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Yeah, she's the oracle, and oracles have lots of nightmares, but still.

Celina was just beginning. They only found out Celina was the next oracle about a month ago, exactly a year after Rachel Elizabeth Dare, the old oracle, died.

The night before, Celina had asked Saige to stay in her cave home with her in the woods. Celina had been looking tired and wary lately, not like her usual ditzy, energized self. She was always fine being the oracle; nothing bad had happened before.

So, when she asked, of course Saige had agreed. She is one of her best friends, after all.

What Saige had expected was some tossing and turning, mumbling, that sort of crap.

What she had not expected was for Celina to wake up screaming, tears streaking down her face, at three in the morning.

"NO! STOP!"Saige heard Celina screaming from her spot on the couch. Saige immediately shot up and ran through the pale blue and purple bead curtains that sectioned off Celina's bed space.

Celina was thrashing around on her bed, body tangled in her sheets. Her patterned comforter was discarded onto the cave floor. Tears were streaming through her closed eyes, down her face.

Saige went to her side, grabbing her arms to keep he still. "Celina, Celina wake up!" she yelled.

Celina didn't hear her.

"STOP! You're hurting her! STOP IT! Please!...NO! SAIGE!"

Saige froze. Why was she dreaming about her? What was happening in that dream?

She shook Celina more, yelling her name, until Celina woke up, sobbing.

Saige then slowly let go of her arms and sat down on the side of her bed, rubbing her back soothingly. After a few minutes, when Celina's sobs were degrading to small hiccups, Saige spoke. "Celina? Are you-"

Celina interrupted, "No! I woke up screaming genius; does that mean I'm okay? Obviously, if you had half a brain, you would realize that I am NOT okay. Gods, you can be so dense sometimes!"

Shock, hurt, and then anger flooded Saige's body. She then said something she knew she would regret later.

"You know, for a weak person who came crawling to me to stay with her because she was scared of her 'big bad dreams', you sure seem to be a big bad bitch."

The tables turned and Celina's face flashed in hurt as a single tear made a river down her face. As she furiously wiped the tear away, Saige realized what she said.

"Oh!" Saige exclaimed. Celina's face turned stony.

"Celina I'm so-"she started.

Celina stood up, and pointed in the direction of her cave entrance. "Leave. Now." Her voice sounded steady, but Saige knew she was struggling to not cry.


"I said leave. Now."

Saige turned and left.

"So now, she's most likely pissed at me," Saige said the next morning to Blue, her best friend and daughter of Demeter.

Saige had gotten up early this morning to go to the Demeter Cabin and talk to Blue. She needed someone to vent to, and the only person she trusted enough to talk to was Blue. Blue was always up early, and Saige rather liked the Demeter Cabin. It always smelled like fresh, like right after it rains. Vines with small indigo flowers lined the walls, and the beds were fluffy and made of feathers.

The inside of the Demeter Cabin was like a garden, peaceful and cheery.

Blue was chewing on one of those mint leaves she always had handy. She chewed a bit, and then replied, "Well, to be honest, mostly you were in the wrong. She has the right to be pissed at you. You know Celina is bipolar."

Saige frowned and sighed. She knew she was wrong, of course, which made her feel even guiltier.

It was a nice and sunny morning, which did nothing for her mood. She rolled her eyes at the sun, and put her ear buds in and music on. Saige turned on her big "ass" phone, as Redwood, Blue's twin would say, and got on her tumblr dashboard. She frowned again. The first post was a picture of bacon and eggs. Her stomach grumbled, and she realized she was hungry.

"Hey, I'm heading down to breakfast before the line gets too long," Saige said to Blue as she checked the time on her phone. It was 8:07, and breakfast had started a few minutes ago, at 8.

People could be savages when it came to food, so Saige tended to try and get to breakfast before 8:15, so she wouldn't be trampled by the stampede of hungry campers.

Plus, she really wanted some bacon this morning. So, Saige got up from Blue's bed, and after waving to Blue and her brother Red, just as he woke up, she shrugged on her thin Arizona sweater and stepped out into the Summer morning. It was a little chilly, but foggy and misty at the same time, so she took off her sweater and enjoyed the little droplets of water vapor on her arms while walking to the mess hall.

Apparently, she took too long walking, because by the time Saige got to the Mess Hall, half of the Camp was in line. Saige sighed, for what seemed like the fifteenth thousandth time since this morning, and picked up a tray to stand in line. Ethan Henry from the Hephaestus cabin walked by, and she grabbed a piece of bacon off of his tray.

He exclaimed a profanity, then, with a mischievous smirk, tugged hard on one of the curls in her ponytail, and scrambled away with his tray before she could get him back. As he sat down at his table, he stuck his tongue out and she playfully glared before turning to put some food on her plate.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of waiting (it was really only 5 minutes), Saige plopped her tray down at her table and sat down, joining Polly, her half-sister.

Polly was adorable at 5 years old, but with a sad back-story. Her mom died right in front of her, and the satyr didn't make it to camp either. Polly had the generic sea-green eyes and jet-black hair, but had cocoa brown skin and a wise look in her eyes, like she had seen what no little kid should see.

And she had. But Polly was a strong little girl. She bounced through life happily, and Saige was happy to have a little sibling to take care of and defend.

"How ya' doing, Polly-girl?" she asked the 5 year old. Polly giggled, but then her face turned serious.

"You weren't there to wake me up. Where were you? Celina came to get me, but she was sad and irritable." Saige raised an eyebrow at Polly's vocabulary, which was advanced for a kid her age, but it quickly came down. Polly didn't have dyslexia or ADHD, surprisingly, and was smart enough to be an Athena kid.

"I'm sorry; I just really needed to talk to Blue. Do you forgive me?" Saige asked hopefully. Polly pouted and turned away, but Saige knew how to get to her.

"Okay…." She sing-songed, and then grabbed Polly and started to tickle her. Polly giggled and squealed, and finally gave in after a few minutes. "Okay, okay! I forgive you!" They went back to their food, and, after a few minutes finished.

Polly turned to Saige. "Can we go now?" she asked. "I want to ride the pegasi!" Polly tugged on Saige's arm.

Saige smiled down at Polly. "Yeah, yeah, let's go." Saige checked her phone. It was 8:45, so they would arrive at the stables early, but that was okay. Saige and Polly would converse with the horses, often laughing at how they spoke.

Saige stood up, Polly in hand, and headed to the opening of the Mess Hall. Just then, Celina came in, bags under her eyes, eyelids fluttering. Celina managed a half-glare while Saige knew her face was screwed up into an apologetic grimace.

Saige was about to walk past with Polly. But then, Celina's eyes turned that misty shade of green, and Saige froze. Something was about to happen.

As soon as that though crossed her mind, Celina let out a bloodcurdling scream. The chatter in the mess hall suddenly went dead.

Celina sank to her knees, still screaming, holding her head in what seemed like unbearable agony.

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