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3rd POV

Anna sighed as she looked out the window of the train. Anna shifted so her chin was resting in the palm of her hand, which was propelled up by the window seal. She watched the passing by scenery boredly. She's seen it all before.

"Brother," Al suddenly said, making her jolt. She knew he didn't call her name, but in a way he was adressing the both of them. "These stories about this priest in Lior, you think they're true?" He asked.

Ed looked slightly annoyed. "The ones about his miracles?" He asked, raising an eyebrow, still looking out the window. "They say he can transmute something out of thin air. Could be sleight of the hand, or some cheap trick like that."

Al tilted his head downward at them, his glowing eyes narrowing into slits. "But, what if it's not?" He asked.

"Right," Anna mused, glancing at the both of them with a victorious smirk. "If it's not, then it has to be the real thing, huh?"

Anna looked out the window, watching the passing trees and other things of nature. She closed her eyes as a memory crept up in her head, all the choices that led her here.

The girl stared up at the ceiling, a dead, defeated look in her eyes. She had attempted Human Transmutation and was saved by her father's friend, a State Alchemist named Roy Mustang and his assistant Riza Hawkeye.

She had failed trying to bring back her sister. That's all she wanted. Anna gently lifted a hand to cover her face, placing the arm over her eyes to conceal them from the light. She let out a small sob. What if that… thing was her sister? Did… Did she kill her sister again? A few tears went down her face at the thought.

"Hey." A voice rang out

Anna didn't move. Why didn't they understand she wanted to be left alone.

A fabric covered hand removed her arm and hard, dark eyes stared into her dull ones. "Why did you do it, Anastasia? I came just to visit your father and I heard gun shots?! What did you do?!"

She didn't answer, just stare at him.

He let go of her arm, dropping it at her side. "Look, you can lay there for days, wallowing in your own self-pity, or you can move on, dammit. You need to snap out of this and walk forward, make yourself a goal. Fix what you have done." His last words echoed in her head.

Fix what she had done? Was that even possible? Then a tug at her mind caught her attention. There was something that could help. She read about it once, her and her dad did. What was it again? It was something… she remembered that it was an object that destroyed the city of Xerxes, that was locked away by the Eastern Sage. What was it called?

She snapped out of it when Mustang mused out loud, "Oh, so I got through to you, eh, Anna?"

She blinked at him dully. "…What?"

He smirked. "I got through to you; I can just hear the gears in your head turning. Have you decided on moving on?"

She blinked again, some color returning to her unique eyes. "I can't," She muttered softly. "Not until I get my body back. Then, I can forgive myself for what I've done. And, maybe Naryu will forgive me too."

He raised an eyebrow. "And how do you plan on doing that."

Something clicked in her mind. "The Philosopher's Stone," She said firmly, staring straight into his shocked eyes. "I need to find the Philosopher's Stone."

He recovered, smirking once again. "Anna, I think you're going to be a lot more trouble than you look like." He commented.

"Al, Anna?" She jolted back to reality at the sound of Ed's voice.

"Hmm?" She answered.

"I think I have a good feeling about this one." Ed smiled at them.

Anna couldn't help but smile back at him silently.

"Me too," Al agreed, tilting his head at the both of us like he was smiling; if he could in that armor.

"Daddy!" A little girl yelled. She had long black hair that was a snow-white on top of her head, which was completely natural as well. She inherited it from her father, but she got her startling orange eyes from her mother. She ran into a man's arms that had short black hair, which was also white on the top, indicating that the man was her father. "Daddy, look what I made!" She showed him a small steel horse that had amazing detail on it.

The man examined it before smiling at the small girl, pride shinning in his warm brown eyes. "It looks amazing, Anna, did you make it yourself?

The little girl, Anna, looked down, as if she was ashamed. "I'm sorry, Daddy, I read one of those books in your study and wanted to try to make something for Naryu's fourth birthday." She explained, her voice trembling. Anna was only six years old.

Her father, Kaien, tilted her head up and kissed her forehead. "I'm not mad, my little one. You did a very fine job, it looks great. I'm very proud, Anna." He said softly. "Why don't you go show Edward and Alphonse, huh? They are playing with Naryu right now actually; you can give her present then."

A large smile broke out across the small girl's face, her orange eyes twinkling. "Really?!" She asked, excited. "I head over there now! Are they at their house or at Granny's?"

"They are at their house, along with little Winry." He answered.

"Okay!" She chirped and pulled out of her embrace, kissing her dad's scruffy cheek happily. "I'm going to go play and show Naryu what I made! Bye bye, Daddy!" She shouted, running up the hill to the Elric's place. When she got to their house, she hid the little figurine behind her back and knocked on the door with her free hand. Soon, Trisha opened the door and smiled gently down at the panting girl.

"Hi there, Anastasia," Trisha greeted, kneeling in front of the girl that she considered one of her own children. "What's the rush, huh?"

Anna looked up, her eyes bright. "If you promise not to tell until I show them, I'll tell you!" She whispered, glancing inside the house.

Trisha smiled gently and nodded her head. "I promise."

"Okay," Anna nodded firmly and showed her the small metal horse made from alchemy. "Here! I made this for Naryu's fourth birthday earlier, I showed Daddy and he said that he was proud of me! What do you think, Auntie Trisha?"

Trisha studied the small horse. "It looks great, was that your first try on doing alchemy, Anna?" Trisha asked quietly, smiling gently.

Anna nodded frantically. "I read one of Daddy's books in his study and I wanted to make something for sister and I did!" She chirped.

Trisha handed the little figurine back and ushered Anna in. "Come on, Ed, Al, Winry and Naryu are in the living playing." She said and closed the door after Anna was inside. "Go on, I'll bring you all snacks in a minute."

"Thank you, Auntie!" Anna smiled and ran into the room. Ed, Al, Winry and Naryu looked up as she ran in and Anna quickly hid the figurine. Naryu broke out into a large smile, puffing out her small cheeks, "Big sister!" She shouted, stumbling up from position across from Winry and dropping her dolls. She ran over to Anna and hugged her waist. "Big sister's here!" She giggled, clinging to Anna.

Anna ruffled Naryu's chestnut-brown hair affectionately. "Hey, Naryu," She grinned. "I'm going to give you a present for your birthday now, okay?" Naryu nodded frantically. "Alright, now close your eyes." Naryu closed her brown eyes that she inherited from her father. "Hold out your hands," Naryu let go of Anna and held out her hands, pressing the sides of them together. Anna gently set the steel horse in them and bit her lip anxiously. "Okay, now open!"

Naryu opened her eyes and stared at the small horse, blinking at it several times. She held it closely in front of her face, not saying anything. Anna's shoulders started to slump forward a sad look on her face. Did Naryu not like it? Her thoughts were cut off when Naryu squealed happily, hugging her sister again. "IT'S SO CUTE! THANK YOU SO MUCH, BIG SISTER!"

Anna choked, her breath suddenly labored. "Your-welcome, Naryu…"

Edward stood up and rushed over. "Nay Nay," He shouted, trying to pry Naryu away from Anna. "You're choking Anna!" It was true; the small six-year-old was turning blue and gasping quietly.

Naryu let go immediately and stumbled back into Alphonse, who caught her with ease. Naryu looked up at her savior and turned red when her brown eyes met Alphonse's bright grey ones. "A-Alphonse…" She stuttered, her blush darkening. The young four-year old had a bit of a crush on the youngest Elric brother, not that she realized. "T-Thank you for catching me,"

Alphonse set her upright. "It was no problem, Nay," He chirped, turning a bit red himself. "I'll always catch you."

From behind them, Winry let out a small, "Awe!" with hearts in her eyes.

When Anna finally got her breath back, she grinned at Edward. "Thanks, Ed!" She smiled again, her cheeks a small tint of pink. "I thought Naryu would suffocate me from happiness if hadn't come in when you did!"

Edward scratched the back of his head, embarrassed and a light shade of pink dusted across his own cheeks. "It was nothing," He muttered, avoiding her eyes. "I don't need you dying so soon, we all would miss you." He coughed. "And by 'we' I mean, Al, Winry, Naryu and," he coughed again. "Me too…"

Anna blinked confused before she beamed at him. "Uh, th-thanks, Ed," She stuttered, blushing lightly again. "Did you see what I did, Ed? I made something with alchemy, on my first try too!"

Edward looked at her excited. "You do alchemy too, Anna?" He asked, a grin going across his face. "Can I see?"

Anna nodded frantically and gently took the figurine that was next to Naryu as she chatted with Alphonse, the both of them too busy involved with their conversation to notice the missing birthday present. Anna handed it to Edward who analyzed it intensely. She played with her fingers as he examined all of the small horse. She bit her lip when he handed it back to her, a prideful look in his golden eyes and a large grin to match. "You did so great job, 'Stasia!" Edward complimented and a large grin slipped onto her face. "I want you to continue with alchemy, okay, Anna?" He said firmly, smiling.

The bright smile on her face didn't waver. "Okay, Ed!" She beamed. "I will!"

That was all it took. Just the fact that Ed believed in me, said that I was good at it… It motivated me all the way. Ever since that day, I became obsessed with learning alchemy, training with my father, so I could continue to make Ed and Naryu smile.

But, then… Two years later, an accident happened and it took Naryu's life.

A young eight year old trembled as she stared at the small headstone.

Naryu Mercury

6/14/1901 – 7/5/1907

A loving younger sister and daughter.

Anna trembled harder, burying her face in her legs that she pulled to her chest. "Naryu…" She mumbled through her gasps.

A hand landed on her shoulder and she didn't even look up; she knew who it was by the firm and roughness of her hand. It was her father, Kaien. "Anna, get up." He ordered his tone cold. She shook slightly but forced herself up. "Good girl," He automatically said, ruffling her black and white hair. She closed her red, puffy eyes as her father's large, warm messed up her affectionately. Her father wasn't that affectionate after they moved. "Now, what would you do if I told you we can bring Naryu back? Along with your mom too."

Anna gasped, staring up at her father. "B-But, isn't that forbid—"

"—Yes, it is." He cut her off, his brown eyes locking with her orange ones. "But, we can keep a secret, right, Anna? And we can be a whole family again. You, Naryu, your mother, and I, together again." He persuaded.

Anna's eyes glistened with determination. "Yes, Father," She said firmly. "Let's do it!"

"You'll have to train hard so we can prepare," He warned, looking at her sternly. "Harder than you've ever trained."

"Yes, Father!"

I'll tell you something. He wasn't kidding either. He did train me, hard. I never thought that it would be possible to so sore in one week. He didn't ease into like I thought he would, like he used to. No, all sympathy was gone and he trained me mercilessly. He wanted to bring back my mother just as much as I wanted Naryu back, and let me tell you something, I didn't think that was possible. He trained me, my body as well as my mind to prepare for the day we would attempt it. It took three years until he concluded I was perfect. I could beat him in a fight and that wasn't no easy task either. All the while, just longing to hear my sister's giggle and see her smile again… It drove me constantly. That's all I thought about. That's all I wanted.

Kaien looked to his daughter, who was drawing the large circle all around their basement. "Ready, Anna? I'm going to list them off." He commanded and Anna sat straighter, crawling over to where the ingredients were.

"Ready!" She answered.

"Water: 52.5 liters;" He read off.


"Carbon, 30 kilograms;"


"Ammonia, 6 liters;"


"Lime, 2.25 kilograms;"


"Phosphorus, 1,200 grams;"

"Um," She glanced around then her eyes little up, picking up the container. "Phew, here!"

Kaien gave his daughter and daughter a stern look. "Be careful," He scolded before looking at the sheet again. "Salt, 375 grams;"

"Here," She mumbled, looking away from her father to the ingredients, ashamed.

"Saltpeter, 150 grams;"


"Sulfur 120 grams;"


"Fluorine, 11.25 grams; iron, 7.5 grams; silicon, 4.5 grams."

"All here, Father."

He looked at her sternly. "And, tell me, why are we adding half the original amount to the original amount for the human body?" He challenged.

Anna straightened once again. "Because, mother was a full-grown human being, while Naryu was half-grown. So, we have to take the original amount, half it and add that to the original amount. Like, the water for the original amount was 35 liters. We keep that, cut it in half, which is 17.5 liters for Naryu and add it to the original amount, equaling 52.5 liters."

Kaien clapped his hands, proud of her. "Good job, Anna." He complimented and walked over to the pile of ingredients, one for their mother and one for Naryu. "Come on, time for the constructional formula." They both got on their knees and did the necessary touch ups to the transmutation circle. Kaien stood up when they finished. "Now, soul data," he muttered. He picked up a knife and sliced his palm, wincing quietly at the sting. He squeezed his hand over the pile of Lavender's soon to be body. Anna also picked up a knife and sliced her finger, hissing quietly and letting a few drops of blood hit Naryu's pile.

Anna stood, about to drop to her knees on the circle when her father stopped her, gripping her shoulder. He showed her the pistol he had taught her to shoot with, but was still his. He put on a table near the circle. "Listen to me, Anna. If something goes wrong and I'm not here to help you, and what we create are not your mom and your sister, I want you to use this gun and empty five bullets each into those things. Understand, Anastasia?" He asked sternly.

A horrible feeling made her stomach churn. "Yes, Father."

He nodded and in sync the both placed their hands on the circle. The room filled with a familiar hum and blue light. The crackle from the alchemy would strike Lavender and Naryu's piles every once in a while. Both family members had smiles on their faces as they eyed the pile that they craved their loved one would return too. Naryu's pile for Anna and Lavender's pile for Kaien.

Then suddenly, the alchemy turned a violet and the crackle and hum seemed foreign. "Father, something's wrong." Anna muttered, subconsciously pressing her palms harder on the circle.

Kaien didn't answer, but licked his lips nervously as an eye appeared in the middle of the circle and arms rose from it as well. Then, two of the black arms grabbed his arms, which deconstructed instantly. He let out a yell of agony and Anna screamed when she felt her arm and her leg deconstructed. Anna collapsed onto her stomach, pain racking her body as she gapped at her missing left arm and right leg. "Is this… a rebound?" She groaned, her eyes widened in horror.

"ANASTASIA!" Her father bellowed, his arm lurching toward her as his body started to deconstruct. "ANNA!"

Anna held her right hand out, ignoring the pain. "FATHER!" She shrieked.

Their fingertips brushed and a bright light blinded Anna. Then suddenly, she could see again. She was standing in a white void and she blinked around. "Father?" She asked, looking around blankly. "Wait, where am I? I was just—"

"Hello," A voice greeted and Anna jolted to see a completely white, slightly feminine figure sitting across from her. The voice was mixed with several others, making it seem like it was a girl but yet add a few times where it seemed like a guy.

Anna stepped back shocked. "W-Who are you?" She stuttered, her eyes wide.

The thing raised its arms in the air. "Oh, I'm so glad you asked." It grinned. "I am called by many names. I am the world; I am the universe; I am God; I am Truth; I am all; I am one;" It pointed at Anna, who took another step back. "And I am also, you."

"How-How are you—" Her stutters were cut off when the sound of the large Gate behind opened, revealing a large eye.

"Hush, hush, save your questions for later," It soothed mockingly. "You have knocked on the door, now it's time to see how you respond to it opening, little girl." Black arms shot towards her and Anna let out a shriek, trying to run. In a few seconds, all the arms engulfed her, dragging her into the Gate, kicking and screaming. "Hush, little girl," It said. "This is what you wanted, correct?" Anna continued to scream, grabbing on to the sides of the Gate as if to help her not get dragged in. "I will show you the Truth."

The Gate doors shut with a loud bang.

Anna got dragged into a pit of black, until strands of information began to stuffed inside her head. Her head pounded and she cringed, her entire body shaking. "Stop," she pleaded. "I can't take anymore!"

The information continued, as if Truth had heard her, more information poured into her head, as if to mock her wishes.

I couldn't believe anything. It was like everything that I never knew, heard of, or was eager to learn about was being pushed and shoved inside my head at once. I thought my brain was going combust. It was so painful.

"PLEASE!" She begged, as her body started to deconstruct itself. "No, no! What's happening?!"

The eye from the Gate flashed in her head and her body continued to disappear. "No, make it stop! Please, stop it!"

I was certain that my head was going to explode. Then, it all clicked In one instant. I understood it; the Truth… about everything.

Anna's eyes widened when she saw a small feminine figure in pure white. "Naryu?!" She yelled. "NARYU!" She screamed, holding her hand. As if it was confirming that it was Naryu, the figure held out its hand. Right before they grabbed each other, it all disappeared and she was back to where she once was, outside of the Gate and with Truth.

Anna's breath was ragged. "How was it?" Truth inquired.

Anna's hand dropped and she turned, facing the Gate. She walked towards it, thoughts streaming throughout her head. "I understand now," She mused out loud. "Father and I's theory of Human Transmutation wasn't wrong… It can be done! It is possible!" She placed her hands on the Gate, excited. "The only possible explanation is that it's missing something! Every answer is inside this doorway!" She glanced at Truth. "I need you to open the doorway again, so I can figure out what's missing! Please!"

"I can't do that, little girl." It said, standing up.

One of the hands Anna had on the Gate fell as she turned to face Truth. "What do you mean you can't?" She asked, furrowing her eyebrows.

"I've showed you plenty, especially for the toll you paid."


"Yes, surely you didn't think I would show you for free?" Truth stepped forward with its right leg and suddenly, Anna's leg began to form on its leg. Then, her entire leg arm appeared on it. Anna screamed as she began to lose her balance, but grabbed the gate for support. Then, halfway up to knee on her left leg disappeared and reappeared on Truth as it walked to her, a maniacal grin on its face. "That's the law of Equivalent Exchange, am I correct, little girly alchemist?"

The basement of the Mercury house was filled with the flashing blue and violet light as the agony filled sobs overpowered the hum and crackling of the alchemy.

"Please," An eleven year old Anastasia sobbed, clutching her right leg. Well, what was left of it. Blood began to spread around the small girl as she bleed from her left arm, right and left leg, which was all taken by Truth. "Someone, please, help!"

She craned her head up, her black and white hair falling in front of her face. Behind her dark hair, her eyes seemed to glow with pure agony and tears splattered on the floor below her. She looked helplessly at the spot where her father's clothes laid. He had lost his whole body and life as his toll. "Father," She choked then rage filled her eyes. "TRUTH, YOU BASTARD!"

Then a wheezing caught her attention. She glanced at the general direction and saw that the two… creatures were staring at her and breathing heavily. One of them was small and one of them was the size of a fully grown human. They definitely weren't Naryu or her mother. They were monsters, abominations, and/or creatures from Hell.

Tears welled in her eyes. "Naryu… Mom… No, this isn't what we wanted!" She sobbed, her body trembling with the force of the sobs.

Then her eyes snapped to the table next to her, where her dad's pistol laid. 'If something goes wrong and I'm not here to help you, and what we create are not your mom and your sister, I want you to use this gun and empty five bullets each into those things. Understand, Anastasia?' She went rigid with shock. Did he know this was going to happen? No. No, he wouldn't put her life in danger like that.

She used her right arm to drag herself to the table, using the remaining amount of her left leg to help. She left a trail of blood with each push and groaned at each small movement. When she got to the table, she stretched her right hand and grasped the butt of the gun tightly before letting her hand drop downward like a rock.

Her eyes snapped to the creatures when she heard a similar thud to the one she made seconds ago. Her eyes locked onto the one who was supposed to be Naryu, who was stretching its arm toward her.

Something within her snapped. Tears welled in her eyes as she let out a scream of internal agony. "YOU'RE NOT MY LITTLE SISTER!" She roared, firing five bullets into the creature, which stopped moving after the third bullet pierced it. Anna then locked her gaze onto the other on. "AND YOU'RE NOT MY MOTHER!" She shot five bullets again in that one before collapsing.

She had lost too much blood. It was amazing that she lasted this long without going unconscious, she was probably relaying on adrenaline. Her vision was blurry and her strength was leaving her in a matter of seconds.

Her eyes began to close when a bang happened. She moved her eyes to see two figures burst into the room, one female and one male figure. Her vision started to focus in and out but she was able to make out that man had black hair and dark eyes while the woman had blonde hair and brown eyes.

Brown eyes like Naryu had.

With that thought in mind, a soft smile slipped onto Anna's face as her eyes started to drift close. As her senses began to dull, she heard a sharp snap then an explosion and saw fire shoot past her and strike the things behind her. Then she felt her body being picked up and her one phrase,

"You're safe now."

3rd POV

"Roy, hey!" Hughes greeted. "You're still in Central?"

"For now, anyway," Mustang replied, an uneasy look on his face. "They're shipping back to Eastern command this afternoon."

"Well, aren't you a lucky one?" He joked, leaning against his chair, carefree. "Next time I see you in Central you better have ben promoted to Brigadier General, you got that?" Hughes chuckled.

"Easy for you to say." Mustang deadpanned as he walked to Hughes desk.

Hughes chuckled again before a thought struck him. "Oh, by the way, if you're leaving," Hughes said. "I'll go ahead and give this too you."

"What is it?" Mustang asked, looking at the clipboard.

"Something you might find interesting," Hughes answered, holding out the clipboard with a file on it. "The final report on Isaac McDougal." Hughes raised an eyebrow, Mustang's stoic expression. "I'm guessing it hasn't made your office yet."

Mustang grabbed the clipboard and faced it toward him. After a few seconds of scanning his eyes of the report, he let out a surprised choke. "'Xingese Alkahesty', what's that?" He asked, bewildered.

Hughes shrugged. "Apparently, that's something they have." He answered. "To be honest, no idea. You don't know it?" He inquired, looking at Mustang with a raised eyebrow.

Soon, Hughes began walking Mustang out of Central Command, to see him off, in a way. "You keepin' those three out of trouble?" Hughes asked randomly.

"I'm their commanding officer, not their father."

Hughes made a small hum of agreement, before closing his eyes, a thoughtful look on his face. "Hey, tell me somethin', Roy. Why did you decide to make Ed and Anna into State Alchemists anyway? They are just kids. I mean, military life isn't easy, you know. Those two are going to have to go through hell someday." He let a small wistful smile slip on to his lips. "You and I certainly have seen our share."

As Mustang walked down the steps, he waved, turning his body on the last step to face Hughes. Hughes waved back. Then as Colonel Mustang walked, he began thinking. 'Hell, huh? Oh, they've seen hell. Both of them, and plenty of it.'

The room was full of books on Alchemy, any alchemy and anything on the Philosopher's Stone. It had a bed, nightstand, desk with a lamp, and a bathroom in the next room. At the desk, sat in a wheelchair, was an eleven year old girl with only her right arm and left leg, sort of. "You'll never walk again," she was told. "I think I can analyze that myself; my right leg is gone and I'm missing part of my left! It's freaking obvious that I can't walk; what kind of doctor are you?! An idiot who tries to fool his patients with fancy words and a medical degree?!" Was Anna's brilliant replay.

Anna sighed involuntarily as her eyes skimmed each line of the page. She huffed, frustrated. She shut the book closed, setting onto the growing pile around her. She ran a hand through her messy, double colored hair. She slouched in her chair, placing her right elbow on the desktop. She placed her chin in her palm, her eyes closing. She sighed again, "This isn't working," She mused out loud. "I need better resources…"

"The Military Libraries have the most reliable and useful resources you could find, you know." A feminine voice rang out; a familiar one at that. Anna jerked, her orange eyes snapping open.

"Oh, Lieutenant Hawkeye," Anna breathed, leaning in her wheelchair. "You startled me." Then what she said clicked. "Really?" She asked, tilting her head, interested. "You think you could get me some books, please?"

"Not a chance." Riza replied.

Anna glared at her, "Then why would you mention it if you weren't going to get me something?!" She growled.

"To motivate you," Riza shot back, looking at the young girl intensely. "You think that just because you read these… books will help you on your journey? What are you going to do if you actually find a lead, Anna? Roll up to them and ask them for it?" She narrowed her brown eyes at me and Anna almost flinched at the intensity of the glare. "You need to get your body back, but you need to make decisions that will lead you there." She took out a piece of paper and laid it on her lap. "Here's the address to a friend in a city over that makes mechanical limbs; if you get those, you might be able to join the Military as a State Alchemist and access all the Military's resources."

Anna widened her eyes in shock. How come she didn't ever think of that?! "… A State Alchemist, huh?" She mused. "Automail?" She grinned slightly. "But, would they even allow a young girl like me?" She inquired.

Riza smiled at her, proud of her accomplishment on motivating her. "Yes, especially if the Colonel recommends you, which is the real reason why I am here." She admitted.

Anna gestured to the phone. "Could you hand me the phone over there?" She requested. "I need to make a phone call for some automail."

Riza nodded, moving the phone closer to her.

Anna picked up the phone and began dialing.

Riza walked down the steps of the apartment building, her dark brown eyes locking with her even darker eyes of her commanding officer, Roy Mustang.

"How'd it go?" He asked as she approached him.

"Mission accomplished, Sir." She replied instantly. "Anna's calling him as we speak."

Roy raised an eyebrow, impressed. "I'm shocked, I thought I would have to convince her like I did those boys." He smirked. "Good job, Lieutenant,"

"Thank you, Sir." She said, walking with her coat across her arm, her falling into step with Roy.

"No, I mean it, Lieutenant." He repeated. "I honestly thought she wouldn't go for it. She looked… dead inside, I guess you could say when I first found her."

"Not anymore, Sir. Those orange eyes burn with determination now."

Anna sighed slightly, her eyes dropping.

She licked her lips as her eyes began to drift close. She laid down on her side, curling her body into a ball. She rested her head on her flesh arm and closed her eyes. She always got sleeply during a train ride; this time was no different.

As her consciousness began to slip, Edward glanced over to her and smiled fondly. This is his partner and he wouldn't have her any different. She was unique to him like that. Whether that was a bad or good thing to him, he wasn't sure.

Another memory drifted to the surface of her mind.

An old man, approximately 65 years-old, stared at the eleven year old girl, wrapped in bandages in shock and impressed at the same time. He had raven black hair and dark chocolate eyes to match it. His name was Gary Malcolm. His wife, Nanci Malcolm, bit her lip, laying her hand on his shoulder. She was about 60 years old, and had bright blonde hair and sky blue eyes.

Gary was sick, really sick. His doctor predicted that this was his last year of his life. And he decided he would continue making automail and helping people. He loved helping people move on and get back on their feet, especially if he had to make an automail leg form them. This girl though, she was missing two full limbs and part of a third one. He was just staring, trying to figure out would cause her to lose those limbs. She refused to tell him.

"How long will the surgery and rehabilitation take?" She asked, looking the old man in the eyes.

Gary snapped out his daze and looked upwards, doing some calculations. "I'd say… about four years, give or take." He concluded.

Anna narrowed her eyes in irritation then a determined spark seemed to make her abnormal eyes burn. She took a deep breath and faced the both of them, making them widen their eyes at the intensity of her eyes. "I'll do it in one year and eight months." She said firmly.

Gary smirked, liking the young girl. She was determined and that impressed him. "You'll have yourself vomiting blood, you know." He warned.

She put her chin in the air. "I don't care. I have places to be and things to do." She hissed slightly. "I have to find something, and until I find it, I will be restless."

Gary smirked at her. "Alright, let's get started."

Anna reacted fast and blocked the next attack from Zachary, or Zach as he preferred. His full name is Zachary Golden. He was a friend of hers that she met during her rehabilitation. He was the godson of Gary. He came over often to see her; one could say he had a crush on the young girl. He was trained in fighting from his mother and father and he was testing Anna's skills. Zach was kind of like her best friend in the same village. She even trusted him enough to tell him what she did and what happened. He didn't think any less of her; he actually said it was sort of noble that she would want to bring her little sister back because she loved her so much.

It had been one year and exactly eight months and she was finished. She was thirteen years old now and he was fourteen. He had shaggy, chestnut-brown hair and navy blue eyes that sparkled when he talked to Anna. He was toned from all the training he does and was handsome for his age.

Anna was now older, slightly developed in the feminine parts and stronger. Her face was a bit narrower and most of her baby fat in her cheeks was gone. Her eyes were harder than before, but still soft.

Zach quickly aimed a punch towards her stomach, which she reacted by looping her arms around his and flipping him over her shoulder. She stood above him, panting. Zach groaned but then grinned up at her, "Well, I think you're almost done. Considering you finally beat me," His proud grin turned mischievous. "For the first time anyway. How many times have I beat you? 50? While you're at 1?" He teased.

Anna rolled her eyes and held out a hand to help him up. "Shuddup, you forget, I have mechanical limbs while you're all flesh and blood, you idiot." She shot back. "Plus, I haven't been able to fight at my full strength until now."

Zach laughed and grabbed her hand, her pulling him up. "Thanks," He said automatically; he was a polite boy. "Now," He walked about fifteen feet away from her. "It's time to practice your aim." He picked up a bag full of daggers and tossed them over to her. "Which way do you want to start; stationary or nonstationary?"

Anna took out her throwing daggers and spread them out across the table. She only had eight throwing daggers total. She would throw each time, four for stationary and four for nonstationary. She glanced up at him. "Uh, I'll go with stationary first, I guess."

"What's your target?"

"You, of course," She replied instantly. "You think you would get that by now."

Zach sighed and stood in front of a tree, his arms by his sides and a slight angle. "Let's get this part over with. You know I hate staying still."

Anna laughed quietly and grabbed four daggers, putting three in left hand and one in her right. She narrowed her eyes, searching for a right place to aim. She found it pretty quickly. She drew her arm back and snapped it forward, letting go of the dagger professionally. The dagger sliced the silent atmosphere and pierced the tree right on the left side of Zach's ribs. The dagger had caught his shirt, pinning it to the tree as well. It didn't touch him; he was fine. She moved the next dagger into her right hand and drew her arm back. She threw it forward again and the dagger sailed forward, digging into the bark that was right above his shoulder. He didn't flinch; he knew she wouldn't hit him. Then she got her next dagger, throwing it and letting it cut through the air and impaled the bark above Zach's head. Then she grinned a mischievous grin. Zach flinched at the grin, but continued to stay there. She drew her arm back, after putting the final dagger into her right hand, and once snapped it forward. The dagger flew through the air and skewered the bark between Zach's legs.

Zach let out a breath, realizing how close that dagger had come to his… uh, private part. "God, Anna, don't do that." He muttered, shakily removed the daggers and dropped them onto the ground, stepping away from the tree.

"What?" She teased. "Did I scare you?"

"Considering, when he first tried this, you aimed for an actual red-painted target and almost gave a new haircut—on my neck." He shot back, moving away from the trees to a clear space. "And I was behind you!"

Anna groaned, running a hand through her hair. "I said I was sorry and my arm jerked!" She protested.

"It was your right arm!"

"Doesn't matter!" Anna huffed, getting her other four daggers. "Now, it's nonstationary."

"Thank God," Zach muttered, bending his legs and getting ready to leap. "Ready?"

"Yep, go, Zach!" She called and he leaped into the air, doing a flip. She reacted quickly, throwing a dagger which punctured the air and sliced through his pant legs, cutting one side into shorts. She threw the other one, slicing the other pant leg into shorts as well; also, they were exactly measured so they were cut off at the same length.

Zach grunted at the new breeze and landed. He shook his head in mock exasperation and jumped towards a tree, using it to propel himself upwards into the air. He did a corkscrew kick in the air and she threw another dagger towards him. It sliced through the side of his t-shirt, creating a long, narrow strip of clothing to hang. When he landed, he rolled his eyes and tore off the scrap strip and tossed it aside. He then did a butterfly kick and Anna let her last dagger fly. It nicked the tip of his ear, midair and impaled a tree.

Zach huffed, rubbing his lightly bleeding ear. "You had to, didn't you?"

Anna nodded. "Yep, at least I scared you. Teach you for teasing me, you jerk." She smiled.

Zach laughed, picking up the four daggers where they landed and walking over, putting them in the bag. "Hey, at least I didn't call you a little, we—" She glared, tensing up, growling, and he flinched. "Never mind…"

"That's what I thought," She snorted and then picked up the bag of steel daggers, looking at it thoughtfully.

Zach laid a hand on her shoulder. "I think it's time to use your alchemy." He grinned. "I mean, you're not going to be a State Alchemist without your alchemy."

Anna's lips twitched upward and she took out the daggers and laid them side by side on the table. "I haven't used it since that night," She whispered and straightened. "Alright, here it goes." She closed her eyes and imagined an inner circle and clapped her hands together, creating a sharp sound to break the silence. A familiar blue light flashed and the hum filled the air. She put her hands on the daggers and closed her eyes again, imagining the atoms deconstructing and reconstructing into a completely different object. She opened her eyes to see what she imagined was there. It was a three feet long sword with a design that looked like a vine wrapping around it. She picked it up and twirled it professionally. "Hm," She mused. "I think I did good."

"Good?" Zach asked his eyes wide. "That's amazing!"

Anna got some red on her cheeks. "Thanks," She muttered and set it down. She clapped her eyes again and reversed her sword to the original eight daggers.

"Hey, Anna," Zach randomly said. "I may not know much about alchemy, but don't need to draw like some circle?"

Anna looked at him, shrugging. "Maybe I learned to make myself a matrix when I saw the Truth…" She trailed off and Zach put a hand on her forearm and squeezed it gently.

"Come on, let's go in."

"Sir, are you sure you want to observe another examination?" A soldier asked. "Do you remember what happened last time with that Elric boy?"

Führer King Bradley smirked. "I heard we had a thirteen year old girl coming, I figured I come check it out. Maybe she'll be like Fullmetal."

Soon, they entered the room and two soldiers brought Anna inside the room. She wore black leather pants with a white belt; white button up shirt with a black tank top underneath. She had the first three buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up.

Führer King Bradley raised his eyebrow. "Would that be a mechanical limb?" He asked.

Anna subconsciously rubbed her left wrist. "Happened in a carriage accident that killed my sister." She lied.

Bradley almost looked sympathetic. "I'm apologize for your loss." He said.

Anna almost rolled her eyes. She looked up at one of the soldiers. "Uh, mind telling me who this is?" She inquired.

One of the soldier's eyes widened and he leaned down, covering his mouth. "You idiot," he hissed. "That's his Excellence Führer King Bradley!"

Anna shrugged, uninterested. She knew what she would do.

"Thank you," Bradley said, and nodded up to the other people at the top, which included Roy Mustang. "You may now proceed with the examination."

"Do you need something to draw transmutation circles with?" Another soldier ask.

Anna shook her head. "No, I'm fine." She answered took out her strips of titanium and water canteen. She set the seven strips of titanium on the ground, side by side. She clapped her hands, listening to the sharp sound, and placed her palms on her strips and imagined her throwing daggers. She smirked as they formed into what she wanted. She removed two of the daggers and placed them behind her.

She then dumped her water onto the remaining five daggers and clapped her hands again, placing them on them. She created a layer of frost on her five daggers, but this layer of frost was a bit different. In the middle of the layer, a very thin layer was melted water. She left it like that for a very good reason. She her seven daggers, placing the two regular daggers in her sheath so they didn't get wet. She narrowed her eyes and threw two daggers towards Bradley

They impaled the wall near his head, and before the soldiers could get over their shock, she threw two more which pierced the wall near his temples. On the last on, she clapped lightly and used the positive energy around her to make electricity course through the frost. She threw it and it stuck the wall just above his head. The electricity crackled all around the dagger and hit the others, which in return made electricity course through them and hit the last two daggers. Soon, the electricity began to crackle again and it almost went to his neck, which Anna threw the last two daggers, right near his neck.

The electricity bounced of the titanium and only went through those five frosted daggers, and only bouncing off the regulars. Anna straightened, looking at him. "Some would say I was threatening your life, King Bradley," She said, and by then she had guns pointed at her from all angles. "And in a way, I did. I threatened your life with electricity and I saved it with titanium. Maybe you should think about changing the way you do this examination, but that's just a suggestion, considering this a good way to assassinate a person high up."

Führer King Bradley smirked, impressed. He raised his hand and the guns were taken away from her. "You sure do have strong nerves, almost like titanium itself," He walked away from the daggers, and suddenly they broken in half and Anna widened her eyes in shock, her jaw dropping. He began walking away, waving with his left and his sword in his right. "You still have much to learn though, little girl, about this world. You put on quite a unique show, my young naïve girl. Good luck with the rest of your exam!"

Anna stared at her daggers that were cut in half, wide eyes.

"…When in the hell did he draw his sword?!"

From in the village, Meox it was called, Zach looked towards the sky, next to his godfather. "Do you think that Anna made it?" He asked.

Gary nodded, ruffling Zach's hair. "Yeah, I'm sure she did. This is Anna we are talking about; she would kick anyone's butt to get what she wants." He assured and Zach chuckled lightly.

"Yeah, she would."

Anna blinked at the pocket watch that was displayed in front of her.

"This pocket watch will display as proof of your state certification." Her new commanding officer, Roy Mustang—well, now, Colonel Mustang to her—said. "This envelope contains your certificate of appointment." He opened it up and glanced at the paper. "And it seems the Führer took what you said to him in consideration."

Anna raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

Colonel Mustang shook his head. "Nothing," He dismissed. "Congratulations, you've just officially become a Dog of the Military."

Anna reached over and grasped the envelope. She pulled out the document and began reading out loud, "'By order of the Führer King Bradley, this document certifies that Anastasia Mercury has been appointed to the of State Alchemist. And that he is hereby granted the title of "Titanium".'" She finished and looked up at him. "Titanium?"

Colonel Mustang put his chin in his palm. "That's right," He said. "Along with their commission, State Alchemists also receive a code name. Officially, you will now be known as "The Titanium Alchemist"."

Anna got a mischievous smirk, leaning back against the couch. "I like it, it's fits me perfectly." She grabbed the watch, stuffed in her pocket and grabbed the envelope with the document inside. "I'll see you tomorrow, Colonel. Need to find a place to stay!" And then she left without his permission.

"She really is going to be too much trouble, isn't she?" Colonel Mustang asked out loud then he blinked. "Wow, it seems like I had that conversation before… with Fullmetal."

The train continued to go and by then, Ed and Anna was asleep. Then Al gently said to his brother, "Hey, wake up. We're almost there."

Ed opens his eyes slowly and looks out the window to see a city approaching quickly. He looked at Anna, who was sleeping quietly. He smiled softly and reached over, grabbing her arm and shaking her. "Anna, hey, wake up." He muttered. "We're almost there."

Anna gently opened her eyes, which were glazed over with memories from her sleep. "Hm," She whispered. "We're almost there?"

"Yeah, get up."

She sat up, rubbing her eyes and looked out the window silently before she decided to speak.

"So.. that's Lior?" Anna muttered.

Al nodded to her and everyone got lost into their own thoughts, which were the same. Could it really be there?

"The Philosopher's Stone." Ed grinned.

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