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"Kallen" - Speech

'Lelouch' - Thought/mental communication

"{Die}" - Geass Command

"Halt!" - Loudspeaker

Chapter One: The Day the Demon was Born.

Year 2017 A.T.B (1962 A.D.)

A room in The Tokyo Britannian Settlement, Area Eleven, Formally Japan

Lelouch Lamperouge moved his knight to its destination on the chessboard and said, softly, "Checkmate." to his opponent, a Britannian Nobleman who was as arrogant as he was rich. In other words, very, very rich.

Currently, said nobleman was doing an excellent impersonation of a landed fish at his defeat in chess. It was hardly surprising, considering he himself had set a limit of 20 seconds per move to give himself an advantage against the man Lelouch had replaced, an old man who ran a costume business. This rule had in fact had contributed a considerable portion to his own defeat.

Unsurprisingly, it had only taken 8 minutes, 38 seconds to lay the pompous fool low, a personal record of his, according to his friend Rivalz.

After the wreck of a nobleman had paid him the money being wagered on the match (The Pride of an Aristocrat made him pay), Lelouch and Rivalz sauntered out to ride back to campus on Rivalz's bike.

On the giant outdoor screen, there was a report on the terrorist bombing on a lab the previous day, which was followed by an emergency broadcast by the Viceroy of Area-11, Prince Clovis la Britannia, Third Prince of Britannia.

Lelouch's eyes narrowed at the sight of the pompous ass who was his elder half-brother. Clovis was a fool, a coward and an utterly abysmal and lacklustre strategist. Lelouch had been forced to stop himself yawning as a child in the face of Clovis' boring and uninspired strategies and tactics with a chessboard, so he could hardly be better with troops and Knightmares.

After Clovis' 'charismatic and inspiring speech' was over, Rivalz and Lelouch were on their way towards Ashford Academy. While they were en-route, Lelouch considered the last seven years.

He and Nunnally had - after dodging yet another assassination attempt, this time by a covert Britannian Unit - been taken in by the Ashford group, his mother's old supporters and backers from when she had merely been one of many Knights of Honour, which was exactly according to his calculations.

On the run from both the Britannian Army and the Japanese Army, Lelouch had developed a fairly accurate picture of himself and Suzaku and had compared them at the Ashford's residence.

Suzaku was an average strategist, but was excellent at thinking on his feet and adapting to changing situations. He was also physically fit and possessed very high kinaesthesia, granting him excellent skill in martial arts. Suzaku's Achilles Heel was his overly idealistic, not to mention naïve and childish, viewpoint, which restricted what he was able to doing strategy and tactics due to his own morals.

Lelouch himself was an excellent and (no false modesty) almost peerless strategist, being able to see all the possible moves an enemy can possibly make and when they can make them with little to no information. Tactics-wise, he was quite good, but tended to be nonplussed if something doesn't go according to plan. His own Achilles Heel had been his physique, which was underdeveloped, due to doing more sitting than exercise. Although there was nothing wrong with his kinaesthesia, he just couldn't move fast enough, or strongly enough, to make use of it.

Lelouch had seen the possible flaws and weaknesses inherent in his body and mind easily, and had (reluctantly) taken steps to avoid them. He was now moderately fit and healthy, thanks to a mildly rigorous fitness regime. Although he was no body builder, he could hold his own. He had also taken up the Japanese defensive art of Aikido, should the circumstances force a hand-to-hand fight. In order to maintain that health, he had taken up the art of fencing. Secretly, he had also taken up a rare style of Japanese kenjutsu, and had maintained a high success rate in matches with both disciplines.

In order to offset his tactical inflexibility, he had read every book on strategy and tactics that he could get his hands on, from Sun Tzu to the memoirs of the Britannian commander of the invasion of Japan.

Of course, Nunnally had no idea about that, nor did she know about his gambling for cash that he did. Even if she had known that he did gamble, she wouldn't guess why.

The reason he conducted high-stakes gambling, other than the pleasure of fleecing unsuspecting, and well deserving, targets, such as the nobleman this afternoon, was to build up funds for his eventual attempt to destroy Britannia.

It would, he reluctantly conceded, take quite some time before he had the perquisite funds for such an attempt. He had been doing gambling for three years now, since he was fourteen, and barely had enough to buy a black-market, outdated Glasgow Knightmare Frame, after money for living expenses, and several 'investments' were deducted.

At Ashford, he played the role of a likeable, social, easy-going person. He was liked so much that there were actually cheers when Milly Ashford, the current Student Council President, strong-armed him into the role of Student Council Vice-President almost as soon as he entered the High School Division.

Almost every girl at Ashford seemed to have a crush on him, so he turned into a veritable Ice Prince when they attempted to get close to him, much to their dismay, although some of them seemed to get excited for some strange reason when he did reject them, squealing in delight at how 'cool and distant' he was.

No one ever suspected he was wearing a mask - a mask of lies. Lelouch sighed to himself as he considered the web of lies he had constructed to protect himself and Nunnally. The only people who knew the real him were Milly, Nunnally, Sayoko Shinozaki, Nunnally's personal maid and guard, as well as his Aikido and Kenjutsu instructor, and himself.

Being popular was exhausting, both physically and mentally. Just about all that got him through each day was seeing his little sister happy, alive and not being used as a tool of diplomacy.

'Even in my despair, it appears like I cannot give up.' Lelouch mused to himself sardonically.

Lelouch was jarred from his contemplation in the sidecar of Rivalz's bike by the sound of a horn blaring immediately behind them. Lelouch cranked his neck around to see a very nondescript truck right on their tail. The driver, a male Japanese man, looked very irate and stressed. His companion, a female, was trying to calm him down, but he seemed to have had the final straw at being blocked by a pair of school kids on a motorbike.

"Whoa!" Rivalz yelped as the truck drew too close, forcing poor Rivalz to dodge to the right, while the truck went along a route marked off for construction as it led into the Shinjuku Ghetto. It crashed into the entrance of the tunnel as Lelouch watched with wide, shocked eyes.

'It was partially their fault for being so damn close to us, but Rivalz is equally to blame for going so slow on a freeway.' Lelouch thought as the bike screeched to a halt, Rivalz gasping at the close call he had just avoided.

Lelouch noticed people stopping their cars and gawking at the crashed truck. They were taking photographs with their camera phones and gossiping with each other.

'The herd gathers to watch, yet do nothing.' Lelouch thought with contempt as he got out of the sidecar and took off his helmet. 'I will not be like them!'

Resolute, he made his way down, ignoring the catcalls from the crowd and the yells of Rivalz that there was only ten minutes until their next class.

He would help these people, damn it, even if they were partly responsible for the crash!

In the Truck's Cab

Kallen Kōzuki groaned as she recovered from the crash that her partner, Nagata, had partially caused. The rest of the fault went to those damn Britannian brats in the motorcycle for not reacting fast enough!

"Nagata! Nagata!" Kallen called over to the stunned man.

The man groaned in response before shaking his head and cracking open an eyelid.

"Well, we can't be dead, otherwise I wouldn't have whiplash." he mused aloud.

Kallen rolled her eyes at her companion's lackadaisical comment.

"Nagata! We have to get out of here! Move it! Now!" she hissed at the man, who nodded and reached for the gear lever.

Outside and On Top of the Truck

Lelouch was climbing the ladder set on the middle of the truck, seeing as the cab was cut off from casual approach by metal girders. He was becoming concerned by the lack of cries of pain or for help.

"Hello? Are you alright in there?" He called once he reached the open hatch at the top.

Suddenly, his body was tingling. His senses were hyperactive and his heart skipped a beat. What was going on? He could swear he heard a female voice then.

'It's you! I've finally found my…' The voice cut off and the strange sensation with it. Just what the hell was going on with this truck?

Lelouch was having second thoughts about helping the truck drivers when the truck jerked backwards in reverse, causing him to fall into the truck, through the open hatch.

He recovered and landed, crouched on one knee. He tried to call out, to let the drivers know there was someone in the back, but the breath was driven from him before he could do so by being slammed into whatever it was that the truck was carrying.

In the distance, Rivalz gaped at the sight of his friend being carried off by a truck. "Soooo….would you call that a hit and run?" he wondered aloud. He couldn't go after them, as stopping that sudden stop had fried the circuits somehow, as well as cutting the fuel line.

He just hoped Lelouch would make it out of this in one piece, because Rivalz had a bad feeling about this.

Inside The Truck

"If they put a ladder on the outside, you'd think they would apply common sense and put one on the inside as well!" Lelouch muttered to himself as he sought a way out.

He was about to try and climb the spherical object that was the sole cargo in this section of the truck, when a voice from a loudspeaker ordered the truck to pull over. The next thing he knew, the truck was moving in one direction then another rapidly-a very poor evasion. On top of it all, he heard a rapid {PTNK}, {PTNK} sound and a [VOOM], [VOOM] sound outside Lelouch recognised -a VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) Gunship firing its main machine gun -thankfully, only as a warning shot this time.

Rapid possibilities flashed though his mind until only one remained -this truck had terrorists of some ilk on board, quite probably one of the many anti-Britannian rebel/terrorist groups that Japan spawned like a nest of rats. The voice on the speakers warned that the next shot would be shot to kill.

Lelouch was paralysed with worry-until he heard someone walking rapidly towards the compartment he was in from the cab! Quickly, he took cover behind the odd spherical device just as the door opened.

Through it stepped a redheaded female about Lelouch's age. Her hair was held back with a red and black headband and spiked up at the sides. Her eyes were sapphire blue and burned with determination. She was wearing a blue medical orderly's vest that was swiftly removed that to reveal a vest-shorts combo in brown and red that highlighted a voluptuous, well-toned figure. Lelouch had an odd sense of familiarity, as if he had met her before somewhere.

The girl spoke, presumably to the driver, "Can you use the Subway tunnel in the Azu-Bu route?" Her voice was forceful, determined and strangely melodious.

"Kallen! Why don't we just use it here? Why not?" The driver yelled back. Lelouch had ice in his stomach as the probability of the 'it' they were talking about being the device he was hiding behind.

"Because that would cause a bloodbath!" the girl -Kallen- responded in an admonishing tone, as she climbed the steps to the next compartment. The driver grunted and admitted the truth of that statement.

Lelouch meanwhile was running through all the redheaded girls he knew called Kallen, as that nagging sense of familiarity was insisting he was at least acquainted with her.

He rapidly narrowed it down, since Kallen was not a common name, the same applying to red hair, to a girl in his class who was sickly, thus frequently absent for treatment: Kallen Stadtfelt, the only daughter of the Stadtfelt family.

Lelouch's eyes widened. The Kallen he vaguely remembered from class was quiet, meek and non-athletic, the polar opposite of this Kallen. Either he was wrong or the Kallen at school….was a mask.

Lelouch felt the latter conclusion to be correct; since it was the only explanation that accounted for the vague familiarity he felt when he saw her.

Now he had to hope that whatever it was she was doing at the back of the truck was going to stop the truck being turned into a burning wreck by the military.

With Kallen

Kallen booted up her Knightmare, an obsolete Glasgow painted crimson. She was an excellent pilot, despite not having undergone any formal training, yet she was well aware that the Glasgow was no match for the Sutherland Frames that had been introduced as Britannia's main-line workhorse, even with an excellent pilot on the side of the Glasgow.

She just had to hope that there were none nearby, or at least she could hold any off while Nagata got away with…it.

Kallen shuddered. Not many things made her shiver, but deadly poison gas? That certainly made the short list of things that did, another being the people who made and planned to use the infernal stuff.

She keyed the hatch open slightly via remote and saw three VTOL Gunships in pursuit-and that the lead Gunship was about to fire its main cannon for another burst!

Kallen, without hesitation, fired off one of her two Slash Harkens at the Gunship. It exploded in flames on impact. Kallen decided that now would be a good time to begin the diversion section of her job.

The Slash Harken had already begun to retract automatically, so Kallen merely burst through the doors and met it halfway, the Landspinners deploying with a flick of a switch, granting her manoeuvrability the VTOL's couldn't hope to match or track.

Kallen fired off her Slash Harkens simultaneously this time, winging one and destroying the other. Kallen grinned viciously at the destruction she had wrought.

'Even although killing these Brit dogs will never bring you back, it still brings me one step closer to fulfilling your dream of a free Japan, Naoto-nii-sama.' Kallen though as her Slash Harken retracted into their launchers.

"The rest of you back off -I'll take it from here." came a new voice from loudspeakers. Kallen quickly activated the Factsphere Sensor to get an idea of what was happening-and she paled at the image being displayed on the monitor.

A VTOL. A VTOL carrying a Sutherland. Not good. Unlike her Glasgow, the Sutherland was specifically created to combat other Knightmares as well as conventional tanks and VTOL's. She was screwed without the advantage an ambush would give her. Doubly so, since this Sutherland bore the markings of a member of the Purist Faction, a radical, racist element of the Britannian Military that despised the 'Numbers', those who are the native residents of the Area's conquered by Britannia.

"I can only assume you dug that obsolete relic out of some scrap heap." The Sutherland pilot verbally sneered at her as his Sutherland detached from the VTOL and began to descend. Kallen fired off a single Slash Harken at him. He countered it with one of his own, deflecting it with ease.

"An over the hill Glasgow is no match for a Sutherland!" the Sutherland pilot continued to verbally sneer at her as he executed a perfect landing and took a battle stance.

"Not to mention a filthy Eleven who spurns the compassion of out glorious Emperor!" Kallen wondered if the man thought he was in an action film or something-he was certainly doing a long enough monologue to be a lead actor in one.

The Sutherland fired a burst from its battle rifle. Kallen avoided most of the shells, but one ripped through the Glasgow's left forearm, destroying it.

Kallen heard Nagata tell her he was going to split up to increase the chances of them surviving. She wanted to protest, but knew he was right.

She tried to fire the left Slash Harken, but it was stuck-and the Sutherland had deployed a tonfa-attachment for close combat and was about to strike her!

"Second-Hand junk!" the man in the Sutherland before her sneered as he brought the tonfa down. Kallen did the only thing she could: She ejected the remains of the left arm right into the path of the tonfa, using the smoke from the resulting explosion to get away.

Kallen knew that she had to get away from the Sutherland and fast-or it was all over for her!

Back in the Truck

'No signal for my cell phone, dark as night during the day and the roughness of the road surface indicate we are in the old subway tunnels.' Lelouch thought as he sat, one leg over the other, and waited for something he could use.

Shortly after Kallen had deployed her Glasgow, (He recognised the motor sound from seven years ago) he had discovered she had left a radio behind along with her presumptive disguise in her haste.

'The driver's probably looking for an exit in the Ghetto.' Lelouch continued his calm thought process as he waited. 'On my own, getting out of here will be tricky….I'm not that big on the military, but I could hand this radio over and claim military protection…oh, no I can't -Clovis or one of his flunkeys might come and recognise me. Need another plan…'

Alone in the dark, the exiled prince tried to plan for all possibilities. Little did he know, his salvation would lie next to him as he did.

Thirty Minutes Later

"Whoa!" Lelouch said as the truck came to an abrupt and bumpy halt. "An accident, or…?" he wondered.

Suddenly, the side doors opened. Lelouch ran to one side to try to avoid being seen through the opening, but it was too late.

Despite Lelouch's effort, the masked Britannian soldier quickly over powered him and held him to the ground with a powerful one-handed throat grab.

"Enough mindless murder!" The soldier snarled at him.

"Wha? Wait, I'm…" Lelouch tried to get out before the choking hand clenched briefly, cutting off his air temporarily.

"Planning on using poison gas, eh? Stop trying to lie!" the soldier snarled.

Lelouch considered himself a fairly controlled individual, but he hated being accused of things he hadn't done. He always had.

"Get. Off. Of. Me!" Lelouch snarled back at the soldier and backed up his words with a swift kick to the soldier's midriff, which was dodged, to Lelouch's surprise.

"First off," Lelouch said as the soldier landed from his dodge. "I'm a Britannian, you can tell by my uniform. Secondly, I'm not here by choice." The boy strode forward a step, to show his Ashford Academy uniform.

The soldier stiffened at the sight of Lelouch in the light. "No way…" he breathed.

"If this is poison gas, the only people who could make it is Britannia! 'Mindless Murder', you say?" Lelouch said, anger and resentment at his former homeland bubbling to the surface. "Then simply obliterate Britannia!"

Then the figure said something Lelouch never expected.

"Lelouch…" The soldier pulled off his helmet to reveal a familiar face Lelouch had not seen in seven long years.

"It's me, Suzaku." said the boy who had helped him protect his sister from the invasion.

"Y-You became a Britannian Soldier?!" Lelouch said in shock.

"So? You're a-?!" Suzaku started to say, when Lelouch cut him off.

"No, I'm not! This truck crashed and I went to help it, then it drove off with me in it!" Lelouch tried to explain, only for Suzaku to raise an eyebrow.

"Considering how smart you are, is that really the best excuse you can give?" Suzaku asked. Lelouch felt like gnashing his teeth.

"I can't 'make up a better excuse' because that's what really happened!" Lelouch retorted as he rolled his eyes. "Argh! You really haven't changed a bit! Once you get an idea into your head, you hang onto it more tenaciously than Kaguya used to hang off of me!"

All of a sudden, the 'poison gas canister' began to glow and emit light. Lelouch was suddenly tackled to the ground by Suzaku, who then forced his own gas mask over Lelouch's mouth and nose.

The sphere's four lids then popped open, and instead of poison gas, a girl appeared. Her hair was jade green and waist length, her eyes were the same colour as gold. She was dressed in a Britannian prisoner's straitjacket that left nothing to the imagination as it clung to her slim, lithe body.

She looked at the two stunned young men, before collapsing into an unconscious heap.

"That's not poison gas." Suzaku muttered, confused.

Lelouch nodded before forcing Suzaku's hand away from his mouth. "Something smells like a rat, and I don't mean the sewage pipes." he said, before getting up and moving towards the girl.

"Suzaku, be straight with me here," continued Lelouch as he undid the bindings on the straight jacket, "What the heck does a girl have to do with poison gas?"

"It's what the briefing said was in the thing during the briefing." Suzaku protested as he leaned against the truck examining Lelouch and the girl. "Hey Lelouch, have you actually been exercising, or have you found a way to turn brain-power into muscle power like you told Tōdō-sensei you would?"

"As a matter of fact, I have been exercising." Lelouch replied. "The last time I got involved with the Britannian military, I had to walk for miles carrying Nunnally on my back-I wanted to cover my weaknesses in case it had to be done again."

Suzaku raised both eyebrows at this. Seven years previously, Lelouch had cordially detested regular exercise, deeming it inhumane and Spartan treatment and had called Tōdō-sensei several rude and colourful names when forced to do so. For him to actually get motivated to do it…

Suddenly, bright lights flashed on and both Lelouch and Suzaku raised their hands at the glare from the light.

'I have a bad feeling about this…' Lelouch thought.

Ten Minutes Later

In this particular instance, Lelouch wouldn't have minded being wrong.

The men with the spotlights had been low-ranking members of Clovis' Royal Guard, who had wanted to kill Lelouch for 'discovering the prince's secret'. Suzaku had tried to stop them, only to get shot in the back by the group's leader!

Lelouch and the girl had only gotten away when the terrorist in the truck had activated a self-destruct and blown up the cab, covering the area with smoke. Lelouch had grabbed the girl and ran like the wind away from the Royal Guard.

It was irrational, Lelouch knew, to blame the girl. She was a prisoner and both he and Suzaku had stumbled upon her by chance. Nevertheless, he really wanted something to blame right now!

His best and only true friend was dead, murdered in front of him like his mother. Another life lost. 'Another reason to crush Britannia!' Lelouch though morosely as he led the girl up a set of stairs. He turned to her and indicated for her to stay where she was. Lelouch didn't know if she knew English or even Japanese for that matter, so he let the tone of his voice do the talking rather than the actual words.

"You stay here and be quiet okay? I'll check to see if the coast is clear." he said in a calm reassuring tone.

Five Minutes Later

Lelouch was getting sick and tired of being caught in traps, trucks and by Royal Guards.

He had been caught as soon as he stood up straight, along with the girl. How embarrassing. The leader was currently running through a monologue about terrorists 'only being able to do so much, even Britannian student terrorists.'

"And now, my clever young friend, you have no future!" the man finally finished his monologue and began to raise his side-arm.

'Is this it?' Lelouch wondered as the man's pistol was raised and the trigger was slowly pulled.

At the proverbial last instant, the girl rushed forward and cried out, "NO! He mustn't die!" throwing herself in front of Lelouch.

The bullet struck her square in the forehead.

"Y-You shot her!" Lelouch exclaimed, reflexively stepping forward, catching her falling body and gently laying it on the ground.

"We were supposed to capture the female alive, but, oh well." The man shrugged, unconcerned by the death of his target. He tapped his chin with the muzzle of his pistol for a couple of moments, and then an evil smirk crossed his face.

"This is what the report shall say then: We, the Royal Guard, found and exterminated the nest of terrorists." he waved his pistol to indicate the warehouse they currently stood in, filled with the dead bodies of innocent Japanese civilians, including ten year old children, "But unfortunately, the female hostage had already been tortured to death. What do you think of my script, schoolboy?" The sneer in the man's words was all too evident.

Lelouch was numb. 'First Suzaku is killed, then this girl. And I'm next. Before I have a chance to do a single thing with my own life. I' m sorry, Nunnally!'

Suddenly, time slowed down and he seemed disjointed from his own body. His heart was racing, his senses on fire. What on…?!

'You don't want it to end here, do you?' came a voice he recognised.

'The girl…? Impossible!' Lelouch thought in shock.

'You appear to have a reason to live on. If you possessed power, could you go on? I propose a deal. In exchange for this power, you must make my one wish come true. Be warned - accept this Geass contract and you accept its conditions: While living in the world of humans, you will live unlike any other. A different providence. A different time. A different life.'

While the voice was talking, Lelouch was bombarded with images of strange things: a pair of planets, images of the girl, a battalion of androgynous people with an odd red mark on their forehead. Lelouch thought the girl sounded as if she knew precisely what she was talking about, as if she had lived the life she was offering him.

'The Power of the King will condemn you to a life of solitude…are you prepared for this…?' she asked.

Lelouch saw a final image- his hated parent, the Emperor.

"A convergence with a Ragnarök Connection…? So the myth is beginning once again…?!" he heard his father say.

'He sounds like he knows what Geass is, meaning he might have one!' Lelouch though furiously.

Aloud he spoke, "Very well! I accept your contract…and its conditions!"

With a jolt, he was back in his body, and seemingly not a second has passed, as the Royal Guard leader still has that arrogant smirk on his face.

Slowly, Lelouch stood up, one hand over his left eye. The Royal Guard commander felt something…different about the boy, compared to how he was just a second ago.

"Say, as a Britannian who despises his own country, how should I live my life?" Lelouch asked, a hint of laughter in his voice.

"Humph. Are you some kind of radical?" the commander asked with a scoff, raising his pistol once again-and then stopped. There was an aura of…intimidation coming from the boy, one that was very dangerous and made the man hesitate, which cost him his life.

"What's wrong? Why not shoot? Your opponent is 'just a schoolboy.'" Lelouch mocked him with a genteel sneer. "Or, perhaps you finally realised...the only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed!"

Lelouch uncovered his eye at last. The colour shifted, changed and formed a red bird-like shape in the centre of his eye. Just looking into it made the commander unable to move, he could scarcely even breathe!

"W-What is this…?" He choked out.

"I, Lelouch vi Britannia, command you!" Lelouch declared. "{All of you...die!}"

The bird seemed to flap its wings and then the commander, and the rest of his men fell into parade rest.

"Hehehehe…Happily, Your Highness!" The commander said, and pointed his gun at his jugular vein. The rest of his troop copied him. "Fire!" Ordered the commander and, as one, the Royal Guard of Clovis la Britannia committed Geass-induced suicide.

A small splash of blood hit Lelouch's face and for a moment, he looked appalled at the first lives he has ever taken.

'My life was nothing but lies. My name, personal data, everything, lies, lies nothing but lies. I despaired in an unchanging world, yet could not, even with my lies, give in to despair. But now I have it…this…incredible power…it's mine…' Lelouch thought as his horror-struck face shifted into an almost maniacal grin.

"Well then…"


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