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Chapter 1: Sighs and Revealings

Hitomi sighed. It had been a whole week and a half since she'd heard form Van, and three months since she'd left Gaea. Hitomi had kept contact with Fanelia's young king very consistently for the first month, but then the rebuilding of Fanelia had taken up much of Van's time, energy, and strength.

Hitomi sighed again. Yukari looked up, wondering if her friend was all right. Hitomi was staring out of the bedroom window, at the moon. 'She's been doing that a lot lately, as well as sighing, for the past three months. Since that day she fainted on the track at practice.' Yukari had finally convinced Hitomi to tell her what was wrong, and now the two girls were spending the night at Hitomi's house.

Hitomi's mind wandered. A first she had had track to help keep her mind off missing Van and then a job and school was always there. But the school's Autumn Dance didn't help at all. The dance was another part of the reason Yukari wanted to talk. Amano had escaped his American school, and was taking Yukari. Several boys had asked Hitomi, but she had refused. Yukari had noticed, as a good friend should, and was very concerned for her friend.

"What do you think of that new girl, what's her name... Lane?"

That was the other thing that made Yukari wonder even more about Hitomi. When the teacher had had the new girl stand up in front of the class to be introduced, Yukari was sure half the class noticed Hitomi's start of surprise. But Yukari, knowing Hitomi better than anyone in the class, could see shock in Hitomi's face, her forest green eyes were on Lane's... pendant. The same kind as the one Hitomi's grandmother had given to her, except she hadn't worn hers for three months. 'Everything goes back to that fainting spell on the track.'

Hitomi sighed again.

"Hitomi... sometimes I worry... are you ok?"

Hitomi took her eyes away from the moon and placed them on her friend. She read the concern on Yukari's face, as well as the confusion and hurt about not knowing, and the underlying questions.

"That day on the track, Hitomi... you've changed since then. All you do is mope around and stare at the moon. You've refused guys asking you to the Autumn Dance, and your pendant's gone. What happened?"

Hitomi took a deep breath. "You have to promise to not laugh until I'm done." Yukari nodded. "I – I left Earth. And went to Gaea and had this strange, wonderful adventure." She saw Yukari's very confused reaction, and elaborated.

"So, you left your pendant with this Van guy? And you've been talking to him through that and his feather?"


"So the reason the new girl, Lane, startled you is... the pendant?

"Hai." Hitomi had returned to staring at the moon. "Mine had the power to find things, and maybe grant wishes... or something... and I could just feel... an aurora, or whatever, about her. I can't put my finger on it."

"Hitomi, why didn't you tell me about all this Gaea stuff in the first place?"

Hitomi looked back at Yukari, and for the first time in three months gave a very sincere smile. "I was still kind of mad at you about Amano... and I.. my mind was reeling, I needed time to think. Plus I wasn't sure you'd've believed me –"

"Hitomi!" Yukari cut in, "I'm your best friend of course I would have believed you!"

"Thanks, Yukari." Hitomi sighed, but with some relief. "I feel better, now that you know."

"Did you tell your mom, and your grandmother?"



"They just wondered, about all of it."


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