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"Dattebayo!" -normal speech

'Dobe' -Thoughts

'{Shannaro!}' -Inner Sakura

"Ningen" -Boss Summon/Tailed Beast Speech

'Brat' -Boss Summon/Tailed Beast Thoughts

"Kage Bunshin!" -Ninjutsu/Genjutsu/Taijutsu move.

Chapter 1: The Day After

Konohagakure no Sato, 12 Years after the Kyūbi Attack

Uzumaki Naruko walked down the road to the Hokage Tower humming slightly. She felt like she was walking on air. Finally, after three years of consecutive failures, she had graduated from the Konoha Ninja Academy and was a kunoichi.

A slight frown crossed her face. Just yesterday she had failed the graduation exam again, an exam she now knew had been rigged by the traitor Mizuki so there was no way she could pass. Afterwards, Mizuki had come up and told her about a special make-up exam she could take. All she had to do was infiltrate the Hokage Tower, steal a specific scroll, learn a jutsu from it and presto, she could graduate.

The infiltration had been easy as the ANBU patrols were far too set in their patrol patterns and she had slipped though during a small gap when none of the ANBU could see her.

She giggled when she remembered what happened next. Her Ji-chan had caught her as she was about to take the scroll, so she hit him with her original ninjutsu, the anti-pervert Oiroke no Jutsu (Sexy Jutsu) and knocked him out, blood gushing from his nostrils as he left consciousness behind.

When she had reached the clearing, she had unrolled the scroll, only to discover that the first jutsu in it was a Clone Jutsu, her very worst ninjutsu. It had taken her two hours to learn the damn jutsu and she had been very tired afterwards.

Not long after she had mastered the jutsu, she had been discovered by Iruka-sensei, her other class teacher. He had just figured out Mizuki's plan when he pushed Naruko out of the way of a barrage of kunai and shuriken. He even took an Fūma Shuriken to the back in order to protect her. Mizuki had then told her why she was hated by the villagers.

She was the container of the Kyūbi no Kitsune, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox that the Fourth Hokage had sacrificed his life to defeat when it attacked the village twelve years ago.

A soft smile graced Naruko's face as she remembered him telling Mizuki that she would never act like Mizuki and was not the demon fox. Those words had given her the courage to stand up once again and face down Mizuki.

She had used her newly learned jutsu, the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Jutsu) and had beaten the man into a near unrecognisable pulp. Then Iruka-sensei had given her his own hitai-ate (Ninja Headband) and graduated her.

Today, she was going to see her Ji-chan and have a talk with him about the damn fox. He had sent an ANBU to ask her to come as soon as possible. She was glad he had chosen a female ANBU as she had just gotten out of the shower.

'Ok, that's one thing to ask Ji-chan about: why the hell ANBU don't just knock on my door like everyone else instead of breaking in all the time.' Naruko thought to herself as she approached the entrance to the Hokage Tower.


Hokage's Office

Sarutobi Hiruzen, Sandaime Hokage, Shinobi no Kami and surrogate grandfather to one Uzumaki Naruko, sat at his desk and wrestled with the once and future enemy of all Kage -paperwork.

He was dressed in the white robes and ceremonial hat of the Hokage and had a weary, burdened look about him that had nothing to do with his advancing years.

He just finished stamping 'denied' on yet another request to have Naruko exiled from the village when his secretary let him know that 'the Demon Bitch' had arrived.

"Thank you, Maya-san." Sarutobi said, barely keeping his anger in check. "Also, please clear out your desk. You are fired."

His now ex-secretary stomped out grumbling under her breath and let Naruko in.

Sarutobi smiled at his surrogate granddaughter fondly. Despite her use of that jutsu, her visits usually brightened his days considerably.

Naruko was slightly shorter than most girls were at her age, which Sarutobi attributed to slight malnutrition. Her eyes were a bright blue and glinted with barely concealed mischief. She had three small scar-like marks on each cheek and a button nose. Her hair was a strange mix of both her father and mother. It was mostly blond like Minato's hair, but had red highlights mixed in like Kushina's hair and it seemed like the more she grew up, the more red appeared in her hair. Currently it was in a ponytail that stretched to the middle of her back. Around her neck was her pair of dark green goggles.

"Ji-chan!" Naruko called exuberantly as she sat down on the chair in front of his desk.

"Naruko-chan." Sarutobi replied, restraining his instinctive impulse to wince at the kill-me-now orange jumpsuit she wore. Seriously, how this girl managed to infiltrate the Hyuuga Estate and replace all their underwear with pink thongs whilst wearing that thing baffled him.

"Ji-chan, why do the ANBU always break into my apartment?" Naruko asked bluntly.

Sarutobi let the wince show this time. "They do that?"

"Yup. The ANBU you sent to fetch me this morning broke my window lock while I was in the shower and scared the crap out of me when I got out." Naruko said with a scowl.

"I see." Sarutobi replied. "That was Hebi (Snake) today, wasn't it?"


"I'll have a word with her." Sarutobi promised, "But for now…I suspect that you have some questions about your…tenant."

Naruko's face fell slightly at the mention of the Kyūbi, but nodded. "Hai, Ji-chan. Mizuki-teme-" she spat the traitor's name out as if it was rotten food, "-said that I was the fox, that all those deaths twelve years ago were my fault-"

Sarutobi interrupted her furiously. "NO! You are Uzumaki Naruko, Genin of Konoha and container of the Kyūbi no Kitsune, not the beast itself!" He said firmly, making a mental note to have Ibiki and Anko have a…discussion with the former chunin about mentally tormenting his surrogate granddaughter.

"O-OK Ji-chan." Naruko replied, looking slightly relieved, "But then…why do the villagers hate me so much?"

"Because, to be blunt, they don't have the slightest clue about what they are talking about." Sarutobi told her bluntly. Seeing the blank look on his audiences' face, he expanded on his explanation. "When the Yondaime Hokage sealed the fox into you, he used an esoteric and difficult branch of the shinobi arts called Fūinjutsu. Using Fūinjutsu, anything is possible as long as you have the right formula. Unfortunately, as most shinobi prefer to use Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu or Bukijutsu (Weapons Jutsu) rather than a complex and hard to understand art like Fūinjutsu, no-one could explain precisely what the Yondaime had done."

Sarutobi held up a hand as Naruko looked as if she were about to interject. After she settled down again, he continued.

"What further complicated the matter were the exact seals he used to seal the Kyūbi. There are at least two and I suspect there are more. The first was the Shiki Fūjin (Reaper Death Seal). The second was the Hakke Fūin (Eight Trigrams Seal) which is made of two Shishō Fūin (Four Symbols Seals). Even the least complicated of these seals is way over the heads of an untrained civilian, so they act as humans often do: distrust what they don't understand."

Naruko's face was an embodiment of anger. "And the shinobi?" She demands, "There had to have been someone who understood Fūinjutsu other than Yondaime-sama!"

"There was and is." Sarutobi acknowledged. "My own student, Jiraya of the Sannin, is now Konoha's last remaining Seal Master. Unfortunately, Jiraya-kun is rarely in Konoha because he is in charge of our spy network, which requires him to be on the move on a frequent basis. That meant he wasn't in Konoha during the attack of the Kyūbi and, sadly, he couldn't tell the idiot civilians how they were disrespecting both the wishes AND the abilities of the Yondaime with every cry for your death."

"Great. Just great." Naruko said bitterly, "So no matter what I do, I'm screwed." Her eyes shone with tears she refused to shed.

"I would have to disagree with you there Naruko-chan." Sarutobi said gently, "Iruka's parents died during the Day of the Kyūbi. He now sees you for who you are. Ichiraku Teuchi and Ayame have known the truth of what you contain for years, and they see you for who you are as well. As for me, I have never seen you as anything other than who you are."

Naruko scoffed softly. "Four people out of an entire village?"

"The longest journeys often begin with the smallest of steps." Sarutobi told the depressed kunoichi. "Keep persevering and I don't doubt that you will become the Hokage."

"Do…do you really believe I can do it, Ji-chan?" Naruko asked in a small voice, her eyes locked onto his own desperately.

"I hold no doubts." Sarutobi replied softly.

Naruko wiped at her eyes for a moment then gave him one of her trademark foxy grins. "Thanks Ji-chan." she said in a voice more like her own.

Sarutobi waved the thanks off. Privately, he was very relieved. By the looks of things, he had nipped that line of self-doubt in the bud just in time. The last thing the girl needed was an existential crisis on top of the pressures of being a new genin.

"Now, to return to the seals…the seals are designed to allow you to draw upon the chakra of the Kyūbi and use it as your own." Sarutobi told Naruko solemnly.

"WHAT?" Naruko yelped, disgust on her face, "If I use that chakra, the villagers will hate me even more!"

"Ah, well, there is no way for you to access the chakra at the moment." Sarutobi replied.

"Eh?" Naruko responded with a quizzical expression on her face, "But you just said-"

"At the moment, the seal is fully tightened." Sarutobi explained, "It only permits you to access the chakra of the demon fox when you truly believe your life to be in mortal danger."

"Oh…" Naruko seemed taken aback.

"Once I believe you have sufficient maturity and skills, I'll get Jiraya-kun to teach you how to harness the power of the fox." Sarutobi told her.

"I am skilled!" Naruko protested with a cute pout, "I learned the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

"Yes, an impressive feat, learning a B-Rank Kinjutsu in only two hours." Sarutobi acknowledged, "The ease with which you infiltrated the Hokage Tower was equally impressive. I must ask you to write down how you did it. If you do, I'll pay you for the successful completion of a B-Rank infiltration mission, in addition to your A-Rank Mission of Retrieving the Forbidden Scroll of Seals."

"Hell yeah!" Naruko cheered, "Two high ranking missions before I'm even out of the Academy! Beat that, Sasuke-teme!"

"On the other hand," Sarutobi continued, "You are neither able to perform the basic Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Jutsu) at all, nor can you use any genjutsu. Although the last is an unfortunate side affect of housing your tenant, the first is solvable."

"Eh? How? That damn jutsu was the bane of my life!" Naruko asked, her eyes boring into her grandfatherly figure.

'This must have been what I looked like when I asked Minato-kun how he finished his paperwork so quickly.' Sarutobi chuckled to himself.

"Naruko-chan, please perform the Bunshin no Jutsu. If my suspicions are correct, I will be able to help you." He told the exited girl, who drooped slightly at the request.

"Please don't laugh OK, Ji-chan?" she mumbled as she ran through the seals for the basic clone jutsu taught at the academy.

"Bunshin no Jutsu!" she called as a puff of smoke appeared next to her, which revealed a sick and unhealthy looking clone of Naruko.

Sarutobi nodded. "Just as I thought."

"What? What is it-dattebayo?"

"You are suffering the same problem the rest of the Uzumaki Clan suffered from; your chakra is so dense and powerful that attempting E and D-Rank Jutsu is incredibly difficult." Sarutobi explained, "I would suggest you use the same amount of chakra, but try to make as many clones as possible with that chakra."

"OK! Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruko called out again, this time filling the room with smoke. Once Sarutobi opened a window and dispersed the chakra smoke with an E-Rank Fūton jutsu, Fūton: Soyokaze (Wind-Style: Gentle Breeze), the entire room was covered in Naruko clones.

'Just like Kushina.' Sarutobi thought with a smile as Naruko started dancing in celebration of vanquishing her nemesis. Sarutobi then dispelled the illusory clones with a small chakra pulse.

"Naruko-chan, calm down please." Sarutobi called. Still grinning like a Cheshire cat, Naruko retook her seat.

"Now, that was an example of a little creative thinking in dealing with an obstacle." Sarutobi informed Naruko, "Regrettably, the next problem will be harder to fix."

Naruko's face fell slightly. "My Taijutsu." she whispered.

"Yes." Sarutobi told her bluntly. "I was watching the clearing last night when you took care of Mizuki. It was full of openings and incorrect stances. Who taught you your taijutsu?"

Naruko looked down and fiddled with the hem of her jacket. "Mizuki-teme." she replied quietly.

Sarutobi sighed. So, not only had Mizuki tricked and mentally tormented Naruko, he had tried ensure that she would be killed on her first C-Rank mission due to poor close combat skills.

Once again, Sarutobi made a note to have his two best interrogators educate Mizuki in why you do not piss off the Kami no Shinobi.

"Fortunately, I have decided that it is time for you to learn about your mother, Naruko-chan." Sarutobi told her, then braced for loud noises.

He wasn't disappointed there, as Naruko leapt to her feet and shrieked, "WHAT!" at the top of her voice. Given that her normal volume was just under a shout; her top volume was almost loud enough to be considered a high D-Rank Jutsu.

Wincing at the abuse his poor eardrums had just endured, Sarutobi attempted to calm Naruko down so he could explain everything to her.

Ten minutes later, Sarutobi finally managed to get her calm and sitting in her seat again.

"Now, this is your mothers file." Sarutobi gave the thin document into Naruko's trembling hands. She looked at it for a moment before taking a deep breath and opened it. She immediately noticed a very important fact about the file.

"This is a Shinobi Registration File!" Naruko exclaimed. She looked at the rank section. "Jonin? My mother was a Jonin?"

"Indeed." Sarutobi said. "Kushina was one of the few S-Rank Kunoichi this village has ever produced. She could give the Yondaime himself a hard time in a spar when he didn't use his Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Jutsu)."

"Kushina." Naruko said, testing the unfamiliar name warily, "Uzumaki Kushina…my mother." A smile grew on her face as she looked at the picture in the file. A smiling woman with blood-red hair and deep blue eyes looked back at her.

A small section caught Naruko's eye.

Clan Status: Yes.

Village of Origin: Uzushiogakure.

"I'm from a Clan?" Naruko asked, "Wait, Ji-chan, you mentioned that I had the same problems as the Uzumaki Clan had…"

"The Uzumaki were allies of Konoha for over fifty years." Sarutobi said, "They founded their own village on the Isle of Uzu not long after Konoha was founded and both villages prospered. The Shodaime Hokage, Senju Hashirama, even married an Uzumaki called Mito, who is your Great-Great Aunt I believe. All members of the Uzumaki Clan had immense stores of unusually dense chakra and had a lot of trouble with chakra control exercises as a result."

Naruko smiled at her similarity to her Clan, and then frowned. "You said 'had'. What happened?"

Sarutobi sighed. This was not going to be pretty.

"At the start of the Third Great Shinobi War, Kirigakure, Iwagakure and Kumogakure launched a surprise attack on Uzushiogakure. Only those who were not within Uzushiogakure during the attack survived. I'm sorry Naruko-chan." Sarutobi said softly.

Naruko's eyes dimmed. "My Clan…is gone? Wiped out?" She asked bleakly.

"I'm sorry to say so." Sarutobi confirmed. "However, the three attacking villages suffered horrendous casualties at the hands of the Uzumaki. Almost the entire village was related to the Uzumaki in some manner, so there were a lot of them. For every Uzumaki that fell, at least a dozen invaders fell at the same time. When the last sword was sheathed, a full three-quarters of the invading shinobi lay dead and dying among the ruins of Uzushiogakure. These casualties happened because Kiri, Iwa and Kumo gravely underestimated their foe and, in turn, these casualties, combined with the Yondaime Hokage's Hiraishin no Jutsu allowed Konoha to emerge victorious."

"So, my Clan's sacrifice was one of the cause of Konoha's victory?" Naruko questioned. Sarutobi nodded. "Then why haven't we heard any of this in class? I know I'm no Sakura-chan, but I think I would have remembered mention of my own surname during a lesson, and I think my friends would have mentioned it as well."

Sarutobi smiled at her mention of friends. She had been friends with the Ino-Shika-Chō trio's children for years and was friendly with the Hyuuga Heiress as well.

He then frowned as the rest of what Naruko had said registered. What she said was true. He distinctly remembered adding the history of Uzushiogakure and the Uzumaki Clan to the syllabus personally after the end of the War that had all but destroyed the once proud Clan.

"That…is an excellent question Naruko-chan. I'll look into it." Sarutobi said slowly, "Anyway, the shinobi forces certainly remember the Uzumaki Clan. We wear the Clan Symbol as a mark of friendship and remembrance. The Shodaime integrated the symbol into the Konoha Leaf symbol so that the Uzumaki would be impossible to forget."

Naruko grabbed the Uzumaki spiral that hung from her shoulder and held on to it tightly. After a moment, she whispered, "Arigato, Ji-chan."

"The Uzumaki deserve all I have done for them and more." Sarutobi said sincerely, "The reason I bring your family up is because they have their own taijutsu style. Not to mention their own kenjutsu style and Clan jutsu. I had originally intended to wait until you were a Chunin to even tell you about your mother's family, but with what happened with Mizuki, I decided that you deserve to inherit this early."

The young kunoichi's eyes were swimming with tears. "I…thank you, Ji-chan." she rasped.

Sarutobi smiled gently as he got up and walked to a part of the wall that looked no different from the rest. His hands blurred as he hit sixteen points in a specific order in under ten seconds, causing a section of the wall to fall down, revealing a safe door. Placing his hand on the door, Sarutobi sent a pulse of his chakra through it. A series of clicks, clanks and whirring sounds came from within the door, which popped open.

Naruko craned her neck to see into the safe. The only things in the safe were three boxes. One Red, one Yellow and one Orange. They were about half the length of the Forbidden Scroll. Sarutobi took the red and orange boxes out before closing the safe again.

Sarutobi handed Naruko the boxes. After attempting to juggle them for a minute, Naruko made a pair of Shadow Clones to hold them.

"Don't open them until you're in your apartment." Sarutobi warned Naruko, who nodded. She knew that Clan Styles and Jutsu were protected by law, but most Ninja operated under the rule 'finder's keepers.'


A massive explosion bloomed in the village, causing a startled Naruko to shield the Hokage and draw a kunai by instinct. After a moment, Naruko lowered her guard when no further explosions came.

"ANBU!" Sarutobi called, prompting his four bodyguards to apparently teleport into the room. "Find out what and where that explosion was. Go!"

The ANBU vanished in puffs of smoke.

"I have got to learn how to do that." Naruko muttered to herself as she sheathed the kunai she had drawn.

"Catch." Sarutobi said and tossed Naruko a standard sized scroll. "That has the basics of the Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Jutsu) on it. A reward for your quick reflexes."

"YES!" Naruko cheered. She quickly deposited the scroll in one of her jackets many pockets. She jumped slightly as another ANBU appeared in a swirl of leaves.

"Inu (Dog)." The Hokage greeted the ANBU with a terse nod.

"Hokage-sama. The explosion originated at the building that Uzumaki-san used to live in. It is now merely rubble, with minor damage to the surrounding buildings and a few minor injuries to passing civilians." Inu reported briskly.

"No…my home…" Naruko said hollowly, falling to her knees at the revelation that her home of seven years was gone.

Sarutobi dismissed Inu and knelt next to Naruko. "Don't worry Naruko-chan. None of your stuff was in the house when it exploded."

"Huh?" Naruko looked at the Hokage blankly.

"After you left this morning, ANBU operatives removed all of your possessions from the apartment and took it to your new residence." Sarutobi explained.

"New…Huh?" Naruko said her expression puzzled.

"When you defeated Mizuki, you defeated the last of the small, and relatively unknown, Toji Clan." Sarutobi explained, "That alone would have won you all of his ninja gear. Add in the fact he was about to become a nuke-nin after stealing the Scroll of Seals, and you won all he owned -including his house and any shares in businesses he had. It is your right as the member of a Clan to take possession of all he once owned."

"I…won his house?" Naruko said disbelievingly.

"Indeed. I… {AHEM}…acted in advance of your knowledge of the laws because I thought it would make a nice graduation present." Sarutobi's face twisted sourly, "Now it's far more a necessity than anything else -meaning I still owe you a graduation present."

Thinking for a minute, Sarutobi's face brightened. "Aha! I know what to give you!" Sarutobi stood, made five handsigns, drew some blood then slammed his hand on the floor.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu- Saru Tan'ya: Enki! (Summoning Jutsu- Monkey Blacksmith: Enki!)" He shouted.

A plume of chakra smoke appeared where the Hokage slammed his hand and cleared to reveal a white and brown monkey about Naruko's height, wearing a leather apron, gloves and an eye patch over his left eye. His upper body was bulging with muscles and had a no-nonsense air about him.

"Sarutobi? Why have you summoned me?" the monkey asked in a rasping voice.

"Enki. I would like the gauntlet if you please." Sarutobi said politely.

The monkey made an odd sound that Naruko thought might be a laugh. "Why do you need that old thing?" he asked the Hokage, "It rejected you."

"For Naruko-chan." The Hokage replied, indicating Naruko with a small gesture, "She just graduated from the Academy and I thought it would make an excellent gift."

Enki looked Naruko up and down and snorted dismissively. "I doubt she has the reserves to even put the thing on, let alone use it."

"Oi!" Naruko said, a tick mark appearing on her head, "I have so much chakra that I have to make hundreds of regular Bunshins in order for the damn jutsu to work. Whatever it is you're talking about, I can handle it-dattebayo!"

The monkey raised his only visible eyebrow at the anger Naruko put in her voice. "You really shouldn't say that until you know what you're talking about, Kozō (Brat). The item Sarutobi wishes to give you doesn't work for people who do not have the right skills, chakra and mindset. It is my best creation, only one person in the last thirty years has worn the damn thing, and she died using it. Since then, no-one has been able to even put it on, even Sarutobi here."

"I won't die until I become Hokage." Naruko said stubbornly, "So bring it on, Enki-san."

Enki studied her for a moment before nodding. "OK, Kozō. But don't say I didn't warn ya." He disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Now we wait." Sarutobi told Naruko. He sat back down at his desk and fought his enemy once again while he waited. Naruko dispelled her clones as she now had to wait here for a while but still threw longing glances at the boxes that held her heritage.

A puff of smoke signalled Enki's return. He was holding a box that was just over a foot long and half that wide. He placed it on the floor before him reverently and motioned Naruko to sit opposite him.

"I swore twenty years ago that no-one beneath the rank of Jonin would ever even try to wear this gauntlet again." Enki said solemnly, "Now, I find myself breaking my word to myself."

Enki removed the lid slowly to reveal one of the most beautiful things Naruko had ever seen. It was a gauntlet, similar to a samurai's, but far more ornamented. Made from finely wrought steel, it was covered infighting monkeys, with a snarling monkey head over the part that protected the back of the hand. Just behind where the wrist was, the armour was bronze and seemed to be able to rotate.

"Behold." Enki whispered hoarsely, "En'ō Kago-te (The Gauntlet of the Monkey King)."


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Jutsu Lexicon

(Any Jutsu with the name emboldened is one I made up)

Oiroke no Jutsu - Sexy Jutsu.

Rank: E

Type: Supplementary

Effect: A variation on the Henge no Jutsu, this transforms the user into a gorgeous naked woman. Placed in the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing by Sarutobi Hiruzen after suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of Academy Student Uzumaki Naruko.


Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - Shadow Clone Jutsu

Rank: B

Type: Supplementary/Kinjutsu

Effect: Creates a physical clone made of chakra in the user's image. Very Chakra intensive. Not recommended to be used by those under the rank of Jonin.


Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone Jutsu

Rank: E

Type: Supplementary

Effect: Creates one or more illusory, insubstantial clones. A basic jutsu rarely used by most ninja outside of the Academy.


Fūton: Soyokaze - Wind Style: Gentle Breeze

Rank: E

Type: Supplementary (Training)

Effect: Manipulates the air up to three meters away and directs it to where the used wishes. A training jutsu that is used in Sunagakure for wind users.


Shunshin no Jutsu - Body Flicker Jutsu

Rank: D

Type: Supplementary

Effect: a high-speed movement technique used mostly by ninja of chunin rank or above due to the chakra control necessary. Usually unsuited for combat due to the ease of tracking the direction the user moves in.


Kuchiyose no Jutsu -Summoning Jutsu

Rank: C

Type: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary

Effect: Using blood and chakra as a sacrifice, the Summoner calls forth an animal that s/he has made a pact with the species. Rare and powerful, summoning contracts are required to use this jutsu.