A/N: Written for the USS Caryl's summer skinny dipping prompt. Much love to Tam for looking at it and deeming it worthy.

Summary: She hadn't intended to intrude on his private wash…

The throb between her legs intensified, pulsing with a gush of moisture that surged through every cell of her being. She watched the flex of muscle as he scooped more water into his hands to clean the dust and grit from his body. She hadn't intended to intrude on his private wash, but the dark red clay and walker muck coating her body had driven her toward the already occupied river.

As she watched his arms, his legs, every little bit and piece of him dripping with cool clean water, Carol's right hand drifted downward, pressing into the seem of her utilitarian pants. A quiet moan leapt from her lips as she pressed the material into her core and the knuckles of her first two fingers put pressure on her already swollen clit.

Trying to stifle her noises she rubbed against that burning ache, bringing herself closer to oblivion.

"Ya gonna just stand there watchin', or ya comin' in?" Daryl's gruff voice broke the dusk, causing a high pitched screech as Carol pitched over the edge, shaking with the force of her release.