They're engaged!

Chapter Twenty-Four – Happy Birthday

Elsa and Vergil lay cuddled in their bed. It has been a few months now and they did a pretty good job at keeping their engagement a secret.

It was now April and Vergil had secretly been making plans for Elsa's birthday with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, Kai, and Gerda.

Vergil caressed her luscious hair as she slept. In a few hours time, it'll be her birthday and they'll announce their engagement.

Sparda and Eva would've been proud.

"Hey." Elsa murmured and kissed his jaw. "You okay?"

The cambion smiled and gave Elsa a squeeze at her ass making her gasp. "Very. Good afternoon my love." He kissed her forehead and Elsa giggled.

"Noon all ready?" She pouted and licked Vergil's chiseled chest. "You tire me out."

"Non sense." Vergil chuckled and they got up. When they got dressed, the royal couple went to do their duties. Elsa as queen and Vergil as her protector and lover.

Vergil had to leave to meet with Anna and Kristoff for the surprise for his fiancé. A surprise for her and a surprise for the kingdom, what a show that'll be.

"Ooohh, Vergil, c'mon!" Olaf rushed over and led him to the library where everyone was talking.

"I presume we all know what to do?"

"Yeah, you distract her while we prepare. We'll probably need her out for two hours so, yeah, apart from that, we got it aaaaalllll covered." Anna said confidently. She was already in her third term and the baby bump was big as such for almost 6 months of being pregnant.

"Yes, we have the cake and preparation ready to go for tomorrow." Kai gave Vergil a thumbs up and he nodded his head in approval.

"Good, I suppose I'll-" Vergil sneezed and they said bless you. "Thank you, I'll see to it that she'll not expect a thing tomorrow."

The next day was the day. It was Elsa's birthday, and she and Vergil were getting dressed. Vergil made her a wonderful green dress that she instantly loved. He also changed his clothes a little. His blue coat was changed to a shorter version with a hint of green in them.

"So, what are we doing? I promise to act surprise." She made her puppy dog eyes that Vergil melted every time she used it.

Vergil tried to resist it. For the sake of her special day, he must not give in to temptation. "Forgive me, Elsa but it's a surprise."

Elsa pouted a little before kissing his cheek. "All right, I'll play along." She sighed and saw Vergil smirk.

"That's a good little Elsa." He scratched her head and she glared at him before shoving his hand away.

"I'm not a dog, Vergil." She hissed.

"I know, but you should have seen that coming." Vergil chuckled and Elsa smacked his chest.

She rolled her eyes. She should have seen it coming a mile away but she just couldn't stay mad at him forever.

"AACHOO!" Elsa jumped a little when Vergil sneezed.

"Bless you."

"Thank you." Vergil walked to the door and opened it for her. "After you, my love." He bowed and waited for her to exit.

Elsa smiled and went out of their room with Vergil in tow. Anna and Kristoff were at the courtyard and were smiling at them.

"Hey guys! Where are you goin'?" Anna was trying to be oblivious.

"Just going out. Vergil says he had plans for me." In all honesty, Elsa was a excited for her birthday.

"Oh, okay. Have fun you two and no baby making." Kristoff said slyly that made Elsa blush uncontrollably.

Vergil smirked and wrapped his arm around a flustered Elsa. "I assure you, there will be nothing of the sort. Shall we?"

Elsa smiled and nodded. She walked on ahead while Vergil stayed back to have a last minute chat with the two.

"As we discussed…"

"You give us two hours and we'll have everything set for the party." Anna squealed. She was going to enjoy the look on Elsa's face.

"Very well." Vergil nodded and caught up to Elsa to start their little day while the whole castle were bustling to set up the grand party for Elsa.

Elsa walked side by side with her beloved as they reached Arendelle's outskirts.

"I can't believe it. I'm marrying you." She sighed and held her devil tighter.

"Yes, but in a few months it will be reality. AACHOO!" Vergil inadvertently triggered but quickly reverted back to human form.

"Vergil, do you have a cold?" Elsa was a little concerned but most of all amused. Really, how can a devil have a cold.

"I don't have a cold. Besides, I have a whole day planned for your enjoyment." Vergil said grabbing hold of his beloved's hand and pulled her along.

While they were having fun, Anna was directing the party. Well, she was sitting while Kristoff, Olaf, Kai, and Gerda did the work which made her grumble about no being able to help.

"Sven, Olaf, hold the ladder steady." Kristoff climbed the ladder while Olaf and Sven held it in place.

"Kristoff, you know I can help!" Anna whined.

"No can do, feisty pants. Can't have you straining yourself, besides Elsa would kill me." Kristoff dusted his hands off and looked proud at his work. "So whadaya think?"

Anna giggled mentally at what her husband did. A sign a child could do saying, "Happy Birthday Elsa!" just had Kristoff written all over it.

She gave it a thumbs up and Kristoff kissed her on the lips which she returned in full.

Vergil took Elsa to wonderful places and did fun thing that didn't involve being in bed. One such thing was skating together in a magically frozen lake.

Elsa and Vergil met in fluid movements as they danced in sync and rhythm. This was their element, their essence. Taking her hand in his, Vergil pulled her close as they glided on the ice.

"Achoo." Vergil lost count on how much he sneezed today.

"Honey, I really think you have a cold." Elsa sighed in his chest. He can be so stubborn just like her. One of the many reasons she loved him.

"Perhaps, then I presume you would have no qualms if you were to take care of me." Vergil whispered in her ear in a seductive and smooth tone.

"I can think of a few, maybe dozens." She moaned and trailed kisses at his jaw.

After they were done, Vergil took her to a trip around Arendelle in his devil form. He made sure that he pit an invisibility ward on so they wouldn't be spotted.

Elsa was awed at the view, why Vergil didn't fly regularly was beyond her. This was amazing!

Vergil twisted and turned sharply, making Elsa cling to him tighter in surprise. He sneezed again, this was really annoying.

Elsa bit his armor, making Vergil raise an eyebrow but she just glared at him. "Don't do that ever again." She hissed.

"Aachoo!" Vergil's devil form receded and they plummeted down to earth.

"Vergil!" Elsa shrieked and Vergil caught her with a thousand feet to spare.

They landed and Elsa was a little shaken up and Vergil looked exhausted. Nevertheless, Elsa enjoyed their little drop, it was really fun!

"Wow, Vergil! I didn't know that was so dangerous and so fun at the same time." Elsa hugged Vergil at his back while he was catching his breath. Whatever this cold was, it was sapping his strength.

'Maybe from the nights with Elsa.' He may got the cold from Elsa but he won't hold anything against her. Besides, it was…pleasurable.

"I'm glad you approve." Vergil managed a smile and massaged his aching head.

"Vergil, you need to get some rest." Elsa felt his head and Vergil was a bit feverish.

"No, this is your birthday. I'll be fine, you need not worry." He sneezed again and Elsa frowned. As indestructible as her devil is, Vergil was not invincible.

"Love, please."

"Elsa, I'll be fine. This is just a cold, it'll take much more to kill me." Elsa sighed at his stubbornness and nodded.

Relenting to his wishes, Elsa conceded with his wishes. Though he looked worse with his hair disheveled and he looked exhausted, Vergil managed to give her a wonderful time as always.

"Thank you, Vergil. That was the best birthday ever." She kissed him tenderly on the lips.

"It's not over yet." He teleported them to the courtyard and Elsa opened her eyes to see all their friends waiting for them.

"SURPRISE!" The townspeople, Anna, Kristoff, Kai, Gerda, and even Rapunzel and the others were here.

Elsa gasped and covered her mouth in joyful surprise. "Happy birthday, Elsa!" Anna and the rest of the girls came in and hugged her which she returned greatly.

"Well, Elsa. You're now 24, how does it feel?" Carmella asked and Elsa smiled lovingly at Vergil who was still sneezing.

"Woah, what's up with Vergil?" Kristoff asked as Vergil sneezed again.

"I think he has a cold, I don't know how exactly but he does." Elsa shrugged while they all smirked evilly at her.

"Probably because of the really sweet nights you guys have, don't you?" Rapunzel teased and Elsa blushed.

"Maybe." Elsa said in a sing-song voice and the girls giggled.

The party went on with the guests and friends giving Elsa their gifts and good wishes. Naturally, she gave them her deepest thanks and spent time with them.

Even in Vergil's weakened state, he still wouldn't trade this for anything. His fiancé was so happy now, even he was happy. If only his family could see him now.

"Well, I think the surprise was a complete success." Kristoff said accompanied by Anna.

"Of course, although this accursed illness is hindering me with celebrating with Elsa." Vergil sneezed again and coughed.

"Maybe you should get some rest." Anna felt his temperature and Vergil was searing hot.

True to Vergil form, he shook his head. "No, besides this party isn't over until we say something." He smirked and the two gave a confused look.


"Wait and see." Vergil said before walking off.

As the party grew on and friends mingling, Elsa and Vergil once again were found in each other's arms.

"Did you do all this?" Elsa snuggled deeper into his chest and Vergil smiled before sneezing again.

"Not all. Anna and the rest helped."

"So my day out was just a distraction, hmm?" Elsa playfully raised an eyebrow at her blue devil. It was all starting to make sense.

Vergil shrugged. "Partly, I wanted to show you a grand time." He kissed her tenderly and then the music started, signaling everyone to dance to dance to their heart's content.

All of them danced while Vergil was sitting at a chair, massaging his sore head. Devils having human colds, he scoffed at this.

Looking at Elsa, Vergil couldn't help but feel the discomfort leave him. Being with her meant everything to the azure warrior. He would give his life if it meant her happiness and safety.

Elsa looked at Vergil sitting in a corner looking a little pained, she frowned slightly. She hated seeing the ones she loved in pain, especially those who were extremely important to her.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Carmella noticed her frown and looked over to where Elsa was looking.

"Man, he doesn't look too good."

"Yeah, I got it. Could you ask the musicians to…" Elsa whispered in her ear and Carmella smiled brightly before running off to the band.

Elsa walked over to Vergil who was slouching. He looked exhausted but he still gave her his magnificent smirk. The. The music changed from lively to a slow, loving song that made couples dance closer.

"May I have this dance?" Elsa held out her hand and Vergil stood up. He grabbed his slightly messy hair and threw it back in one swift move.

Elsa was awed at this every time. He really knew how to look exquisite every single time.

With his appearance repaired, Vergil bowed at his mate. "Nothing would make me happier, your highness."

They took to dance floor with the other couples and they began to dance to the slow music. Elsa had her arms around Vergil's neck and his around her waist, both giving each other a loving grip.

As they moved, they gazed into each other's eyes. Lost in a loving trance. Everyone watched as the royal couple moved in a slow perfect sync.

They were happy to be apart of this and only a select few knew, mainly Johannes and Grand Pabbie knew why they were so happy.

Elsa smiled at her blue devil and leaned her head under his chin, purring in bliss. She was ready.

Vergil smiled and controlled a sneeze coming along. He didn't want to ruin the moment even he felt his entire body aching.

As the song ended, they smiled at each other and gave each other a loving kiss. When they turned, they saw that all eyes were on them.

When they all cheered, Elsa blushed and hid in Vergil's chest. "Best day ever." She said in her beloved's chest and Vergil kissed the top of her head.

After a while, they decided to announce it when they sat at the tables enjoying the wonderful meal.

Elsa clanged on her glass and everyone turned to her. Seeing her Vergil smile encouragement at her, she began her announcement.

"Thank you all for coming to my birthday. I really didn't expect to have a party anyway." Anna rolled her eyes and caressed her swollen stomach.

"And for that, I thank you all." The guests and servants clapped and Vergil stood up.

"Although, we have another matter to announce." All, even their closest friends gave confused looks with the exception of Johannes and Grand Pabbie who were both smirking in anticipation.

Elsa and Vergil stood side by side and Elsa took a deep breath. "I and Sir Vergil are engaged." She showed them the ring and the rest were either too stunned or fainted to scream.

"Three, two, one."

The screams started and the rest of the night was spent on guests and friends alike congratulating the royal couple.

After the wonderful birthday, Elsa was taking care of her dark knight.

"Thank you, Vergil. And I love you."