Annabeth POV

We were losing even though the gods had come down from Olympus to help us defeat the giants, Gaia was getting stronger and we couldn't get close enough to her to give the killing blow without getting killed in the process. All around me campers were trying their best to avoid being killed by Gaia. And whenever the gods came close to killing the giants Gaia managed to save them just in time.

"Annabeth look out!" I heard Percy yell. I turned around and tried to dodge Kelli's blow but I missed. I fell to the ground, blood streaming down the side of my head from where Kelli hit me. A second later Kelli's screams filled the air as Percy's blade sliced her in half. He rushed over to me, concern filling his face. He knelt down beside me taking my head in his hands. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine Seaweed Brain." I replied standing up but immediately regretting it because it made my head feel a whole lot worse.

"This is getting ridiculous." He said angrily.

"What is?" I asked.

"All this." He replied gesturing to the fighting going on around us. "It needs to stop." He stood up and I knew straight away what he was going to do.

"Percy stop."

"There's no other way Wise Girl, we all knew it would come down to this."

"No Percy please." I begged. "There has to be another way, we will find another way." He knelt down next to me and kissed me passionately on the mouth. It only lasted for a few seconds before he pulled away. I looked into his beautiful sea-green eyes now filled with determination.

"I love you Annabeth." and with that he stood back up and mad his way over to Gaia. I tried to go after him but every time I stood up my head would throb like hell and I would fall back to my knees. I tried yelling out to him but he was too far away. I even tried yelling to others to stop him but the fight was too loud for anyone to pay attention to me.

My head was feeling well enough for me to stand up and not collapse which was a good start. I tried making my way to Percy but monsters were swarming in. I tried my best to avoid them but they were everywhere. I swung my dagger wildly hoping that I would kill at least one. I managed to kill all the ones around me with some help from some other campers.

I saw Percy advancing toward Gaia. I started to run but I knew that I would never make it in time. Percy was now in killing distance, he swung Riptide towards Gaia's head. Gaia saw this and managed to plunge her dagger into Percy's chest before the blade of his sword made contact with her neck and she burst into ash.

Percy dropped Riptide and fell to his knees. Blood staining the front of his shirt.

"Percy!" I screamed.

Piper POV

The amount of monsters was getting less and less but the giants managed to move away just in time whenever one of the gods was about to give the killing blow all because Gaia was helping them. Once we get rid of Gaia the giants wouldn't stand a chance but no one could get close enough to her without getting killed. As I was about to make my way over to some of the campers to help them try and defeat the Hydra I heard Annabeth scream Percy's name.

I whipped my head around and saw her sprinting to where Percy lay, a dagger producing from his chest. I froze. This can't be happening, I thought. Percy can't die. I soon came out of my shocked state and rushed over too. As I got closer I saw that Percy had managed to kill Gaia and save us all, but at the cost of his own life.

When I reached him Percy was in a terrible state; blood was trickling down from his mouth, his breathing was slow and sharp and his eyes drooped slightly.

"You can't die Percy, I will never forgive you if you do." I heard Annabeth say.

Percy managed a grin. "I just can't win can I?" Even on his death bed he was still smiling and making jokes.

"Percy please."

"Wise Girl, we all knew that not all of us would make it. Hey, I'm surprised that I even made it this far."

"We can get one of the Apollo campers to come heal you. Will!" Annabeth called.

"Annabeth you and I both know it's too late."

Tears were streaming down Annabeth's face, she knew that we didn't have enough time to save him, that it was too late.

"I love you Annabeth, I love you and I have loved every second that I got to spend with you, if only we had more time." He smiled up at Annabeth, his sea-green eyes meeting her stormy grey ones.

"I love you too Percy and I wouldn't have missed being with you for the world." He smiled at this before closing his eyes. His breathing slowed right down. Annabeth fumbled with his wrist trying to find a pulse. But it was obvious that he was gone.

Three Days Later Jason POV

We won the war three days ago, if you can call it a win. We lost Percy. He sacrificed himself to save so many others. After we had won I was so reviled, so happy but then I saw Piper running towards me with tears streaming down her face.

"Pipes what's wrong?" I asked worried grabbing her face with my hands.

"It's not me I'm fine, it's Percy." She replied taking my hand and leading the way to Percy.

After seeing Percy on the ground with a bloody shirt and Annabeth sobbing on his chest, screaming my brain froze. I can't remember exactly what happened after that, it was all a blur. What I do recall was the rest of the seven coming. Leo had a grim look on his face, tears glistening in his eyes, him and Percy had gotten quite close over the past few weeks, heck we all had. Hazel was crying on Frank's shoulder and Frank was on the verge of tears. I was holding Piper who was crying into my shoulder. Me, I just stood there too shocked to do anything. After a while other campers started gathering around Greek and Roman. I looked across and saw Nico, his face usually an unreadable mask, showed a single tear sliding down his cheek.

"Annabeth," Piper said pulling away from me, her voice choked by tears. "We should take him back to Camp now with the others."

It took a lot of convincing but Annabeth finally agreed to let him go and allow us to carry him back.

Today was the day that we would be burning the bodies of those who fell in battle, including Percy. Reyna was up the font along with Frank honoring those Romans who lost their lives in battle. Each body was covered in the shawl of their godly parent. After the Romans they moved onto the Greeks with Chiron and Mr. D honoring them. Percy was the last to be burned, his body wrapped in the Poseidon shawl.

The speech about Percy was the longest. Starting with Chiron talking about how he first met Percy and what a great hero he was, how he was glad to have had the chance to meet him. A few of the campers got up and said a few words about how he was such a great person and that he will be dearly missed. Annabeth was the last to speak, seeing as she knew Percy the best. She started with how they first met and the quests they went on together, then finally to the Prophecy of Seven. She had tears streaming down her face by the end of it. She sat down then Chiron placed Percy's body into the fire.

It was then that it set in. He was really gone. The Great Percy Jackson. Gone.

A/N: What do you guys think? What do you think the threat should be? I was thinking Night or maybe Chaos but I don't know. Tell me what you guys want. Had the idea for this fanfic for AGES. I hated writing Percy's death but at the same time it was fun to write some of the others thought about it. Yeah so tell me what you guys think. Blood of Olympus comes out in less than a week and I'm freaking out. I'm scared that Percy might die and I can't let that happen. Percy is my favorite book character ever and if he dies I would never be able to look at another blue object again. Yeah just thought you guys would like to know that, some of you might not care but oh well.

-Seaweed Brain Herondales