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"Ew, gross. What's with this stupid hat?"

Exactly two weeks passed by since Dixie entered Kong Kollege. She seemed to start feeling more comfortable on the island, but there were things she was still having to deal with.

Those things being Fomali.

Ever since that day that i punched him, he's tried to find ways to mess with both of us. But he turned his sights on mainly Dixie cause he knew it made me angry.

"Give it back, Fomali. My daddy gave me that hat now give it back," i could hear Dixie shouting at Fomali. I looked over in their direction to see Fomali holding Dixie's hat over her head. She was looked at him, enraged. I swear i could see angry tears in her eyes.

"Why would you dad give you such a dirty hat? He must not have loved you too much."

"Maybe he thought it would suit her ugly face!"

I could hear the group laughing at their cruel words. It was pissing me off, but before i could do anything, I saw one of the Kremling children walk up and snatch the hat out of Komali's hand.

"Jeez, give it a rest. The girl is crying." the Kremling growled at Fomali, handing Dixie back her hat.

I recognized the Kremling instantly. Kass. She was one of King K. Rool's main group, one of Kip's close friends. I instantly got nervous, not fully trusting the fact that a Kremling was around Dixie. But at that moment i was just glad she was there, that way i didn't have to punch Fomali again.

"Yuck! A Kremling! And i thought this ugly ape was bad enough."

Kass instantly shoved the orangutan onto his back, glaring daggers at the pathetic ape.

"You wanna run that by me again, banana breath?" she spat at him, Fomali look up at her in fear.

At the moment, her got up and scampered away with his friends, not looking back though i knew this wasn't the last time we would see him.

Kass then turned to Dixie, giving her a friendly smile.

"You okay?" she asked Dixie.

Dixie looked up at the Kremling girl and wiped away her tears, nodding afterwards.

"Yeah. Thank you."

I stood idly by while i watched the girls converse. I could tell Dixie was happy to have made a new friend, so i couldn't say anything. Even if that knew friend was one of our greatest enemies.

A few hours passed after that had happened. I watched as Dixie and Kass left Kong Kollege together. They looked like they were having fun so i didn't bother them. Instead, Timber and I started heading to our designated areas together, which of course wasn't too far from each other. We conversed about the days events until the Fomali topic came to light.

"I can't believe that brute Fomali was picking on that sheila again today. Always calling her ugly, which makes no sense since she's clearly not."

"I know, right!" I replied back to him, almost sounding like a teenage girl when i replied to him. "She's beautiful! Why can't he see that?"

Timber stopped for a second and gave me a smirk. A strange smirk. No, seriously. His smirk scared the hell out of me!

"What?" I asked him.

This only caused him to cross his arms and continue to smirk.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I also asked.

"You have a crush on her." he blurted out, keeping the smirk.

I instantly blushed heavily.

"N-no, that's not it. She's just nice and pretty and...STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT! IT'S CREEPING ME OUT!" I stammered at him, swatting at him.

"Oh, come on, mate. It's obvious that you like her. Just admit it." he told me.

I continued to blush as i looked away from him.

"So, what if i do?"

"Nothing. I just knew you did." Timber told me as he walked past me, sticking his tongue out at me.

I glared up at him and caught up to him.

"You were doing that to tease me, weren't you?" i asked him, angrily.

"Who, me? I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about." He answered, sarcastically.

I growled at him and playfully punched his arm.

"You're so weird, Timbs."

"Weird hangs with their kind you know."

"Oh, shut it."

We continued our walk with a multitude of laughs before we finally parted ways, making it to DK's treehouse. I said my farewell to my friend and climbed up the latter to the porch. I walked inside to see that DK wasn't home. I grabbed a banana from the bowl on the counter and started to peel it, walking into my room and taking out my homework. I tried to focus on the equations that Wrinkly gave us, but i found it hard to think when Dixie made her way back onto my mind. I thought of her long, blonde hair, her stunning green eyes, and her beautiful smile from the first night i met her. Worst part of all of this was i could hear my heart pounding with all of this.

"Maybe, i really do like her..." i thought out loud.

"Like who?"

I nearly jumped out of my fur when i heard that random voice. When i looked up, i saw DK leaning against my door frame, eating a banana.

"Knock every once in a while, please! You're gonna give me a heart attack one day!" i shouted in surprise.

"Sorry, little buddy, but you were somewhere out in space. Had to bring you back somehow." he told me, finishing his banana and discarding it to the side, missing the waste basket.

"You can at least keep your banana peels off my floor. Remember what happened last time?"

"Oh, relax. I won't make that mistake again." DK, replied, sitting next to me. "You seem jumpy today. Did something happen today? Who's this "she" you like?"

I blushed heavily and looked away from him.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about." i spat out.

"Oh, you don't?" he smirked as he poked my side, receiving a giggle from me.

"S-Stop! You know i'm ticklish!"

He only smirked and tickled my side some more.

"Tell me who and I might stop."

I fell to my side, helplessly giggly as he continued to tickle me.

"St-stooooooop, Deeeeekaaaay! I meeeeean iiiiiiiit!" i continued to giggle.

DK wasn't having it. He just continued to tickle me as if i hadn't said a word.

"Okaaaaaaay, I'll tell yooooou! It's Dixie! It's Dixie!"

DK's hands stopped on a dime.

"Dixie, huh?"

I sat up, still feeling the sensation of being tickled.

"Yeah, Dixie. I've had a crush on her since she came here. You satisfied?"

"Very much, yes." he told me. "Where'd you meet her?"

"Isn't know the fact that i like her enough..." i was interrupted by the sight of DK's hand making tickle movements. "The beach! We met on the beach!" i told him out of fear.

DK smiled.

"Well, isn't that sweet? I would like to meet her one day little buddy. She might even become one of the crew." he told me, as he stood up.

"I'll whip us up something for dinNEEEEEEEEEEER!" he told me, slipping on the banana peel her discarded and slamming into the wall. The palm of my hand met my forehead in utter disbelief.

"The makes two times. One more and i might start making a tally list."

"Ha ha ha, very funny." he told me sarcastically, getting up off the ground and exiting into the hallway.

I went back to my homework and actually was able to finish it before DK finished making dinner. About an hour or so later, i was laying in bed, trying to fall alseep, but the thought of Dixie came to my mind again. I was wondering if she was okay. If she was able to sleep tonight. If she was warm in her bed.

"Man, Dixie. I think i may be head over heels for you..." I muttering as i finally fell asleep.

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