The Titanium Alchemist

"Miss? Miss?" A male voice called. My eyelids felt like they were led, so they naturally remained shut with exhaustion. The man shook my shoulder lightly. "Miss?!"

I jerked and my eyes snapped open. "Huh?!" I yelped, annoyed, alert and confused.

The man looked sheepish. "Um, you said you wanted to get off at Central, didn't you, Miss?" He swallowed thickly, afraid of my glare. "It's your stop…"

I suddenly felt guilt surge through me. "Oh, um, I apologize for my actions." I muttered, sending him an apologetic grin.

He nodded, beaming back. "It's okay; you look like you don't get much rest anyway." He commented.

I nodded sagely. "Barely any, really." I agreed.

"Why is that, if you don't mind me asking, Miss."

I just stood and grabbed my trunk from under my bench. "Work," I said simply, waving at him and walking off the train.

When I got on the platform, I set my trunk down and stretched my stiff muscles. Traveling on trains always made me so stiff for some reason. I looked around. "Ah, Central, I wish I could say I'm happy to see you." I muttered under my breath.

"ANASTASIA MERCURY!" A very familiar voice boomed.

I froze and dropped my head down in despair. "Oh, why?!" I groaned quietly.

Major Armstrong raced over to me, without his shirt, and lifted me up and crushed me to his bare chest. "Major!" I yelped, struggling against his death grip. "Let me go, dammit!"

"Oh, Anastasia!" He yelled, dramatically, with sparkles all around us. "For you time gone we have missed your blessed presence! Come; let me hold you close to symbolize how much we missed you!"

I struggled harder, demanding multiple times to be let go of and cursing him every few sentences. Finally, Major Armstrong dropped me onto the ground and put his shirt back on, which he from... somewhere. I sighed in exasperation and looked up at him, annoyed. "Was that really necessary, Major?"

Major Armstrong nodded. "Yes, would you like me to bring you into my embrace agai—"

"No! No!" I interrupted quickly. "I'm okay!" I sighed, and then looked up at him curiously. "So, why are you here, Major?"

He spread his arms out and struck a 'heroic' pose. "I am here to escort you back to Central!"

I twitched, gaining a tick mark. "What?! Since when do I need a bodyguard?!" I practically growled.

Major Armstrong turned serious, looking down at me sternly. "The reason is a killer is on the loose, which only targets State Alchemists. We call him 'Scar', because, according to witness's reports, he has a large x-shaped scar across his forehead."

I was shocked for a couple of seconds, then angry at Colonel Mustang for thinking I couldn't handle myself, then finally smug. "And the Military still hasn't caught this guy yet?" I smirked lightly. "Maybe this is Colonel Bas-Mustang's break he's been waiting for, eh?" I paused, shrugging. "That or he has a ton of paperwork to be done and is getting immensely frustrated. Either way, it's a win-win situation. For me, anyway."

Major Armstrong looked at me, disappointed. "We should get going, Colonel Mustang is expecting you."

I got depressed lines, sighing. "Really? And here I thought I might get some peace…"

Major Armstrong looked at me thoughtfully. "Are you not receiving enough rest, Anastasia?"

I got a sweatdrop and inched away from him slightly, afraid of his reaction. "Um, no?" Damn it, it came out like a question! Before he could scold and/or hug me again, I quickly continued, "Shall we head to HQ?"

Major Armstrong narrowed his eyes at me, upset with me, and then nodded reluctantly. "Yes, come on. I have a car prepared for us."

We walked out of the train station and Major Armstrong led me to a waiting car. He opened the door for me, and I slid in the seat with ease after I thanked Major Armstrong for holding the door open for me.

Major Armstrong sat next to me and shut the door and told the driver to step on it to HQ.

The car ride was silent. We both were lost in our own thoughts. Major Armstrong must have thought about me – probably about my lack of sleep – and hard too, because I would see him glance at me, his eyes narrow or his eyebrows would furrow (sometimes both), and his muscles would flex.

I ignored him. Soon, too soon in my opinion, we arrived at HQ.

Once again, Major Armstrong held the door open for me and I thanked him.

Huh, even Major Armstrong is mannerly to a fourteen year-old girl such as myself.

I stared at the all the large buildings through the entrance of the city Central. Colonel Mustang was my superior, and I was the dog on the leash that Mustang yanked for fun. Yeah, I became a dog of the military at the age of thirteen years. I will be completely honest, I was fairly surprised when they allowed me to take the State Alchemist Exam back then, and then I passed and I was crossed between victory, pride and shame. Preparing for the exam wasn't easy, hence the pride and victory, but my father would be angry, creating the shame.

I pulled out my sliver State Alchemist pocket watch and stared at it thoughtfully. I remember becoming a State Alchemist quite clearly, and I turned out being the youngest female alchemist to pass the test. But, I wasn't the youngest one to pass in general. That title belonged to someone else entirely; someone named the Fullmetal Alchemist.

My title you wonder? I, Anastasia Mercury, am the Titanium Alchemist, because I excel in transmutation of titanium. But, that isn't strongest point though; I am also very skilled in the art of elements, especially water and electricity. My absolute favorite attack is when I converted water to make me whips that I would make electricity course through. I loved that attack the most because it fools my opponent to thinking that I would attack with titanium. Usually in a fight, everyone fights by strategizing how their opponents will attack based on their title. Here's an example, the Flame Alchemist, Colonel Roy Mustang. Other people expect him to attack with fire, which he does. But, since I'm the Titanium Alchemist everyone expects me to fight only with titanium, not the elements. Hence why it's such a great attack method, it catches my opponent of guard and makes them easy to defeat.

As stated before, the whips I do create have electricity coursing through them and whoever I snap it at will either be stunned for a couple of seconds or be knocked unconscious by that attack. And also, it can kill, which is rare. I mean rare, as in I have to will the electricity to kill my opponent. If I don't will it to do so, it will only stun or knock my opponent unconscious. Those two are usually random though, if I don't will it to stun or knock unconscious, it will be completely random, which comes in handy sometimes. The whips also work like real ones, despite being water; they can wrap around someone and throw them if I made it do so. This is also very fun to do.

I walked into the main building, saying goodbye to Major Armstrong when he said he must leave because he had other duties to attend to. I waved to some soldiers that I have become acquainted with since my time here and greeted people who said their hellos to me first.

I came to Colonel Mustang's and opened the door, smiling when I saw Havoc, Fuery, Breda, Falman, and Hawkeye. Lt. Hawkeye looked up from the stack of papers she was shuffling through and smiled when she saw me. I held up a finger to my lips to shush her, the others hadn't noticed me yet.

Fuery let out a groan of disappointment, giving up on fiddling with his radio. "I can't get it to work! I think it's done for good!" He sighed. I smiled slightly and clapped my hands, placing them on his radio. The radio glowed and Fuery blinked after the blue alchemic light died and the radio looked brand new. He looked up and grinned when he saw me, "Hey, look, Anastasia's back!"

Havoc looked up and sent a lopsided grin to me, cigarette in his mouth. "Hey there, Anna," He greeted. "Glad to see your alive still, it's been so quiet from you."

I nodded in agreement, smiling sheepishly and rubbed the back of my neck. "Yeah, and because of that, I'm going to have a hell of a lot of reports to fill out, aren't I?"

"Damn right," Breda said, smirking at me. "Glad to see you're back, kid."

"Welcome back, Miss Anna," Falman said, smiling a bit.

I nodded at them, smiling softly back. "Thanks, good to see you too."

Hawkeye gestured to the door to the Colonel's office. "Mustang inside, he's expecting you." She said and then smiled at me. "Good to see you back, Anna."

I smiled back. "Great to see you, Lieutenant,"

Right before I opened the door, my hand on the handle, I heard him talking, "I don't have time for this Fullmetal, I have another dog coming any minute."

"Really, another dog? Whose is the poor bastard?" A male voice countered. I raised an eyebrow silently, the voice sounded familiar.

I shrugged, 'Whatever, I don't care; not my business anyway.' I thought to myself before I opened the door. Once I closed it behind me, Colonel Mustang looked up at me. Also a person in a suit of armor and a blonde guy with his hair in a loose braid and a red trench coat looked up at me as well. The guy's eyes were a determined gold and I recognized him after a few seconds of analyzing him. He was Edward Elric, my childhood crush and best friend.

What in the world was he doing here? Wait, I probably don't want to know.

Colonel Mustang smirked. "Ah, here she is now!"

I raised my hand mockingly. "Yep, I'm the poor bastard." I grinned.

Colonel Mustang chuckled humorlessly. "Watch it, Titanium. You could upset someone with your chooses of words."

I raised an eyebrow, sitting on of the couches, throwing my right arm across the back, sitting in a similar position that Edward was in. "By 'someone' you mean yourself, right? I didn't think you could get so hurt easily, Colonel." I smirked amused.

Colonel Mustang chuckled once again. "Yeah, yeah, how were the missions?" He eyed me. "I expect all the full reports at the end of the day."

Before I could retaliate, Edward cut in, "Who are you, you look familiar."

I hid a smirk. "My name is Anastasia Mercury, the Titanium Alchemist, but I prefer Anna."

Edward studied me intensely before his eyes widened, his mouth dropping open. "A-Anna?!"

I crossed my arms and nodded, leaning forward in mock interest. "Hey there, Elric, shocked you remember little 'ole me."

His face broke out into a smile and he stood up, walking over and hugging me. I stiffed at the sudden contact. I could feel the difference in his arms. One of them, the right actually, had to be an automail. It was too hard and cold to be a flesh and blood arm, but it was designed to look like one. I give praise to whoever designed it. The other, the left arm, however was flesh and blood.

I knew he would feel my automail if I hugged him properly back, so I just settled with my right arm going around his shoulders.

He pulled away and put his hands on my shoulders and I tensed even more. "Anna, where are you a State Alchemist? You do realize that you're—"

"—A dog with a leash?" I finished, smiling slightly. "Yeah, I know and that's why I'm here. With the Military's research, I can find something that will help make everything right again, and help me move with my life." I clenched my fist. "Until then, I have to be on a leash and search for my answer, only then when I get my goal, I can forgive myself."

Edward looked at me knowingly, as if he understood. His golden eyes held shock, sadness, and suppressed anger.

I gently brushed off his hands and looked at the suit of armor. "So, who is this?" I asked, eager to change the subject.

The person in the armor pointed at himself. "Oh, well," A soft, young male voice echoed from inside. "It's me, Anna, it's me, Alphonse. Alphonse Elric,"

I blinked, shocked. "Al? Is really you?" When he nodded, I blinked again before smiling. "Damn, Al, quite a growth spurt you had!"

I looked at Edward then frowned. "And, dammit, Ed, you're still taller than me."

Edward looked furious for a couple of seconds than looked dumbfounded. I could almost see a dotted line going across us and comparing our height. He was about 4 centimeters taller than I was, not a large difference, but it was there definitely.

Edward then began to cheer, dancing around happily. "Finally, I'm taller than someone!"

I glowered at him, annoyed. "Yeah, whatever," I muttered then looked at the Colonel. "So, why else am I here exactly? Surely wanting all the reports at the end of the day isn't what you wanted. If that was, you would have sent Lieutenant Hawkeye or 2nd Lieutenant Havoc to tell me."

Colonel Mustang smirked at me, humor in his onyx eyes. "You're observant as always, Titanium." His eyes narrowed as he turned serious. "I've decided to make you two partners; I can't keep funding two different operations that search for the same goal – the Philosopher's Stone."

I heard Edward gasp and felt two hard stares directed towards me. I clenched my fists tightly. "There was two other people searching for the Stone also, Colonel?! Why didn't you inform me on this, dammit?"

Colonel Mustang nodded calmly to me.

"You, you basta—"

"—That's what you meant?!" Alphonse shouted, standing up and stepping closer to me. Edward stepped right next to his little brother, both of them looked shocked and furious with me. "You're looking for the Philosopher's Stone? Don't you know what will happen when you—"

"—I know the risks, Alphonse!" I spat at him, interrupting him effectively. "And I don't happen to care either! If you're so concerned about the risks, then why are you after it?"

The both of them were silent.

My eyes softened at them and I nodded to them. "You see?" I muttered, clenching my left hand, my automail, into a tight fist. "All of us have something we need to fix and we need the damned Stone to do it."

Edward looked furious before his facial expression softened into a thoughtful expression. He pointed at me with his right hand. "Fine, but you're explaining why the hell you need the Stone for once we get back to Resembool!"

I stared then blinked, confused. "Resembool," I asked. "Why there?"

Edward grinned victoriously at me. "Well, I need repairs on my automail and Winry will go easy on me if I bring you back with Al and me!"

I sweatdropped and glowered at him once again. "You're using me as leverage, Ed?"

Alphonse sweatdropped at us, "Oh, Brother," he sighed. "What he means to say is that Winry will be so happy to see you again, so happy that she might be less angry at Brother for breaking his automail!"

I lifted my automail arm, thankful my gloves. "Winry makes automail now?" I grinned. "Maybe she can make me one, at least hers will probably be better than I have now."

"Now?" Edward asked his eyes wide.

I slowly took off my glow and revealed my metal limb, pushing up my coat sleeve. "Yeah, now." I confirmed. "I got mine on very short notice and my mechanic died pretty recently. Maybe Winry can make me some from scratch; I'll pay her and Granny in full, of course." I let of my sleeves and pulled both of my pant legs up, revealing my two other automails. "I think they would take me as one of their costumers, don't you think? I do need plenty of automail, after all."

Edward examined my legs and arm. "What the hell did you do, Anna?"

I smiled weakly. "We'll save that for Resembool, won't we?" I answered and pulled my left pant leg all the way up to my knee. My left leg wasn't completely gone; it was only gone halfway up to my knee while my other went halfway up to my thigh, past my knee.

Edward looked closely at my left leg auto mail. "Yeah, Winry would love to make your automail probably, considering how unusual this one is. Her and Granny like a challenge sometimes."

I nodded and let go of my pant legs, shaking my arm and letting the sleeve slide back down with ease. "That's great, can't wait to see her and Granny again. So, when do we leave?"

"The train leaves tomorrow afternoon," Alphonse answered and I blinked.

"That early," I sighed and stretched my sore arms from the train. "Damn, I just got off of a hell of a long train ride too. Well, at least I can sleep in a proper bed before sleeping back on that train."

Alphonse looked at me intensely. "You just got in? You should be sleeping, Anna!"

I smiled slightly; he hasn't changed all that much, still concerned for other people and always selfless. "Yeah, I should be, huh?" I sighed and looked at the Colonel. "Since I'm going to be heading to Resembool tomorrow, I'm going to head to my apartment and get some rest. I definitely won't have your reports at the end of the day, but by tomorrow morning. Can you deal with that, Colonel?"

Colonel Mustang looked at me thoughtfully, analyzing me thoroughly. "I see, you haven't been getting much sleep, have you, Titanium?" He inquired, raising his eyebrow.

I rubbed the back of my neck, embarrassed and a sweatdrop on the back of my head. "Uh, yeah, I'm not getting that much." I answered, smiling sheepishly.

"How much, approximately," Colonel Mustang ordered.

I licked my lips nervously. "Uh, let's see.." I did some calculations in my head. "Approximately 21 hours a week." I answered.

Colonel Mustang narrowed his eyes at me. "And how many a day?"

"Er, three hours, at the most." I muttered, avoiding his eyes.

"Three hours?!" Edward shouted, stepping towards me, furious. "Your depriving yourself of sleep, Anna!"

"I've been busy, Ed!" I shot back. "I've been running into trouble constantly for the last month!"

"I expect your reports tomorrow morning, Titanium." Colonel Mustang interrupted. "Now go and get some rest, that's an order."

I smiled a bit and mocked saluted him, "Sure, Colonel. See you tomorrow morning with the reports."

I headed for the door and waved at the three as I walked, not looking behind me. "See you two later, Elrics." I said, then paused, and flashed a smile to the two of them. "Considering I am your new partner!"

With that, I walked out and closed the door behind me. I waved to the others and walked bristly to my apartment, unlocking the door and shutting and locking it behind me. I sighed slightly, setting my trunk right on my desk. I greedily took a shower, cherishing the feel of the water removing the grim and dirt out of my hair and off my body. After that, I walked back into my room with a towel around me and changed into a tank top and some shorts. I clapped my hands and placed them on my hair, drying it with a simple flash of light.

I collapsed onto my bed, snuggling into the pillow and blanket. I flipped so I was on my back and stared at the ceiling, my hands behind my head. "Ed and Al's new partner, eh?" I muttered quietly to myself before letting out a soft laugh. "This will be interesting."

"Come on!" I shouted, running down the platform to catch up to the train, which was leaving currently. Turns out, the train changed the time and was leaving fifteen minutes early and we were running to make sure we don't miss the train.

"We're comin'! We're coming!" Edward yelled back, running alongside me.

I blinked as Alphonse made a sudden sprint and landed on the last cart's ledge and held his hands out. "Come on, jump, you two!" Alphonse shouted, holding them out.

"You've got to be kidding, Al!" I yelped in disbelief.

Edward let out a groan and snatched my suitcase and threw them both at Alphonse, who caught them with ease and set them beside him quickly. I looked ahead, the runway was running out pretty fast. Edward gave a small sprint before leaping and outstretching his hand and Alphonse grabbed his arm and pulled him behind him.

Edward peaked out behind Alphonse and gestured widely at me, "Hurry up, dammit, Anna!"

I let a small squeak as I launched myself of the end of the runway, my right hand outstretched in front of me. Alphonse's large hand gripped my arm and tugged me forward, then behind him so I was safely on the train.

I'm sure if he could in that armor, Alphonse would have grinned at me. "Was that so hard, Anna?" He asked, actually taunted in my opinion.

I picked up my suitcase, walking through the door into the train car and finding an open booth, sitting one side and avoiding Alphonse's red eyes, "Oh, shut up." I huffed, my cheeks a bit red with embarrassment. I had never liked heights or anything a bit similar to that, and considering what I just did, qualified as something that I wouldn't choose to do every day.

Edward stretched and got into a comfortable position. "Might as well get some sleep, it's going to be a long train ride." He told me, shrugging.

I sighed and leaned against my arm, which was propped by the window seal. "Yeah, yeah, wake me up when we get or something." I muttered, closing my eyes and letting the sleep take me away.

"Daddy!" A little girl yelled. She had long black hair that was a snow-white on top of her head, which was completely natural as well. She inherited it from her father, but she got her startling orange eyes from her mother. She ran into a man's arms that had short black hair, which was also white on the top, indicating that the man was her father. "Daddy, look what I made!" She showed him a small steel horse that had amazing detail on it.

The man examined it before smiling at the small girl, pride shinning in his warm brown eyes. "It looks amazing, Anna, did you make it yourself?

The little girl, Anna, looked down, as if she was ashamed. "I'm sorry, Daddy, I read one of those books in your study and wanted to try to make something for Naryu's fourth birthday." She explained, her voice trembling. Anna was only six years old.

Her father, Kaien, tilted her head up and kissed her forehead. "I'm not mad, my little one. You did a very fine job, it looks great. I'm very proud, Anna." He said softly. "Why don't you go show Edward and Alphonse, huh? They are playing with Naryu right now actually; you can give her present then."

A large smile broke out across the small girl's face, her orange eyes twinkling. "Really?!" She asked, excited. "I head over there now! Are they at their house or at Granny's?"

"They are at their house, along with little Winry." He answered.

"Okay!" She chirped and pulled out of her embrace, kissing her dad's scruffy cheek happily. "I'm going to go play and show Naryu what I made! Bye bye, Daddy!" She shouted, running up the hill to the Elric's place. When she got to their house, she hid the little figurine behind her back and knocked on the door with her free hand. Soon, Trisha opened the door and smiled gently down at the panting girl.

"Hi there, Anastasia," Trisha greeted, kneeling in front of the girl that she considered one of her own children. "What's the rush, huh?"

Anna looked up, her eyes bright. "If you promise not to tell until I show them, I'll tell you!" She whispered, glancing inside the house.

Trisha smiled gently and nodded her head. "I promise."

"Okay," Anna nodded firmly and showed her the small metal horse made from alchemy. "Here! I made this for Naryu's fourth birthday earlier, I showed Daddy and he said that he was proud of me! What do you think, Auntie Trisha?"

Trisha studied the small horse. "It looks great, was that your first try on doing alchemy, Anna?" Trisha asked quietly, smiling gently.

Anna nodded frantically. "I read one of Daddy's books in his study and I wanted to make something for sister and I did!" She chirped.

Trisha handed the little figurine back and ushered Anna in. "Come on, Ed, Al, Winry and Naryu are in the living playing." She said and closed the door after Anna was inside. "Go on, I'll bring you all snacks in a minute."

"Thank you, Auntie!" Anna smiled and ran into the room. Ed, Al, Winry and Naryu looked up as she ran in and Anna quickly hid the figurine. Naryu broke out into a large smile, puffing out her small cheeks, "Big sister!" She shouted, stumbling up from position across from Winry and dropping her dolls. She ran over to Anna and hugged her waist. "Big sister's here!" She giggled, clinging to Anna.

Anna ruffled Naryu's chestnut-brown hair affectionately. "Hey, Naryu," She grinned. "I'm going to give you a present for your birthday now, okay?" Naryu nodded frantically. "Alright, now close your eyes." Naryu closed her brown eyes that she inherited from her father. "Hold out your hands," Naryu let go of Anna and held out her hands, pressing the sides of them together. Anna gently set the steel horse in them and bit her lip anxiously. "Okay, now open!"

Naryu opened her eyes and stared at the small horse, blinking at it several times. She held it closely in front of her face, not saying anything. Anna's shoulders started to slump forward a sad look on her face. Did Naryu not like it? Her thoughts were cut off when Naryu squealed happily, hugging her sister again. "IT'S SO CUTE! THANK YOU SO MUCH, BIG SISTER!"

Anna choked, her breath suddenly labored. "Your-welcome, Naryu…"

Edward stood up and rushed over. "Nay Nay," He shouted, trying to pry Naryu away from Anna. "You're choking Anna!" It was true; the small six-year-old was turning blue and gasping quietly.

Naryu let go immediately and stumbled back into Alphonse, who caught her with ease. Naryu looked up at her savior and turned red when her brown eyes met Alphonse's bright grey ones. "A-Alphonse…" She stuttered, her blush darkening. The young four-year old had a bit of a crush on the youngest Elric brother, not that she realized. "T-Thank you for catching me,"

Alphonse set her upright. "It was no problem, Nay," He chirped, turning a bit red himself. "I'll always catch you."

From behind them, Winry let out a small, "Awe!" with hearts in her eyes.

When Anna finally got her breath back, she grinned at Edward. "Thanks, Ed!" She smiled again, her cheeks a small tint of pink. "I thought Naryu would suffocate me from happiness if hadn't come in when you did!"

Edward scratched the back of his head, embarrassed and a light shade of pink dusted across his own cheeks. "It was nothing," He muttered, avoiding her eyes. "I don't need you dying so soon, we all would miss you." He coughed. "And by 'we' I mean, Al, Winry, Naryu and," he coughed again. "Me too…"

Anna blinked confused before she beamed at him. "Uh, th-thanks, Ed," She stuttered, blushing lightly again. "Did you see what I did, Ed? I made something with alchemy, on my first try too!"

Edward looked at her excited. "You do alchemy too, Anna?" He asked, a grin going across his face. "Can I see?"

Anna nodded frantically and gently took the figurine that was next to Naryu as she chatted with Alphonse, the both of them too busy involved with their conversation to notice the missing birthday present. Anna handed it to Edward who analyzed it intensely. She played with her fingers as he examined all of the small horse. She bit her lip when he handed it back to her, a prideful look in his golden eyes and a large grin to match. "You did so great job, 'Stasia!" Edward complimented and a large grin slipped onto her face. "I want you to continue with alchemy, okay, Anna?" He said firmly, smiling.

The bright smile on her face didn't waver. "Okay, Ed!" She beamed. "I will!"

A couple of hours later, the train jerked to a stop and my curled up body tumbled off the bench on to the ground harshly. I groaned and sat up, growling in irritation when Ed began laughing at me. "Oh, hush, dammit." I snarled, getting back onto the bench and kicking his right leg in the shin. He yelped and clutched his shin, I grinned triumphantly.

"What was that for?" He glowered at me.

"Simple, for laughing at me." I answered him, looking out of the window. I blinked when I saw a sign that said, 'Welcome to Resembool!' on it and stood up, stretching my arms above my head. "Looks like we're here come on."

Edward glanced out the window, surprised. "What? Already?" He got depressed lines on side of his face. "Great, I'm going to get a wrench to the head. Stupid, devil woman," He muttered to himself.

I rolled my eyes, picking up my trunk. "Oh, shut up and come on." I muttered, leaving the car, knowing that they following me. Soon, they followed me out of the station and we ended up the familiar path of the Rockbell Automail shop. I smiled slightly when Den came barking down the pathway to greet us and I kneeled down, petting his head gently as he finished sniffing me. "Hey there, Den, did you miss me, boy?"

He barked happily and licked my hand and my cheek, leaving to go sniff Alphonse and Edward. I looked up to see Granny Pinako smoking on her small pipe and analyzing us as we walked up the path, Den following us. She called something out that I didn't understand and looked at Edward when we approached close enough. "Well, back for maintenance are you, Edward?" She asked. "Glad to see you have gotten smaller."

Edward twitched. "No, you're wrong, Granny." He growled. "You're supposed to say how much taller I've gotten!"

She raised an eyebrow. "Then I would be lying," She said and right before Edward started to shout she looked at me. "And who is this?"

I waved slightly. "Hey there, Granny," I smiled sheepishly. "Remember me? Anastasia Mercury?"

She blinked shocked then smiled at me. "Of course, how could I forget you?" She asked and took another puff of her pipe. "Glad to see you again, Anna. So, what are you here for or did you come back just to see us?"

I slide of my jacket and showed of my automail. "I was hoping to become one of your customers, Granny." I said, locking eyes with her. "And I think I would pay really well, especially considering my left leg automail is a bit odd." I lifted my pant leg for emphasize and she inspected it.

She lifted my other pant leg and grinned. "Three automails for one girl," She muttered. "They definitely need to be replaced, they look about to fall apart." She let go of my pant leg and smirked. "We'll be glad to become your new mechanics."

I smiled. "Thanks, Gran—"

I was cut off by wrench flying out of the top balcony and smacking Edward on the head, knocking him down with a large bump. "EDWARD! I TOLD YOU TO CALL BEFORE YOU COME BACK FOR MAITENANCE!" A feminine bellowed and I stifled a laugh as Edward twitched on the ground.

Edward then shot up, glaring at the girl on the balcony. "Winry," He shouted. "Are you trying to kill me or something?!"

She laughed, "Welcome back!" Then she noticed me. "Oh, hi! I'll come downstairs so I can talk to you properly." She smiled, disappearing from the balcony.

I sweatdropped slightly and Granny ushered us inside. Granny quickly explained to Winry who I was, and after death crush of a hug, she told Winry about my need for automail. Winry pushed me into her room and told me to change into a pair of shorts and a tank top, for she had to examine my legs and arm. I didn't question it and changed quickly, coming out of the room and sitting on the living room couch. Winry started to mutter herself about the automail and looked up at me, "Well, from the looks of it, we will have to start from scratch." She said and I nodded. "How quickly do you need them?"

"As soon as possible," Edward said. "Colonel Mustang wants us back in Central as soon as we're done here."

Winry muttered to herself again. "Well, I've got to readjust Ed's and then build yours from scratch…" She counted on her fingers. "Four days, all of them will be done in four days. I'll have to pull all-nighters of course, but I will manage!" She grinned. "I'll be charging you in full, Anna! You too, Ed!"

Anna grinned. "If you do a good job like you did on Ed's then I will even give y'all a tip!"

"Alright," Winry put her fist in her open palm. "I'm going to get to work."

And it did take four days, just like Winry said. It was hard for me, to be completely honset, walking one temporary leg and using crutches and no left arm. But today was the day for the reconnecting the brand new automail. The nerves being connecting were always the worst part; to me it was like being shot with each nerve being reawakened and attached to the metal limb.

I was supposed to go after Edward did, and since it was only his arm, his was pretty quick. I winced sympathetically when his face changed to agony and he suppressed a yelp. Then it was my turn.

As Ed stretched his new arm, testing it out happily by doing a couple of punches to thin air. He sat down on the couch across from the one I was sitting on, next to Al.

I was tense in my sitting position in front of them. I was wearing my shorts and take top again and they prepared me by getting the automails in position. Granny looked up at me from her position in front of my left leg. "Ready?" She asked.

I tensed further and nodded stiffly. "Yeah, let's get this over with." Granny nodded and twisted her wrench and I let out a yelp as the familiar feeling of the nerves connecting. Since I hadn't gotten a new one in a while, it felt like it was exploding bullets instead of regular bullets being shot up my leg. My right arm jerked and my back arched. Edward looked sympathetic now.

Winry didn't waste any time, she hurriedly connected my left arm and I let out another yelp. I vaguely narrowed my eyes at Granny who had moved to the other side of me and twisted her wrench on my right leg, connecting it as well. I didn't hold back, I let out a small scream as the last one connected which felt like three exploding bullets were shot up my leg. I saw Edward covering his ears from the sound. I let out gasp as my body sagged forward. "That's always the worst part." I panted, seeing Winry nod.

I moved my left arm, ignoring the small soreness from it and pushed myself up. I began stretching my arm by doing some practice punches, just like Edward did. I was amazed on how easy the automail responded and didn't jerk with each movement. I was very pleased. I did a couple kicks and stretched my legs on the wall. I smiled and turned to face them happily. "Wow, they work great, Winry! Thank you so much!" I beamed. "I'm definitely staying a customer of you two! And I'll definitely throw a tip in the payment, I swear."

Winry smiled at me. "Thank you!" She then explained of what it was made out of it, how durable it was, and not to be too reckless. By that time, Edward and Alphonse had left to go spar and I was starting to get anxious. I wanted to spar with them, to test out my new automail.

Soon, I was able to sneak away and grinned when I saw Edward charge at Alphonse, aiming a kick at him, only to be blocked and pushed away. "Hey!" I called, getting both of their attention. "Can I join?"

Edward and Alphonse looked at each other, skeptical. "Sure, I guess." Edward shrugged.

I grinned and ran to them, aiming a punch at Edward, which he widened his eyes at and went to trip me and I did a flip to avoid. He was fast, but so was I. I was trained by my father and I could tell some familiar techniques they used. They must have been taught by someone and there was a chance that whoever trained them either trained my dad or trained with my dad. Alphonse charged at me and I blocked one of his strikes and saw an opening and aimed a punch to his head, which I heard him gasp and barely dodged. When he stumbled back, Edward came into view, his foot aimed for my head. I grabbed his leg, wincing as small amount of pain shot up my left arm and flipped him over my shoulder, hearing his back hit the ground harshly. I quickly moved away from him and started to rapidly block attacks from Alphonse. Soon, Alphonse struck me in the stomach, knocking me away and unintentionally knocking the wind out of me.

When I got my breath back, Edward offered his hand to me. "You're good." He said, smiling a bit. "But you can't beat Al, I can't even beat Al."

I nodded, smiling back. "Thanks, you're pretty good yourself." I glanced at Alphonse as he walked over to us. "You're pretty good too, Al."

"Who trained you, Anna?" Alphonse asked, curiously.

I blinked. "My dad did."

"Oh, how is he anyway?" Ed asked, tilting his head.

I grimaced. "Well remember how I'm supposed to tell you I got my limbs taken away?" They both nodded. "That's part of it, I guess I'll start now." I muttered. I waved them inside, "Come on; hurry up before I change my mind."

When we walked in, Winry was at the door watching us. "You're finally going to tell us what happened?" She asked softly.

I nodded and sat on the couch, Edward, Alphonse and Winry sitting on the opposite. I vaguely noted that Granny must have been in the kitchen, or downstairs in the basement.

Edward looked at me intensely. "So, what's happened since the last time we saw you?" He asked.

Alphonse nodded, making his large suit of armor creak with the small movement. "Yeah; where's Naryu?" He added, almost excited.

My heart clenched and I looked away. That was a touchy subject for me. "She's, well, she's gone." I muttered quietly.

Winry blinked confused before a horrified look came into her blue eyes. "Gone? What do you mean gone?" She asked, fearing the worst.

I looked down at my lap, eyeing my exposed legs and left arm. 'They have no idea what you have done, not yet.' A voice whispered in my head and I almost nodded in agreement. "It's exactly what you think, Winry. She's been dead for a long, long time down." My voice was quiet now and I heard Edward and Winry gasp quietly.

I glanced up to see Alphonse looking crestfallen. "Dead?" His voice shook like he was about to cry. "How-How did that happen?"

I brought my knees up to my chest on the couch and hugged them close to me. I looked up at them, avoiding the three pairs of eyes. "It was my fault, I should have gotten to her in time. It should have been me." I whispered, clenching my left hand around my left leg.

Edward widened his golden eyes. "What do you mean?"

I looked down, squeezing my eyes shut.


3rd POV

An eight year-old Anastasia, or Anna as she prefers, laughed happily as her little six year-old sister, Naryu, ran by her side.

"Come on, come on!" Anna encouraged, clutching the brown bag with ingredients in it. "Dad needs this stuff for his big experiment!"

Naryu nodded excitedly. "I know! Maybe Daddy will teach you more alchemy after the experiment, sister!" She giggled. "Since you're so good at it! I bet even Ed would be jealous on how good you are!"

Anna stopped running, clutching the bag harder and looked down. "I miss Ed," She muttered, sad.

They had moved away from their home town, Resembool, pretty recently because their father, Kaien Mercury, said he needed to leave to do his final experiment and make everything right again. Kaien was an alchemist, a really good one too. He wasn't a State Alchemist, but he was good enough to be one if he wanted. He had been teaching Anna how to preform alchemy ever since she was six years old. She was very advanced for her age and could make a stone wall or a stone fist with ease. But, that's as far as she could go with stone at this point, but even with how great those achievements are, they would tire her out or break easily with enough force. But, her absolute strongest points were the elements, water and electricity especially, but along the metal titanium. She was great with other metals and elements, yes, but her favorites were water, electricity and titanium.

That didn't it make it any less impressive though, she was still only eight.

Naryu didn't use alchemy, she just didn't have the talent for it. But, she always encouraged her sister to continue using alchemy, since she was a natural.

Naryu nodded, sad as well. "And I miss Alphonse," She sniffled.

Just like how Anna missed Edward, only Naryu missed Alphonse the most. And Anna figured out why, she had a 'small' crush on Edward. It was the same for Naryu, except that she liked Alphonse with knowing that she did. It was quite adorable really, especially when Alphonse would act the small way to little Naryu, despite being a year older than her.

"And Winry,"

"Den, too,"

And they went on, naming all the loved ones that they missed. After they were done, Anna looked up to the sky. "Hey, maybe we can go back soon, for Alphonse's birthday? I think it would be his—"

"—His seventh birthday! Yeah, yay!" Naryu danced around in a circle. "We are going to see everyone again! Yay! Yay! Ya—"

Anna calmed her quickly, hushing her quiet. "We don't know for sure," she whispered, biting her lip. "We can ask Dad if we can go…"

"We'll ask Daddy! We'll ask Daddy! We'll ask Daddy!" Naryu cheered, marching back down their walk way, her hands in the air from happiness and/or excitement.

Anna got a soft smile on her face and quickly followed her sister.

Naryu grabbed her older sister's hand, tugging at it to get Anna's attention. "Sister?" She asked quietly.

Anna looked down at her curiously. "Yes, Naryu?"

"Can we go to the pond and see all the animals?" She asked.

The pond was a little place Anna and Naryu found a couple of days and would watch all the animals. Naryu was fan of all animals. Any of them, snakes, insects, deer, cats, dogs, and anything and everything else. She loved them all and the pond was her favorite place.

Anna furrowed her eyebrows. "If we got to the pond, we would have to cut through the town to get home on time." She reminded, squeezing her sister's hand in worry.

Naryu stuck her bottom lip out, which quivered, and her big, chocolate-brown eyes became visually larger. "Please, sister!" She begged, tugging at her hand again.

Anna stared at Naryu, contemplating the consequences of getting home late, if they did. Kaien, despite being a great father, was a bit of a lover for alcohol and drank it often at night. And he wasn't the nicest drunk either; he often would hurt Anna, who always protected Naryu. Though, Naryu never knew because she would always be asleep when it would happen. The way Anna protected Naryu is because Kaien would always head upstairs to 'release frustration' and he would be heading towards Naryu's room, until Ann would get in his way and demand him to use her instead of Naryu, which he would agree to. He would drag to his stud, as he called it, and proceed to 'release' his frustrations out on her. But, he would usually get places that were easy to cover up, like her forearms, thighs, and stomach. Occasionally he would hit her in the face which would cause her to lie to him when he would ask about it the next day. He would never remember beating Anna, which she learned to accept.

Anna would always forgive him too. She loved her father, even with what he does. He can't control his actions when he's intoxicated, at least that's what she convinced herself to believe. He started to drink ever since their mother, Lavender, died during child-birth, when Naryu was born.

He was a great father, ignoring the factor of his drinking habits. He was doing his best to raise them properly by himself, but he would pour his efforts into his research and making things right again. Whatever that meant.

Anna swallowed; reminding herself that they had ran out of alcohol the day before. She stared into her younger sister's pleading eyes, and then broke out into a loving, soft smile. "I guess," she relented.

Naryu began to cheer, but Anna quickly interrupted, "But we can't stay that long, okay? We have to be back home before sun down!"

Naryu nodded frantically and dragged her older sister down the dirt path that led to the pond. When they got there, Anna sat on the steep of the hill and watched as Naryu skipped around, playing with the fish in the pond, chasing butterflies, and squealing with happiness.

Soon, Anna looked up at the sky and calculated the time they had left. They had approximately twenty or thirty minutes to get home. It should be enough, if they went through town a bit faster than usual.

Anna stood up, grabbing the small brown bag in her hands. "It's time to go, Naryu!" She called, walking up the hill.

Naryu looked up from her latest interest, a small, probably newborn, snake that was playfully nipping at her index finger. Apparently, the snaked like Naryu, and Naryu liked it too.

She nodded at her sister, "Okay, Sister! I'm coming!" She called back and quickly grabbed the baby snake and put in her lower shirt pocket. The snake let out a hiss at the sudden movement, but curled in the pocket, not disturbed.

Naryu ran up the hill, catching up to her older sibling. "Sister, you left without me!" She pouted, crossing her arms, careful to avoid the pocket so she didn't disturb the small snake.

Anna laughed. "I did no such thing; I knew you were right behind me!"

Naryu smiled, a toothy smile, her brown eyes twinkling. "Okay, Sister!" She grabbed Anna's hand. "Let's go home to Daddy now!"

Anna nodded and they made their way into town, moving around people and politely refusing to anyone who offered to sell them something.

And then they had to cross the street, they would usually hold hands, but sometimes Naryu would let go in the middle of the street and walk on her own to show she wasn't a little girl, even in reality she was.

She liked to show off, in a way. But, Anna had gotten used to Naryu doing that, and always knew she was behind her if she let go of her hand.

Anna grasped her younger sister's hand and they began walking across, avoiding the carriages. You see, while in the large towns or cities they used cars, in this town they used horse-drawn carriages for travel. They thought it was an easier way to travel around the town and they all loved it too. But a few people did use cars, not many though.

Then, the hand Anna was gripping slipped out of her grasp and she paid it no mind, used it to it happening.

Naryu stopped and walked backwards to pick up her little stray from the pond, the small snake, that had fallen out of her pocket.

What the six year-old didn't realize, was that a carriage was coming and the horses had seen the snake.

It happened fast. The horses went nuts, going on their hind legs and kicking upward when they got close to the little girl. At the sound of loud neighing, Naryu snapped her head up, alarmed.

Her brown eyes widened with horror before one of the black stallions used of its front hooves and kicked. The hoof connected with her chest, making the small girl scream with pain and fly back.

Anna was already on the other side of the street before it happened. She passed off the neighing as some horses pulling a carriage were a bit spooked and everything was fine. She was right, but she was so wrong at the same time.

Anna turned at the sound of Naryu's scream and her orange eyes widened in terror when she her sister fly back. "NARYU!" She screamed, running towards the street.

The neighing had caught other people's attention and they also saw the incident. Ladies screamed with surprise or horror, it was hard to decipher. One of the men, seeing Anna running, caught by the waist to stop from running into the street and getting hurt herself.

Anna screamed, kicked, and squirmed around, demanding for her to be let go of. She kept screaming for her younger sister as well, her eyes locked on the sight of the still girl.

The shrill screaming made the horses more spooked than before and they charged forward, straight to the still Naryu.

Anna screamed once again, her sister's name the only thing to be made out. Her scream was bone chilling and blood curdling, making some cover their ears or flinch.

No one could decide whose screams were louder, the person driving the carriage, trying to stop the horses, or Anna's. Probably Anna's.

The horses charged, neighing loudly and pulling the carriage uncontrollably behind them. The horses got the unconscious Naryu and ran over her, literally.

The horses cracked her small bones and cracked her head open, for she had landed on her back. The loud cracks were loud and sickening to some.

Crimson blood seeped from the wounds that the hooves of the horses caused and quickly began to surround the dying girl.

Anna broke free from the man's hold, dropping the brown bag and some of the contents spilled out. Anna used all of her energy to sprint to Naryu. She skidded to her knees, scrapping them horribly, and started to cry at the sight of her younger sister. "Naryu, wake up," Anna cried, shaking her sister's cold, dislocated shoulder and bleeding other. "Naryu!" Her voice went up a pitch, but was cracking due to the tears. "Naryu, wake up! Don't you want to see Al when his birthday comes?! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Please, wake up, Naryu!" She began to sob loudly and they racked her body as she clutched her little sister's close to her own. She laid her head on Naryu's cold chest, and Anna heard nor felt any heartbeat and sobbed harder. "No! No, no, no, no! Come back! Wake up! Naryu! Naryu! NARYU!" She screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks and landing on her little sister's pale cheeks, not that she cared at the moment.

Naryu, Naryu, her little sister, was gone, dead, left her. Naryu…

"Please, come back…" She pleaded, her head lifting to see her sister's eyes closed, since she was most likely knocked unconscious by the first impact.

Anna didn't notice the blood from Naryu's skull seeping into her clothing, hair, hands or Naryu's broken body. Finally, she registered all the yelling and shouting around her, people was panicking and someone yelling at the horses. No one noticed a small snake slithering away from the scene during the panic.

The man from before started to pull Anna away from her sister, which she lashed out too immediately. It took three men to remove her from Naryu's cold, bloody body. Other men picked ran over and checked Naryu's pulse. One of the men looked up after holding two fingers to the side of Naryu's throat and shook his head to the others, saying something that Anna couldn't hear. Anna screamed in protest, denying that her sister wasn't gone. That she was just sleeping, unconscious actually.

The men tightened their hold and a few women ran over, holding the distressed eight year-old close. They all whispered soothing words and rocking her, like a mother would after their child had a nightmare. Anna kept repeating her sister's name, as if she was expecting a response from her. One of the men took the body of Naryu into a carriage, pulling one of the women that held Anna the tightest into the carriage as well. They were going to the hospital to see if Anna was alright, but they didn't tell Anna that. They said it was help Naryu, lying straight to Anna's sobbing form.

The woman rocked Anna on her lap, holding her head on her shoulder so Anna couldn't see Naryu's corpse, and stroked her black and white, but soaked with Naryu's blood at the end, hair. The woman didn't mind the sobbing or blood, her dress was already a crimson color.

She was crying herself, seeing the six year-old girl die in such a violent way and the way Anna reacted broke her heart into a thousand pieces. So, in some way to help, she tried her best to calm down the sobbing girl, who only repeated her sister's name constantly.

"Naryu…" Anna muttered, clutching onto the woman's dress tightly. The only reaction she got from the woman was her stroking Anna's unique hair and hushing her gently.

Finally, Anna was exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally. She fell asleep, against her will, in the woman's arms, who sighed sadly when she did. The woman looked up at the man across from her, her husband, and then at the small corpse of Naryu. "The poor girls…" She said quietly, laying Anna next to her, but keeping her head in her lap. Anna had tear stains all over her cheeks and was whimpering in her sleep and the woman subconsciously stroked her hair to calm her down.

Her husband nodded, reaching over and grasping her free hand. "Such a traumatizing experience, Lucia," He agreed, and looked at the sleeping Anna. "She's going to be haunted, for a long, long time."

Lucia, the woman, nodded. "Yes, I hope she will be fine though. Hopefully, she still has her parents or some relatives. But, oh, Jackson, the poor, poor girls. They are so young…"

And they were right, Anna and Naryu were too young.

Soon, they got to the hospital, and one of the nurses, being a good friend of Kaien herself, immediately called him and told him to come to the hospital. When he asked to know why, the nurse, Nancy, avoided the question and just told him to come because Anna and Naryu were there then hung up, not having the heart to tell him what happened over the phone.

So, in about twenty minutes, Kaien Mercury burst through the hospital doors and saw Anna in a fetal position in one of the benches, her orange eyes dull and filled with horror. He ran over to Nancy and demanded to see Naryu, and the doctor informed him of Naryu's passing, how it happened, and that he was sorry for Kaien's loss.

Kaien stumbled over to Anna and kneeled in front of her. Anna's orange eyes, that she got from her mother, locked with her dad's warm, but horribly sad, brown ones.

The brown eyes that Naryu inherited.

That in mind, tears once again welled in Anna's eyes. "Daddy… Naryu is…"

"Oh, Anastasia…" Kaien whispered, bringing his daughter into his lap and stroked her black and white hair that she got from him. "Don't worry, we will be fine. I promise. We'll make everything right again, I swear it. Everything will be right again, Anastasia. Oh, my dear Anastasia… My dear, sweet Anastasia." He cooed softly into her ear, tears running down his cheeks as well.

His brown eyes were sad, but determined. He was going to bring Naryu and Lavender back, even if it meant committing the taboo. Doing the unforgivable sin in alchemy. Human Transmutation.

Flashback end!

Stray tears ran down my face as I bowed my head and let my bangs cover my eyes.

"Oh, Anna…" Winry whispered, wrapping me into a hug.

I almost brushed her off, but changed my mind. I didn't hug her back either.

"Damn, Anna, I never would have guessed…" Edward muttered, clinching his right hand into a fist.

"I'm so sorry, Anna," Alphonse said, his voice once again shaky.

I nodded, smiling weakly and doing my best to meet their sad eyes. "We tried to bring them back, you know. Naryu and mom," I admitted quietly.

Edward widened his golden eyes again. "You mean you tried—"

"—Human Transmutation? Yes, I did." I finished, looking down again. "Dad and I tried it and…" I trailed off, remembering the sight of my dad being dragged in the circle fully, with the small, black arms ripping away his being, dissolving him in a way. Also, the little arms launching themselves toward me and ripping off my full left arm, then all my right leg, and finally halfway up to my knee on my left leg. I flinched, remembering the pain. "It didn't work, obviously. Dad lost himself and I lost my left arm, right leg, along with a bit of my left leg." I held up my automail left arm for and kicked out my legs emphasize.

"I saw Truth and he said since that I was stupid enough to try to play God that I would see the truth and pay my toll. Though, I think he took part of my left leg for his own amusement, in my opinion." I placed my hands on my knees, feeling the cool metal on my right leg and warm flesh on my left.

Edward swallowed and reached over and grabbed my right hand, giving it a comforting squeeze, which I snapped my head up too. "I understand, Anna," He whispered gently and he looked at Winry and asked for her to get some water, silently telling to her leave us for a while. She understood the hint and nodded, walking upstairs, even though that was nowhere near the kitchen.

Then Edward proceeded to explain when he and Alphonse tried Human Transmutation to bring back their mom, Trisha, and failed. Edward lost his leg while Alphonse lost his whole body. After seeing Truth, Edward knocked over a suit of armor and gave up his arm to get back Alphonse's soul, which he attached to the armor with a blood seal.

I tightened my jaw, trying to blink away tears of relief and hugged Edward tightly. Finally, someone that understood, even if it's at small portion of my pain. I wasn't alone and for that, I clung to him

Edward hugged me back, a bit awkward. "I missed you, to be honest." I muttered randomly into his shoulder.

At that, I felt Edward relax and hug me back properly, burying his face into my hair. "Really? Me too, a lot." He whispered back.

After a couple more moments, I let go with one final squeeze. I leaned over and hugged Alphonse, his cold armor not bothering me in the least.

I could tell Alphonse was shocked at first, then he wrapped his large metal arms around my small, but muscular for me, but petty compared to him, frame. "I missed you as well, Al." I said.

I heard Alphonse nod his head. "I missed you as well, and Naryu." His voice quieted considerably at the end.

I smiled lightly and pulled away. "She missed you two, I think she had on a crush on you as well, Al." I nudged him, trying to lighten up the mood.

If Alphonse could blush with armor, he was certainly doing it right now and he sputtered nervously, making Edward and I laugh.

"I missed my boys!" I beamed, hugging them both again, which made Edward turn a bit red, but nevertheless, they both returned the hug.

"We missed you too, Anastasia!" Edward chirped, knowing I didn't really like being called by my full name. 'Too formal and long,' I always said.

"Don't call me Anastasia, shorty!"

"DON'T CALL ME SHORT! I'LL RIP OFF YOUR FEET AND STICK 'EM ON YOUR HEAD!" Edward bellowed, standing up, which made me stand up, but even then, he didn't acknowledge that he was taller than me, which made Alphonse laugh quietly.

"YOU WOULDN'T DARE! BECAUSE I WOULD RIP OFF YOUR ARMS BEFORE YOU COULD EVEN TRY IT!" I screamed back, a tick mark on the side of my head.

"YOU WANT TO BE THAT, ANASTASIA?!" Edward yelled, taunting me.







Edward fell, defeated, and Alphonse and I started to laugh at him.

Winry came down the stairs, Den behind her. "What did I miss?" She questioned seeing Alphonse and I laughing and Edward on the floor, his soul flying out of his body.

I quickly snatched Edward's soul and stuffed it back into Edward's body. "Nothing," I chirped, then stretched my arms above my head. "Well, I'm going to get some sleep." I began to head up the stairs to the room I shared with Winry, before I paused, looking back at the three. "Tomorrow, we head back to Central and something tells me our journey together is going to start there."

Edward sat up and grinned at me, "You bet, Anna."

"Goodnight, Anna!" Alphonse said.

Winry waved slightly. "Night, I'll join you in few, okay?"

I nodded and continued my way but the stairs, waving at them without looking. "Night!"

I heard Edward call out his goodnight to me and entered Winry and I's room. I let myself fall onto the bed and snuggled into the covers like I usually did. I being honest when I said I felt that our journey would officially start when we got back to Central. Guess we'll find out when we get back.

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