The Battle Of Korhal: Part One

"Fire." Needa said casually, watching from his windows as the strange hammerhead ships began to open fire themselves.

Streaks of red light flew through the vacuum of space, striking his ship with dozens of different impacts, smashing his shields with surprising force. The lasers these new ships were using seemed primitive from their scanners, but appeared to be slightly stronger than projections. They weren't using gas-based delivery systems and instead were built for direct laser projection, but the laser focus must have been superior to the type used by imperial ships.

Captain Needa found that interesting: A new bounty of this system, one that could perhaps be put to better use later, in the imperial arsenal.

Looking towards the enemy ship closest to his own, he watched with an impassive look as the ship was struck dozens of times with turbolaser fire, the shield-less ship taking the force less than gently. several of these ships were able to fire dozens of different laser batteries at his ships with minimal success.

The Avenger was firing hundreds, and as the green streaks of turbolaser fire burnt the front of the nearest battlecruiser to an orange molten mush, punctuated by the ion cannons draining what power was left in the battlecruiser, and Needa permitted himself a small smile. The Avenger had already gained it's first kill, and it's shields were still at half power on the worst fronts. It seemed these primitive natives would be wiped out in no-

"Captain Needa!" A panicked voice yelled, and Needa jumped a little. Rather than asking the officer what the trouble was, Needa simply looked out of his viewscreen.

one of the other enemy ships had used the wreckage of Needa's now-slagged target to move into firing range, and build up what appeared to be a red mass of energy as wide as the front of the ship it was focused in front of.

Needa's Technical officer was yelling about the focused power of the energy being a nuclear reaction beyond any scale they had ever seen before, but Needa didn't need the technical specifics to know what he needed to do in this situation. "Bring the ship around to left flank! Our shields there are still at full strength! We can withstand this!"

Needa took a breath, reasoning that such a powerful weapon couldn't be brought about so quickly, and closed his eyes.

Needa was fortunate, for he never saw the red Beam of energy coming towards the Avenger, nor did he see it cut through the shields with minimal resistance and tear the ship in half from stem to stern. Instead, Captain Needa was merely vaporized in the massive fireball caused by the destruction of the Avenger's reactor , his last thought that no crew of primitives could possibly touch the Avenger with him in command.

"It appears the Avenger has been lost. Fool… Needa simply tried to push through the enemy with no respect for their skill." Blitzar Harrsk said with a scowl. "Launch the TIE's. Let's soften up our opponent before we fight them ourselves."

Blitzar watched the sensor data of the fight, noticing the red blips indicating the Ships the foreigners were using appear and then disappear after some time. Each star destroyer in Death squadron other than his own were finding two or three opponents for themselves, with the force of twelve Vader had amassed under his command finding themselves outnumbered. It appeared these people were not to be underestimated - as he assumed Needa had undoubtedly done.

He watched the ties launch from his fighter bays - joined by many from his fellow Star destroyers as the space between their ships were filled with black and grey gnats, flitting out from under his ship - and watched them break off into squadrons, squadrons of tie fighters flying in formation to cover the flanks of the bombers. Harrsk watched as the ties flew close to the enemy ship, bays of it's own opening from the sides of the hammerhead.

Harrsk was confused by what he saw, however.

"What do the scanners say is located in their hangar area?"
"Some personnel, what appears to be a few inactive transport ships, and some miscellaneous supplies. Nothing else, sir."

So his eyes hadn't deceived him - at least, any more than the scanners might. They appeared to have nothing in these open hangars… This wasn't correct. Harrsk knew better than to assume this was simply a useless move on the parts of his opponent.

Harrsk found himself proven right a few seconds later, as three TIE fighters suddenly exploded, as though they had spontaneously combusted.

"What's happening!" Harrsk said with impatience.

"Scanners are picking up the remains of missile components.

Cloaked missiles, launched from the Hangar directly?

A second pair of explosions followed the first, and this time Harrsk started to realize what was going on, as a pair of missiles seemed to simply appear behind a TIE bomber and encapsulate it in a huge explosion.

"Are scans getting anything?" Harrsk asked.

"Nothing, sir… If this is cloaking technology, we don't have the sensor suites to deal with it.

Fighters, cloaked fighters, Harrsk realized. That would be the only reason the missiles would be visible at all - This cloaking technology was too advanced to pass it off as simply insufficient power for a cloaked missile.

He could feel the rocking of his ship as several of those missiles now struck the back of the Fist of Ithmar's shield arrays, and he knew he needed to work out a counter-measure before he lost his ship to an explosion of it's own Hypermatter from a stray missile to the engines.

Private Tom Kazansky flipped a pair of switches as he felt his cloaking shut off. his squad leader had given the signal to turn off cloaking to conserve power as they engaged a separate squadron of TIE's, and not a moment too soon, as his cloaking energy dipped dangerously low. Unlike the rest of the squadron, Kazansky had to make do with an older wraith model, equipped with one of the delphic reactors rather than the newer apollo-class.

"What I get for saving the dominion from certain doom, I guess." Kazansky thought. Originally the touted "best pilot in the galaxy" by his peers, and one of a very small percent of pilots who could claim to be able to go head-to-head with a protoss fighter and win, Kazansky had followed his commanding officer's orders to help the Protoss destroy a zerg cerebrate controlled by the terrorist Alan Schezar.

After forging an alliance, they managed to stop a zerg threat from one of the dominion's foremost terrorists from becoming the new power in the galaxy, using things like an unkillable ultralisk measuring fifty feet tall and able to break a garrison of thousands like it was coffee paper, and a Cerebrate brood supplemented with terran armor for back-up.

His reward for that was demotion due to going against orders, being the only private ranked Wraith pilot in the Terran dominion. The only reason Kazansky was alive - outside of his own marketed image - was Mengsk's worry of angering the protoss by executing him. Tom found it unlikely that Mojo, the protoss leader he'd allied with, would order a purification over just him, but Mengsk was apparently unwilling to take that risk.

Unless, of course, he could write it off as Tom dying in the heat of combat, using an outdated wraith model. Something that wouldn't remotely be Mengsk's fault.


Tom decided to stop thinking about that, however, and start thinking about the Eyeball-shaped fighters ahead of his wraith. The Squadron came around and fired their silvery Gemini missiles as fast as they dared, the weapons impacting and destroying the eyeball-ships with a brilliant explosion. More of them appeared behind them, however, and Tom brought his ship into a quick side-roll to dodge a barrage of Laser fire. One of his fellow pilots wasn't so lucky, and after a few strikes from green-tinged lasers the Wraith exploded in a brilliant display, it's fusion engine breaking in a cataclysmic explosion that pushed the wraiths next to it sideways from the shockwave.

"Evasive Maneuvers. Wait until the rest of the squadron catches up to our own." Kazansky heard through his radio-link, though it was difficult to hear his squad leader through the static that seemed to constantly be in the radio transmissions. Kazansky wondered if these bogeys weren't jamming their communications. Either way, it was a good excuse to break off from orders and save these boys.

Moving to the right, Kazansky rolled his wraith down and underneath the rest of the ships, engaging his cloak for only a second as he did so, while slowing down his engines to a quarter speed.

Kazansky continued the roll until his wraith was oriented right-side up, bringing himself right behind the eyeball-ships tailing his squadron.


Kazansky wasted no time, firing one gemini missile as he came up before firing the second while banking, taking out two fighters in the span of less than a second. He opted to use a trio of belly-mounted burst lasers to take out the third, fourth and fifth fighters, and worked his way towards the middle of the fighter formation before the rest could react.

The middle fighter appeared to be of a bulkier design, with a design similar to the bomber-craft that had unsuccessfully attempted to push past the Wraith lines and destroy the enemy battlecruisers, but with an additional wing on it's top. Before Tom could get to it, the ship fired a flurry of homing missiles straight for a pair of wraiths - including his squadron leader.

The wraith's shields failed under the barrage, and the craft were destroyed in brilliant fireballs. Kazansky allowed himself a fraction of a second to feel sadness for the loss of two more pilots he'd just started to like, before redirecting his focus to dealing with their killer. A full barrage of his belly-mounted burst laser and a pair of missiles proved more than enough to destroy the fat eyeball ship.

As the rest of the enemy fighter squadron veered off, his last shots going between the wings of the tiny craft, Kazansky realized the squad just lost their 2 commanding officers in a time where radio communication was too spotty to get a clear signal from their battlecruiser.

"As our captain and lieutenant died, I feel it's my responsibility to…"

No. Not him. "Shut it Dunsil. We both know you can't do shit."

"My rank outstrips yours, Kazansky. And if we…"

"My experience outstrips yours, Dunsil. And we've got fighters on our tail no matter where we turn. Now, you wanna win this thing and get out alive, or do you wanna die on your own complaining about rank? Because we both know you've never commanded, and I'm not flying to me death.."

The Radio was silent, and Tom Kazansky knew he had just gotten his way.

Vader watched the battle from space, the Executor firing barrages constantly on Ozzel's mark. The admiral had been getting on his nerves, and more than once Vader had considered ridding the empire of his stupidity in a very final way, but even he would have no difficulties directing this battle, as the Executor fired constant barrages of turbolaser fire, melting enemy ships to slag in as little as seconds with their thousands of laser batteries. He was impressed, however, with the native's resistance.

This battle had begun with only ten battlecruisers in orbit, but Mengsk had apparently not been lying about the Dominion's battlecruiser supply. Dozens of them had appeared since their conversation, and even now the Avenger had now fallen to the might of these strange nuclear cannons. It appeared divergent technological development had allowed for many exotic technologies to appear in this region of space.

"There seem to be no end to these ships. six more entering the system from lightspeed at mark 1D45J.

"That's fine. Why do we care if they bring in more ships? We'll simply continue destroying them just as quickly?" Ozzel said confidently, the smile on his face one which Vader rarely saw a man of intelligence or dignity ever use. How appropriate that he saw it on Ozzel's face so often.

""And they'll continue cutting into the fleet with their unknown numbers. Don't be a fool, Ozzel." Vader cut across him. "We will end this battle quickly. The fleet should have their carriers ready by now. Launch them to Korhal. We will end this ridiculous battle with the capture of their capital and leader, using the might of the imperial army, ."

Ozzel shook his head with an arrogant expression. "Lord Vader, there is no need to waste valuable stormtrooper's lives on this battle. We have-"

"The Ithmar's fist and the Stalker are showing damage, and the Avenger has been destroyed. Spare me your useless opinions, Ozzel. It has been decided. We will crush them with the military might of the imperial army. I will take to subjugating their emperor... personally. "

Captain Bolshev scratched his chin, the only concession he would make to his own stress levels reaching high levels. His battlecruiser, the CSF, now DSF Ragnarok, had survived the fall of the Confederacy, and had been involved in several skirmishes with the zerg and the now-ruling sons of korhal across the sector. Bolshev was considered an ideal captain, and had gained numerous honors, even after joining the Dominion fleet, though his promotions through the ranks had slowed due to his rivalry with the slimy but higher-ranking Colonel Jackson Hauler causing a large amount of political backlash.

Still, Bolshev had never seen the fleet so totally and utterly incapable of fighting back before. These star destroyers were not invincible, but they were bristling with weapons and able to tear through any ship they caught unawares like so much paper. Already, three dozen Behemoth-class battlecruisers had fallen to imperial ships.

This was not the only factor impacting their performance, of course. One of their ships - identified only a minute ago by one of Bolshev's tactical officers - seemed to be sending out signals that jammed all communication.

In a different battle, the nine ships that had been arrayed against them would have been a much fairer match, but their co-ordination allowed them to guard weakened ships from combat and allow them to recover their strange shielding. Meanwhile, the battlecruisers arrayed against them had to play a guessing game as to what course of action to take, unable to adequately support their fellow ships or the Wraith squadrons they launched.

Communication could only take place at extremely short distances, and any battlecruisers that attempted to gain this sort of distance between each other were quickly focused upon by the enemy ships, the wedge-like destroyers capable of destroying battlecruisers caught in their path with High-level laser systems like nothing the Terrans had ever seen before.

"Bearing on my mark, Zed-Two, Quadrant Five." Bolshev ordered, hoping to get closer to the ship disrupting communications. Far too split off from the rest of the fleet, and hounded by the strange grey bomber-craft that were weak compared to a wraith fighter but as numerous as flies, Bolshev couldn't hope on getting close enough for active communication.

Unlike the other Behemoth-class battlecruisers that he noted were moving to engage the nearest capital vessels near Korhal, Bolshev had been busying himself attempting to disperse their fighters, an action to allow his fellow ships to concentrate on the larger ships., along with the Wraith squadrons already launched and focused on the task, the Ragnarok had cut the swarm of the bat-winged fighters to manageable levels. Already, the ties that had once swarmed around the battlecruisers like angry bees had shrunk to a noticeable fraction of their former size.

"Mark!" Bolshev yelled, and held onto one of the beams in his ship.

Making such a short-distance warp jump was difficult on the engines, and Ragnarok was already over-taxed, but Bolshev had managed to appear just in front of and under the communications ship.

Bolshev's anti-grav boots held him down more than the railing, but Bolshev had never fully gotten used to the crushing, sucking feeling Warp drive always caused for a human body, and ever since he had accidentally given himself a concussion from a bad slip during a warp jump, he'd made damned sure to use the guard-rail.

the battle almost seemed to stop in place for a brief second, lasers and missiles stopping in place, before the ship seemed to be bathed in blue light for a moment, the movement through space so fast Bolshev's eyes were simply incapable of accurately processing any information given of the Faster-than-light particles surrounding him.

Then, as quickly as it had begun, the warp jump was finished, and Bolshev found his ship to be located just below the imperial armada.

What he saw made him freeze.

The Wedge-ships, including the large wedge ship in the center, had just dropped a flotilla of smaller ships, appearing by design to be some form of troop carrier. Hundreds were dropping from the different craft, particularly the large middle-ship, and Bolshev knew that actually shooting all of them down would be impossible.

They intended to attack Korhal from the ground, and with the communications so thoroughly jammed Bolshev wouldn't be capable of sending out a warning.

Blast! Part of Bolshev cursed how reliant they'd become on communications technology now so thoroughly jammed. If only…

An idea sparked in Bolshev's mind. Sending complex messages without any communicator was useless, but sending a simple signal…

"Helmsman, set a course for Zed-four, quadrant three. Set all but the rearmost cannons to work on destroying some of those troop carriers.

"Yes, Captain." His helmsman agreed without questioning, as Bolshev knew he would. they always respected his planning, and years of camaraderie and work together had rid his crew of the questioning glances they often gave him in his earlier years. The Ragnarok was the only battlecruiser in history that had operated without a single change in personnel in it's service time, and the crew trusted him and each other with their life.

"Set the rearmost cannons to fire a grouping of timed pulses upwards. we will alternate between standard discharge and firing a blast for thrice the normal length of time…"

Bolshev just hoped there were others in the fleet with a comprehension of morse code.

Closer to Korhal, in formation away from the fighting, the cybernetic construct Magellan stood aboard his science vessel and watched as the fighting continued to turn against the Terrans. While he would have preferred to increase the terran fleet's chances by bringing his own science vessel into the fray, creating forcefields to protect the battlecruisers and bringing his own electronic counter-measures to bear against the jamming being done by one of the enemy ships, Mengsk had ordered him to stay behind, in case he might need use of the science vessel's capability to protect him on Korhal.

Magellan would have sighed if he were a human. If that fleet continued to destroy dominion battlecruisers one after the other, Magellan's science vessel would do little to stop the enemy fleet of star destroyers from simply destroying Mengsk and the planet he lived on, even with his strongest force fields.

Magellan would have disobeyed in the name of the dominion, as he had before in order to dispatch Schezar, but Mengsk had added specific directives in his programming forbidding him from doing so since the Enslaver incident with Alan Schezar, occurring now a month ago. Despite the fact they were correct in their assumption regarding the fact that helping the protoss was the only way to stop Mengsk from having a new front of Zerg under a dangerous terrorist's control, Mengsk cared more about the fact that Magellan disobeyed his orders in the first place.

Of course, Magellan was working on circumventing the control, but it was difficult work, and Magellan doubted he could complete it in time for this battle was over, despite how simplistic the algorithms were to his cybernetic genius.

Magellan's scanners picked up odd emissions, and a low hum informed him of this fact. One of the battlecruisers was firing an irregular laser configuration, and at seemingly nothing. Magellan looked over the data, his enhanced brain processing thousands of different possibilities, only taking a couple seconds to realize the most likely conclusion.

Apparently, Captain Bolshev knew old earth Morse code - a feat unsurprising from the well-travelled man. He was signalling for assistance and communication, and Magellan's evaluation of the battle turned slightly in their favor.

Magellan was not worried the call would go entirely unanswered. As a matter of fact, he was certain help was already moving to Bolshev's side. The one infuriating curiosity of Magellan's life was that of all the people to surpass him in terms of understanding and quickly processing data, it wasn't a fellow scientist, visionary, or genius.

It was a messy-haired fighter pilot with no scientific background, understanding of the greater laws of the universe, or care for anything beyond the cockpit of his Wraith.

But in this instance - Magellan was glad he'd taught his friend morse code.

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