Title: What I love
Category: X-Files (MSR)
Summary: It's really too short for a summary, but it is cheesy, fluffy, and all around no good.
Rating: PG-13 for some relatively mild sexual terms.
Spoilers: No spoilers.
Disclaimer: Maybe it's better I don't own these two.

I apologize in advance for this. How embarrassing. I guess way back when I got my new blackberry it automatically did something and it added all these things from my old blackberry. I was doing a cleanout recently and found this. I have no idea what my state of mind was when I wrote it, but it may not have been right. This is super cheesy, super fluffy, and I don't think you should read it more than once. All this sap cannot be good for your health.

Since I was here all the time, people thought I loved my work. But work was what occupied my time. Work gave me something to do so I wouldn't self-destruct. I needed to work. Maybe it was obsessive, but it wasn't love. I loved the Knicks, the Yankees. I loved old sci-fi movies where the effects are as cheesy as the plot. I loved a good greasy cheeseburger with the works and a side of fries and an extra large ice tea to wash it down.

At least I thought I loved them but now I know better.

What I really love is waking up to a gorgeous petite redhead whose perfect body is naked under the sheets. I really love watching her slowly wake, her hair tousled and her body fighting with her mind for just 5 more minutes. I love kissing her and not caring about morning breath and finding her wet and ready for my desperate morning hard on. I love making her moan in ecstasy while I take the greatest pleasure I've ever known from her body.

It is my partner that I love.