"There's a fire in her veins that tempts me, enchants me- consumes me."

Raymond Reddington. A man of finesse and flattery; one who captivates and controls. Yet a man whose iron will of control falls away like wisps of smoke in the wind. Droplets in the rain build like an ever-cascading song of sorrow that chooses to wail at the most inopportune of moments.

His eyes flicked up- over the glass of his scotch, a brunette figure sharpens into focus as the ache in his chest subsides. Thoughts trickle through his mind as he opens in mouth in contemplation of vocalisation. Liz. The word bubbles in his head and rolls off the tip of his tongue with ease: the only woman in his life currently that can invoke a guarded yet carefree joy. Why did it turn out like this? Taunts flitter in his mind as an edge of bitterness infiltrates his happiness; if only for a fraction of a moment. Her lilt yet determined tone breaks the enchanting hum of broken thoughts- "Why am I here Red?". Her voice; reminiscent of a darkened caramel; thick and sweet but in indulgence- so soft. He swallows, harshly- lost in a past filled with darkness, temptation and flesh. Temptation can be both violence and pleasure. The thought comes unbeckoned as he unfastens his tie and collar; uncomfortable with a dotting of slight perspiration of his forehead. The choice between the two blurs like love and hate; the line becomes indistinguishable in the best of moments- in the moments that destroy us the most.

"The fire burns like whiskey scorching my throat and the ache reaches my soul in an oh so delicate grasp... but I can only look away- because of the pain I know I'll bring forth."