Hello and welcome to the first prompt in the Windows Into Baker Street series! This is a short series of prompts that complies a look into some quiet moments not seen in TRS between our detectives. If you have an idea for a prompt, send it into to me.

This first prompt comes from Marci who asked me to write a prompt around the line: "Um, I miss you, quiet terribly." It's set at the beginning of Scandal in Belgravia when Lexi and John are in Dublin and Sherlock is left behind at the flat. Until the next prompt! This will be updated irregulary as I finish prompts.

Sherlock Holmes paced the length of the living room, walking a well-worn path in the carpet which had been created from other such instances. He flicked his gaze over to his computer which sat open on the dining table for the tenth time in the last five minutes. He stopped pacing and let out a heavy sigh before he crossed over to the couch and threw himself down upon it, curling up in the fetal position. John and Lexi had both left for Ireland a few hours ago and the Irish girl had offered to go to Dublin with the army doctor because she knew the area well from when she used to live there and had set up her consulting business for a time there. So show Sherlock felt numb without her constant prescience beside him.

The flat was too quiet, a defining silence that made him want to scream, do something to make any amount of noise. Lexi wasn't chattering away with John like she always was about some unimportant and annoying topic nor was her laughter filling the flat. He would even watch several episodes of Doctor Who with her right now even if the show was so mind numbing lay boring just to have her back in the flat. She said that she would Skype him as soon as they got into their room and he knew that by now they should have already landed and arrived at their hotel. He had researched what the travel time should have been like before they left along with the current traffic conditions in Dublin. He knew how much time it should have taken them to get to the airport after landing and then to the hotel. He was just about to get up and call Mycroft, no matter how unappealing the thought was to find out where Lexi and John were and what might have happened to them in the two minutes and three seconds they were currently unaccounted for, when the silence in the flat was finally broken by the raining of a video call.

Sherlock scrambled to get up quickly, falling over in his haste and landing roughly on his shoulder as he fell off the couch and onto the floor. He cried out in pain as he jolted upright, springing to his feet in an instant. In his attempt to make it over to the dining table faster he smashed several of his toes on the coffee table and he shouted loudly, breathing out many curses that would have made his mother smack him if she had heard him. He clutched his arm and hopped around the infernal table for a moment before he answered the Skype call, breathing in deeply and regaining his normal composure. His eyes were still watering from the pain but he kept up the mask that everything was alright, no need to let Lexi know how he had embarrassingly hurt himself.

"Lexi," Sherlock answered as soon as the call connected and he saw his Irish detective sitting on a bed in a room somewhere. She smiled back at him immediately as he looked down at her image on the screen, relief flooding through him.

"Lock!" Lexi crowded happily and Sherlock couldn't help the grin that slid onto his face at her exuberant joy, that she was that happy because she was seeing him turned that grin into a smug smile. It was then that Mrs. Hudson chose to walk into the living room with her customary "Ooh hoo."

"Oh Sherlock dear, are you alright? I heard a crash and then an awful lot of shouting," Mrs Hudson said, wringing her hands worriedly as she looked around the flat, almost like she was expecting to find some assassin waiting to do the both of them in. Sherlock turned quickly to face the older woman, hiding the screen of his laptop in the process, even though he wasn't doing anything wrong. He didn't therefore see when Lexi hid a giggle behind her hand as she listened to the conversation as was turned so that she was staring at the detective's chest.

"I'm fine as you can clearly see so...," Sherlock said, trying to get her to leave the flat when Lexi's voice came through the computer again. Sherlock froze slightly as. He almost forgot for a second that she could hear and technically see everything that was going on.

"Sherlock? Are you alright?" She asked him and Sherlock looked down quickly to see Lexi frowning up at him from his computer screen. Mrs. Hudson perked up at the voice of the Irish detective, one thing he was trying to avoid and Sherlock groaned before he picked up the laptop and moved it from his lap to the edge of the dining table so that Lexi was looking out over the living room and could see both him and Mrs. Hudson. He knew how frustrating it was when people treated you like you weren't physically there so it didn't matter where you were located. That was something John would do.

"Ooooh is that Lexi?" Mrs. Hudson asked and Sherlock wondered why people asked questions they already knew the answers to. "Hello dear," The older woman called to Lexi as she waved at the Irish detective, even though they had seen each other a little over an hour before hand.

"Hello Mrs. Hudson," Lexi said, smiling brightly at the older woman before she turned and looked at Sherlock. "What happened?" She asked him, her brow furrowing in concern and her nose wrinkling in an adorable way.

"I fell…off the couch…look, I'm fine!" Sherlock told both women shortly and Lexi sighed heavily and shook her head at him before she smiled fondly and blew him a kiss through the computer.

"What am I going to do with you? I leave and you fall to pieces," Lexi smirked and Sherlock snorted and rolled his eyes at her.

"Hardly," He said, bantering back with her flirtily like they did most days before he realized that Mrs. Hudson was still in the room. He looked round at her to find her watching the two of them with a knowing look. "Don't you have something you need to do?" Sherlock asked her, making a vague gesture with his hand. "A show to watch or some…nap to take," He said as he tried to think about what old people, in particularly Mrs. Hudson did. "Needle work?"

"Well there is this one show. The host, she teaches you things like how to do your colours and what to wear with what, she hasn't got a patch on Connie Price but she's a lovely woman. Bit young though…," Mrs. Hudson said and Sherlock jumped up quickly and took her arm, leading her over to the door.

"Well, why don't you go downstairs, have a nice cup of tea, maybe a few biscuits...," Sherlock said before he pushed her out of the flat and she started off down the stairs. He turned round and quickly strode back over to the dining table to find Lexi humming the jeopardy tune under her breath.

"Lexi, are you ready yet? You're supposed to show me around to the pubs remember," John's voice came through over the laptop and Lexi looked over the top of her screen, obviously looking at the army doctor. Sherlock balled his fist slightly, angry over the interruptions and over the fact that both Mrs. Hudson and John had stolen his only chance of speaking with Lexi. Now she was going to go out drinking with John and have a good time while he sat alone in the flat.

"Yup, just give me a second," She told him before she looked back at the screen. "Sherlock I…," She said before he cut her off.

"I know," He told her, nodding and acting like he wasn't bothered with the fact that she was choosing John over him.

"Great. Alright, back in a tick," Lexi said and the call disconnected after Lexi grinned at him. Sherlock frowned in confusion, not knowing how she would be back in just a tick before his computer rang again. He accepted the call on the second ring and was met with the sight of a hotel room and the rise and fall of the screen told him that the picture was moving as if someone was walking. "Alright here we are, mobile Sherlock Holmes walking the streets of Dublin since you didn't want to come with us. Pop open a window and put your coat and scarf on and it's almost the real thing," Lexi's voice said as John suddenly walked into view.

"What are you doing?" John asked her as he looked over at her, obviously looking at something and Sherlock raised his eyebrow questioningly as he couldn't see what was going on with Lexi but could see everything else perfectly including the fact that the flight had taken his toll on him. Of course screaming children in an enclosed expanse of flying metal could never do anything good for an army doctor with PTSD.

Sherlock had opted not to join John and Lexi on their trip to London because he knew that John would most likely want to hit the pubs as soon as they landed, a fact which was now proven right, and Lexi was Irish which meant, while she claimed not to uphold any stereotypes, that she would not be against drinking either. That was after all what their trip was all about. As Sherlock did not drink nor did he end to pick it up over the weekend, he decided to stay at Baker Street rather than go with them only to spend time in the room or follow them around and act as the third wheel. He trusted that John would watch out for London and get himself and Lexi safely back to their hotel room even in their inebriated states. Of course he didn't like the idea at all but he wasn't going to tell Lexi that she couldn't go.

"Taking Sherlock around with us, say hello," Lexi told the army doctor, pulling the consulting detective out of his thoughts and he could hear the amusement in her voice.

"Um, hi," John said as he bent down and looked at what Sherlock assumed was her phone. "So are you just going to…," John asked her as the camera started moving again, closer to the door of the room.

"Yup, come along John, the game is on!" Lexi giggled before the two of them set off, Sherlock viewing everything that was going on around them. Lexi held her mobile up at eye level so that he was seeing everything he was seeing but as she and John started chattering about random topics Sherlock started to get fed up with the fact that he couldn't see her or John and that he couldn't actually talk to her either.

"Lexi!" Sherlock finally called and the Irish girl finally paused in her step on the street they were walking down, halting John as well.

"Find something?" She asked him and Sherlock shook his head even though he couldn't see her.

"No," Sherlock told her. "Turn the camera around. I don't want to be looking from down here," Sherlock complained and a second later he was looking back at Lexi and John. Lexi smiled at him widely as Sherlock pouted at her. "Where are you even going?" Sherlock asked her as he went and sat down in his chair with his laptop, a frown still on his face.

"A pub I used to frequent. Actually met my best friend Joanie here," Lexi said as she and John started walking again and Sherlock could see John trotting along beside her as they weaved in and out of Dubliners. Sherlock noted that he Irish accent was thick. He suddenly realized that being back in Ireland after all this time, since she had told him she hadn't been back in eight years now, that she might suddenly realize that she missed it and might want to go back.

"Missing home any?" Sherlock asked her nonchalantly and Lexi flicked her gaze down to him and snorted, rolling her eyes.

"Yes," Lexi said and Sherlock's heart sunk in misery. "I miss my couch and my tea and ugh I miss stealing your socks. It's cold out. I also miss your face. I could use a cuddle after that flight. Dublin is loud and so are the people," Lexi said as she reached back for John and they squeezed through a group of people. Sherlock realized then that when he said home she thought of Baker Street first, not Ireland. He beamed in chest bursting joy an emotion he couldn't recall ever feeling before except for maybe long ago when he used to play with Redbeard. "London is busy yeah, but the Irish are… well I've brought you to the Auld Dubliner before. That's just the local Irish people. Imagine an entire city of them," Lexi said and Sherlock frowned before shaking his head and Lexi laughed. Well at least he didn't have to worry about there. "Ah here we are John," Lexi said as she stopped in front of a place, pulling John behind her. She flipped the screen around and showed Sherlock the pub.

"The Stag's Head?" Sherlock asked her as the screen flipped back round to reveal Lexi's smiling face.

"Aye!" Lexi laughed brightly before she pulled John with her into the crowded pub. It was already early evening so people were already hitting the pubs. Lexi led John up to the pubs as she covertly flipped the screen back around and Sherlock knew that she did it so that he could deduce the pub goers and see what was going on. "Two pints mate," Lexi ordered as she stepped up to the bar and a few of the men waiting moved aside and let her order first. "Bit of a cold one out there," Lexi commented to a man to her right and he nodded at her.

"Just a bit and we'll get more bloody ran tomorrow," He answered her back and Sherlock was intrigued with the easy way that she spoke to strangers. The barman came back with the two pints which Sherlock saw were Guinness and she handed him over some cash. "And one for yourself!" She told him and he nodded at her, smiling at her pleasantly before she turned around and handed a pint off to John. "Alright," Lexi said as she led John back over to an empty tale and turned the camera around. Suddenly Sherlock found himself propped up on the table in an empty spot so that it was like he was sitting with the two of them. "Drinking in Ireland is a bit different than drinking in London. First of all if you ask for a pint you're only going to get Guinness unless you ask for larger or beer. Careful how much of it you drink. The rest of it is pretty much the same. You know how the round system works," Lexi schooled John and he nodded before they both picked up their pints and clinked them together. "Cheers!" Lexi said and John responded in kind before they each drank from their glasses.

Lexi and John laughed and started chattering and Sherlock was happy when she didn't forget about him and it was like he was there as the three of them had conversations like they would when they were all out at Angelo's. John got up to get a second round for them and Lexi lolled her head towards Sherlock. He grinned at her as she opened one eye and blinked at him slowly. She giggled then and hid her face in her arms, her hair hiding her face from him. Sherlock chuckled a bit, thinking that the alcohol as already hitting her system. John arrived with their next round of drinks and she popped up, clinking her glass with John's. Sherlock watched as Lexi got more rosy faced and more giggly as she continued to drink. John did as well and Sherlock got out a note book and started making notes as he continued to study them. Lexi's phone suddenly trilled a text alert and she looked over at her phone and picked it up.

"Might disconnect, hold on," Lexi said and Sherlock barely got a moment to respond to her before the call was ended. Another came through a minute later and he was looking back at Lexi who was no longer in the pub and she was smiling brilliantly. "Sherlock!" She said happily as soon as she saw him.

"What's going on? Why aren't you with John?" Sherlock asked her in confusion as she walked out to the curbing and hailed a cab.

"I got a text from an old Inspector I worked with and he asked for my help on a case. I mentioned to him that I was coming to Dublin for the weekend if he needed any help on a case while I was here," Lexi said as a cab slowed down and she got inside, giving the address to the cabbie.

What happened next was that Lexi took him over to the police station and introduced him to a bunch of people all of which he deleted their names immediately. He was surprised at how similar the Irish police force was to that in London at least in regards to the people. The Detective Inspector who called her in was much like Lestrade but the rest of officers were like Donovan and Anders. The case was a double homicide, something infinitely more interesting than any case they had had in a while. They went out to the crime scene and Lexi showed him every inch of it, switching between the front cam and the back camera as they shared deductions. It freaked everyone out and then Lexi had just run off as they discovered a vital clue. That had then led to Lexi running over the roof tops, chasing after their suspect. There was something about having Lexi running after a dangerous criminal without him or John that sent Sherlock into a panic but he was technically with her over video call and she could handle herself. When it came down to it, she caught the criminal and tackled him, knocking him out with and overhead swing with the lid of a rubbish bin before she waited for her friends to come and arrest him properly. Lexi returned to their hotel to find John semi awake in one of the beds and she giggled as she walked in, realizing how late it was. Sherlock looked down at the time and noticed that it was nearly three in the morning and that they had been at this for hours. John made a wired gestured at Lexi, obviously having kept himself awake to make sure Lexi got back in but he was drunk and about ready to pass out.

Lexi left him to get ready for bed quickly before she came back and laid down in bed, Sherlock having retreated to his own room and put on his bed clothes and dressing gown and laid down with his laptop open in his bed, his head propped up on his elbow as he looked at Lexi as she smiled sleepily back at him. She giggled and buried her face in the pillow and Sherlock hummed slightly before closing his own eyes, feeling tired and a bit lonely as the expanse beside him was cold and empty. Lexi seemed to have the same feelings as they opened their eyes at the same time, blue-grey eyes meeting hazel. Sherlock started humming Lexi's lullaby as he saw her eyes growing heavier and she closed them steadily before she fell asleep, the connection on the call still running. Sherlock stared at her sleeping form, taking in her peaceful face and her smile even in sleep. He sighed heavily and rolled over onto his back, feeling the loneliness and numbing silence creeping upon him now as the cold crept back, a coldness that could only be warmed by the love and consistency of Lexi's love and John's friendship.

"Um, I miss you, quiet terribly," Sherlock said aloud, thinking Lexi was asleep so it wouldn't matter if he admitted the human sentiment aloud.

"I miss you too," Lexi breathed and Sherlock turned his head as she opened her eyes sleepily. "I love you Lock," She said before she grinned and leaned in, pressing a kiss to the camera. "I'll see you tomorrow," She told him and Sherlock hummed before he reached to disconnect the call. "Leave it on. I kind of like seeing your face. I don't think I could sleep without knowing your there," Lexi omitted and Sherlock blinked slowly as he let out a deep sigh.

"Me either," He told her before he leaned in and pressed a kiss to his camera. "Good night Lexi," He told her as he laid back down.

"Good night Lock," She breathed…already falling back to sleep and Sherlock closed his eyes, listening to her slow breathing. The two cameras stayed on until Sherlock's laptop ran out of battery life and Lexi's phone died and the next day when the two detectives saw each other again in the airport, they held each other all the tighter for just a minute or so.

"I miss you, quite terribly," Sherlock whispered into her ear as he finally got to hold his Lexi in his arms again, John having gone off to find their bags as if he was secretly giving them a moment to greet each other alone.

"Well now you don't have to," Lexi said, pulling back and smirking before she leaned in and kissed him. That was the first kiss John Watson ever witnessed between the two detectives and he gave them several long moments before he walked over to join them again. There was something in the way Sherlock was looking back at Lexi and Lexi was looking up at him that made John just know that someday those two were going to be more than just a little inseparable like they were now. One day, one hour, even a second was too long to ever be parted from each other. And so many things could be said in just one sentence. Lexi knew that Sherlock wasn't saying I miss you as much as he was also saying I need you and to an extent…I love you.