"Mayumi!" Yori whined at a mound of quilts. The lump granted in reply. "Get up, we have to go shopping!" the white haired girl that was the source of Yori's anger pushed the top of her body up, rubbing one eye with her left hand and her right arm stretching.

"Uh?" she yawned intelligently, edging to go back under cover.

"Remember what I said last night?" Yori snapped irritably. "About we need to go for clothes shopping? You've out grown your clothes, so we're going to get some more. You can goggle at that bow you've been eyeing for ages."

Immedently Mayumi was dressed, had breakfast and was waiting for her mother by the door. Yori sighed, and shook her head, wondering what her daughter's fascination was caused by. Mayumi was elastic today simply because she had enough to buy the bow AND buy some personalized arrows she was used to. No way was she going to use the wussy arrows premade for wimpy kiddies.

The family of two passed the weapons shop and Mayumi released her mother's hand. Bouncing over, she surprised many by actually going into the shop, not just staring at the massive bow. Inside was a towering grey muscled man, squishing the tiny tiny seat he was currently on. In his hands was a magazine which he snapped shut hearing the door bell ring.

"Your the one who keeps staring at my Nyachi bow." his voice was deep and booming. However, Mayumi had heard worse as Myth.

"Uh-huh." Mayumi nodded, here neck having a work out as the man - probably Kitamura or something - stood up and towered over the white haired girl.

"Shrio-brat," rough voice grating in her ears. "You do realize that you either need to be a ninja or have a qualified pass to even buy from here?" by the deflated look on her face, she did not.

"How old are you brat?" Kitamura growled.

"Seven..." Mayumi answered suspiciously.

"If you beg your mother you can still become a ninja." Kitamura glaced outside to where Mayumi's mother was chatting with friends from work. In a flash Mayumi was latching onto her mother, a cloud of dust in her wake.

"Mum!" Mayumi asked eagerly, tugging her shirt. "Can I be a ninja?" Yori was surprised by the sudden request and didn't answer for a few seconds.

"Uh, yeah, okay, I'll sign you up once we finish shopping."

"But you take forever to shop in one place!" Mayumi whined, pouting.

"How about we do it during lunch?" Yori bargained.

"Okay!" Mayumi grinned and began to drag Yori through the crowds of people. Yori managed to wave goodbye to her friends before she was swallowed by the busy traffic.

"Hello, are you here to sign up your child to become a ninja?" the bored black haired shinobi blandly repeated the old sentence to Yori.

"Yes, thank you." Yori kindly said.

"Name of child?" he pulled out another sheet.

"Niro Mayumi." The man looked up sharply, obliviously recognizing the last name.




"82 Gohame street."

"Proof?" Luckily Yori had picked up Mayumi's birth forms from their house before coming over to the academy. She handed them over. After a few minutes of him checking if they were correct, the man announced that Mayumi was to arrive at the academy on the 26th of January at 9:00 at the latest, and to bring nothing.

Fortunately for Mayumi, it was only two weeks later.

The haunted house Mayumi regularly visited used to be the most visited shop Yori's friend owned. It shut down because there were rumours that it was a favourite place for a ghost. Little did Yori's friend know, it was the fact Mayumi in the simple white dress as she drifted around the shop scared a lot of customers.

Mayumi noticed this, but she was glad the shop closed – Yori's friend secretly was manipulating her and other women.

Once evacuated, the house was neglected from repairs until it gained that spooky, scary face. Mayumi ignored this and continued to frequently appear in the house. She loved the room that had the elegant doorhandle, because this was were the first person thought Mayumi was a ghost. As a ghost, it was important to have that blank, deathly pale face. Every Halloween, she squirted fake blood all over her, and had a lovely time scaring anyone who dared to step into Mayumi's self-appointed room (and, for a good measure, Mayumi pored fake blood over random spots all over the house). Because of the time she spent at the 'haunted' house, Mayumi's face always seemed to fall into the blank scary face whenever she wore white, even if it was just a little bit. Currently, Mayumi was wearing a white shirt and black pants, no matter how much Yori complained that it was not fashionable enough. However, nothing could stop the brilliant smile on her face as she waited for her new sensei to appear and start class.

All around Mayumi children of all ages chatted, laughed and giggled with each other. Whether it was making new friends, catching up with old ones or simply enjoying each other's presences, it was clear they were all excited to become a ninja. Mayumi knew nobody wanted to approach her. Combine light and bright grey hair that you could just call white with ruby eyes and boom, you have an outcast. Myth was an outgoing, happy-go-lucky child who had a sadistic streak and loved friends. However since a friend's betrayal, Myth had transformed into Mayumi; an almost cold, not-caring and three sadistic streaks. Children, normally happy-go-lucky, hated people like this and acted like two negative magnetics towards people like Mayumi. Mayumi was lucky she did not like friends unless they were extremely close to your heart. Even if Halt wished she was dead (not so sure about if that wish came true...) Mayumi knew the importance of having a good, close friend who would understand you in every way.

The door, who had long ago closed since all students had arrived early because it was the first day, opened once more. Mayumi checked her watch Yori had bought for her birthday several years ago and became somewhat attached. It was nine o'clock, the time for school to start. An older man, Konoha's Hitai-ate

"Akimichi Choza."


"Choza, don't eat in class. Hatake Kakashi."


"Inuzuka Tsume."

"Might Gai."

"YOSH! I am here!"

"Morino Ibiki."


"Nara Shikaku."


"Shikaku, don't you dare fall asleep. Niro Mayumi."


"Nohara Rin."


"Sarutobi Asuma."


"Yamanaka Inoichi."


"Yuhi Kurenai."


"Uchiha Obito."

When sensei was answered by silence, his eye brows shot up. Shrugging, he wrote on the clipboard, but before he could talk anymore, the door slammed open. Mayumi swore the door jumped out of it's hinges. Holding the frame was a black haired boy with blue and orange outlines shirt and pants with the Uchiha crest sown on the back. When he stood up, everyone could see the orange tinted grey goggles he had on.

"Sorry sensei! An old lady dropped her goggles and I couldn't pass around her." the Uchiha explained, still panting with one eye closed. Hatake, if Mayumi remembered correctly, glared at the late comer.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." sensei yawned. "Get to your seat. I'm Nara Shikajima." Mayumi glanced at the student sleeping, but the only thing that clearly pointed out that they were relatives was the sleepiness etched into the face and the black hair put into a pineapple shape.

The seats had always been and will all ways will be, three long desks in rows of four, each seating three. Shikajima sensei's desk was full on, with drawers and a bin underneath. Currently sensei had told the class that their timetables were up on his desk and they were free to find their's during lunch or after school.

This sensei is really lazy. Mayumi grumbled under her breath as Shikajima-sensei took another yawn. I'm probably going to hate this class