Chapter 2

Previously on Caught Between Two Worlds…

'They bonded sparkmates finally, as the war got heated and before it came here to earth, Silverlight realised she was sparked. She told Arcee who then told Elita-1 and Chromia who then told everyone and Optimus I knew you were over the moon, as she gradually became more sparked she couldn't live on Cybertron knowing how her own child wound grow up so with Ratchet's help as well as Ironhide's jazz's Prowl's and Optimus' they all made sure she got off the planet undetected and the of the piecing together of the memories was that she crash landed on her in the middle of nowhere. That's it.'


Optimus looked away with grief, Ratchet rested a servo on Optimus' shoulder, and he said 'Optimus that doesn't mean she is one with the all spark.' Misha sighed and shifted the air around her to be in front of Optimus she said 'Optimus, I get these visions for a reason and somehow they lead, me to all of you. You can't change the past in order to change the future, everything happens for a reason and I'll do anything to help you find her. That's a promise I'll keep.'

An alarm went off and out of the lift stepped an African-American very pudgy man he said 'Prime Intel said that you have 16 years old Misha Esquivel riding on the back of a custom-made motorcycle. I found her alone in the middle of nowhere after placing you bots here, I have worked hard to give her a family and now she has one and yet you kidnap her.' Misha said 'Fowler I came here of my own free will.' Fowler pinched the bridge of his nose he said 'what about your family?' Misha glared at him 'Really, placing me in a family that is too big for anyone to pay attention to you,' Misha said 'It's only my little brother that notices me.' Fowler said 'This better not happen again prime. Misha go home, you can come back tomorrow.'

Fowler left, Ratchet said 'Do you really mean what you said about your family?' Misha sighed 'I'm the oldest out of 8 children the youngest being 2 once you pass the 10-year-old mark you're on your own in this family that's why Raf and I stick together. Can one of you give me a ride home?' Bee transformed, and Misha hopped in then drove off, Bee parked around the corner and said 'So Misha did you mean what you said about you family?' Misha said 'Bee I did look I love them for all they have done but look at me I get these vision that mess up my head an I have these powers that make me a freak. I don't fit in anywhere, see you tomorrow.'

Misha got out she walked to her door before taking one look at Bumblebee and opened the front door and walked in. Bee drove back to base when he arrived, he transformed Bulkhead said, 'Why does she think of herself like that from what I saw of the con's she pretty cool Wheeljack would love her as a wrecking buddy.' Optimus rested a servo on Bulkhead's shoulder and said, 'For someone who is so young she has endured much for her age she will need time to overcome what she thinks of herself.'

The next day after school Misha and Raf both stood under the tree outside of school, 'So Misha you didn't get into any trouble from mom, did you?' Raf asked 'I didn't Raf,' Misha said, 'I'm going back to their base today.' 'Do they know about everything?' Raf asked carefully. 'They do look there's Jack.' Misha said waving to Jack as he came out of school as did Raf, Miko sat on the steps into school drawing what looked to be Arcee the motorbike from yesterday.

'Raf, Misha hey.' Jack said awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck, 'Look let's just keep this between us and forget anything ever happened.' 'Okay but don't tell anyone about my powers,' Misha said 'Or I'll cook you alive I hear human taste like chicken or is that frogs legs I can't remember.' Bee drove by and opened his door 'Jack look.' Raf whispered in disbelief. 'Oh, not again.' Jack said.

Bee beeped 'Hey Misha, Boss bot want to see you and your brother and Jack was his name, Arcee is waiting at the front of school.' 'It wants us to get in?' Jack questioned. 'Nope just Misha and I.' Raf said 'How do you know that?' Jack asked, 'Bee said so, anyways jack see you then,' Misha said 'Your ride is over there the motorbike.' Misha got in the driver seat, Raff in the passenger seat Bee drove off after putting a seatbelt around the both of them.

'I'm Raf what's your name?' Raf asked. 'Bumblebee,' Bee beeped 'So Bee is Optimus going to make you our Guardian to protect us.' Misha said. 'More than likely.' Bee said. 'Great let me just to one thing,' Misha said calling her mom 'Hey momma yes Raf is with me listen you know that money I was saving for, for a car for myself well a friend form out of town sold it to me last night them were just going over some details about the car. Anyways before Raf came home yesterday we made some new friends and we were invited round I know it's sudden but can we stay for a while.' Mom said, 'Till ten but I want you back home by half ten then straight to bed, both of you.' 'Thanks mom,' Misha said, 'Also could you possibly call June Darby and let her know that jack is going to be with us as well, thanks love you.'

Arcee was driving behind us, as we drove through the rock and into the base just as it was yesterday, Ratchet stood at the computers watching as Bee drove by the other were in awe Bulkhead walked in we got out and Miko was there with us, 'I thought there were two.' Ratchet said 'Haven't you heard humans multiply.' Arcee said, after she had transformed. 'I'm Raf.' Raf said as he held up a hand towards Miko as she ran towards Bulkhead. 'Who are you?' she asked him.

'Bulkhead,' he said being cautious. 'Are you a car I bet you're a monster truck. Do you like heavy metal? How much to you weigh? Ever use a wrecking ball for a punching bag.' Miko asked 'If you guys are robots who made you?' Jack asked. 'They're not robots,' Raf said 'They are sentient beings from the planet Cybertron.' 'Cyber-what?' Miko said confused.

'Wait how did Raf know that?' Jack asked. Ratchet looked at Misha, 'What I had to tell someone about the visions,' Misha said 'I can't go to parents and say by the way I see the giant robots from a planet that is made of metal and guess what I have powers as well.' 'Misha does have a point it's nice to have another person beside Fowler that doesn't shout at us.' Arcee said. Optimus walked in and said 'We are autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron, also known as Autobots.'

'Why are you here?' Jack asked 'To protect your planet from the Decepticons.' Optimus said Another vision popped into Misha's head of a mech with purple optics stood on a pile of melted Cybertronians with flames around him they were the Autobots and armies of what seemed to be zombie robots and with a femme at his side. 'I'm glad your finally back Silverlight.' The mech said I worked out to be Megatron. 'You killed my Sparkmate, my sparkling and my family.' Silverlight bit out.

'You are foolish,' Megatron said 'I brought you back from the pathetic existence you called living. They were just in my way to you, my love. With the power of the All Spark I can remake this world into my own image, with you as my queen.' 'I will never be your queen,' Silver spat 'Tell me why did you kill him, why did you kill my brother Raf.'