Chapter 9-Wally Returns

Molly found out a puppet maker bought Wally from a pawn shop with Mr. Lundgren's help. Her mom drove her to the puppet maker's workshop, but he sold Wally to a little boy. After a few more stops, Molly and her mom found Wally at an antique shop just outside of Elwood City. They wanted 100 dollars for Wally. Molly paid them.

"Are you sure he'll take him back?" her mother asked. She knew the money needed to go to Molly's medical bills, but she didn't want to discourage her daughter. "I think he'll like what I did," Molly said, but she had her doubts.

The next day, Molly took Wally to George's house. George was home alone but answered the door anyway. He saw Wally and flinched, "How did you get him back?" "It wasn't easy," Molly smiled, pushing Wally towards him, "Take him. As a gift."

George tried to protest. Molly wouldn't take no for an answer. George couldn't understand why, "Why are you so nice? You used to be so mean, and...I liked that for some reason. I had a crush on you because you were a bully."

"You shouldn't like someone because they treat you like shit," Molly replied. "I saw a lot of things while I was in a coma. I saw what you did for me. I felt bad I never did something like that for you. Everyone I ever met, I was mean to, even Rattles and Binky. I was mean to everyone. I regret that. I want to change. Help me change."

George didn't understand. Molly sighed, "I like you too, but I want to be nice to you, not mean," Molly said. George looked at Wally. He took him from Molly with careful fingers. "So you really did all kinds of things to get him back? For me?" he asked. Molly nodded. "And you like me for real and want to change?" he asked. Molly nodded again.

"I want to apologize to everyone, not just you, but you first because you're important to me," Molly said. George smiled. He looked up to Molly and decided to hug her. She accepted. "Will you be my friend?" she asked. "Yes, and maybe more than friends once I know you're telling the truth." "I thought you liked when I was mean." "I think you're right. I shouldn't have liked you for that."

Molly nodded, and she went home. They went to the Sugar Bowl the next day. George brought Wally. He ordered him a kids' milkshake. Molly thought it was cute. Rattles saw and tried to make fun of them. He got kicked out for calling Molly a troll doll because of her hair. Molly was happy to be rid of him.

Molly wrote a letter to the principal and he let her read it at a school assembly. She apologized to everyone she was ever mean to. She asked for their forgiveness. She told them she had changed. They all supported her. She felt accepted, even with her new problems.

George became her first boyfriend a few weeks later. Molly decided to learn to be a ventriloquist too. She wasn't very good so she took up making costumes instead. The puppet maker she met when searching for Wally hired her after school to make costumes for him. George worked there too repairing broken puppets.

They were happy and stayed together a long time.