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Eli H. Lee

"So, let me get this straight. Rosa has a spirit living in her cart," Skipper began, the rest of the circus around Alex, Gia, and Rosella as the former two cats explained what was going on.

"Melba is a loa," Aya corrected.

"Whatever, and this… Melba asked for another spirit-"

"Loa," Ayo corrected this time.

"Whatever! To help make her a love potion because she thought it would help convince Vitaly to let Rosella use full on fire hoops in her first performance? And despite the fact that this potion hadn't sat long enough, Vitaly did end up drinking it, is love sick over Rosella, and now we have to not only get ingredients for the antidote, but also to keep the tiger away from Rosella so that she can concentrate on the antidote itself?" Skipper tapped his foot as he glared for a response.

"That's pretty much it," Alex said, glancing towards his older cousin. The lioness in question kept her head bowed down in shame during the entire explanation.

"And where-a is Vitaly right now-a?" Stefano asked.

"Uh…." Alex and Gia looked at each other awkwardly.

-In the trophy cart-

Vitaly struggled against the chains holding him back and the gag in his mouth. He didn't even know that they still kept these darn things, nevertheless that Gia would know where to find them! Not that any of that information was important. Right now, he had to find his Rosella! If only he could loosen these chains on his wrists enough, he could get free.

-back with the rest of the circus-

Gia decided to reply with, "He's-a… preoccupied at the-a moment."

The rest of the circus remained quiet for a moment before one of the dogs decided to speak up.

"You put him in the chains, didn't you?"


"Well, that's one problem down. For now. Ok, Rosy," Skipper began.


"Whatever. Look, in case Vitaly can't be shaken out of this… problem by the time of the performance, we'll need you to perform your fire hoop dancing, alright?"


"No buts!"

"So where do we begin on the ingredients?" Marty asked, Alex quickly pulling out the page Rosella had given him earlier. "What the heck is a 'bleeding heart' supposed to mean? It's not an actual bleeding heart, right?"

"It's a type of plant!" The lioness yelled.

"We'll also need a game plan for distracting Vitaly from Rosella. We can't keep him chained in the trophy cart forever."

"Oh come on," Ayo snickered. "He can't be THAT love sick for my sister!"



Everyone looked towards the sound, only to end up seeing the doors of the cart being slammed opened by the very tiger in question. Vitaly scanned the crowd being setting his sights on the female he had been looking for.

"Ah, Roza, moya luna!"

"Not-a again," Gia whined, looking at Alex the moment Rosella ended up being scooped up by the Russian.

-3 hours later-

"Ok, so he is that love sick for Rosa." Ayo said after leaving the two elephants and Sonya with a newly chained up Vitaly in a cart up near the front.

"You're sure you're going to be ok, Marty?" Gloria asked as Melman kept a cool compress on the zebra's head. "Vitaly did give you quite a beating there."

"Yeah, I'm fine, Glo. Just didn't expect him to be that possessive of well… anyone. Was he possessive like that back with that ex-wife of his?" Marty asked, looking towards Stefano and Gia with the two black eyes he now had.

Stefano shrugged, answering, "Not-a this possessive-a. Though maybe, she-a probably did not-a help with it when-a she left."

"Can we please just find a way to keep him away from me until the cure's ready?" Rosella said, pacing back and forth already within the cart. "Because the last thing anyone needs right now is a love-sick tiger singing a Russian version of Ni Wewe Uliovuka Tanga! And I'm afraid that's what's going to happen next!" Silence took over for a moment before the lioness even realized she had spoken a small part of her native language.

All of the sudden, Ayo and Aya started to snicker at the meaning of the very words. Stefano looked between everyone, whispering, "Eh… what's-a this 'Ni wewe uliovuka tango'?"

"Tanga. You mean tanga. And I 'think' it's a love song? You know considering the situation at hand." Marty said, honestly second guessing himself at this as well.

"I don't know, I think people would pay to see a tiger sing his so called 'love' for you, sis." Ayo smirked, snickering at the mere thought.


"Ok, I probably deserved that."

Well, this took forever to think out. Oh, and yes. Ni Wewe Uliovuka Tanga is a actual Swahili song about romance/love. I'm actually surprised myself. And no, I did not take the time to translate it.

Eli out.