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Chapter Thirteen

Ivy's POV

Elijah's warm brown eyes stared into Ivy's emerald green, emotions clouding his face but Ivy didn't care. He was here, and she was in his arms. And so, taking a deep breath, she didn't hesitate to do her next action

His lips were soft, warm and tender. At first, Elijah was shocked that had Ivy had pressed her lips to his, trying to get him to open up, but he soon recovered and began to kiss her back, their mouths duelling for the upper hand. The kiss was nothing that Ivy had ever felt before, not even with Fred, and it made her want more. His arms were supporting her and she wrapped her own around his shoulders, pulling him closer. But like all good things, it ended as soon as it started. They broke apart and he looked at her, staring straight at her face.

"Ivy, stop…as much as I want to, you cannot be here. The witch that lives-"

"Davina…" She murmured, leaning her forehead against his chin.

"You know her?" he asked, holding her close.

She nodded, pulling her head back to face him. "Yes...I had the pleasure of meeting her earlier tonight…a lot has changed since you've been gone. Klaus is most persistent when it comes to getting what he wants."

"That he is…you'll have to tell me all about it, but later I think." He murmured, pressing his lips to her forehead. She then noticed the grey ash colour of his skin and she stepped backwards, out of his embrace.

"Your skin…you're really-" She mumbled.

"It is the effect of being staked and then left in a box for a period of time. All I need is to feed and then I'll be fine." Elijah assured her. She looked at him in the eyes, now noticing a hungry look in his eyes and she couldn't help but to wonder was he hungry for blood, or her?

She sighed and then lifted her wrist, holding it out for him

Elijah frowned. "Ivy, I cannot ask you to do this…"

She shook her head. "You're not asking me. I'm offering it to you and considering we've already broken the personal boundaries already, considering I launched myself at you and then kissed you without your permission. You're not asking me…"

He grabbed her wrist, holding it gently, pulling it closer to his lips. "Are you sure? I am grateful that you are offering me this, but-"

She rolled her eyes, pushing her wrist closer. "Just take it…like I said, we kinda broke the barrier of it being personal the moment I kissed you."

He smirked, and then suddenly, pressed his lips to her wrist. His eyes then changed, turning from his warm brown to black, and then black veins leading up to his eyes. Then, suddenly, Ivy gasped as she felt the pain of his fangs pierce her flesh and then it was over. He looked better and healthier, and if it were possible, even more handsome. Perhaps that kiss was not the best idea, she thought to herself, but she knew that she didn't have any regrets.

He then placed his hand on her cheek, rubbing it softly and then dropped his hand. "Thank you…and as for the kiss, I'm sorry we didn't have more time. Now, allow me to heal the wound on your wrist."

She shook her head. "It's okay, I've got it."

She pulled her wand out, waving it over the bite marks on her wrist and it healed, the wound closing and the blood disappearing. She put her wand back in the inside pocket of her jacket and smiled up at Elijah.

"Remarkable…" Elijah whispered, and her breath hitched as they stared at each other. He stepped closer to her, but then looked up at stepped back, blurring away and she turned around, only to see the door open and Davina walking in.

Ivy gasped as dropped her hands and clasped them in front of her. She noticed that Davina held a broken violin in her hands and she wondered if it belonged to the boy that Davina liked.

"Davinia! Are you alright?" She asked softly.

Davina nodded as she placed the violin down on her dressing table. She looked around the room sadly and Ivy sighed. Davina then shook her head and started to walk towards the coffin.

Ivy noticed. "Wait Davina, I think-"

Davina whipped her head around and then gasped. Ivy turned her head to the side and saw that Elijah had emerged from his hiding spot.

"Hello Davina…I think it's time you and I had a little talk."


Hermione's POV

"We had a deal! You protect my unborn child, I dismantle Marcel's army. And whilst I've been busy fulfilling my part of the bargain, you allowed not only Hayley but Hermione as well, to be attacked and almost killed by a gaggle of lunatic witches." Klaus ranted, walking around the coffee table back at the house.

After having kidnapped Sophie from her restaurant, the pair, along with Hermione and Rebekah was in the lounge room at the Colonial house. He sat down next to Hermione, who was sitting in the middle of the couch, and Rebekah, who was standing near the edge of the couch. Sophie was sitting in one of the arm chairs across from her and while she wanted nothing better to do than sleep, as it was the early hours of the morning, she decided to stay, listening to Klaus rant about the incident in the bayou.

"I had nothing to do with it, I swear. Ivy, Hermione, Hayley and I are all linked remember? They die, I die…" Sophie remarked.

"Then who were they?" Rebekah asked.

"They are a faction of extremists. Sabine stupidly told them about some vision she had about the baby." Sophie told them. Hermione looked up and stared at Sophie. She knew full well what Sophie was on about; as she was there to witness Sabine have her vision. But Hermione kept her mouth closed, not alerting anyone that she knew about the vision.

"What kind of vision?" Klaus asked.

"She has them all the time. They're totally open to interpretation. I'm guessing she's wrong on this one." Sophie stated.

"Well, how, may I ask was this particular vision interpreted?" Klaus asked, leaning forward. He rested his elbow on Hermione's knee and she felt the tingling touch between the two. She then shook her head and scolded herself as it was not the time to be thinking of chemistry and romantic things.

"Pretty much that your baby would bring death to all witches. I don't know if that applies to Hermione and Ivy, but to the witches of the Bayou, it's no wonder that they took it seriously." Sophie told them.

"Ah, well, I grow fonder of the child by the second." Klaus smirked, looking to Hermione and Rebekah. Hermione frowned, taking the news in. Although Sophie had mentioned that the vision may not apply to her kind of witch, she couldn't help but feel worried about the news.

"Sophie, look." Rebekah began as she sat down on the couch next to Hermione. "I promised Elijah that I would protect the Mikaelson miracle baby, both Hermione and Ivy whilst he tries to win your witch, Davina's loyalty. So far, I have no clue as to where Ivy is except for the fact that she is in an attic and my dear brother assures me that she is safe in the hands of Davina and Elijah. So, why don't you tell me how extreme this faction is?"

Sophie gasped. "Elijah's talking to Davina? Ivy is with Davina?"

"What are you, a parrot? Yes, they are, as we speak I imagine." Rebekah spoke, leaning back into the couch.

Sophie nodded. "I'm guessing she'll have plenty to say about that crowd."

Klaus scoffed. "Do tell…"

Sophie sighed. "I wasn't always an advocate for the witches. My sister was devoted like our parents and our upbringing was very strict, which drove me nuts. The minute I turned twenty-one, I left the Quarter to travel and play. But I wanted to be a chef, so I came back to Rousseau's. Jane was as observant as ever and she told me that the Elders, that is the leaders of our vast band of witches, had called a vote, and had decided that they were going ahead with the Harvest."

Rebekah frowned. "What the bloody hell is the Harvest?"

"It's a ritual our coven does every three centuries so that the bond to our ancestral magic is restored. We appease our ancestors, they keep our ancestral power flowing." Sophie informed them.

"I have never heard of such a thing…" Hermione murmured.

"Neither have I…why haven't we heard of this?" Klaus asked, agreeing with Hermione.

"Because the Harvest always seemed like a myth, a story passed down through generations. Like Noah's ark or Buddha walking on water. The kind that people take literally and some people don't." Sophie explained. She sighed, continuing. "Basically, it's like this ritual where they sacrifice young and upcoming witches to the ancestors and they would be reborn. They had the girls, including my niece Monique and Davina, preparing for months. Four would be chosen for the Harvest. They said that it was an honour, that they were special. I thought it was a myth."

"Was it?" Rebekah asked.

"It bloody better would be. Sacrificing young innocent girls for some bunch of ancestors and all the while it could be a myth?" Hermione muttered.

The ringing of a phone distracted everyone, and it was Klaus's phone. The girls stared at him as he pulled his phone out and answered.

"Marcel…Bit early in the day for you isn't it?" He gave Hermione a look and turned back to his conversation. "Rather you than me…all that responsibility seems like such a bore…."

He walked around the couches before staring at Sophie. "Oh dead witches in the Bayou. Sounds like less of a problem and more like a cause for celebration….Well, why not? I haven't been to the bayou in ages. I'm on my way."

He hanged up the phone just as Haley walked into the room.

"You can't go out there now! I need to gather the witches' remains and consecrate them. If I don't get to them before sundown, we lose the link to their magic." Sophie exclaimed.

"Those witches tried to kill Hayley and Hermione. I prefer for Marcel's informant not to find anything that would lead him back to us, to her, to our wand-wielders or to, you know, that." Klaus remarked, pointing to Hayley's stomach.

Hayley scoffed. "You are all class."

Hermione snorted, as Rebekah smirked.

Klaus sighed, staring at Hermione before turning to Sophie. "Stay put and save the rest of your story 'til I return."

He left the room, leaving the girls looking at each other.

Hayley clicked her tongue. "So, what did I miss?"


Ivy's POV

"So, you're the one that they call honourable?" Davina asked Elijah.

Elijah smirked, placing his hand on the chair. "Yes, that's what they call me. And yet, I followed my brother here to New Orleans to engage in a war. So, I ask you, does that sound honourable to you?"

He sat down on the chair, resting his hand on his leg and stared at Davina.

"You look well. I thought that by being daggered in a coffin would suit you ill, but you look better." Davina pointed out.

"Yes, well, being an Original might have something to do with it. I think I'm holding myself together quite well." Elijah smirked, staring at Ivy. He turned back to Davina. "Davina, I believe that you and I have the power to end a war between witches and vampires before it truly begins. I, by keeping my brother in line. You, by behaving as your true self, not some tool for Marcel or the witches."

Davina looked him, sceptical. "And why should I trust you?"

"Well, for one thing, I haven't tried to take your blood nor have I attempted to compel you. Nor have I attempted to the same to Ivy, who is standing next to you." Elijah pointed out. Elijah turned to Ivy. "Hello, wand-wielder, funny we should meet again. Is this your attempt at saving me, cause I have to say, you're not doing a good job."

Ivy rolled her eyes at the vampire and he smirked. Ivy decided to play along. "Hello Elijah. Lovely to see you too…Why didn't you tell me your brother was a dick?"

Elijah smirked. "I see Niklaus was here. Interesting."

"Yeah, it is…Why haven't you attempted to harm us? It's only Ivy and myself. We're not going anywhere." Davina remarked.

"And yet, I remain content. I will not harm a child, nor a wand-wielder. I know the power that lies within a witch whose magic comes from her own magical core. I make risks, yes, but not that risky." Elijah said. He stood up, walking around the room.

Davina sighed, walking towards her canvas and began to draw. Ivy frowned, confused as to why Davina gave up so quickly but shook her head. She grabbed another cushioned chair and placed it near the chair that Elijah was sitting on. She observed the room, taking in the drapes, various artwork and the bed. It was full of candlesticks, which were burning brightly and low in the room. Ivy looked around the room until her eyes fell upon Elijah, who was watching her. He smiled, and walked past Davina and picked up a violin that was resting on the counter of the dressing table. Ivy then knew fo sure that it was Tim's violin.

"Do you play?" Elijah asked.

"That's not mine." Davina informed him sadly.

All of the sudden, footsteps could be heard outside the door, approaching rapidly to the room. The trio stared at the door, and before Ivy could blink, she felt herself flying before being pressed up against something hard. Ivy also noticed that she was being held by an arm around her chest and a hand on her mouth. She turned her head to see Elijah staring down at her. She blinked slowly, before resting her head on his chest.

She heard the door open and heard a male voice, whom she recognised was Marcel's voice.

"Good news, little D." She heard Marcel say. "I'm moving you out of this pile of dust."

"Are you serious? When?!" Ivy heard Davina exclaim.

"Tonight. I just need to lock in the arrangements. How's our Original?" Marcel asked. Ivy heard footsteps coming closer to where she and Elijah were and so she tried to calm her heartbeat. She knew that vampires had good hearing and so, taking a few slow breathes, she calmed her heart.

"Don't disturb the body. I have a spell in progress." Davina announced. Ivy sighed in relief as she heard the footsteps walk away.

"I bet you do. Pack up, okay? Only what you wanna take. I'll buy you anything else you need." Marcel told Davina. Ivy heard his footsteps walk away and soon the closing of a door. Elijah let go of her, and she couldn't help but to feel a little disappointed but followed Elijah as they walked back into the room.

"You didn't reveal that I was awake, nor that Ivy is here." Elijah observed.

"We, as in you and me, aren't done talking yet. And I would rather that Marcel didn't find out about Ivy. If Marcel found out about Ivy, who knows what could happen. She's my friend and I'd like to keep on being friends with her." Davina spoke, smiling at Ivy.

Ivy smiled back. "I appreciate it very much. Thank you…"

Davina nodded, turning her heal and walking over to her vanity table and sat down. Ivy sat down on the chair that she was on earlier and Elijah picked up the violin, waling over the canvas stand and leaning against it.

"You and Marcel seem close." Elijah spoke.

"Marcel is my family." Davina told him.

"And yet Marcel is someone who delights in harming the witches. Those people, I would think, you would consider family. This doesn't trouble you?" Elijah remarked.

"Why aren't you with the other witches? Not that I'd blame you, the whole lot of them are absolutely barmy but why are you here with Marcel and not the witches?" Ivy asked.

"Because they are not my family. It doesn't trouble me about what's happening to them. They deserve it." Davina said, turning to them.

"Why would you say that?" Elijah asked.

"Cause they're liars, all of them. They made me and my friends do this Harvest ritual." Davina sighed, taking a breath before continuing. "They said our participation would bring our family strength…health. That we'd forever be celebrated as saviours of the community. But all they really wanted was more power. So I left before they could get it. And now they're running out of time because after the Harvest, comes the reaping. And if they don't complete the harvest, there won't be a Reaping. Soon all the witches in the Quarter will start to lose their power. Eventually, they'll cease to be witches altogether."

"So what does it take to complete this ritual?" Elijah asked. Ivy leaned forward in her chair, waiting for Davina to answer.

"I have to die…" Davina told them.

Ivy gasped. "What?"

"I have to die…it's as simple as that. But hey, at least I'll be reborn." Davina muttered.

"I knew the witches were crazy, but not this crazy surely. Killing an innocent girl to gain more power? Typical bloody witches. So glad they're not wand-wielders like Hermione and myself." Ivy snapped, before looking at Davina. "Oh sorry, Davina…no offence…"

Davina shook her head. "None taken. If anything I agree…"

Ivy sighed, looking between Davina and Elijah. "So what happens now?"


Hermione's POV

Hermione sighed as she walked through the cemetery. Of course Hayley had to come up with a brilliant idea to follow Sophie into the woods and see if any wolfy animals will turn up. When Hayley informed her of the mystery wolf guardian angel that saved her and Hermione, Hermione had to sigh, know full well that Hayley would not rest until she got to the bottom of it. And so, there they were, following Sophie so that they could go back to the bayou.

"This is a bad idea." Hermione muttered as they walked through the burial grounds. They came across the stone building, where Hermione could see Sophie inside.

"You didn't have to come." Hayley murmured, walking towards the crypt and walking inside. The girls saw Sophie place some items in the backpack in front of her and put the pack on her back. Sophie then turned around and sighed when she saw Hermione and Hayley.

"Hey…What the hell?" Sophie asked, annoyed.

"You're going out there anyway, aren't you?" Hayley pointed out. She gestured to Hermione and herself. "We wanna go with you."

"You want to go with her, whereas I think this whole bloody thing is bad idea." Hermione muttered.

Sophie raised her eyebrow at the pair. "Yeah, no can do. Already got assaulted by Klaus this morning about the two of you. Really don't need a repeat."

Sophie started to walk towards the exit, when Hayley stood in front of her.

"What if whatever is responsible for all those dead witches is still out there? We've already established that it likes me and hates witches. So you'll be safer with me…and Hermione, who is more powerful than a witch...either way, you'll be protected." Hayley stated.

"Sorry if I'm not buying your sudden concern for my safety." Sophie snapped.

She tried to move again when Hayley suddenly slammed her arm against the wall, stopping Sophie.

"Listen, the whole I came to this stupid town in the first place was to learn more about my family. Your sister is the one that told me Marcel ran the werewolves out of the Quarter into the bayou. And last night, pretty sure that some guardian angel wolf not only saved my life, but I think Hermione's as well. So, we're coming with you."

"Could you three be more idiotic?" A voice spoke behind them. They all turned to see Rebekah looking at them all annoyed. "Well, two can play the follow game, you know? Well, in this case one against three but still. You all heard Klaus. He and Marcel are heading right where you're going."

"So distract them. Because unless you wanna lock a hormonal pregnant werewolf or a powerful wand-wielder with you, we're coming with. And wouldn't both Elijah and Ivy be mad if they're hear that the baby, myself and Hermione died of asphyxiation?" Hayley remarked.

No one spoke as the girls exchanged looks between one another. Hayley smiled, knowing she got her way.

"Good, then let's go. We're wasting daylight!"

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