Well…. I am rewriting A Surprise in Russia…

Why you may ask?

Author improvement thingy.

Now, for those new to this, I am leaving the old A Surprise in Russia out just for you guys to compare if you want to.

Also, I changed my pen name if you haven't notice.

Eli H. Lee

Six months since the zoosters joined the circus have past, and by all means, it almost felt normal. Yes, having new members of the circus, all who were from a zoo, felt normal to the other animals. They had already toured much of America and are now actually doing their third trip from city to city. And with the six past months, couples have bloomed and grew. There were the elephants, Gloria and Melman, Alex and Gia, Julien and Sonya (a mystery on why to this very day), and Marty and the triplets.

Vitaly thought on all of this as he practiced his knife throwing, the train heading towards St. Louis. The elephants, Maria and Harold, everyone knew about them and their unborn calf at the moment. The triplets all with Marty seemed odd at first but given the triplet's behavior, it wasn't much a surprise really. Julien and Sonya were just…. Odd, plain and simply really. Sappy even on Julian's part. Gloria and Melman were thinking of adoption during this third trip and Vitaly could already see that their relationship was caused by being childhood friend in the beginning.

On that last thought, the Siberian tiger threw his knife with more force than the others before hand, slightly jealous that he no longer had that.

And then Alex and Gia… Oh Slavic Gods, out of anyone his little Gia could have picked to be in a relationship with, it had to be Alex. Now, don't get him wrong, the tiger had nothing against the lion personally… ok maybe he did with the whole circus lie and all, so Vitaly still had some trust issues with the guy. Or more so, his species. And now he and Gia were dating….

Three more knives and a sword hit the wall.

Vitaly could only mutter something about the fact that it was so obvious that this was Alex's first relationship.

The tiger began thinking again as he picked up another sword. Actually in speaking, or thinking really, of the lion, he's been acting… odd lately. Even more odd than the Russian could actually think the lion as. The lion seemed to be keeping something from him actually… actually a lot of the members of the circus seemed to be hiding something now that he thought about it. Before he could think on it anymore though, Vitaly heard the door to his train car open to reveal Stefano with a wide grin on his face.

"I thought-a that you would-a like to know that we are-a only a day's trip from Las Vegas."

Vitaly raised an eyebrow as he folded his arms, staring at the sea lion in confusion. "Las Vegas? We vere supposed to be in day's trip of San Diego!" He said, only to get a confused expression from Stefano.

"But, Alice's cousins and their friend, they are-a here in-a Las Vegas and everyone-a has a talked about them being new members and-a, -Oh!" the brown eyes light up in realization. "Oh, Vitaly you didn't-a know? No wonder-a why Marty seemed to uncomfortable when telling-a me. But of course, I don't-a see why no one told-a you, except-a for of course that- Uh oh.." Stefano paused before hurrying out of Vitaly cart, the reason being Vitaly's expression of shock and confusion rapidly turning into one of anger.


Yeah…. Alright, I only own OCs here, again.

And I want to state something. One of the major changes I made to this story is Rosalina's (now Rosella) and Ayo's connection to Alex. While they are brother and sister to each other, both of them are now Alex's double first cousin.

I know this sounds like a strange change, but I want to point out something. And it has actually been on my mind for some time when I was first notified of the small problem and when looking at other versions of Alex's other relatives. And let me make it clear, I am very well aware that I may sound… a bit of a hypocrite, given the fact that I did place Ayo and Rosella in this position.

Alex having siblings. I know this doesn't sound like any sort of problem at first but then thinking also got in as well…

Would Zuba and Florrie really have had another child? Especially after losing one and not taking the risk of losing another? Really think on that. We fans have always made excuses for any Alex siblings we make, but have we ever really thought on Zuba's and Florrie's POV on the matter?

But then, when I decided to not do that during this rewrite for my old story, I then wondered two things: How else could the OC lion I had be related to Alex like I wanted still wanted them to? And who would be Zuba's and Florrie's heir if Alex wouldn't be? And don't act like you really thought Alex was going to be the future Alpha lion anytime soon. Yes, I also thought of it, but it actually makes more sense that he isn't next in line. For one, Alex has been away from the reserve since cub hood, and who ever would be the heir after Alex originally probably would feel a bit cheated if Alex was to be the next Alpha. And we already know Alex and his friends weren't staying in Africa, no matter how many fanfictions we fans would make before Madagascar 2.

This is where the idea of cousins came into play. Lions are usually born in litters of two or three, with litters of one cub being rare. So, one would assume that either Florrie and/or Zuba would have at least a brother or sister, or even more than one sibling.

Hence, Rosella and Ayo. (And yes, to those who read The Journey to The Pride of River Crater, Shani's relation is also changed.)

Also, other things about Rosella and Ayo, and of course other characters that were changed will be revealed in later chapters.

Also, I'm rewriting Rivals to Allies, which is my Rise of the Guardians story, and writing a Great Mouse Detective story while writing this one as well. So please, please, please, please, please do not ask me when my next update is. I am going to be rather busy with whatever time I get, and for about 10 to 9 more days, that's going to be very little time itself.

All I ask is for reviews.

Eli out.