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"Kallen" - Speech

'Lelouch' - Thought

"{Die}" - Geass Command

"Halt!" - Loudspeaker

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Year 2010 A.T.B, (1955 A.D.) May 10th

Undisclosed Location, Japan

Lelouch Lamperouge, formerly known as His Highness Lelouch vi Britannia, Eleventh Prince of The Holy Britannian Empire and Seventeenth in line for the throne, sat scowling at his feet.

Off to his left, some Japanese soldiers were cremating the remains of some of their fallen brethren, saluting to respect them and their sacrifice.

'A single month.' Lelouch thought darkly. 'In only a single month, my former homeland has forced Japan to surrender itself. Incredible. These Fourth Generation Knightmare Frames, the 'Glasgow', must be very powerful to accomplish this.'

Most people would be surprised by such dark and mature thoughts from Lelouch, considering he is only ten years old, but Lelouch is no ordinary child. Raised in the Aries Villa alongside his half-siblings, he was taught the basics of ruling, in case he was the one to make it to the throne, he proved himself to be a veritable genius, surpassed only by his elder brother, Prince Schneizel, in his ability to grasp even the advanced and convoluted theories of politics and of warfare.

In addition, he was far more mature than most children of his age due to the tragedies he has endured. His mother, Marianne vi Britannia, had been brutally murdered by a withering hail of gunfire right in front of him. His younger sister, Nunnally, had been caught in the crossfire.

Although his mothers' last act had been to shield most of her with her body, Nunnally had been shot in the legs, crippling her.

The trauma from the death of her mother had robbed Nunnally of her sight ever since.

Lelouch had demanded a reason from his father, Charles zi Britannia, the Emperor, as to why terrorists, whom it was supposed by all had committed the murder, had been allowed to get into the inner gardens of the Aries Villa, where they then shot through a series of windows to kill his mother as she was walking down a flight of stairs, and had escaped, both unmolested and unfound!

In response, Charles disowned both Lelouch and Nunnally, and sent them to Japan as political hostages. "So you may be of some use, as weak as you both are." as his former father had put it.

And now this. An invasion, which gave the Japanese people carte blanche to kill them. The two children of Marianne had been truly abandoned by both their family and country.

Lelouch's scowl deepened. He had been forced to use his intellect to save his own life, as well as Suzaku Kururugi's life, once already, when the Japanese Colonel, Kyōshirō Tōdō, had threatened to kill him and Nunnally.

Lelouch knew that Tōdō had spared him only because he had been a temporary student of his during his stay at the Kururugi household, and knew how much Lelouch himself despised his former country. The next assassin would not be as forgiving.

He and Nunnally would have to disappear, and soon. Lelouch already had a plan in the works that assured a successful hiding place for the foreseeable future. Nunnally was resting at the moment, but they would set off for Tokyo in the morning, to enact the first stage of his plan.

Lelouch glanced to the side at Suzaku. His brother-in-all-but-blood was quiet and seemed to be brooding, much as Lelouch was. Suzaku's father, Genbu Kururugi, had been the Prime Minister of Japan, thus why the two royal exiles had been staying with them.

When Japan was invaded, Genbu had committed seppuku, ritual suicide. That had thrown the country's command structure into disarray and, with only a single victory against the rampaging Britannian forces at Itsukushima, the remaining politicians had folded like a house of cards.

Suzaku had been devastated by his father's death, and only the need to protect Nunnally had helped the boy recover somewhat from the shell-like being he had turned into following his father's death.

"I swear, Suzaku." Lelouch spoke, anger filling his voice as he stood.

Suzaku looked up and stared at his friend warily.

"I swear, someday, somehow, I will destroy Britannia!" Lelouch said, determination etching his face and body.


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