After an hour, Draco and Hermione are still in the Healer's office, sitting as still as statues. Draco suddenly speaks, "We should get a second opinion." He turns to look at his wife. "Hermione, did you hear me?"


"I said we should get a second opinion." Draco stands up and starts to pace in front of his wife.

"Draco, I don't think—," Hermione begins.

"No. We need a second opinion. There has to be another explanation. I mean, did you hear him?" Stopping his pacing, Draco states in his best imitation, "There is only so much magic can do." Draco pauses before continuing in his normal voice. "What does that even mean? We need to find another Healer, someone who knows what he is doing."

Beginning his pacing again, Draco is oblivious to Hermione as her eyes lose their vacancy and begin to tear up.

"How difficult can it be to find out what is wrong?"

"Draco, stop," Hermione pleads.

"This is ridiculous. With the amount of money I have given to this hospital—"

"DRACO!" Hermione yells.


"This is not helping."

Draco looks towards her and replies, "You're right. We can't rely on these people. We're going to go home and we are going to do research and we are going to find out what is really happening. We have plenty of medical books in the library and with your smarts we will be able to find out what is really wrong."

Draco walks to Hermione and pulls her up off of the couch. Before she can even gain her balance, he grabs her arm and apparates them to the vast library in their home. Without missing a beat, Draco lets go of Hermione and walks over to the far end of the library. She stands there watching her husband as he searches vigorously through the bookshelves for any book that could help.

"Here, start with this book. I'll look through this one," he says as he hands a large tome to Hermione. Draco begins flipping through the pages of the book in his hands as Hermione continues to stand there, staring at him.

Not hearing the pages of her book being rifled through, Draco looks up briefly at Hermione before going back to the book in his hand. "Hermione, why aren't you researching? The answer has to be in one of these books."

"Draco," she says softly, trying to hold in the overwhelming sadness. "Stop."

"What? No. We have to keep researching. I don't want you to get sicker from something that can be easily healed."

"Draco, I'm not sick. I had a mis—a miscarriage," Hermione says as tears begin to fall down her face. "Our baby is gone, Draco."

Draco pauses in his research, but keeps his head bowed. "No. You're wrong," he says bitingly.

"Draco, please look at me," Hermione pleads as she walks towards him. She slowly reaches her hands out to him and locks onto his arms. "Please, Draco. I need you to hear what I am saying. Our baby is dead."

"No," he says adamantly as he pulls away from his wife.

"Yes," she replies just as stubbornly, once again holding onto him and forcing him to look at her.

"No." Draco tries to release himself from her grasp, but reality is beginning to crash down on him.

"Sweetheart," Hermione says softly.

"NO!" he yells. Draco starts thrashing in Hermione's arms repeating, "Nononononono." Sobbing, he collapses into Hermione's embrace and the two sink down onto the floor. Rocking back and forth, sobbing, Draco whispers, "Our baby. Hermione, our baby."