Hello sweeties and here is another prompt from my royally appointed prompt producer Marci! This one is called Telegrams and is set for just before Baskerville. Okay I;m not going to lie this series is going to be update irregularly because of Joanna and Mycroft's story but I will get there. College is kicking my arse slightly right now, but I'm getting there.

Flu season had whacked an unsuspecting London over the head and the residents of Baker Street had unfortunately not been able to escape from it unscathed. It was the worst strain of the flu that John had ever seen and of course their red haired detective managed to catch it. It could have been because she walked home from Tesco's in the rain when it was cold out or it could have been because Sherlock had the both of them waiting outside for hours for a suspect to return before they went on a chase over the rooftops of London. Whatever the cause, Lexi once again found herself to be a walking Petri dish as Sherlock so apathetically put it and she was cultivating pathogens faster than rabbits could reproduce. Her coughing fits had left her with a throat so sore she could barely swallow, much less talk and while John was attempting to take care of her, there wasn't much he could do for her than hold her hair when she was sick and give her medicine or encourage her to eat. Sherlock remained in his chair reading for the most part as Lexi laid miserably on the couch. She watched him with sad eyes and he flicked a passive look over to her every so often but other than that he seemed not to acknowledge her prescience. When she finally could no longer talk after being sick for a week already, John was frustrated as was Lexi over trying to communicate what she needed. She was currently on the couch making some sort of gesture and John shook his head at her in confusion and she huffed in frustration and repeated the action slower.

"Sorry Lexi, I still can't understand you," John apologised to her and she threw her hand into the air in frustration before she sat back, curling her legs under her as she cuddled up into all of the quilts and blankets that surrounded her.

"She said, "Can I please have a cuppa?"" Sherlock said suddenly and both Lexi and John turned to look at the consulting detective in surprise. Lexi suddenly grinned widely and excitedly and pointed at him making more arm gestures that the army doctor couldn't understand as the consulting detective put his book down and watched her.

"Wait you can understand her?!" John asked Sherlock in shock and exasperation as Lexi perked up, still grinning away madly.

"Obviously," Sherlock quipped, rolling his eyes and sighing heavily as Lexi suddenly interrupted them with a bought of coughing. John rubbed her back soothingly as she reached for her chest which was no doubt as sore as her throat by now.

"How?" John asked the detective in confusion, trying to not get up and strangle him as he instead took to caring for Lexi who coughed once more before she poured miserably and wrapped her blanket tighter around her shoulders, sniffling deeply.

"The same way I know what she is saying from a single look," Sherlock announced as he looked over at the pitiful Irish detective who was giving him such a pleading look. "I read her facial expressions," Sherlock told John who pointed at him, his face brightening as he suddenly got a bright idea.

"That's perfect! No that's great! You can understand her so you can translate for her," John suggested and Lexi sat up, nodding excitedly as Sherlock frowned and pulled a face, shaking his head quick.

"What no!" Sherlock protested and Lexi frowned at him. Yes, they were dating now but that did not mean he was required to take care of her while she was sick or act as her translator. He was caring for her by staying away from her so he wouldn't also get sick and he wasn't working any important cases without her. He didn't need to get the flu too. "Absolutely not," Sherlock added as Lexi pouted at him before she got up and walked over to him, perching beside him on the arm of his chair. "Woman please remove yourself and your pathogens from my general vicinity," Sherlock told her as he made a shooing gesture and Lexi rolled her eyes at him before she leaned over and pressed a kiss to the top of his head before giving him a pointed look. Sherlock sighed heavily and reached up, picking up a few strands of her hair and rubbing them between the pads of his fingers before he brushed a loose strand of her hair behind her ear and she smiled at him. "Fine," Sherlock finally relented before he pulled Lexi down onto his lap. She let out a breathless sound which both boys realized was a laugh and she cuddled up to him, snuggling her head under his chest. "Woman please attempt to control yourself. You are currently cultivating pathogens and I would rather not get ill," Sherlock told her, pulling back away from her and frowning and Lexi made a huffing sound a blew a lock of hair out of her face in frustration. Sherlock sighed again before he kissed the side of her head and pulled her closer to him, letting her get comfortable. She hadn't been sleeping well and had been feeling miserable so he indulged her.

Over the next few days Sherlock became Lexi's personal translator. John also somehow managed to disappear whenever Lexi needed something which meant that Sherlock was forced to take care of her. He didn't actually mind that much but he grumbled about it outwardly so that no one would get the impression that he actually was fine with it. Mrs. Hudson was staying downstairs on John's orders so that she didn't catch the flu and Sherlock was quite sure that his brother was hiding away somewhere so he wouldn't have to deal with Lexi. Right now they were both on the couch and Lexi was lying with her head in his lap, her hair spread out over his knees. Sherlock was absentmindedly running his fingers through it as he attempted to read his book. Lexi made a little sighing noise for the fifth time in the last several minutes and Sherlock looked up from his book and over at her. She was pouting and looking up at him with tired, slightly glazed eyes.

'Sherlock,' Lexi whined as she looked up at him and Sherlock closed his book, sighing as he placed it to the side.

"What?" Sherlock asked her softly and she whimpered slightly before she lifted her head and snuggled up to him, crawling up into his lap further.

'Bored,' Lexi complained as Sherlock adjusted the both of them to accommodate for the fact that he had a fully grown woman crawled up in her lap. She cuddled up against his chest and Sherlock made a grumbling noise as she tucked her head under his chin and sniffled a bit.

"What would you like me to do about that?" Sherlock inquired as Lexi reached up and started carding her fingers through her hair. Sherlock could tell that she was slightly delirious from lack of sleep. She was smiling at him as she looked at him, just studying his face.

'Case!' Lexi told him excitedly as she suddenly cupped his cheeks.

"No. John said no cases until you could at least talk again. Your vocal cords are swollen and you need to rest," Sherlock told her and she huffed, rolling her eyes at him and Sherlock thought she looked adorable when she pouted at him.

'Please,' She pleaded with him as she leaned forward and got closer to him. 'Just a small case. Please. I'm so bored,' Lexi pleaded with him and Sherlock was having troubles thinking with her so close to him. He sighed deeply as Lexi watched him expectantly with a pleading look. On the one hand John had specifically ordered him to not let Lexi out on any cases until she got better. On the other hand, Lexi was feeling well enough that she wanted to go out on a case. He had just gotten a small case from Lestrade. It would mostly involve them looking into case notes and inferring from those who the killer was. What would the difference be from her sitting around the flat or sitting around an office at Scotland Yard? John was out with one of his girlfriend's now. He could bundle her up well and they could go.

"One case," Sherlock finally agreed and Lexi perked up, leaning forward and kissing him on the cheek. Sherlock made a face before pulling her back. "Woman," He reminded her and she huffed, rolling her eyes at him. She wasn't taking the no affection rule well. "Go and put one of my shirts on under one of John's jumpers," Sherlock ordered her and she bounced up off of his lap, flitting of to their bed room.

He could hear her rummaging around in their room as he pulled himself off of the couch and sent a quick text off to Lestrade to let him know that they were headed over before he went to Lexi's room and went to her closet. He found a hat on her shelf along with a pair of thick woollen mittens before he returned to the living room. Lexi bounded out to him a minute later and she coughed slightly into her arm before looking up at him happily. She had one of his blue button ups on under John's oatmeal jumper which was very large on her. She was also wearing her sweatpants from earlier and he helped her into her boots, making sure she was wearing her thick pair of socks. He dropped the hat on her head and bundled her into her coat before he tied her scarf securely around her neck and helping her get her stiff hands into her mittens. She sent him a look once she was completely bundled up as if to ask him if he was sufficiently happy and he sent her a pointed look before he put his own coat and scarf on. He took her hand in his before leading her down the stairs carefully. They got a taxi off to Scotland Yard and Sherlock was constantly flicking his gaze over to her whenever she sniffled or made a slight cough. He paid the cabbie who kept sending her looks on the ride over and he led her up to the Yard where Donovan and Anderson were sitting around doing nothing as always.

"Oh look, the freaks are here," Donovan said as soon as she saw the both of them and she and Anderson sneered at them with contempt.

'Oh look, the idiots are here,' Lexi scoffed with some arm gestures thrown in and Sherlock coughed out a chuckle as she just snorted at them which was a bad move as it sent her into a coughing fit. Sherlock soothed her by rubbing her back.

"What's wrong with the freak?" Donovan asked him as Anderson made a disgusted face.

"Ugh, she's all…," Anderson said gesturing to her as Sherlock handed her a tissue and she blew her nose. She gave him a grateful look as she pointedly disposed of her pathogen filled snot rag in Anderson's rubbish bin. He pulled another face.

'He is fifteen kinds of stupid. It's obvious I'm sick,' Lexi said as she coughed again before Sherlock tucked her into his side. Maybe this was a bad idea.

"Why is she doing that?" Donovan asked in reference to the facial expressions and arm gestures she was making.

"She's talking…obviously," Sherlock sneered at Donovan as the woman narrowed her eyes at the both of them.

"I don't hear anything," Anderson said and Sherlock sighed in exasperation.

"She currently has the flu. Her vocal cords are so swollen she is unable to speak. Therefore she is talking through micro facial expressions. I wouldn't expect you to be able to understand her," Sherlock told Anderson as Lexi coughed slightly again and Sherlock reached into the pocket of his coat and pulled out a Strepsil which he handed over to her. She smiled up at him as she popped it into her mouth and then sighed slightly.

'Can we go find Lestrade?' Lexi asked him and Sherlock nodded at her as Donovan and Anderson watched her like she was a mad woman.

"Yes," Sherlock answered her.

"You can understand her?" Anderson asked Sherlock in confusion and Sherlock raised his eyebrow.

"Of course Anderson. Don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ's of everyone in the vicinity," Sherlock insulted him before he led Lexi off to Lestrade's office. She let go of his hand and bounded in in front of him just as the D.I. was about to take a drink of his coffee.

'Greg!' Lexi shouted, well shouted through facial expressions, as she threw her arms in the air excitedly. Lestrade jumped at the sudden appearance of the Irish detective and sloshed some coffee on himself.

"Shit, Lexi…," Lestrade swore as he mopped up the coffee spill with a few old napkins.

'Greg! Case! Now! Bored!' Lexi said very quickly as she moved around his desk and sat on the edge of it as she leaned in closer towards the man. Sherlock smirked at her persistence as he walked further into the room.

"Um Sherlock, what is she doing?" Lestrade asked him as he watched Lexi worriedly. She was making more arm gestures and all Sherlock could translate right now from her rapid facial expressions and gestures was "Case!" and "Bored!"

"She's attempting to communicate with you," Sherlock told him before he went over to Lexi. "Woman, calm down," Sherlock scolded her and Lexi huffed as she took a deep breath and stopped pestering Lestrade. "I told her we could solve a case but only a small one," Sherlock told Lestrade as she kicked her legs back and forth.

"I see she caught that flu that's going around. Shouldn't she be at the flat? I would have thought that John would have confined her to the couch," Lestrade said as he shot Sherlock a knowing look.

"She's feeling much better, but unfortunately she still can't talk," Sherlock told him as he made a face and Lexi smirked at him.

'Hardy har har, like you don't like the quiet,' Lexi told him and Sherlock sent her a pointed look.

"As if it is ever quiet, even when you can't talk," Sherlock remarked as Lestrade watched their odd one side conversation.

'Ha but you love me,' Lexi said and she grinned up at him.

"I do," He told her with a nod before he turned to Lestrade. "Do you still have that case for us?" He asked the D.I. who was smiling at them slightly.

"Er yeah actually," Lestrade said as he turned around and picked up a case file. "Homicide, we've not got very many leads on it. Maybe you two can come up with something," Lestrade told them and Sherlock was handed the case file before Lexi jumped off of Lestrade's desk and grabbed Sherlock's hand, pulling him with her to her office. They did end up solving the case within a few hours, it was the victim's sister's brother, and then they had returned to the flat…after John had already gotten home. The army doctor was sitting in his chair with the lights out so when they snuck in quietly so as not to wake up Mrs. Hudson downstairs they nearly got a heart attack when he jumped up and flicked the lights on. He had yelled at the both of them, but mostly at Sherlock for taking Lexi out of the house before he realized that Lexi was just as bad and then he force bundled her up in several thick blankets and made her drink copious amounts of tea as he confined her to the couch.

Several more days passed and Lexi started to gain the ability to speak back at first. First it was only the ability to make a slightly scratchy and rough sounding chuckle which made her dissolve into a coughing fit. Then she managed to make out a few little sounds and then, nearly two weeks after she first got the flu she managed to get his name out. He had looked up at her and grinned as she came into the living room and handed him a mug of tea before she curled up into his lap and tucked her head under her chin.

"I'm glad you're feeling better," Sherlock told the Irish detective who was coughing less and also able to say a few words now.

"So am I," Lexi told him in a scratchy, almost whisper and Sherlcok hummed, a sound which vibrated lowly in his chest.

"Now, what do you think will be an adequate enough fee?" Sherlock mused as he took a sip of the tea Lexi had made him as she had insisted on doing small activities again now that she was feeling better.

"Fee?' Lexi asked him, raising her eyebrow as she pulled back to look at him and Sherlock hummed as he set his tea mug down on the table by his chair and pulled his Irish detective closer to him.

"Yes, I think I quite deserve something for acting as your telegram," Sherlock told her and Lexi snorted at him, raising her eyebrow higher.

"And what do you think you are going to be getting?" Lexi rasped out and Sherlock smirked at her, tilting his head to the side as he made like he was thinking about it.

"Oh, this will do," Sherlock told her before he leaned down and captured her lips with his own, kissing her deeply for the first time in two weeks. It went on for quite some time, Sherlock making a bold move and asking for entrance into Lexi's mouth before their tongues battled for dominance. Sherlock won and Lexi sighed in contentment before they were forced to break apart.

"Maybe I should have taken that sign language class," Lexi said as she giggled breathlessly, falling against his chest as he held her tightly to him.

"You'll do no such thing," Sherlock told her. "I quite like this method of communication. Besides, I get to claim my reward afterwards," Sherlock told her before he pulled her in for another long and just as passionate kiss. Now that she was feeling better they could go and work on that case for Lestrade. He might have to see about finding a harpoon though. Oh well, he was thoroughly occupied for the present.