So, yeah. I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time. The SMT universe in itself is much darker than the Persona universe is, but I feel like they both fit with Sherlock in little ways. I really just wanted to give John a Persona.

This is kind of my answer to The Great Game, though I'm sure I'll probably visit it in another way.

I'll be using the Persona 4 way of summoning and Persona 3's Shadow types for now.

Also, I've been thinking of opening up a forum for this series for discussion and for prompts. I've been debating on the idea so leave your opinion in the reviews! Thanks!

Summary: Sherlock thought his pup was many things. Clever, thoughtful, helpful, and in his good days, cute. He would have never guessed that he was supernatural.

When Sherlock looked back on the events that occurred, he would wonder how he kept getting into situations like this. Going to look for serial killers shouldn't be so life threatening. He let out a wheeze as the Golem tightening his arm around his neck. He kept hitting him to let himself free, but it was like hitting a brick wall. First of all, a man that size shouldn't be able to move so damn fast. The sound of snarling brought him back to rapidly fading present.

John stood on the opposite end of the stage, his front low to the ground. His ears were flat against his head and his teeth were curled up in a snarl. Sherlock was pleased that John was so loyal and willing to stand by him, but this was not one of those times. He wanted the pup to run to safety. There was nothing that he could do to help him. It wasn't like he could bite the Golem without hurting Sherlock. John knew it by the way he hesitated and let out furious barks at the killer who would no doubt be his end.

As Sherlock faded in and out, his only hope was that John get away before the Golem got to him.

"There's nothing you can do, you stupid dog. Go on and run along."the Golem said with a sneer, lifting Sherlock off his feet and making him scrabble for purchase.

John's snarls tapered off into a high pinched whine as Sherlock's struggles started to lessen. The pup nearly went into a panic and realized there was only one thing to do. He suddenly calmed and relaxed his attack stance. Sherlock was glad John finally decided to run until he noticed something strange. The lights of the projector were being canceled out by a bright blue light. Flames started to dance in front of John, the blaze making his bronze fur looked gold. The Golem looked just as surprised as Sherlock felt that he loosened his grip.

It wasn't enough to escape, but it allowed him to regain some air. The flames dispersed into sparkles and floating in the air was a blue tarot card with a monochrome mask on one side. On the other side showed a woman holding a sword and balance with stained glass behind her. John hit the card with his tail and wisps of blue energy stuck to him as he howled. The energy ran off John until a large humanoid figure appeared in front of John. The first noticeable thing about were the armor. It was an unnatural shade of red, ivory and gold fabric with a cross draping off its torso and between its legs.

Giant blue-white wings extended from its back,but it did not help the figure stay aloft in the air. The strangest thing was that the skin of the humanoid was a shade of teal that somehow didn't clash with its blond hair. Sherlock noticed a distinct old European design to the armor that belong more on a Templar knight. It just didn't make sense or maybe he was hallucinating from the lack of oxygen to his brain.

"I am thou, thou art I. I am Uriel. Thou hast not summoned me in a long time, tiny one." the Persona said in a gentle tone that echoed through the air.

Its body went in and out like static on a bad television. John barked in response and shook his head towards Sherlock and the Golem. Uriel raised his sword and flared his wings, preparing to attack. Sherlock found himself dropped so fast that he couldn't catch himself. He hit the stage hard and coughed, rolling into his side. He hacked and wheezed as air rushed back into his lungs.

"N-No! This isn't possible!" the Golem shouted at John, his body contorting and losing its shape.

What was once a serial killer stood a thickening blob of black sludge. It sprouted giant arms and hands that jutted out from improbable angles. One hand held a eerie blank blue mask that had the Roman numeral I on etched onto the top. It made disgusting clicking sounds that Sherlock could only describe as bones breaking. As his breath started to come back to him, he heard John let out a snarl towards the strange monster. With loud bark towards the armored figure floating in front of him, John watched the monster warily. If Sherlock knew any better, it sounded like a command.

"Agidyne." A large blaze of fire rushed from Uriel's sword and towards the monster. It hit head on and the figure let out a screech of pain, some of its hands becoming charred and started to disintegrate. The monster turned its mask away and leapt from the stage to the middle of the theatre in one bound. It used the chairs as stepping stones and disappeared through the exit without looking back.

Sherlock realized he must have passed out because the first thing he was aware of was a familiar tongue on his face. He slowly opened his eyes to find two faces peering down at him. He groaned and touched his throat, surprised to feel it was bandaged.


His pup let out yips of relief and pushed his head against Sherlock's cheek. He reached up with a shaky hand and rubbed John's ears. He could feel his own relief that John was perfectly safe. Now that he was sure he was alive, Sherlock realized that the staticky figure in front of him was indeed real. It backed away as he struggled to sit up and figure out where he was. Finding out how the bloody hell John had 'magic powers' was another problem. He looked around for a moment and from the damp spots on the walls, he realized they were in 221 C.

John left Sherlock to walk over to the figure as it bent down to pet him. Sherlock could see its fingers phase in and out of John's fur yet make no sounds with its armor. It made contact somehow because John pressed into the touch. Wagging his tail, John stepped away crawled into Sherlock's lap. He raised himself up on his hind legs, sniffing at his neck. He licked the bandages a few times, snuggling against his human.

"What are you?" Sherlock said, asking the first question he had of many.

Uriel lifted its head to stare at Sherlock, wings folding in. The fire shooting sword was now sheathed at its side, he noticed. Instead of a sheath, it was wrapped in the loose ends of fabric that was once was a sash. It stood and waved a hand at John, feet never touching the ground.

"I am Uriel, the tiny one's Persona." it said with a short bow, its form fading out for a fraction of a second.

Sherlock stared down at John who gave him a questioning look. The pup was still worried that he wasn't well. Sherlock ignored the warm feeling he got in his chest at that though. He wrapped his arms around him and narrowed his eyes at Uriel. He knew what persona meant. The way 'Uriel' said it emphasized the word like it had special meaning. Touching John confirmed that he wasn't dreaming at least.

"You are a mask that my dog wears? That is quite unlikely."

"All living creatures wear masks. I am a facet of John's personality and part of a mask that the rest of the world sees. 'I am thou, thou art I' is exactly what it means." Uriel's body started to disperse into blue sparkles from the legs up. "You will have to seek answers on your own as my summoning is at its end. Until my next summon, tiny one. "

It reached out and gave John one last stroke along his back before disappearing in a cascade of sparkles. The detective made a face as the sparkles floated around them. Instead of hitting the floor, they disappeared into John's body. Sherlock tried to wrap his mind around the events of the night and found himself puzzled. It was a feeling he was not used to and he didn't care for it. Then again, this made John only more interesting.

He looked down at the pup in his arms and felt a small smile cross his face. John had fallen asleep, half burrowed in his coat. They both needed to get some sleep. Not to mention, he had a few calls to make in the morning. Standing up with a wobbly gait, he held John close and headed for his own flat.

"What a curious thing to have a 'Persona', isn't it John? I'll find out you saved my life tonight."

End Note: For a picture of Uriel, check ( megamitensei. wikia wiki/Uriel ).

If you wanna know about the Persona series, check ( megamitensei. wikia wiki/Category:Persona ).