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"Dattebayo!" - normal speech

'Dobe' – Thoughts

'{Shannaro!}' - Inner Sakura

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"Kage Bunshin!" - Ninjutsu/Genjutsu/Taijutsu move.

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Chapter 46: Final Preparations: Eve of the Invasion

Two Days Before the Third Round of the Chūnin Exams

Streets of Konoha

Fate was an intrinsically unfair thing, that was the thought that was currently at the forefront of Hyūga Neji's mind.

The young Hyūga prodigy would have vastly preferred to be practising his newly mastered Hakkeshō Kaiten in preparation for the fast-approaching Final Round or even one of a hundred other things…but instead he was forced to run errands. To be specific, he was forced to go and fetch the clan's monthly supply of shuriken and kunai from the clan's contracted dealer (and not from his teammate's family shop; which he would admit were of a superior quality to most other dealers in the village.) by a particularly lazy member of the Main Branch.

The outrage and fury that was roiling within his gut at the sheer indignity at this state of affairs was carefully hidden beneath his placid mask. He was a prodigy in the clan's Jūken fighting style and could likely stand on equal ground with nearly any Jonin in the clan when it came to the Art of the Gentle Fist. Only Hyūga Hiashi, his uncle and the Hyūga clan head, was likely able to truly overwhelm him in raw skill with their clan's fighting art. He fully believed that he could handily defeat both of his teammates, either separately or together, and, in the proper circumstances, even challenge his Jonin-sensei (a man who, despite his eccentricities was easily acknowledged as the village's greatest Taijutsu Master) to a capable fight.

And yet he was ordered about by a man who'd never risen above a Chūnin in rank, who possessed less than a tenth of his skill or ability, all because of the accursed seal branded into his forehead that forced him to obey under pain of death.

'Unfortunately, Fate cannot be denied.' he thought bitterly, hands clenching unconsciously, as he headed back towards the clan district at an easy walk. He could get there quicker, but this was (very explicitly) not an urgent mission. It was why the Main Branch Hyūga had been able to fob it off on him so easily after all.

"Man, what crawled up your butt and died?" a familiar female voice asked him as he entered the district proper. Looking over to the side, Neji quickly caught sight of Uzumaki Naruko leaning against the wall of a building, looking utterly relaxed.

For some reason, the urge to wipe that ever-present grin off of her annoyingly smug face rose up at the mere sight of redhead.

"Uzumaki." he deigned to reply, keeping the annoyance out of voice lest he feed the juvenile brat's need for attention. "You seem to be enjoying yourself. I'd have thought that one such as yourself would be desperately training for the Finals; for all the good it will do. Your fate has long been decided, after all."

"Nah, I've finished up most of my training." the Uzumaki Heiress replied with an unconcerned shrug of her shoulders. "Training too much or not taking a proper rest can be even worse than skipping out on your training, y'know. I'm taking tonight and most of tomorrow off so I'll be properly rested and ready to kick ass and take names when it's time for the Third Round."

Forced to admit to himself (even if he'd sooner bite off his own tongue than admit it aloud) that the kunoichi had a fair point, Neji merely let out a huff of breath and ignored the comment with lordly disdain. "You will do as you wish, I am certain. Was there a particular reason that you sought me out, or did you merely wish to verbally spar with one of your betters?"

Naruko let out a thoroughly unladylike snort (truly, did this girl not have even the slightest semblance of decorum?) before shaking her head. "That's a hard no, if I wanna' practice my trash talk, I'd rather have fun with Anko-sensei. You're so stiff, there's just no fun to it. As for why I'm here, I'm just passing on a bit of a warning as a fellow Konoha Genin. We're going to have ANBU on guard at the arena during the Finals, just in case someone decides to cause a ruckus in the stands…or someone oversteps themselves in the arena."

Neji's All-Seeing Eyes narrowed sharply for a brief moment as his anger and annoyance flared before he quickly regained control over himself. When he next spoke, there was a cold venom in his voice. "I see, yet more favouritism for the Main Branch then? They can't risk having their precious heiress too badly beaten in public." he spat out.

"Dude, get over yourself and your clan." Naruto replied dryly with an annoyed roll of her eyes. "Or did you forget just who I'm going to be facing in the first round and just what he's capable of?"

Recalling the strength and brutality that Gaara of the Desert had displayed in the earlier portions of the exams, the Hyūga Prodigy was forced to begrudging concede the point. ANBU would most certainly be required to keep the bloodthirsty sand-user under control.

"I'm just passing this along because, frankly, you're the one Konoha Genin who'd likely take things too far; especially given it's my Hinata-chan that you're going to be up against." the redhead continued seriously, blue eyes locked on his white ones. "And before you open that stupid mouth of yours, I'm not trying to threaten or blackmail you into taking it easy on her or else; nor am I doing this out of concern for Hinata-chan. And to be quite honest, the Main Branch of Hyūga Clan can go screw itself for all I care."

Neji, who'd already half-opened his own mouth to make an accusation along those exact lines, shut it with a barely audible click.

"There's some weird shit going on in these exams; stuff that's a lot more important than whatever dumbass grudge you've got against Hinata and the Main Branch, Neji." Naruko continued, her voice and eyes hard and serious. "Something's coming that will put Konoha in more danger than it's faced since the end of the last Great Ninja World. The last thing the village needs is for one of its so-called prodigies going nuts and trying to kill his Clan's Heiress in front of the entire world."

"If she is so weak that she cannot stand against me, then that is merely her fate." the far more experienced Genin snapped back coldly, barely keeping his temper in check. He would have continued, but a sharp chuckle from the girl standing opposite him cut him off.

"Weak? My Hinata-chan, weak?" the Uzumaki laughed, sounding honestly amused. The way she looked at him, as if he was being hopelessly naïve, made Neji visibly bristle with indignation, but she continued speaking. "If you think that enduring living in a Clan where being kind and gentle is seen as being pathetic, where deliberately choosing to be poor at combat will ultimately result in being sealed by a Juinjutsu, and where you have no close friends, allies or confidants is 'weak', then you truly don't know my Hinata-chan at all."

"Since when has Hinata'-sama' been yours in any way?" Neji sniped back shortly.

"She's my girlfriend, duh." Naruko responded, twisting her head slightly in honest disbelief. "Are you being deliberately obtuse, or are you that incapable of seeing when two people are together?"

One of Neji's eyes visibly twitched as he yearned to strike this insolent girl-child down. What does she know of fate? What does she know of strength?

"Well, I've passed on my message, so I'm heading home." the Uzumaki Heiress continued, turning and tossing a negligent wave over her should before pausing. "Oh yeah, just one last piece of advice. If you honestly still think that my Hinata-chan is the same as she was before she was assigned to my team; then you're even more delusional than I thought."

With that the redheaded kunoichi walked off; leaving behind an angry, silently fuming Hyūga glaring at her back; his clan's treasured White Eyes unconsciously activated and boring into her like kunai.

After a moment of glaring at the retreating kunoichi, Neji turned and continued his own task with a disinterested sniff. "Hmf. As if that foolish little girl knows anything." he growled to himself as he made his way back toward the Hyūga Compound. 'Fate has already been decided, Hinata-'sama' will lose in two days. Nothing that she or that barbaric little ruffian can do will change anything.'

Later That Night

Jiraiya's Awesome Room of Seals, Jiraiya's House, Konoha

"Heh, y'know I still can't believe that the little gaki came up with something like this." the Toad Sage offered with an amused chuckle as he examined his work. "I gotta' admit, sensei; I honestly didn't expect you to go all out with her plan like this."

"With only our limited knowledge on how this immortality technique he's developed actually works, my only other option to permanently disable or even remove Orochimaru would involve using the Fūinjutsu: Shiki Fūjin (Sealing Technique: Dead Demon Consuming Seal) to seal him away. With that being the case, I'm rather interested in seeing if Naruko-chan's idea bears any merit." Sarutobi Hiruzen replied dryly as he stood and slipped his robes back on over his chest. "Did you need to make any alterations to it?"

"Eh, nothing really big. Mostly just a few little changes to either simplify the matrices or remove some redundant or extraneous connections." Jiraiya responded with a slight shrug. "The actual base seal is remarkably good; particularly given how little experience she's got. It would have worked on its own, I just made it so that it will work a bit smoother."

"Very well. That puts the last piece into place, all we can do now is wait." Sarutobi stated with a nod, picking up his hat and placing it atop his head once more. "Did you get a chance to read through the reports that Ibiki wrote up regarding Dosu-kun and Kin-chan yet?"

"Ugh, yeah I took a look." the white-haired man stated with a snort and a shake of his head. "The boy was deliberately picked up as a kid and put under the care of a acerbic misogynist, and the girl was purposefully left as the only physically unenhanced member of her team; albeit the one with the most actual skill in her ninja art. This reeks of one of Orochimaru's little social experiments, particularly now that he's got no one around to stop him from taking things too far and all the 'toys' he could want to play with. Combine Dosu's attitude and the ego that that Zaku kid was apparently sporting and it's pretty obvious that he wanted to see how long it'd take for the team to self-destruct on itself or for the other two to just push the girl down and have their way with her…at least until he got bored with them and decided to use them as expendable pawns in whatever games he's playing with the Uchiha kid."

Sarutobi simply shook his head sadly at that. His fallen student had always been curious in the extreme, and it truly disheartened the old man to hear what sort of darkness that curiosity was now being sated with now. "And the information they provided on Otogakure and its shinobi?" he asked aloud, forcing his thoughts back to the matter at hand.

"Kin didn't have much on the village itself, but she did have some interesting information about Orochimaru's elite guard and personal enforcers, the so-called Sound Ninja Four." the spymaster stated with a frown. "All four specialize in one aspect of the ninja arts, kinda like a refined and perfected version of Team Dosu only without the intentional conflict. First is Hokumon no Tayuya (Tayuya of the North Gate), she's an expert when it comes to sound-based genjutsu and she also has some kind of Summons that act as her personal defenders in close range, though the girl didn't know the exact type. Tōmon no Kidōmaru (Kidōmaru of the East Gate) is the team's mid-to-long range expert; he uses a bow and supposedly some other weapons as well. In addition, he apparently has a number of spider-based ninja arts and acts as the team's go-to strategist. Nanmon no Jirōbō (Jirōbō of the South Gate) is the team's main bruiser; physically he's the strongest of them but he's technically the weakest overall. Specializes in mostly in Taijutsu and some Doton Ninjutsu, but he supposedly has a really strong affinity for chakra absorption. Last is Seimon no Sakon (Sakon of the West Gate), who technically shares his position with his twin brother Ukon; those two are the team leaders and act as the infiltration and assassination experts. They have some kind of Kekkai Genkai that lets them fuse themselves with other people and either control or kill them, with one twin almost always fused with the other unless they're in combat. Each of them is a Jonin-level combatant in their chosen speciality, but I'd honestly rank them as Tokujō at best given how overspecialized they sound."

"That was my assessment as well." the Hokage nodded. "What about Dosu-kun's information?"

"Since the kid was appointed as team leader, that meant he had a bit more freedom than Zaku or Kin. Granted, it wasn't much; but he was able to learn a few useful titbits." Jiraiya stated with a smirk. "Aside from confirming a lot of the information his teammate gave on the Sound Four, he was also able to give us the location and basic layout of the base they were trained at, as well as where he's heard a few other bases could be. The important bit was something he found out just before they were dispatched to attend the Chūnin Exams. Apparently, a number of teams were being gathered at the base, all of whom had basic training in Fūinjutsu, before being divided into two-team cells and set to practice with some form of collaboration technique. Best thing I can think of for something like that is either some kind of barrier, which would be next to worthless on the offensive side of an invasion, or a large-scale Summoning Array. There were supposedly thirty-two shinobi gathered there when they departed, all divided into eight-man squads; that means at least four high-level Summons being unleashed at once, likely acting as the initial spearhead of the invasion force to bust through the walls."

"And Orochimaru would likely want his personal handprint on the entire endeavour, to sate his ego if nothing else, so they'll likely be some of Ryūchidō's giant serpents." Hiruzen agreed with a slight nod, before offering his student a smirk. "Then I suppose it is a good thing that a part of yours and Naruko's 'training' have been reinforcing the Fūinjutsu seals already placed on the walls using Shadow Clones under a Henge, hasn't it?"

"Yep, I also added a few extra surprises to the existing seal matrices. Can't wait to see the oversized handbags try and deal with them." the Toad Sage agreed with a cackle. "Old 'Rochi's gotten far too damn cavalier about how he treats his minions. I guess he didn't expect any of them to survive either way."

"Orochimaru was always far too quick to dismiss those he thought of as beneath him." Sarutobi answered with a knowing smile. "And his loss shall once again be Konoha's gain. His eye for talent certainly hasn't faded either; Dosu-kun already shows a considerable skill in taijutsu and some talent with ninjutsu. Ibiki is overseeing his training for now and believes he will be ready to wear a Konoha hitai-ate within the next six months."

"What about the girl. From what I saw in the reports, she's supposedly a fairly good shurikenjutsu and genjutsu expert." Jiraiya asked curiously.

"Oh, I figured Naruko could use another Spoil to look after." the Hokage replied innocently. "Spending time with her will open Kin-chan up better than anything else."

"You do realise that Anko's is going to go apeshit on your ass when she finds out you let a former Otogakure kunoichi around Naruko when she isn't there." the Toad Sage pointed out.

"I've already spoken to her and addressed her concerns." Sarutobi replied diffidently. "The Spoil Collar means that Kin cannot bring harm to anyone without Naruko's express permission, except in cases of self-defence. Additionally, not even Orochimaru can remove the Collar from Kin, so she can't remove it herself. Plus, she is forbidden to leave the Uzumaki estate without Naruko's permission. She was satisfied with those assurances."

"Huh...guess Anko's mellowed a smidgen." the Sealmaster blinked in surprise.

"Oh, she has...instead of anything else, she's going to wait until the invasion's over and done with before going to Naruko's place and 'training' the girl to be a good kunoichi servant for the Uzumaki Clan." Sarutobi stated.

"Oh...dear." Jiraiya gulped, quickly and silently offering a small prayer for the girl if she was going to be on the receiving end of Anko's 'training.'

The Next Day

Ichiraku Ramen Stand

Sabaku no Temari hummed as she finished off the bowl in front of her. Although she usually didn't enjoy ramen more than once or twice a month, she'd come back to this stand a couple of times a week since Uzumaki Naruko had introduced the place to her. Seriously, how did they get their food tasting so much better than the places in Suna?!

Thoughts about her home made her mood sour. One more day and she would be a part of a great betrayal, backstabbing a powerful and trusted ally for what amounted to nothing more than 'bragging rights' and a slim chance it would resolve their current economic issues. It left a bad taste in her mouth, but there was nothing she could do about it. She was only a lowly Genin, for all that she was the sitting Kazekage's daughter and oldest child.

Temari, despite considering herself a kunoichi first and foremost, liked to think of herself a semi-honourable person. She could act like a kunoichi and shinobi was expected, but there were certain lines that she was not comfortable crossing without a good reason. And betraying an ally for simply accepting work offered to them was not a good reason in her books.

Worse, Gaara was intended to be the main 'weapon' being employed in the invasion. In the desert, where sand reigned supreme, he was all but unstoppable. Here, where the closest thing to sand was dirt, his ability to quickly 'grind' other materials into more sand-like particles by simply infusing them with his chakra was impressive but it was also time-consuming and required him to remain largely unmoving while the process was ongoing.

The only exception was Gaara's...other forms. The power of the Shukaku, the Ichibi. Temari still shivered at the memory of the last time Gaara had let the damned thing run amok in Suna before the Kazekage had beaten that monster back into submission using his Gold Dust.

But even that wasn't a sure thing, given that Konoha had somehow managed to see off an attack by the goddamn Kyūbi of all things almost thirteen years ago. Relying on the power of the Ichibi being an unstoppable weapon when they didn't know exactly how the people they were attacking had managed to stop the Kyūbi's rampage was more than a little foolish in her opinion. But, as ever, no one listened to her.

"What's up?" the girl behind the counter, Ayame she was called Temari recalled, asked. "You look a bit sour."

"Just...a bit nervous about tomorrow." the Suna kunoichi lied easily. "First time in front of such a large crowd, you know."

"Ah, makes sense." the brunette civilian nodded sagely. "Well, just keep your head cool and act as you usually would and things'll be fine. Want another bowl?"

"...sure. A small tofu ramen please." the sandy-blonde girl requested.

"Coming up!" Ayame grinned back. "Hey, Oyaji, one small tofu ramen, front and centre!"

"Gotcha!" the older man called back.

Temari decided to just relax today while she could. She'd trained as hard as she could and as well as she could in the last month, and she was helpless to do anything about the invasion. Think fast and adapt to changing situations; that was her motto ever since the first time Gaara went nuts.

She only hoped it worked this time.


Dining Room, Uzumaki Estate

"I really don't get you two." Kin Tsuchi said to her fellow Spoils as she ate. The 'mistress' was out doing a few last-minute preparations for the tournament the next day, so she'd told them to eat without her.

"What is there to get?" Haku asked. The Last of the Yuki Clan was daintily and demurely eating her meal as if she was a member of the nobility.

"This!" the former Otogakure kunoichi pointed to her own Spoil Collar. "We're fucking Spoils; our 'mistress' could order us to strip naked and let ourselves get fucked by her and legally she could do it! We technically count as goddamned ninja tools right now!"

She glared at the other two Spoils. "And yet you two are so fucking blasé about it! What the fuck?"

"I'm a tool. Being owned isn't something which concerns me overly much." Haku stated with a shrug.

"Better a Spoil than out in the wild." the odd girl Shikiki Tomoe shrugged. "Tomoe has a bounty on her head from Kusagakure; Tomoe can't leave the mansion without risking being caught and either killed or sold off to them."

Kin facepalmed lightly, "Oh for Kami's I the ONLY one remotely bothered by this?!" she groaned.


"Tomoe thinks so."

"Urgh, you two...!" the long-haired brunette sighed in aggravation. "And you didn't even flinch at the thought of being basically ordered to whore yourselves to her. What the hell's with that?"

"She's my owner. Commanding me to use my body for her pleasure is perfectly acceptable." Haku looked at Kin oddly, as if she was saying something wrong!

"Tomoe is bisexual, so she sees it as just another part of paying her back for letting Tomoe stay here." the Last of the Shikiki offered flippantly.

Kin looked between them with a bewildered air about her. Was it her? Was she too much of a civilian in her mindset? Was that it?

"I...I was basically owned by Orochimaru, ever since I was a kid." she said aloud, slowly and more to herself than anyone else. "I should be used to the idea of being owned, but I'm not. And...and the Uzumaki...Naruko...whichever you want to call her...hasn't acted anything like Orochimaru. She could have had me warming her bed every night if she wanted, but she hasn't. I...guess I'm kinda just waiting for the other sandal to drop."

Haku looked at her for a moment before speaking, slowly and carefully. "In our cases, Naruko-sama took us in to protect us from something, whether it be an old clan law or a bounty placed on our heads. In your case, you're being kept safe from Orochimaru, and you are basically a prisoner of war as well. I doubt Naruko-sama will be willing to touch you sexually until after the invasion is taken care of."

"A kunoichi...with morals." Kin said in disbelief. She still had a hard time believing how...normal...Konoha seemed to be. Compared with Otogakure, it was like day and night. Her entire life had taught her how a shinobi's life was fraught with choices between life and death, between various shades of grey, and how nothing was ever as good as it was at face value. Konohagakure, the first of the Hidden Villages, seemed to defy the rules that Otogakure had painted the Shinobi World to work under.

The whiplash to how she had lived her life prior to becoming a Spoil compared to how she lived now was messing her up. Kin didn't know what to think, and she needed some time alone. Quickly finishing her dinner, she mumbled a goodbye before fleeing the room and making her way to the mansion's shurikenjutsu range.

It was the single longest and widest room in the underground complex, allowing someone to practice throwing weapons along several different distances. Kin often spent some time here each day to keep her skill with her senbon as sharp as could be. She also practised with shuriken but tended to avoid working with kunai outside of melee combat, they were simply too close to senbon in throwing form and it messed up her aim.

It was here that Naruko found her, peppering a Target-kun with handfuls of senbon, almost aggressively clustering the throwing needles around the bullseyes. The approach of her 'mistress' made the long-haired brunette stop her throws, chest heaving slightly from her exertions.

"Uzumaki-sama." Kin said stiffly.

"Looks like Haku-chan was right." Naruko said as she examined her newest Spoil's face, seeing lines of stress where there had previously only been smooth skin. "You really are taking being a Spoil badly."

"With respect, the fact that I'm the first of your Spoils to have an issue with it is more indicative of how odd the thought processes of your first two Spoils are rather than how odd I am." the other girl said stiffly.

"To be fair, taking Spoils hasn't been a common custom since the fall of Uzushiogakure, my Clan's former village." Naruko said with a sigh as she leaned against the wall. "So it isn't like people know how different it was for an Uzumaki Spoil compared to almost anywhere else."

"Different how?" Kin asked doubtfully. "A Spoil's a Spoil, surely?"

"Nope. Have you been beaten, starved, tortured, humiliated, disgraced or in any way treated negatively since I put that Collar, those wristbands and those anklets on you?" the redhead asked calmly.

"" the slightly taller kunoichi replied warily.

"In battle, an Uzumaki should be pragmatic and ruthless; in victory, we must try to be gracious. That's been my clan's nindō for a long time." Naruko stated simply. "Once an enemy kunoichi or ninja had a Spoil Collar on, they became the responsibility of the Clansman who collared them to protect and watch over. About seventy percent of the ones who were thus collared either remained collared for the rest of their lives out of preference, or joined the Uzumaki Clan after being freed. We treat those under our protection well, protection which you started to fall under once I Collared you."

"Uzumaki Clan...?" Kin frowned before her eyes flew open, not having truly made the connection before. "I thought you were all extinct!"

"That's the second time I've heard that in the last two months." the Uzumaki Heiress noted, "The last time came from a Hōrō-nin who poisoned themselves rather than get caught by me. What makes you say the exact same thing as they did when they first saw me?"

"There are...whispers, nothing more than rumours really, of the clan who formerly held sway over Uzu no Kuni." Kin said, mouth suddenly dry. "Rumour has it they were wiped out by three of the Great Villages at the start of the Second Great Ninja War, but dealt such damage in return even as they fell that it was why Konoha was able to win."

"...huh. Who knew that my clan were being honoured in the continental rumour mill?" Naruko chuckled somewhat darkly. "That's all true. There were only a few of us who weren't in Uzushiogakure when Kiri, Kumo and Iwa sacked it, such as my mother. Anyway, this is about you, not the death of my Clan."

Kin looked away uncomfortably. "What do you want, Uzumaki-sama?" she asked.

"For you to not expect me to act like Orochimaru." the redhead answered. "He came from Konoha, yes, but he was chased out for his deviation from the Will of Fire."

"The Will of Fire..." the Spoil scoffed. She'd heard those words before, but still didn't get why they were so important. "What the hell does that even mean?"

"To find something to believe in, accept it into yourself and let your pursuit of it become the fire that drives you onwards." Naruko said, sounding as if she was quoting someone. "Ji-chan, the Hokage, told me that when I asked him when I was about seven. Everyone has something that they hold dear; a belief, a cause, an ideal, something that means as much to them as their life. Konoha ninja take that something and make it a part of themselves. The Hi no Ishi, or as the Shodaime referred to it, the Homura no Ishi, is generally seen as just being a saying by those outside of Hi no Kuni, but those who wear the Konoha Hitai-ate know better. Orochimaru took that idea too far and put what he desired above his own life, the lives of others and even of Konoha itself."

Kin scoffed again. "Sounds like cheap talk. You don't know Orochimaru; he isn't going to stop until this place is in ruins. Not even the defences on this mansion can keep him out."

"Given that there's a plan for the other two Sannin and the Third Shinobi God to face him together, you perhaps underestimate Konoha because of your biases, Kin-chan." the redhead smirked. "Between Jiraiya the Toad Sage, Tsunade the Slug Princess and Sarutobi Hiruzen 'the Professor', they all know quite a bit about Orochimaru; his mental ticks, his attack patterns, his fighting style and how he'd plan an assault. Adding Suna into the mix makes this trickier, but knowing that a trap and invasion is planned in the first place makes Orochimaru's plans a hundred times harder to execute successfully."

Sighing, Naruko stood up from the wall and smiled kindly at her newest Spoil. "I know I can't convince you of my good intentions yet, not while you're still afraid of the snake bastard kicking the door down at some point, but we'll revisit this after the invasion's dealt with and maybe have an appointment set up with the Yamanaka to ease your trauma. Goodnight, Kin-chan. Sleep tight."

Turning, the Uzumaki Heiress left to go to bed, leaving behind a confused and frustrated girl whose life experiences were clashing with the genuine nature of the girl who she now called mistress.


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