I am a potential candidate for prime minister in the next election?!" Mr. Harrington erupted, shoving everything off his desk. "I can't have any bad press!"

His normally smug daughter flinched at his rage and lowered her head in mock apology.

"I apologize Father, I'll fix things right away", Natalie said quietly.

"As if you could", he snapped his eyes flashing angrily.

She raised her bright green eyes to stare at her father. Daniel Harrington was immaculately dressed in a dark Armani suit with matching shoes. Though he was indeed handsome Natalie knew first-hand how intimidating and cold he could be.

"The daughter of the next prime minster of Japan must be seen as pure and obedient, an example to all women in the country." Daniel Harrington continued angrily. "Since you've chosen to go gallivanting around with the Edwards heir you'd best be planning to marry him to avoid any further embarrassment."

"Yes Father", Natalie offered her a slight bow and quietly left his office.

As she did Daniel Harrington picked up the phone.

"Yes?" he said. "Put me through to Jacob Edwards, head of the Edwards Law Firm, we have a situation."

Once Natalie Harrington was back inside her black limo a sneaky smile slide across her face, she was after all her father's daughter and could be just as manipulative as him.

Well that went a lot better than anticipated, she thought as she dialed Jason Edwards' number. Sooner or later he would have to give into her, after all she was a Harrington.


Rei Hino sighed in exasperation once she reached her bedroom inside the shrine. Every inch of the room was covered in roses and few firecrackers, the ravenette could barely get into the room. It was the third time the week and Rei's nerves were wearing thin. She didn't have to check the vases, she knew they were from Jason. Apparently the lawyer was refusing to accept that she wanted nothing more to do with him. After Rei refused to accept any of his phone calls he'd began with the flowers. She couldn't understand why Jason was pursuing her so relentlessly if was with Natalie Harrington.

As angry as she was with him, he honestly didn't seem to be that type of person. The ravenette shook the annoying thoughts from her head and put on her priestess robes. She had lessons with her grandfather, which was what her focus should be on not Jason Edwards. Then why couldn't she get him out of her mind?


Later That Evening

Ryan and Jason were hanging out the Bistro were he & Rei had their first date. A game was playing and two were attempting to unwind with some wings and beer after a long day at their respective offices. Ryan had suggested they meet there as Jason had been pretty down lately and Ryan was sure a trip to their favorite bar would cheer him up. Unfortunately it wasn't working, the blonde had only taken a sip of beer and hadn't even touched the wings.

"Wow", Ryan remarked. "She must really be something. I've never seen you so upset over a girl."

"I'm sorry I've been so distracted", Jason replied softly. "It's just that I've been trying to get in touch with Rei for over a week. She won't even take my calls!"

Jason ran his hands through his hair in frustration as his phone buzzed. It was Natalie calling for the 100th time, as always he pressed ignore. As much as he wanted to rip her a new one for the stunt she'd pulled he knew she'd only get some sort of sick satisfaction from it.

"I tried to explain things to Mika", Ryan said. "She still didn't believe me about Natalie but she did sort of apologize for hitting you with the paper."

The young lawyer chuckled at the memory of Mika all fired up.

"She's a great friend to Rei", he said with a smile. "You're lucky to have her Ryan".

"I know", the young doctor replied as he put an arm around Jason. "You'll find the right one soon."

Jason gulped down the rest of his beer and decided to keep the rest of his thoughts to himself. They sounded silly even to him. How could he possibly know that Rei was the one after only one date? The blonde knew it sounded crazy and he couldn't explain but he knew deep down that Rei was one. The simple thought of her brightened his day and he knew the last week without her had been miserable. What a fool he would be to lose something so special before he truly had it.

The lawyer stood abruptly placed the money for his meal on the table and headed out.

"Hey where are you going?" his best friend asked.

"To make things right", Jason replied without looking back.


It was nearing midnight at the shrine but Rei Hino was in another cleaning frenzy. After her grandfather had yelled for the young priestess she'd decided to take her cleaning outside. She was diligently sweeping the steps when she noticed the car stopped below the steps. She instantly recognized the car as Jason's but told herself it couldn't be.

He wouldn't dare show his face here, Rei raged.

Before she knew it the ravenette was flying down the stairs anxious to confront the man who'd betrayed her. She was almost to the bottom of the stair when she tripped and tumbled straight into waiting arms, the waiting arms of Jason Edwards. As soon as she realized her mistake she quickly righted herself and scowled angrily at him. Rei had to admit the feel of him made her whole body feel warm and set her heart racing.

"Firecracker", Jason whispered slightly amused with her antics. "I've missed you."

Rei said nothing and moved to slap him but the lawyer was quicker and grabbed her hand pulling her close enough that he could bury his head in her hair. The ravenette suddenly felt as though the wind had been knocked out of her and struggled to catch her breath. Being this close to him, feeling his warm breath on her neck lit a fire inside of her she'd never known was there.

"This whole thing has been a huge mistake." the lawyer said unaware of his effect on her. "I'm not seeing Natalie Rei I swear, this was just her childish attempt to get back at me."

Rei pulled away from his embrace and turned her back on him, unsure of his story and unsure of her own racing feelings.

"Please believe me Rei", Jason all but begged. "I know we haven't known each other long but when I'm with you or even when I think about you I feel this warm, this happiness inside me that I've never felt before. I don't want to lose that!"

At this declaration the ravenette turned around and faced him. Her dark eyes meet his bright blue ones and at once he knew she felt the same passion he did. Jason took advantage of the moment and leaned into kiss his firecracker. She returned his passionate kiss, and knew in her heart that everything would work out. They would deal with their issues tomorrow but tonight, tonight was for them.