Her fingers hurt, her arms hurt and she was exhausted. Her fingers, because the string cut into them, her arms because pulling back heavy weight over and over has to take a toll, and she was exhausted because she hadn't slept in what left like years.

Myth ignored the small details. She drew back the string on her massive bow with a nocked arrow. Her sharp eyes caught a slight movement to the left of her and she shot. Myth cursed, as she drew her last arrow from her quiver. Her eyelids felt like boulders and her body begged for sleep.

I should've slept when Halt offered to watch. Myth grumbled. Little did I know that it would be my last chance for several days.

Getting an idea, Myth sank to her knees, dropping her bow. Her fingers curled around the long knife hidden in the depths of her green cloak.

Behind her, something roared and jumped. Seconds before it's sharp craws could dig into her body, Myth whirled around and sunk her knife hilt deep into it's furry skin. A strangled noise came from the thing's throat before it died, the knife the only thing holding it up.

With the last of Myth's strength, she pushed the bear like thing to her right, ripping the knife out. She flicked it repeatedly to get the dark blood off. No way was she going to wipe the blood on her clothes. Instead she used a near by leaf.

"If your last shot missed, it defiantly mean's your at your limit." drawled a blood-chilling voice somewhere around Myth.

"Morgarath," she gasped, throat yearning for water, "I've killed your last Wargals, and I've saved one last arrow for your empty heart." Morgarath chuckled darkly.

"Oh, you've killed my last Wargal in this area. There a thousands and still counting in my apparently new home. Oh yes, and as if you could have the heart to kill me, your best friend." he drawled.

"The Morgarath I know isn't like this! He was a good person!" Myth shouted, almost crying. Her fingers tilled her bow to the white blonde, one arrow ready to go. However, as he said, Myth couldn't kill him.

"I'm sad to say you'll have to get your facts right. That Morgarath never existed." he chuckled again, walking slowly to the shaking mess. Tears were streaming down Myth's face.

"Why?" she choked out, her lungs gasping for oxygen.

"You could've found out Myth." Morgarath sighed as he crouched down, the tip of the arrow almost touching his eye. "But your sense of adventure blocked these side paths, aiming for the most exciting future. I'm afraid to say that you brought this on you." Silence, except for Myth's gasps for air, clung to them. Finally the bow and arrow fell out of Myth's hands and barely made any sound as they hit the damp forest floor. Myth curled her fingers into fists and tried to wipe the never ending tears away. Morgarath smirked, and began to stroll around the crying wreak.

"What can you do now Myth? When your heart won't obey your brain?" he laughed in glee. "How will you face Halt knowing that you couldn't kill the kingdom's newest threat?"

Morgarath continued the physiological torture for several minutes until Myth fell asleep in despair. He turned to numerous presences hiding near by.

"Do what I told you. And make sure she dies."


"...I don't even know why I let her in." scoffed someone in Myth's hearing range. I'm was alive, she gleefully thought, but who was that?

"Yeah, how she got her silver oak leaf is beyond me." Aang? No, that was Mich. Who are they talking about?

"I can believe I thought Myth was a good student!" Myth silently gasped, and sat up right. Nonononono! How could Kathy, her female teacher, say that!

"Morgarath was right there, I tell you, and she had the guts to let him go!" snapped Aang, and Myth felt her tear ducts about to release again.

"What do you think Halt?" Crowly asked Myth's friend. She could hope...

"I wish she died!" he growled, using the voice he only reserved for idiots and enemies. Myth tried to cry as silently as she could to not warn them that she was awake. Sounds of approvement came from the other Rangers.

"Let's go back to the castle, I don't want to be in the same house as HER." Mich suggested and five chairs were pushed back along with the front door swinging open.

Myth was left to her dark thoughts. Her tears never seemed to want to end, and she clutched at her silver oak leaf.

"Halt..." she whispered before gathering her stuff; two knives, her bow, quiver and 24 arrows. Myth debated on wether she should leave the leaf on the pillow, but finally didn't follow through. If she was going to die, she was going to die with it.

Outside the wooden hut, Myth stumbled her way to the attached stables. Her own horse, Bliss, watched her with tired eyes.

"Hey girl," Myth cooed. "I guess this will be the last time I'll be seeing you." She gave her partner a hug and stepped away. Myth took the long knife - the one she killed the other Wargal with - out from it's sheath on her waist.

It was a pretty big decision to kill your self. Inflict pain on your self so great you would die. Myth always thought she would die from old age or on the front lines, never by her own hand. However, the events that had happened the last few hours drove that knife deep into her stomach. Pain- oh god it HURTS! Myth hissed and gasped. Far away, she could see a short green figure running towards her. When she hit the ground, it ran faster. Behind Myth, Bliss released was exactly her master was doing and began to yank on her rope.

Her vision went in and out of focus. There was blood all over her fingers and on her cloak. Halt was almost at her.

"Myth!" he panicked, banishing the last few metres between them. "What are you doing?!"

"You... Got your wish..." Myth gasped, and drew in her last few breaths.

"No! I didn't wish for you to die! I wish for us to be together! Please Myth, stay with me!" he begged, debating wether he should pull out the knife.

Too late.

Myth's lungs stopped. Her heart feebly slowed to a stop. Salty tears splashed her face as Halt cried as his only childhood friend died.