It's 12:15 am in the woods. There's a full moon in the sky surrounded by hundreds of stars. Serena can't sleep due to the personal conflicts going on in her mind. Therefore, she manages to walk out of the camp site and away from the others, with out waking them up. She walks towards the river that's exactly 1 mile away from the camp site. At 12:49 am, Ash wakes up and notices that Serena is gone. Not wanting to worry and wake up the others, Ash decides to walk in the direction that leads to the river in the hope of finding Serena. He soon reaches the river and sees Serena a few yards in front of him. As he quietly walks closer to her, he hears her quietly talking to herself about something while looking up at the stars. He decides to surprise her by breaking the silence. Big time.



Serena is so startled by Ash sneaking up on her that she accidentally jumps into the river. Ash tries to help her get out of the river.



Ash grabs her hands and pulls her out of the river. She shakes most of the water off of her.

ASH: Are you alright?

SERENA: (half grateful and half pissed off at Ash, at the same time) I'm still breathing, aren't i?

ASH: Yes!

SERENA: (half grateful and half pissed off at Ash, at the same time) Peachy!

SERENA: (half grateful and half pissed off at Ash, at the same time) Now i won't have to worry about ending down in a watery grave.

SERENA: (half grateful and half pissed off at Ash, at the same time) Just as long as a certain loud mouth boy i know doesn't scare me out of my mind again.

ASH: Sorry about that.

ASH: I didn't know you would freak out that way over me sneaking up on you and surprising you.

SERENA: (half grateful and half pissed off at Ash, at the same time) Well, now you know.

ASH: I said i was sorry.

SERENA: I forgive you.

ASH: Thank you.

ASH: Now we should probably head back to camp where it's warmer.

SERENA: No thanks.

ASH: But if we don't get back to camp and soon, you could catch a cold.

SERENA: (blushing) Not if you sit really close next to me while we look at the stars together.

ASH: You sure you're not to cold.

SERENA: I'm cold, but i can handle it.

Serena sits down by the river and looks up at the stars.

SERENA: Come join me!

ASH: Yes!

Ash sits down next to Serena, by the river.

ASH: This starry night reminds me of the time me, Brock, and Misty helped clefairy fix it's ship.

SERENA: Who are Brock and Misty?

ASH: Brock and Misty were 2 of my many friends that traveled around with me for a while?

ASH: Brock was a rock type gym leader in the Kanto region and Misty was a water type gym leader in the Kanto region too.


SERENA: I'm impressed to find out that not only you know about gym leaders personally, you also traveled around with them too.

ASH: Yeah!

ASH: They were and are awesome people.

ASH: Brock was an amazing cook who was always prepared for trouble and for pokemon emergencies.

ASH: Not only that, but he was a pokemon breeder in training.

ASH: He also had a flirting addiction and an obsession with girls.

SERENA: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

SERENA: Hearing that sort of reminds me of how Bonnie has an addiction to trying to find Clemont a wife.

ASH: You got a point there.

SERENA: What kind of person was Misty?

ASH: She was the kind of girl who was tomboyish about 47% of the time.

ASH: She had this special talent of really communicating and understanding water pokemon.

ASH: Not only was she my special friend, but she was also my coach in some ways and she was like a bossy and loving big sister to me too.

SERENA: She sounds like an amazing girl.

ASH: Oh yeah.

ASH: She and i may have gotten into a lot of arguments, but there were always 3 things that i loved about her and that was the fact that she loves pokemon, she's beautiful, and at the same time, she's strong too.

ASH: To sum it all up, she was a real girl.

After hearing that last sentence, Serena gets a little nervous.

SERENA: (talking nervously) Um, Ash.

ASH: Yes!

SERENA: (talking nervously) Do you love Misty?

ASH: Yes!

SERENA: (panicking) WHAT!

ASH: Well yeah.

ASH: She may not travel around with me anymore, but i do still love her deeply.

SERENA: (talking nervously) I know you love her, but are you in love with her?

ASH: Oh, that's what you meant.

ASH: (shocked) HUH!

SERENA: (talking nervously) Ash, are you in love with her?

ASH: (acting, blushing, and yelling nervously) NO NO NO!

ASH: (acting and blushing nervously) I'll admit that i love her deeply, but i don't love her like a girlfriend.

SERENA: Oh good.

SERENA: (talking nervously) I mean uh, i'm happy that you and Misty have such a friendly relationship.

SERENA: (talking nervously) That's what i meant.

Serena stops talking nervously.

ASH: Okay!

SERENA: Isn't clefairy an alien pokemon?

ASH: Possibly and probably.

SERENA: That's a complex answer.

ASH: Clefairy is a complex pokemon.

ASH: As for the Kanto league, i didn't win it.

ASH: After the Kanto league ended, Me, Misty, and Brock met a woman named Professor Ivy and Brock feel head over feet in love with her.

ASH: As a result, he basically declared that Professor Ivy's lab, which he referred to as a ship, needed a captain to help her run it and with that, he decided to stay with her at her lab, leaving me and Misty to travel alone to the Orange Islands.

ASH: The Orange Islands is where we met Tracey.

ASH: After getting to know Tracey for a very short time, he decided to travel with us all over the Orange Islands.

ASH: He was an amazing pokemon artist.

ASH: He would draw pictures of pokemon that he saw in person, in his sketch book.

SERENA: He sounds very artistic and interesting.

ASH: He also had a habit of drawing pictures of females that he saw in person, in his sketch book too.

SERENA: Now he sounds like Brock.

ASH: Ha ha ha!

ASH: Good one.

ASH: Anyways, Tracey's dream is to learn all he can about pokemon, just like Brock's dream was to become a pokemon breeder.

ASH: Tracey is a renowned pokemon watcher.

ASH: After i won the Orange league championship and won a place in the Orange league hall of fame, Me, Misty, and Tracy began slowly heading back to Pallet Town.

SERENA: I'm extremely impressed.

SERENA: You're an awesome legend for earning a place in a hall of fame.

SERENA: Congratulations!

ASH: (talking and blushing at the same time) You're to kind and thank you.

ASH: Anyways, when we finally made it to Pallet Town, we were shocked to find out that Brock was back and in my house, doing chores for my mom.

SERENA: That sounds like a pleasant surprise to see.

ASH: It was.

ASH: This is where things got interesting.

ASH: When we asked him why he left Professor Ivy's lab, he kept saying he didn't want to talk about it.

ASH: It was so bad, that every time someone said Ivy's name, Brock would crawl in a corner with his head held down and sulk about hearing her name.

SERENA: (laughing out loud) HA HA HA HA HA HA!

SERENA: She must have dumped him like a dumpster.

ASH: Yes!

ASH: Me and the others eventually realized what happened between those 2, with out Brock even having to say anything.

ASH: Moving on.

ASH: After Gary saved the day against team rocket, i decided to challenge him where i put pikachu against his Eevee.

ASH: Gary won the battle.

ASH: I was depressed and frustrated, but i went to follow Gary to Johto, in order to defeat him once and for all.

ASH: Tracey decided to stay in Pallet Town, so he could be Oak's assistant.

ASH: Before me and Misty left, Brock rejoined our group and we headed off to Johto.

SERENA: So tell me Ash.

ASH: Yes!

SERENA: I know you were born and raised in Pallet Town in the Kanto region, but what i want to know is have you traveled outside of the Kanto region?

ASH: Sure have.

ASH: I traveled with Brock and Misty to the Johto region and i succeeded in earning all of the required gym badges i needed in order to enter the Johto league.

ASH: Once i entered the Johto league, i achieved one of my best victories when i defeated Gary Oak, grandson of Professor Oak.

SERENA: Good for you.

ASH: Unfortunately, i failed to win the entire Johto league.

SERENA: That's to bad.

SERENA: What happened after the Johto league ended?

ASH: Me, Brock, and Misty went our separate ways.

ASH: I went back home to Pallet Town to plan my next move, Brock went back home to his gym where his parents and his several siblings were waiting for him, and Misty went back home to her gym, due to the fact that her 3 older sisters were going on a world wide cruise, which meant that she had to run the gym all by herself.

SERENA: It must've been hard to say good bye to them after all the adventures you 3 had.

ASH: It was, but that's the pokemon path for ya.

ASH: It's filled with fun, joy, danger, meeting new friends, and saying farewell to old friends.

The history that Ash and Misty have is mostly unforgetable. The 2 of them have created a special bond with each other. Knowing that makes Serena a bit uneasy. She's kind of odd. Please keep reading this story and type up your reviews for me about what you thought about this chapter! Peace!