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Chapter 1,

The World as it is Today,

Earth, The United States, New York, names long since recorded into the annals of time but that are now just a cruel reminder of a time not long past. But remembering times of laziness and solitude bring nothing into the world that now reins over every human mind.

What was once bustling streets of businessmen, and young minds filled with hopes and dreams, is now a desperate resistance capital. Women, children and any person looking to get away from war, eventually seek New York. They harbor anyone they can, saving over 70% of New York and the states north of them for civilian population. Military forces occupied the other 30%, they weren't strong by any means, but they were the only defense in this world. The military mainly consisted of men stupid, arrogant, or on a rare occasion, brave enough to try and fight the monstrous hordes of the enemy.

The enemy itself is a group bent on their own way of life, stuck in the past where they were kings with limitless power and nobody raised a finger to stop them. Where they pitted mortal against mortal for their own amusement; ate and drank their fill while others starved. The enemy that so hates the entire mortal race is the titans.

Fifteen years ago, a warrior never before seen rose through the ranks of the demigod numbers. Becoming not only idealized by any whom knew him, but also a glorious beacon shinning forth into the distant future, promising wealth, happiness, and immortality. The gods recognized him as their vary souls given form. What they could not foresee, through his heroic actions and silver tonged words, was the true hand guiding him along on his path, pushing him towards the demise of the gods. Though he may be a son of Zeus himself, his nourishment and will came from Kronos.

He was poisoned by Kronos' lies, the hero's soul becoming dark and twisted. He waited patiently, plotting always, gathering allies that he made through dreams. If he made contact with someone who refused his offer he would have Kronos brainwash him or her, forcing them to become mindless slaves to his will and Kronos' by extension. Of course he also witnessed the ones too powerful and too faithful to brainwash or convince and left them be, keeping his heroic façade showing whenever they were around.

When he ultimately made his move, it was strong, fast, and came from every direction. He destroyed any resistance along the way. Of course mortals fell helpless to their power for they could not even hurt the legions of monsters that stood before them. Cities were decimated and conquered as the hordes pushed on multiple fronts; however the strongest attack pushed straight from the demi-god camp of Camp Half-blood to the Empire State Building. The most horrible part of it all was the figure leading the army itself; Kronos. He had taken over one of the demigod slaves to provide himself a suitable host to recover power in and then had broken free to lead his army to destroy the gods in a swift, fatal swoop.

The part Kronos missed however, was the Roman demigod camp that had been stationed in California. They had been transported to New York to defend the gods, along with any surviving demigod from the Greek camp.

The two armies' numbers were close in number, yet the demigods serving the gods won out in the end, even defeating Kronos with the help of the gods. Before they had a chance to capture the remains of Kronos, essentially his soul, the few survivors of battle scurried away with them, going wherever their main base of operations was.

That was nine and a half years ago, but the memory of that dreaded day still lingers in the corners of every mind. Much has changed since the attack that started what is now called, the age of war. The gods have become much more visible to everyday life as well as all mythological creatures, because the attack shattered the mist, since there were so many monsters in one place. Either because people wanted to forget days long past or because they wanted to show their gratitude towards the gods many new names have been bestowed upon cities and regions. For example New York and anything north of it is now called Elpída or the Greek word for hope, of course in Greek it looks like this; Ελπίδα. Ancient Greek also made its way back into everyday language, of course it took some time to learn and only people dedicated to the newfound religions have taken on such a feat. Great walls were built across the New York and Pennsylvania border that were massive in size and lined with defenses to protect all the civilians within. Demi-gods have become legendary warriors that achieve greatness in battle where ever they go. Of course they all have their specialty but they always hold high-ranking positions and report anything to the gods, demigods are one of the only people who can actually see the gods so they carry out any special mission the gods need doing.

Some demi-gods see the mortal militia as a nuisance feeling that they could do much better by themselves, so they usually enter a vanguard group of strictly demigods or take only solo missions. But just as there are soloists there are demigods that respect the will of the mortal army and they usually lead large raids or defend against great monster invasions.

But with the constant need for gods to be elsewhere for battle and defense, there has been little time for such pleasures as romance. Yet they have not completely stopped either. The rarest occasion was two children of Zeus/Jupiter of the same mother. Thalia Grace and her little brother Jason would rise through the ranks just as their dark brother, becoming icons of hope, yet doubt had others keep close eyes on both the children. Many were surprised Zeus would even dare break the oath he made twice; the oath prohibited the big three from siring any more children. But the children grew to be loyal servants of the gods, and gained the highest position in both camps.

Yet secretly a child of Poseidon was born around the same time, and Hades had two of his children hidden away in his domain. Both gods feared for their children's safety so they kept them as far away from the war as possible. That changed when the child of Poseidon was caught in the attack Kronos made roughly ten years ago. His natural scent was hidden thanks to magic cast on the boy at a young age so they simply took him as a normal human prisoner. They took him back to their lands with wicked intent on what to do with this child. They had killed his family establishing the seed of dark revenge within his heart and all the torture they put him through, as well as the physical labor, just had it blossom into a flower of pure hate against the titans.

He bided his time, finding people he could trust and had the will to fight just like he did. He learned patrol schedules and who needed to be taken out to escape. The child of Poseidon was none other than Percy Jackson yet he still did not know that he was a child of an Olympian. His best friends became his greatest allies; he had many at his side that were willing to die to protect him and each other.

One of his best friends was a guy named Grover Underwood he was captured the same day as Percy and they talked to each other on the way to the slave camp, he informed Percy that he was a satyr even though it was plainly obvious by his legs. In Percy's mind, Grover had an odd way of looking at situations. Grover would often think of nature and food before anything else. His thought process often led to many humorous occasions at Grover's expense. But he supported peace more than anything and helped quell the dark fire of revenge in Percy's heart. Turning the hatred into thoughts of his companions and what was worth fighting for.

The next was a guy named Luke Castellan. He was the first to greet the child of Poseidon giving him a warm welcome and trying to comfort him as best as possible. Luke told him that he was a child of Hermes and he was easily recognized by the large gash running from slightly above his eye to his cheek and his sandy blonde hair. Luke was the oldest of the group, so most looked to him as a leader. He would devise strategies for the others to carry out to test the defensive capability of the slave camp they were being held in. But he never seemed to care if anyone in his plan got hurt or captured which in the end led Percy to appear as a more reliable leader than Luke. The others still risked doing some of Luke's missions though and treated him with respect as to not hurt him at any point in time.

There was also Silena Beauregard, a child of Aphrodite, and Charles Beckendorf, a child of Hephaestus. They were a little younger than Luke but had been together for a little over a year. They had met inside the slave camp and had fallen in love the moment their eyes met. Beckendorf, no one else referred to him by his first name but Silena, was a strong guy with big but delicate hands, and a smiling face and gentle soul. Silena was never far from him, as they would always be seen holding hands when the guards weren't watching. She would always cheer up anyone in need and being a child of the love goddess, was very beautiful. No one could accurately describe her though many say she has blue eyes and brown hair but other descriptions have said she is blonde with brown eyes, yet all agree she is slim. Her name Silena is a variation of Selena, which means moon, her last name represents beautiful look and all agree it's an accurate name.

Bianca DiAngelo was a child of Hades and never spoke to anyone, preferring a life of solitude. Percy was the first to break through to her though. No matter how many times she walked away he would always persist in trying to talk to her. He eventually gained her trust by taking punishment for her when she was suspected of stealing. Ever since then she has always been the most loyal friend he has. Although she does get teased a lot by others, because of her seclusion, fear of her, and her closeness to Percy, but Percy always defends her. Teasing still exists in slave camps… go figure. She has always held a green floppy hat but never has worn it after Percy reached out to her. She does interact with the others just not as much as she does with Percy. Bianca has olive colored skin and deep brown eyes that bordered black, but they always seemed to get a twinkle in them when she was smiling that let everyone know she was a kind-hearted soul.

Lee Fletcher and Will Solace are two children from Apollo and they enjoy their pranks, helping lighten the mood in the group with their practical jokes when times are grim. They have similar features, sun-kissed hair and blue eyes, along with having an athletic build. Lee is just a little shorter than Will and Will never lets him forget it, constantly teasing him about his height. Lee was a better archer though; they built makeshift bows out of wood and some string and held a contest. The target was a standard bull's eye circle that was stationed fifty meters away from the archer. Will hit the ring outside the center three times while Lee hit the bull's eye with every shot. When the guards found out though the two boys were punished and went without dinner for an entire week. Will had a knack for the healing arts though even before he found out he was a child of Apollo he enjoyed helping others with injuries. He would sometimes be found studying a book of medicine in a secluded place when he was bored.

The last two in the group were a daughter of Demeter, Katie Gardner, and an average mortal name Rachel E. Dare. Katie is very kind and patient, yet passionate and willing to risk her life for the gods but she can be bossy and has a tendency to argue with the guards and anyone mean to her friends, causing her to get in trouble a lot. She has simple features but hair as brown as soil and eyes that match. Rachel had fiery red hair and bright green eyes. She loved art even in their desolate situation and loved to watch Beckendorf work in the forges. She even managed to find a sketchbook in one of the trash bins and would draw in it any free time she manages to acquire.

There was a reason why she was the only mortal in their group, other than Percy but they only thought he was mortal. Any slave was obligated to attend school for propaganda purpose and because they wanted to make sure that they could complete the tasks they were dealt, whatever it may be. In school they were taught above all else, to hate the gods; that the gods were the root of all evil and must be disposed of. So naturally hating the gods meant hating their children, and people were praised that did so. Demigods would ban together in groups to try and keep themselves happy and create their own families and very few mortal were welcome in such groups. Rachel, no matter how kind she was, was almost disregarded from their group but Percy convinced them otherwise stating that they had to move forward and create inseparable bonds to break free and disregarding help would not be wise. The reason Percy was accepted was because Grover had told the others he could tell Percy was a demigod but that he must be a child of a minor god because of his weak smell.

On the night they were going to attempt their break out Percy was taken from them. All the guard who took Percy would say is that he had been given a special honor and they would never see him again, so they might as well forget about him. The others debated on what to do, Luke stated that he was as good as dead and they should leave any way while others would say they should wait and find a way to free Percy. The many loyal to Percy would not budge even though Luke was seen as their leader. Bianca was the worst because she went back to her isolation, not talking to anyone.

That night though, the research facility where they had taken Percy went up in flames. The entire building crumbling to ashes, and all the guards were called to deal with the threat that had caused it. The guards never returned but Percy did. He came to his friends with the keys to their cells in hand freeing them all. He was different, it was plain to see something horrible had happened but he didn't say a word about what occurred inside the research building. They continued and freed everyone they could and ended up breaking out of the slave camp without one soldier coming to face them. They ran all the way to a nearby forest and to a large lake before making camp.

That was when the worst betrayal occurred. In the middle of the night the others woke up to the sound of muffled screams, what they witnessed was Luke holding Percy hostage. He had slowly lost his faith in the gods in his time in prison saying it was clear that the gods did not care about them but that at least the titans had the decency to give them a home and a family. He pleaded with all of them to join him and head to the titan capital to enlist in the military. He knew they had the potential to make it all they had to do was try. He pleaded saying that it was obvious that the titans would win out in the end and they might as well side with the winning team. At least that way they could stay together and be safe. None of the others would though, they just told Luke to drop Percy and take some time to think about what he was saying. Luke dropped his head in anger and stabbed Percy in the back before dashing off into the forest, back the way they came. The others surged forward to help their friend, but unfortunately the wound was deep, and could not be healed by either child of Apollo. So they brought him to the lake to at least try and clean the wound out, having no idea what else to do and where astonished to find the water sealing the large gash in Percy's back. It was then that they realized who the child's real father was. Bianca and Rachel were left to watch over him as he recovered while the others tried to figure out where to go from their current location.

The group of eight best friends led the group of mortals who were freed from the slave camp, through destroyed cities and lifeless sceneries Percy at their head when he had recovered. They found the weapons of fallen soldiers in one of cities and decided to take a break to try and get used to them. Beckendorf and Silena had luckily once been a part of the Greek demigod camp and helped the others learn basic sword fighting. Percy had a natural talent for it and quickly became better than anyone there. He also tried his hand at bending water to his will; that he was less good at. He had trouble even creating a constant stream. They shared all their joys, accomplishments, and hopes together as well as their fears, failures, and heart breaking pasts. All except Bianca, who would only share late night conversations with Percy. She explained how she had been kept in the underworld with her brother Nico, but then one day she had simply woken up in the mortal world being carried away in a slave caravan. She had no idea what happened to her brother or if he was even still alive. She just hoped that he hadn't shared her fate in ending up in a slave camp. He would tell her about his loving mom and his horrible stepfather. The average school he went to when he was young and how much pain he felt the day the titans had killed his mom and stepfather. They would work together on trying to wield their magic, because they were both from the big three it just seemed right for them to practice whatever they learned on each other.

Time went on as they traveled northeast hoping to find the legendary wall they had heard so much about. They rescued more civilians along the way, raiding caravans for supplies and weapons. When they finally made it to the wall they had around one hundred freed slaves and enough weapons to supply an army. The gates that stood proud and bold against any attack and which outlined the horizon throughout the day, slowly opened and troops came out to greet and usher them in. The first to talk to Percy was a girl about his age with spiky black hair and bright electric blue eyes. She was the voice of the Greek armies, and known as Black Lightning. She asked for a report about what happened and why so many civilians were here. Percy in turn asked for a place for his friends to rest before he said anything. She smirked trying to predict how long they had traveled by the conditions they were in and agreed, leading them to a nearby hotel, reserved for demigods only. She knew they were demigods just by the power that radiated off them so she thought it would be fine to allow them in. Even if they were spies, at least she could keep them confined to one place until they were cleared.

She, as procedure dictated, had each and every one of them interrogated including the mortals. All of them passed, but the oddest case came from the boy that was obviously the leader of the group. You could tell by the way the others would look to him for his voice on the matter and followed his opinion without question. As a peace offering he gave her all the armor, weapons, and recourses that they had acquired during their journey to the great wall, unless they held some personal value to any of the freed slaves or his friends. She was astonished they had managed to collect such a significant amount with such little training and small numbers. He just smiled and said it was the least they could do for taking them in. The most peculiar aspect about the boy was that he almost appeared mortal; she could hardly detect the trace of godly lineage running through his veins. When questioned about this he just said he was a child of a lesser god but didn't know which one.

The final question she asked was usually the hardest on the refugees, what happened while you were captured and is there anything significant to report? Most would tearfully reply about their experience with the titans or just say that they didn't wish to talk about it and that was understandable. The boy on the other hand kept a blank expression and told her about how his family was killed and what battle strategy he thought they used during the attack. The condition of the slave camp they were in and what patrols they used during such time. What they were taught during school there and how the gods are now symbolized as darkness and titans are the light. The factory he was taken to the night of their escape and what he learned there before escaping. The titans have developed a method for faster recoveries and that was to take a mortal host and make their body strong enough to become a vessel for a titan's essence. They could feed off their life energy and return to battle faster that way. Demigods were also being brainwashed to fight for their cause but the titans have yet to try and create their own half mortal warriors.

Once he finished this report Thalia was overwhelmed, she could hardly write it all down fast enough. Of course they had figured out some things like patrol routes for themselves, but never had they had inside information about what went on inside the many titan research facilities. Most were found abandoned by the time they arrived, with any information deleted or erased off the research terminals that were kept there.

She thanked Percy for all his help and said he was free to go back to his room. He was asked not to leave until they had confirmed his story with the others in his group. She followed him out, bumping into her best friend Annabeth while on her way to turn in her report. She and Annabeth had met each other a few years back on one of her raids and she's wanted Annabeth on every mission since. Her brilliant battle strategies have saved her squads lives a hundred times over.

As for her squad, the gods believed that unity and reliability would become the deciding factor in most battles so demigods are assigned a leader and squad that always stick together to strengthen such traits. There are free-lancers and demigods who have to be requested such as Annabeth, but for the most part a squad will remain together for the members' entire life.

Zoe Nightshade was one of the first to greet Thalia when she joined the military although it was to offer her a chance to join the hunters of Artemis, which Thalia denied. This caused their relationship to always be strained and arguments were not uncommon between the two. That was until Artemis released her hunters from duty and ordered them to join the military instead. Not knowing where else to go Thalia accepted her into her group and she became her first member, and although they still argue no one has seen a more dangerous combo than those two. Zoe has long silky black hair, which is usually pulled back into a single ponytail. She still holds hard feelings against any boy she meets thanks to her extended time in the hunters of Artemis but has learned to just keep her distance and mutter the curses she wishes to say under her breath.

Nico DiAngelo was found outside the military recruitment center one day, sleeping. When he woke up he said that he was a child of Hades and had been living his whole life in the Erebus with his elder sister Bianca. When they asked for a demonstration of his powers to confirm his story he summoned a few skeletons proving his point. He said he remembered falling asleep in his usual pattern with Bianca close by then just waking up where they found him. Thalia saw the potential in having two big three members on the same group and was the first to directly ask him to join her squad he agreed. He's quite often moody with unruly black hair, olive skin, and piercing eyes. He holds a large grudge against his sister because he feels like she abandoned him even though everyone else feels otherwise.

Clarisse LaRue is a daughter of Ares and usually leads any frontal assault with glee. She's taller and stronger than most girls, and has a nature to seek out fights but most just put that down to her father. She had stringy brown hair and matching brown eyes. The only expression you could ever see her with was a frown or a sneer. She took the initiative and asked to join Thalia's squad after finding out two children of the big three were a part of it. Her philosophy on the matter was with a stronger squad came stronger battles, and there was nothing better than a good battle.

Chris Rodriguez and Conner and Travis Stoll are three children of Hermes in Thalia's squad. They are the main source of reconnaissance and the most important participants in missions requiring stealth or speed. Conner and Travis are twins that love to play as many pranks as humanly possible and Chris is a former soldier for the titan army. Chris is also the boyfriend of Clarisse as crazy as that sounds. They met in the group and slowly became closer throughout training and mission before finally Chris admitted his feelings. They are an odd couple that raises many eyebrows but people appreciate the change of attitude in Clarisse when she's around him. Conner and Travis are identical; they are both tall and skinny with a mop of curly brown hair that hangs over their blue eyes. They both have the usual elfish features that decorate the features of many of Hermes children. Chris on the other hand is a big Hispanic teenage boy with black hair and brown eyes.

Micheal Yew is the archer of the squad and also the healer if it ever comes down to it. Even though he is the son of Apollo he has black hair and brown eyes. He's extremely short, standing he reaches about 4'6'' but many joke that he has an extra two feet of attitude. He has scrunched up features and won't except an insult, especially if it's about his height. He never misses a shot though and can be counted on to provide back up from afar.

Jake Mason is the squad mechanic or blacksmith. He repairs and builds anything the squad needs, whether if it was normal steel or a magical material, he could make it. He has a slight limp from when he and a couple other children of Hephaestus tried making a mechanical dragon. It ended up turning rampant injuring many of them and giving Jake his slight limp. Jake has short brown hair and dull blue eyes. He keeps to himself for the most part but enjoys his time within the group. While the squad is in combat, he also doesn't assist in most of the battles, he stays back and repairs the equipment after the battle is over.

Castor and Pollux are twin sons of Dionysius and when their recruiting day came they weren't exactly favorites. Many demigods saw children of Dionysius as weaknesses that shouldn't be part of the military but Thalia happily accepted them. It was soon discovered that they were decent with a sword and shield. With personal practice from Clarisse they became experts quickly and few could best them in a fight. They had curly blonde hair that few found attractive and violet eyes that many found abnormal. They mainly just shared their thoughts between themselves but loved when the squad had festivities around the town.

Annabeth Chase is the newly recruited tactician of the group and loves to play with knives. She could never explain her fascination with them merely putting it down to the way her brain was wired. Many have a tough time following what the blonde is saying but when explained slower they all have an 'ah-ha!' moment. She used to work for any group that requested a tactician but she found a sort of fulfillment with the squad, so she asked Thalia if she could become a full member a little while ago and Thalia agreed. Annabeth is blonde as stated previously and has the natural Athenian stormy grey eyes.

They are conventionally know as squad 286, because they were the two hundred eighty sixth squad founded in this war, but most refer to them as Hellfire. Many believe is was Clarisse who came up with this nickname but it stuck and it also made them feel more like a family than just being referred to as 286.

Thalia decided she could go for a drink and asked Annabeth to tag along because she knew that she interviewed one of the other demigods recently rescued. They checked their stories against one another, Annabeth had interview Charles Beckendorf. Everything was the same except for the information about the research facility, which made sense if Percy was the only one to be taken for testing.

"Must have been horrible, I feel bad for them. They had to suffer through intense labor for who knows how long." Annabeth said while flipping through what she wrote on her report.

"Well according to Percy's story it appears he was there for a little more than ten years before finally breaking out. There was another member of their group, a leader, but he betrayed them and ran off." Thalia mused to herself.

"From what I've been told their group consists of one satyr, two sons of Apollo, one daughter of Demeter, a son of Hephaestus, a daughter of Aphrodite, one daughter of Hades, and the group's leader is undefined but labeled as a son of a minor god."

"What was that about a daughter of Hades?"

"I thought that might interest you, her name is Bianca but she wouldn't give her last name for any reason. She appears to be powerful but asked to see Percy right after the interrogation was finished."

'It couldn't be Bianca DiAngelo… but I guess I better check to be safe.' "Annabeth, do you know where she went?"

"Well I would assume she would seek out Percy so wherever you sent him you'll probably find her."

"Right, okay I'll be back in a little bit. Mind turning in my report for me?"

"Sure, problem."

Thalia made her way back to the upper floors of the hotel and knocked on the door to the room the demigods were placed in. Percy was the one to answer; wearing the same blank expression she had seen him with during the interrogation.

"Thalia, how may I help you?"

"I'm looking to speak with Bianca quickly if you wouldn't mind."

"Course' not, but I hope you don't mind me listening in."

"Go right ahead, there is nothing to worry about."

He gave a quiet call back into the room and a lithe tan girl walked forward, Thalia's eye twitched a little because it was evident that this was the sister of Nico DiAngelo. They look almost too similar, almost as if they were clones.

"Hello, Bianca, I'm Thalia Grace. My squad was in charge of clearing you to enter the city. I just wanted to ask you a simple question if that is all right." She scooted a little closer to Percy her eyes darting between his face and Thalia's. He gave her a small smile and nodded at Thalia signaling that it was okay to continue.

Finding this a little odd she finished her sentence. "Your last name wouldn't happen to be DiAngelo would it?"

"How do you know that?" Her voice was a little soft it was clear she was shy. Although it was less of a question and more of a threat of a scared animal, Percy just put a hand on her shoulder and raised an eyebrow at Thalia.

"Well you see, your younger brother, Nico, is a part of my squad and has been more or less searching for you and I thought I better check to see if you had any relation to him."

"Is he here? May I speak or see him?" She had come out of her hiding spot and was now looking down the hallway to see if he was hiding from her or something.

"Unfortunately, no. Nico had been requested for a special assignment and is currently beyond the wall. I wish I could tell you when he would be back but I wasn't informed of the details." Thalia gave her an apologetic look as Bianca looked crestfallen and shuffled her way back behind Percy.

"Oh I see, well please let me know when he returns."

"Bianca do you know what happened? All Nico can recall is going to bed and waking up here. Has something happened in the Erebus, we have had very little communication with Hades in the last few weeks, although it sounds like you were both released for his domain before that."

Bianca stayed silent, and that silence quickly became awkward for Thalia, eventually Percy took the initiative.

"It's unfortunately the same for her. She fell asleep and woke up in the slave camp. She can't remember anything else than that. I'm sorry we could not help Thalia but do let us know if you need anything else from us."

"Well you wouldn't happen to be up for joining the military would you? We could always use more troops to help fight the titans, and you and your friends are obviously qualified if you were able to survive out there for so long."

Percy's eyes hardened a little but the same neutral expression appeared back on his face. "I'll have to talk about it with everyone; they aren't all here at the moment. I will let you know what their decision is later. Where could I find you?"

"Well, most likely I'll be down at the Empire State Building. I haven't gotten any missions lately so I figured I would go request one."

"Ah, I see. Then I shall head down there once we talk."

"You should have access now that you have been cleared but if not just tell them I sent for you." Thalia turned and walked away as the soft 'click' of a door closing was heard from their room.

"Well Bianca, your brother is here! Isn't that great news you can finally be reunited with him after this long time." Percy said with a grin.

"Yeah, but… it's been so long, I don't even know what to say to him… Or what he thinks of me." Bianca was looking out the window now, hands clasped together with a look of worry on her face. "Not to mention that he's outside the wall doing who knows what, he could be in danger for all I know…"

"Hey, come on now, he is a child of Hades. He has also had the time to practice his abilities, more than we have at least. I'm sure he's fine, after all the gods or whoever wouldn't send a soldier on a suicide mission. I got the impression that they need every able body they can get around here."

"Yeah, you are right… well of course you are right, you are hardly ever wrong. Speaking of that, what is your opinion on joining?"

"I don't exactly have one. Fighting the titans would mean helping innocents and saving lives, but I could never forgive myself if any of you got hurt." He looked down the ground, clenching his fists. Image flashed through his head of all his friends bloody on the ground with weapons and arrows sticking out of them at odd angles. A hand gently slid into his to give a reassuring squeeze, Bianca had a kind expression on her face as she tried to reassure her best friend.

"Percy there is no way we could get hurt with you leading us. You have always protected us before, but we can also take care of ourselves. With your help we have become strong and happy people, I think we should do it."

He smiled at her but was feeling very shy and awkward at her hand holding his so he gently slid his out and gave her a quick hug as thank you. "Still, we should wait and see what the others think. One thing is for sure, if we are going to do this, we are going to do this together. We aren't going to break up our group."

She nodded her head agreeing and then returned to the kitchen to chat and wait for everyone to show up.

. . . . .

When everyone had arrived, they discussed the pros and cons of joining the military and then held a vote. The final tally ended up being six for joining the military and two against, because Percy had decided to withdraw from the vote. The two against it were Grover and Katie Gardner, mainly because both of them despise violence of any sort, but they agreed that they should stick together so they agreed to go with the majority vote.

Percy made his way alone to the Empire State Building leaving the others to eat and enjoy themselves. He found Thalia talking rather angrily to a man at the front desk.

"… group hasn't been on a mission, since July! It's freaking October, just let me see the gods, we feel useless sitting here on our as…"

Percy cleared his throat and grabbed Thalia's shoulder to stop the imminent shouting match. "Would you excuse her for a second? Thanks a bunch." And dragged her over to a chair while she fought to get back to the front desk.

"Percy, I almost had him! He would have let me up there if you hadn't dragged me away."

Percy chuckled, "because cursing out the man your trying to get a favor from is the best strategy in this case. I just came to explain what my group decided."

"Oh, right sorry. Kinda forgot about that, my bad. So what is the word?"

"We're going to help you."

"Excellent! Now I have an excuse to go see the gods. You see every new group must go see the gods to be officially recognized as part of the military. They also decide if you need to go through the military training academy. So come on, let's go!" she grabbed Percy's hand and dragged him back to the front desk. There she proudly pointed at him, "Now you have to let me through you stupid desk clerk! This guy here is joining the military as a new squad and as you know that means he must see the gods."

The man grumbled a few complaints and handed her a key card. She snatched it and waved it in his face, gloating over her victory. She then walked over the elevator motioning for Percy to follow. Percy shook his head wondering how a person could be so calm and collected while talking to him and then turn into an excited animal the next. He did make note that he probably didn't want to get on her bad side through.

On the elevator she let out a breath and smiled at Percy. "Olympus is quite the site; it's the home of the gods other than the original Mount Olympus in Greece." The elevator let out a soft 'ding' when they reached floor 500 and the doors slid open. The gleaming city of Olympus stood before the two, with shops and restaurants bustling with activity, it was apparent that some buildings were built more recently than others. Most looked like military headquarters or armories.

Thalia was surprised that Percy didn't react at all; he merely took a slow glance around and continued walking forward. Most would gasp loudly and have their jaw drop to the ground. She led the way to the Great hall where the gods would assemble to discuss anything important.

When they entered, there were only four gods in the chamber: Zeus, Hera, Hermes, and Athena.

Percy was a little relieved his father wasn't present; he still wasn't ready to face him yet. The thought of meeting the man who had actually been with his mom… the thought made him want to vomit. Thalia walked forward and bowed in front of Zeus. He figured she was his daughter, when he first saw her; her azure blue eyes reminded him of the sky and all the power it held. He followed suit just to be safe. Offending immortal beings was not extremely high on his to do list, although the feeling it would happen sooner than later was all too present.

"Father," she waited for his approval to speak. When he nodded, she continued. "I have two matters to discuss with you. The first was a request from Percy; he wishes to enlist in our military. He does have a group of friends who are willing to be his squad. I assume he would act as the commanding member seeing as they all look to him as their leader. He is the child of an unidentified minor god though, but they have succeeded in making it the wall and rescuing many civilians on the way."

Zeus looked the boy over trying to estimate his power but he couldn't see much. When he glanced at the boy upon his entering he felt a radiance of power, but when he inspected him closer it was as if everything was distorted almost as if a fog was blanketing the boy. So he turned to his daughter, deciding to leave the decision up to her. "What is your opinion on the matter Thalia? Do you feel that his squad would be well enough prepared to skip training?"

"I can't say. It is admirable that they were able to travel through titan territory and reach the wall, but I have not seen any of them in combat personally nor have I had time to judge how strong each of them are."

"Hmm, and what of your other request?"

"Well I came to ask any of you for a quest. My squad hasn't done anything in a while and we are all getting a little edgy... or bored depending on who you ask."

Zeus' eyes became cold but an idea sprung into his head that made him smirk in triumph. "Well Thalia, if you indeed want a mission I have a perfect one for you. You will spend a week with Percy and his group; have them do some training exercises with you. Then at the end of the week hold a capture the flag game. If they beat you in this game they shall skip training, if they lose it will be your call on what happens to them."

"Father, that's not what I…"

"That is the mission assigned to you, take it or return to your posts at the wall."

"Fine," She glared at Zeus anger darkening her features. "But Lord Zeus, if you are doing this to keep your precious daughter, safe then you are making a mistake. My team is one of the most capable ones you have and keeping us locked up inside the wall is doing a lot more harm than good." She turned and stormed out of the throne room. Percy turned to the gods and shrugged, bowing slightly he made his way outside to find Thalia kicking a tree saying curses under her breath.

"Daddy issues?" he joked. She turned and tried to kick him instead but he stepped out of the way. "Hey listen, I'm sure it must be hard having an over protective dad, but at least you know he cares about you. You can at least take some pleasure in that, right?" Thalia held her intense gaze on him for a while before dropping it to the ground.

"Yeah, I guess so. So, it appears that I'm going to be seeing a lot of you and your friends this coming week. Training with us is hard though, so if at any time you feel like quitting just let me know okay?"

"Is that a challenge? I think we will do fine, don't worry about us. Thanks for the concern though."

Thalia watched him walk away; many people had said that to her before but most of them quit before the end of the week. She couldn't help but think that Percy might be the same way. It made her sad for some reason, maybe it was because Percy had been nice to her or that he might be forced into a civilian camp even though he could be a great help.

She thought back to the first time she saw him and how the great prophecy appeared in her mind when her eyes met his. It was an odd occurrence, everyone believed that she was the child mentioned in it but it never seemed right to her. She put it down to denial but it had been the only thought on her mind when she met Percy. But it couldn't be him; the prophecy specifically mentions that a child of the big three is the one who will end the war. She gave up thinking about it and made her way to give the news to her squad, the sea green eyes of a mysterious boy still lingering in her thoughts as she made her way out of the city of the gods.

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