Kill The Boyfriend!

Chapter 1: Kill The Introduction!

By Phillip "Naruhinadorable" Bailey

Esdese sat at her desk, her lamp the only source of light in the large bed chambers where she spent most of her time alone when she was not with her Jaegars. The lamplight made the tumbler of wine in her hand glow like illuminated blood, a color she knew and loved all too well. Her mind dwelt between battle, strategy and the one man who had her heart gripped ever so tightly, Tatsumi. She sighed, brushing her light blue hair out of her eyes and over the armored pauldrons of her longcoat. Every time she thought of him, a flurry of new emotions and sensations overcame her body and quivering mind, her eyes sometimes wet with tear that refused to fall like the weak she despised. She hurt knowing he was lost or perhaps even dead. She wanted him desperately, like a humming bird thrives off nectar, she needed his love.

'I'm weak to these emotions ... that only makes me despise myself ... I can't be weak like this!' she mentally screamed

Then her mind journeyed to the day she first met him. She could see it as clear as day, his slicing blade, his strong determination to win the tournament, his childish smile and fun loving nature. She found herself breathless, her hand pressed between her breasts where a once cold heart burned like hot embers. She felt immense warmth in her stomach, like butterflies of hot magma sending pleasurable shivers down her legs. She bit her lip and took another sip, the strong graph wine taking the blunt force off of these immense lustful urges.

She leaned over and lying her head on the desk, pulling a small drawing from her chest and setting it upright, facing her. The drawing was crude and almost childish, but Esdese was not an artistic artist, her art usually consisted of blood red palettes and dead body sculptures. The drawing was of Tatsumi, she had forced him to pose for her while she sketched him down, saying it was for Jaegar profile information, an obvious lie that could be seen by the massive flush on her face. The Tatsumi drawing may be crude, but it was all she had.

She continued to ponder, gazing at his illustrated face. Pretending not to notice the figure standing outside her window, acting as if they were stealthy. She would pull them through the window in a moment, and painfully interrogate them for disturbing her precious Tatsumi time.

Tatsumi thought he was incredibly stealthy. He had scaled the mansions ramparts and climbed its balconies, reaching Esdese's window. It was scary being here, but he had an objective to complete.

Hours Earlier

Boss and Akame had briefed him alone, sending the other members of night raid on a distraction mission, leaving the three of them alone at their new HQ. Of course, Susanoo was standing in the corner, but it was difficult to say if he was a Teigu or a Night Raid member, he had seemed like both. Tatsumi was curious about why he was receiving such a special mission, but he knew he was about to find out, and he probably would not like it.

"Yo Akame, Boss, what's up ?" he chirped

Najenda, also known simply as Boss smirked "You seem tense, relax Tatsumi, this mission won't be too dangerous"

"The mission being ?" He questioned

"Your girlfriend, general Esdese" Akame cooed

"SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND !" Tatsumi yelled

Boss waved her hand aside "Well that's what she need to be, you really don't know how lucky we are to have a spy so close to her"

"It's not like I had a choice ... she kidnapped me and held me as a seductive hostage!"

Akame nodded "From what we hear from our informants, she has a search party looking for you, not a death squad"

"Meaning ?" Tatsumi cocked an eyebrow

"Meaning she does not suspect you as a night raid member like you feared, she still wants to find you for her ... uh ... reasons"

Boss nodded "We need you to pay her a visit, pull the heart strings and get information, privileges and anything useful out of her"

Tatsumi was shaking his head profusely " nononononno! I'm not going back there, she's death itself. The guards nickname here Esdeath for petes sake!"

Akame flicked his forehead "Just do as you're told, it wont be that bad, just ... flirt with her ?!"

"But ... but but but!" Tatsumi sputtered

Boss stood from her chair "No buts! ... Unless you wanna grab her Butt, Butts are cool"

Tatsumi was dragged from HQ by his legs screaming "YAAAAAAAA !"

Present Time

He decided while she slept on her desk he would sneak in a steal any notes, journals, maps and Teigu he could find, then he could return without having to flirt with the blue haired devil, let alone be fondled to death by her. He grinned, slapping his fist and palm together, it was a good plan and it involved no lewd, rude or nude happenings. His plan that he had believed as impossible to fail, shattered along with the window he stood against, a strong grasping hand ripping him through the window with the brute strength of a ravenous bear. His head collided with the iron railing, sending stars and pain into his darkening mind. His life was in the hands of his attacker, as embarrassed as she would be.

She lunged across the room, slipping from desk to window in a mere second. Her Jaegars were the best of the best, but her speed was unrivaled, even by them. She tightened her fist, plunging it through the glass and locking it onto the shadowy figures collar, she sneered and ripped him through. She intended to have her fun with the intruder before sending them to a screaming painful death, maybe tonight would have it's positives. But as she pulled the man through the window, the moonlight lit his unconscious face, the leg warming, heart jerking, sexy face of Tatsumi. She froze, no ice pun intended, her eyes widening as Tatsumi collapsed to the ground next to her, silent. She clasped her mouth and held back a wild 'eep' of surprise. No guards would come to investigate, the sounds of screaming, glass breaking and destruction was the norm for Edese's Residence.

She dropped to her knees, her face flushed bright red "T..T...Tatsumi !"

She checked his vitals, she had not killed him, which was nice. She saw the small bump on his forehead and realized she had knocked him out, she bit her lip, feeling a little guilty. But that guilt was overtaken by joy, Tatsumi had returned to her! She grinned wide and lifted him up, skipping to the bed like a school girl on a cheery day. She laid him down on the bed, not knowing what to do, her heart was beating like the fast drumming of the native tribes she had wiped out with her vice captain, Najenda. She went to the door, locking it behind her and flicking on the lights. She leaned against the door, watching his chest rise and fall with each breath, she found it hard to breathe herself. Bols was right, persistence was the only way to win the heart over, and she had succeeded. Tatsumi had even gone through all the danger of climbing to her window just to see her, and she had attacked him.

She slapped her head "Baka ... Well ... what do I do now?" She cooed, her cheeks blushed

She took nervous steps towards him, halted for a second, then discarded her longcoat onto a nearby hanger. Beneath she wore a button up white blouse, of which she nervously undid the top 3, letting her large curvature push outward. She took nervous steps towards the comatose body, her fingers pressed to her lips like a shy child. She crawled onto the bed, then on top of him, her face inches from his. She wanted to wake him, but she also wanted to just watch him cutely sleep, the suspense was killing her. She leaned in, pursing her lips together and thinly blowing onto his face, his eyes twitched and he muttered in his daze. She giggled warmly, blowing on his nose and laughing when he drunkenly moved his hand to slap the annoyance.

Timidly, she moved her fingers over his cheeks, poking and pulling his cheeks as if he were an adorable cherub. She smiled warmly, her entire face blushed a shallow red, she was enjoying herself, she liked the idea of Tatsumi being her little play thing, but it was so much more than that. She wanted physical things from him, sure, but she desperately wanted a fulfillment to the emotions that gripped her soul. She bit her lip, she wanted to do so many things to him while he lay there. She started to give in to temptations now, she may never have a chance like this again!

She leaned in taking in the scent of his hair, it smelt like fresh pine. She timidly ran her hands through that hair. She cupped her breast, lightly squeezing, this encounter was driving her made, she could not hold back, her insides were on fire and felt like they were going to melt. She nuzzled closer to him and ran her tongue seductively across his cheek, his light stubble both prickling and tickling her. She exhaled a shaky breath, she left the bed and fell back into the seat at her desk, her heart skipping along at 100 beats. Her hands trembled and her lips quivering in a seduced smile of pure ecstasy.

"I...If only he were awake ...I have to control myself until then" Esdese sighed

He hand still cupped her breast, she had to pry her own hand from it, she lusted for Tatsumi to do the same to her, to pull her into his arms and set her down upon the bed. Doing all the painful and pleasurable things she fantasized about during Jaegar staff meetings. She took another sip of the wine off her desk, hoping that it would steady her quaking hands, it did to a degree. She had calmed herself down now, but had felt embarrassed and also pleased about licking his face, it was a dirty dirty thing to do, but she liked that greatly.

Tatsumi groaned, struggling to sit up "Uggggh my head" he grumbled

Esdese felt her heart leap, likewise she leaped forward. Darting across the room and jumping onto Tatsumi, her arms folding around him, her breasts suffocating him as he was forced back down onto the bed flailing about.

"Tatsumi !" She laughed overjoyed

Her flailed about, trying to catch breath under her suffocating chest "C..Can't ...B...BREATHE !"

She realized his slowly changing skin color and back off him and sitting on the bed taking his hands in hers. His eyes were wide, one moment he was outside her window, ready to sneak in, the next he was awake with her on top of him, her breasts basically busting out her unbuttoned blouse. He felt a small trickle of blood drip down his nose as he gawked openly. She bit her lip and took in his interested glare.

"You can back to me Tatsumi, I was so worried ..."

Tatsumi nodded, he found that somewhere deep in him, he had kinda missed her "Yes ... I decided to return, Esdese"

Suddenly pain flared across his face, Tatsumi was sent sprawling onto the floor, his hands clutching his burning cheek. Esdese stood over him, a dark expression played across her face, her teeth gleamed in a menacing grin. She placed her foot onto his chest and coldly spoke

"So you decided it would be a good idea to escape from me eh ? You thought I would just simply let you leave as you wish, You're mine Tatsumi and I am yours. I've been lonely without you ..." She looked hurt now, sadness in her eyes

'Does she really like me ?' Tatsumi pondered

"S...Sorry Esdese-Sama, forgive me!" He bowed to her, he thought she might like this. But in reality, he was also terrified for his life.

She laughed honestly, her hand covering her wide smirk "Oh Tatsumi, you know I can't stay made at you for long ... however..."

Tatsumi did not like the sound of that "Uh ... However ?"

She swept him up onto the bed, her hand around his throat and her thighs curved around his stomach as she sat atop him. Her spare hand was under his shirt, caressing and explorer male upper territory. Tatsumi cried out in surprise, but this only seemed to excite Esdese more. She leaned in and whispered into his ear, her tongue trailing his ear lobe, making him wince in surprising enjoyment.

"I'm going to make sure you pay for leaving me all alone, you're not leaving me so easily this time" she whispered soothingly

Tatsumi found that he no longer wanted to leave. He knew he should be loyal to Night Raid, but he felt the intense desire to stay with Esdese, to forget all about the war and pretend it all never happened, Could she change ? Could he change her, get her to leave the capital with him and maybe join night raid ? he had these thoughts the first time he met her. it had ended in an argument last time, it really seemed hopeless. But did that matter ? Now that he thought of it, he had already avenged his two friends, he had killed the girl and her family who tortured them. Why was he fighting this war ? Hadn't Esdese spoke of changing the capital too ? The questions swirled in his head, and with the current raging boner he had, it was hard to think normally.

He decided to carry on with the mission, answers would not come instantly, and with each answers it was likely that two more questions would take its place. He turned his head from Esdese, feeling shy, embarrassed and nervous. She leaned in to kiss him, but he moved his head aside, he wanted to desperately to give in to her lust, but he believed once he gave in, he would never be the same again.

The pale moonlight shone upon the both of them "I'm sorry, Esdese, let's uhh..."

she cut him off "Edese"

"Huh ?"

"Just call me Esdese. Unless there are any dirty little names you want to whisper in my ear" She sucked gently on his index finger

"uuhhh stop, please ... let's just talk okay ? How's your day been ..Uhh" He tried to piece together a sentence

She shoved him down, tearing off his shirt "I refuse!"

"Huuuuh!" He yelped

"Now that you are here, Tatsumi. I want to have you all to myself ... So long as you are with me, I'll make sure we both enjoy ourselves"

Tatsumi blushed, he liked the sound of it, but his honor must be kept intact "I despise the Capital ... You and I could be enemies"

She nodded "Then I'll hold you down and whip the insubordination out of you, then I'll take whats left as my lover ... You will be mine Tatsumi"

She pushed him down, pressing her lips to his. He did not fight the urge for it was too late to refuse now, he gave in and pressed back, clasping his own hand on the side of her neck, he felt her stiffen, a small groan escaping her lips as he caressed pale neck. She parted his lips with her tongue,biting down on his lower lip and drawing back, he exhaled as they drew apart, he was out of breath. She nodded appreciatively, she felt hot all over, her legs felt like marshmallows. She leaned in, satisfied with his eagerness for her.

"Have you given in now ? Are you going to fight me and look for excuses to not sleep with me ?"

Tatsumi thought for a second, his mission was mixing into his personal life now "Yes ..."

"Will you take your punishment for leaving me all alone ?"

"Well ...uhhhh..." He sighed "Yes ..."

She saw the doubt in his eyes, he was troubled by something "You are keeping something from me, you don't need to keep secrets from me Tatsumi"

"I can't talk about these things ... My friends would be in danger"

"Your friends can be put under my protection, I wont let anyone harm them"

"But ... My friends are considered your enemies ..."

Her expression turned cold "What are you keeping from me ... I won't ask again"

Tatsumi shook his head "I can't tell you Esdese ... I'm sorry"

He shut his eyes and awaited the blow of anger that would hit him soon, the fiery strike of an angered general at an insubordinate slave, that's how he felt. But the blow did not come. He slowly opened his eyes, Esdese was sitting away from him, her bare feet touching the cool marble tiles, her face stricken with sadness and disappointment. It was an alien expression to be seen on the face of someone so strong, prideful and stern. She toyed with her fingers, holding back tears that would never fall, even if she wanted them to.

She said lowly "Don't you like me ... Tatsumi ?" Her voice was a husk of the authority she always used, she sounded little in this large echoing room.

He sighed, climbing off the bed and kneeling down before her "I...I'm just afraid that when you know the truth about me, my friends will be put in danger"

She clasped his face in her hands "If you like me, Tatsumi. Tell me the truth right now... Or I'll have you tortured for information"

Tatsumi nodded "I tell you because I like you Esdese, not because you threaten me..."

She blushed, in her mind she was grinning brightly 'he likes me!'

Tatsumi stood and looked serious "I am a member of Night Raid ... my friends are apart of Night Raid and I was supposed to come here to spy on you"

She recoiled, her teeth pulled back in a sneer, her eyes glassy "I ought to kill you right now ..." she spat venomously, her eyes like blue fire.

Tatsumi held up his hand "But you and I are much alike, our opinions on justice are different ... but I believe you will do what's right!"

She flinched, like his words had hit her "What are you talking about... you are talking to a General of the Imperial army!" she growled

"I know you see the corruption in the government, they are all weak cowards and I know you are the only one who can put it right ... please Esdese, you can change this country for the better, I want to help you"

The unmistakable trust he had for her made her quiver, her heart started beating again faster. It was impossible for her to stay angry as Tatsumi for long, but if he spoke out of line she would have no choice, and yet his words spoke true to her. She knew the minister whom controlled the Emperor like a cowardly obese puppet master was nothing but an old fool and a weakling without his political power, she knew many of the politicians were dining and drinking the high life while the strong people had to work for their wealth, it made her sick. She kept finding herself gazing into Tatsumi's eyes, and finding herself uncertain of her allegiance. She sighed and walked over to her desk, pouring two glasses of the wine, she passed one to Tatsumi who normally would not drink.

"So ...what am I to you ... some pawn you can use. You said it yourself, you came here to spy on me and gather intel for the enemy"

Tatsumi nodded "When I first met you, during the attack on the Bandit Fortress, I had convinced myself that I could change your mind, maybe convert you over to Night Raid"

She laughed, without humor "What a foolish assumption. I've already told you ... I will change you!"

"NO, WE WILL CHANGE EACH OTHER !" He shouted back

The ferocity and power in his voice sent shivers up her spine, she found herself gripping her heart again, blushed. She was feeling that same love for him all over again, he simply would not give up, and what shocked and touched her the most, he would not give up on her.

He continued "I will stay with you Esdese, as your lover or as your hostage, so be it. You will tell Night Raid that I have been killed, use an Imperial Arms to replicate my dead body or something ... I won't leave your side again"

"Tatsumi ..." she breathed

"But under one condition, you don't ask me where Night Raid HQ is located. You leave me out of of your search for them, if you choose to continue your hunt for them. I have come to the conclusion that I have already avenged my two friends Sayo and Ieyasu, so my role in Night Raid was merely to follow in their footsteps to liberating this world of corruption... But now I see that you strive for the same justice"

"What about your ties with Night Raid?"

"My ties with them will be severed, I wont cause them any trouble and they can continue their own goals, I wont have anything to do with their capture"

She was awestruck, his resolve inspired her "What do you want from me, Tatsumi. You are willing to erase your existence to stay with me ...why ?"

"If you are to change me, to sever my ties with Night Raid. I want you to sever your ties with the Minister ... I want you to kill him and fix this country"

She drew her sword, lunging at Tatsumi, he rolled aside and parried the blow with his own sword, which he pulled from under the bed. He blow was strong, it's force reverberated through his own blade. He grimaced as the shaking blade threw him off balance. She kicked his leg out from under him, his blade sliding across the floor from out of reach. She landed atop him, this time not intimately, her knees on his collar bones, pinning him down. He kicked his boot up, a small dagger sliding into his left hand, he moved it into place. She sneered, it was a standoff.

"The punishment for treachery against the Empire is death, Tatsumi" she hissed

Tatsumi aimed for the heart, both literally and emotionally. And decided the latter would work more efficiently "Which is why the Woman I love will help conspire with me"

She dropped her sword, eyes accusing, her pale blue hair trembling behind her "Y...You..L...L..OVE... M...ME !?"

It was her turn to weaken, she slowly eased down on top of him, her head buried into her shoulder as she wept. She despised her weakness, but she was glad he was there to hold her. They lay there for a moment, their blades discarded and their hatred put aside. Their eyes met, then she tucked her head away shyly. Tatsumi was constantly reminded at how new and timid she was when it came to intimacy, who was he to judge, he felt the same way.

He lifted her, easing her onto the bed. He had aimed right, he knew when it came to emotions of intimacy, it was her one true weakness. But Tatsumi felt wrong for saying it, not because it was a lie, but because it was growing to be true. He admired her body, her strength and determination to rid the world of injustice, despite the fact her idealism of Injustice meant Night Raid and the Revolutionary army, but it remained true none the less. Her cool eyes studied him, as if she had yet to trust him again. Tatsumi was growing tired of this talk of politics, justice and Morales. He lay himself down next to her, they both just stared at the rooftop. Then quietly Tatsumi muttered

"This fight is not over, we can talk about it tomorrow"

She nodded "The Alcohol has affected my emotions, I apologize ...B...But..Could you please tell me that again...I'd like to hear it again" Esdese said sheepishly

Tatsumi got sat up, his fingers trailing her smooth blushing cheek, he lifted her face to his, their lips locked and their worries left behind.

"I'm starting to love you ... I'm sorry if I made it sound uh ... complete before. But I like you alot..."

she smiled "It's enough for me, for now at least ... I will have your love Tatsumi" She laughed

then suddenly sliding over top of him and gripping his throat she whispered devilishly "Now ...Are you going to get naked, or am I going to force you ?"

Tatsumi screamed "WHAAAA I UH ... I THOUGHT YOU WERE ANGRY!?"

She nodded "I am, and I want to take it out on my little slave"

He clawed at the blankets "Nonnonoon let's uh ... let's just sleep !"

"Grab my breasts Tatsumi!"

He sputtered for words "I...Uh...Well...I'M GETTING OUTTA HERE !"

Tatsumi slipped out from under her, dashing out the hallway, activating Incursio and bolting down a maze of corridors. Esdese chased after him calling aloud


"Oh god ... I should of just grabbed her boobs!" Tatsumi thought as he bolted for his life.

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