Molly's Accident

theme: tragedy

theme from darkangelsnapelover's one-shot challenge. this will be a longer piece.

Chapter 1-The Accident

Molly was walking James home from the library. James and Molly were both older now. Molly was in high school and James would soon be in middle school. They were both carrying a stack of books to do their homework. They were careful as they crossed the street. Molly pushed a button to let them cross. The light turned yellow and they looked both ways.

As they neared the double yellow line, Molly heard screeching tires. She looked up and saw a large pickup truck barreling towards her and James. Molly dropped her books and shoved James hard in the back. He flew across the rest of the crosswalk and fell on his face.

A big noise boomed behind him. James didn't know what happened. He lifted his head and saw Molly crumpled in the street. She had blood coming from so many places. People were checking on her, seeing if she was alive. The pickup truck never stopped, its Ford bumper left behind.

James started to cry as emergency vehicles flooded the scene. He wasn't allowed to move. He didn't know if Molly was alive or not, but from where he lay, she looked long gone.

Molly looked up to see the crazy scene. Different colors of flashing lights flickered off car windows. Everyone who witnessed the hit-and-run stayed behind. Molly didn't know anyone except James. She saw him staring at something surrounded by people. Molly tried to push past them; she went through them instead.

"Am I dead?" she called, but no one heard her. No one answered her either. She was like James: She thought she must be dead because of how broken her body looked. Paramedics weren't saying much, just working on her. 'I must be alive if they're looking over me,' Molly thought, but she didn't know.

The scene seemed to speed forward. It took a long time for the paramedics to take Molly and James to the hospital. James was taken by ambulance to Elwood City General Hospital because he hurt his knee. Molly was air-lifted in a helicopter to Metropolis. Her spirit went there with her body. She stood around the strange room as her body lay in bed.

A few hours later, her mom arrived with James, who had a blue bandage wrapped around his knee. Both of them looked sad, but the doctor said Molly wasn't dead. She was in a coma from a head injury. They didn't know if she'd be okay or not.

Molly didn't know if she'd be okay or not either. She'd read stories about people having out-of-body experiences, but most of the stories with ghost girls were all fiction, and all of the ghost girls were actually dead, not alive. Molly didn't know what to think about the situation. She stood in the corner of the room. The scene fast-forwarded again. Molly felt sad and didn't pay attention to much. She didn't know what to do, so she just stayed in place.