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I waited for Erwin to finish calling a few friends that were going to go with us to get Eren back, staring at the map with Eren's location on it. I was ready to get him right away but somehow Erwin convinced me to wait until we had more people. With the threat that it's not only Grisha we're going up against, we have to take extra precautions. There was a part of me thinking that the longer we took to rescue Eren, the less likely he would be okay. I was extremely worried and scared of what might be happening to him, and I wasn't there to protect him.


I look up, and notice that my eyes had the starting of tears in them. I quickly wipe them away and look at Hanji. "What do you want shitty glasses?"

Her gaze softens, and she pulls me into a hug. "Everything will be okay Levi; we're going to get him back."

"Even if we find him, what if there's nothing to bring back? I don't want to lose him Hanji."

"Levi, we're going to find him and it'll be okay," she tries to assure me, but there's no guarantee of his safety no matter how much we try to convince ourselves.

I stay silent until Erwin comes back into the room, "Everyone is on their way here, so we'll be leaving soon."

I nod and he sits down beside me, "Levi, we're going to get him back."

"I know," I say, "but when we find Grisha, I'm the one who's going to deal with him."

I don't look to see that they heard me, because I know that they wouldn't dare deprive me of the opportunity. This whole mess was because of Grisha, and my idiocy in following his orders. Eren is in trouble because of Grisha and I made the mistake of letting my guard down.

Someone knocks at the front door, and I'm immediately on my feet clutching a knife in my hands, ready to attack. Eyebrows and Glasses were in a similar stance, and we all hesitate to check who's at the door. Finally Erwin lowers his hand that's holding a gun a little and goes to the door. He places his free hand on the knob and aims, ready to fire at the person if they decide to attack. He opens the door, and found two boys standing on the other side.

"Who the fuck are you guys, and why are you fucking here?" I spat at them, and everyone's eyes are suddenly on me. Not like I give a fuck, these could be men sent by Grisha to kill us.

"My name's Reiner and this is my partner Bertholdt. We work with Annie." The smaller blond brute said, and the name Annie sparks a picture of the blonde bitch that threatened to kill Eren. Just that thought sends me flying at them, and I would've beat them within an inch of their pathetic lives if Hanji hadn't been holding me back.

"You bastards, where's Eren?!" I demand of them, trying to slip out of her grasp.

"Grisha has him, Annie sent us to come get you and lead you guys there." The tall brunet said, and we all turn to him causing him to start sweating profusely, gross.

Erwin takes a step towards them, standing between us and them. "Why, don't you work for Grisha? How do we know that you're not sent here to capture us for Grisha?" he asks.

"More like sent to kill us, you three were the ones trying to kill me earlier right? I recognize blond gorilla over there," I spat at them with as much hate as I can muster. Erwin watches their reactions closely, but they didn't deny the claim.

"We were ordered by Grisha to take you out of the picture and to capture Eren, but none of us wants to follow his orders. He has been using us for years, blackmailing us with information that we would rather not be put out to the wrong kind of people. We hate what we've been forced to do, especially Annie, she never wanted to interfere with you and Eren, but she had no choice," Bertholdt comments.

Reiner butts in, "Annie is keeping an eye on Grisha for us so he doesn't notice our absence, but I have a feeling that Eren won't last much longer with the plans Grisha has for him."

"What do you mean plans?" Erwin speaks up.

"What the hell is he planning to do to Eren!?" I say and Hanji decides to cover my mouth in case I fuck things up but I was more concerned about what's going happen, or worse what's happening to him right now.

"Torture," Reiner says grimly, and my heart stops briefly at the images that come to mind at the word. "That's why we need to hurry, but instead we're here fighting for no reason."

"Why should we trust you? You've given us no reason to, how can you expect us to just come along?" Hanji asks, and I was wondering the same thing. We have no way to trust these guys, but what if they're telling the truth about what's happening to Eren?

"There's no way we can prove to you that you can trust us, but we really wish to save Eren from a fate that he doesn't deserve. I hope that you guys feel the same way. Truthfully, we would've saved him on our own if we could, but Grisha has safety measures in place in case we turn on him. That's why we came to you guys," explains Bertholdt.

Everything was falling apart around me. The one person in this world that still holds me together is in danger, and I might be too late to save him. I was my fault that he was in danger in the first place. How could I be so stupid?


I look up, Hanji is holding her hand out and the others were gone. She gives me a sympathetic smile, "Let's go save him."

I nod, taking her hand and walking out. We're coming Eren, just stay strong for a little longer.

It only took an hour to get to our destination, but it felt like a day. It was taking too long to reach Eren, and I was scared that we might be too late. Scared that I was too late to save him again. The duo told us on the way that Eren was at Grisha's house, which means that we were going to Eren's childhood home, and from what Eren had told me of it from past conversations it was a desolate place.

I'm sure that if Eren was awake when they brought him back here that he was fighting against them. Such a place filled with bad memories is sure to make him feel more than afraid upon returning.

When we arrived, I was shocked at the stark contrast between what Eren had shared with me and the house, or should I say mansion before me. Everything about this house screamed wealth, from the well-kept lawn and landscaping to the large redwood door, to the woods surrounding the place with trees that couldn't be any older than a few years yet provided lots of cover. This place was nothing like what Eren had told me.

So was this really Grisha's place? How did he go from almost lower class to this? Who's funding him? Why did he come for Eren now if he has all this? What's really going on here?

All these questions kept repeating themselves as we surrounded the house. I stayed with Hanji and Reiner as Bertholdt went with Erwin and Mike. Erwin's group headed towards the front-right side of the house as our group headed to the back-left side.

"Erwin's team is going to create a distraction while we head to Grisha's lab located in the back of the house," Hanji informed me.

I just nodded as we creeped along the edge of the woods that led to the back, careful to stay hidden in the shadows so we weren't spotted by cameras or any lookouts. Once we reached the back with a single door the only visible entrance inside, I instantly located two cameras by the door and one on each corner of the house.

"Annie said that she would take care of the cameras," Reiner whispered.

"So we're just going to blindly hope no one see's us entering and decide to ambush us?" I look at him incredulously.

"No, I trust Annie will take care of business," he replied, looking me in the eye.

I shrugged, "whatever, as long as we get Eren."

We waited for some kind of signal, standing there on the edge like idiots. Within 5 minutes an alarm went off and we figured that was the distraction and immediately headed for the door, which was surprisingly unlocked for such a secure-looking compound, and entered this hellhole. As soon as we entered, Reiner led us to a weapons room just a few feet from where we entered. The fact that they even had a weapons room screams funding from a sponsor.

It made me wonder, if we take out Grisha, will we have to deal with retaliation from the organization funding this place? Just who is funding Grisha, and what are their plans?

Most of the weapons in the room were M 16's, AK 47's and AR 15's with Reiner handing us each one rifle and one pistol each, in case we needed a back-up. Hopefully we wouldn't need to, but knowing our luck you can never be too prepared. After we are all loaded down, Annie shows up with a neutral look on her face and it takes everything I have to beat her for what she had done to me in the past. As soon as the urge dissipates, I question why she's here. Did something go wrong? Shouldn't she be helping the others?

"Reiner, you and one of them have to attack the guards from the rear, your other group is not getting through, and we need to start taking them out faster or someone is going to figure out what's going on." Annie reports.

"But wouldn't us attacking from a different point make them think that we've infiltrated the base?" Hanji points out.

"That's exactly what we need them to do. If they find out we've started infiltrating the base, they'll put it on lockdown and Grisha will have no way to get out of here." She replies. I got to admit, she does have a point. Except for one thing…

"But doesn't Grisha have the codes to unlock the doors even if the building's on lockdown?" I ask.

"No, because I just spent the last few hours secretly changing the codes. Right now I'm the only one who knows all the new codes to every locked door in this facility. Right now, Grisha has yet to realize that he's locked in with Eren in his cell, and has no way to escape from us." She replies smugly.

We're all quiet for a moment, processing her words. Finally I speak up," Why is he with Eren right now? What is he doing to him?"

She gives me a look of pity and stays silent. That raises more of an alarm than anything else she could've done.

"You really want me to answer that, right now?" She asks of me instead. I shake my head and turn away from her.

"How do you want to split us? You two are the only one's here that know the layout of this building." I reply.

"Reiner will take your friend with him, and you'll come with me to go get Eren and Grisha." Annie replies.

"Well are we gonna just sit here or get going!" Hanji jumps on Reiner and they leave us alone, heading down the hallway to where the sound of gunfire and cursing are emitting from.

I turn to Annie," I have every reason not to trust you after all the shit you've put me and Eren through. But this is an exception, after this I don't want to see your face anymore, got it?"

She rolls her eyes, "Do you honestly think that I wanted to do everything that I've done under Grisha's orders? Eren and you are not the only one who's suffered because of him. When we first got roped into this against our will, he made Reiner and Bert watch him rape me. They couldn't do anything to save me, and he threatened me that if I tried to fight him then he would kill them. It didn't happen only once, though he hasn't used me in awhile since he's been after Eren. You guys are not the only ones that have been hurt by Grisha."

The whole time she's talking she is calm, like she's accepted what happened to her. Just knowing what happened to her has changed my view of her a little, and I pity her for going through that. When I try to apologize, she stops me.

"There's no way you could've known or done anything about it. I only told you so that you know there's no way that I would willingly be on Grisha's side in any of this, and that I want to take him down just as much as you do."

I don't know how to reply to her, so I just nod my head. She looks out of the room, and starts heading the opposite way that Hanji and Reiner went. I follow closely behind her, making sure to look behind us in case one of the guards came our way. We went down a set of stairs, and that's when I started hearing the screams.

The first one made my heart stop. The second had me pushing my way past Annie, not caring about the risk of someone attacking us or being ambushed. By the third I was at the door from where they were emitting from, trying to break in and save my Eren from whatever was causing him so much pain. Annie had joined me by the time the fourth scream started, this one louder than all the ones previous and I was yelling at her to hurry up and fucking open the door because Erenisindangerandwehavetosavehim-

By the time she had entered the code the scream had ended. I swung open the door as quickly in possible just in time to see Eren passing out while still being electrocuted.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*NEED A PAUSE HERE BECAUSE OMFG*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

All I could do was stand there as I finally see Eren for the first time in about a day and a half. He looks…Broken, dead.

After a few minutes of just staring at Eren and the condition he's in, I look up to see Annie has already captured Grisha, and is restraining him. I grab a scalpel that's nearby, covered in what must be Eren's blood. I stalk my way over to them, raising it and aiming for his neck.

I'm going to kill this son of a bitch, once and for all.

Annie stops me before I gave the final blow that would end Grisha's pathetic life.

"Don't do it." She glares at me.

"Why not fucking kill him Annie!? You see what he's put Eren through, what he's put you through, why should he live when he's caused so much suffering?"

"Because Eren should be the one to decide, and he needs closure that Grisha will never again be able to harm him. I want Grisha dead as much as you do, trust me. But Eren will never get past this if Grisha dies now."

"If he's even alive to do it. I'm sure that monsters dead by now, even if I didn't inject the reversal serum." Grisha laughs and we both look at him in horror. I look back at Eren and for the first time notice his chest not moving.

I run to his sides, thankful that Annie had shut off whatever was running electricity into him, and got him away from the chair and wires as soon as possible. I laid him flat on his back and listened for a breath, a heartbeat.


I gasped, and instead of crying I immediately started giving him CPR. I had to get his heart to start beating again or he'll slip away. I can't lose him, not again.

"Eren! Eren, please wake up! Come back to me! Eren, please!" I beg him. I hear a commotion behind me and Annie shouting no, but I couldn't bring myself to stop or look away from the dying boy in front of me. Why is he not waking up? Why is he leaving me again?


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