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The Beginning of an Adventure

The little light that was known as a ghost, hovered around the junkyard, searching for something. A blue light punctured the outer shell of the little construct and and out into the the world, shining like a beacon of hope, one of the last bits of light in this very dark galaxy.

The small metal construct had been searching for years to find its guardian, to bring back from the land of the dead, someone to join the ranks of other Guardians, to fight back the darkness, and save all of humanity.

Only this little Ghost had been searching for so very long and not found even a hint of the one it had been looking for, it has escaped the clutches of the Fallen, the hordes of the Hive (aliens) , and even a few crazed humans out in the wild.

The Ghost hated being away from the city alone, the last safe place on earth, yet it still went out searching for the one, hoping to stumble upon their early grave, to raise them after a hundred year slumber, using the technology developed by the illustrious mankind. All these thoughts raced the little machines AI brain as it scanned the junk yard hoping to find its guardian.

"Is it possible?" It suddenly asked as it's scanners picked up the signs of the one it was looking for. If you asked how it knew, it would probably say it didn't know, or the light of the Traveler, the one who created the ghosts and saved mankind from its darkest hour, showed it the way. None of this mattered to the little ghost at this moment, as it's small engines purred in delight, "there you are!" It exclaimed while producing a pulse of life-bringing light, raising its newfound companion.

The body raised from the ground in an almost zombie like fashion, the small bits of trash and dust fell from the newly risen guardian.

"Guardian? Eyes guardian." The body newly regenerated, looked up at the ghost. "Where am I?" The guardian asked, "you're in a cosmodrome, located in a country that used to be called Russia," the ghost replied, giddy with excitement for finally finding the one. The guardian looked around in confusion as the memories flooded back to her, "wh-what happened!" She choked out, staring at the skeletons and rusted cars that surrounded her, "you've been dead a long time so you're going to see a lot of things that will confuse you,)but I'll try my best answer your questions," the ghost stated, trying to calm her down.

"O-ok," she stuttered, "what happened?" She asked a little more confidently, "the collapse," the ghost replied a tone of sadness in its voice, "humanity was at its peak, great new technologies, amazing new ideals. Human lifespan had tripled, we set out to colonize new worlds, to explore new places, to boldly go where no man had gone before..." The ghost trailed off, "that's when the Darkness found sum striking out of nowhere, it's armies surrounded us. But we fought back the Darkness, we stuck down its armies, but our leader was mortally wounded and fell back, thousands of our warriors fell in the retreat, we abandoned our planets and fell back to Earth, we fell one by one. We won't last much longer..." The ghost once again trailed off as if thinking about something. "Yes we will," the guardian replied sternly, " we will not fall to the darkness, we will prevail."