I love all things Marvel. Comics, films. I love 'em. Specifically Avengers Assemble...or The Avengers, if you're American (howdy!). After I finish writing my Twilight fanfics, I plan on writing more, so this was me poking my proverbial toe in the water. I've been pondering over doing a Loki/OC fanfic for AGES, and this kind of exploded into existence one day!

It's ridiculously short, but I'd love to know what you think!


The Uninvited

Stuttgart, 2012

I'm glad I came out tonight. There's this big shindig on at the museum. I've managed to sneak in here for a few minutes, and I've already seen something of interest. I'm not talking about the artwork.

Gott in Himmel. Scratch what I said before. This one is a work of art, really quite lovely-looking… with an edge of danger about him. I like that. There is an arrogance in the way he strides. Strike a pose, darling. He isn't like any human I've ever met. His heartbeat is fierce.

So what does he need a cane for?

He has black hair that reaches his collar, framing a sharp face with skin that is almost as pale as mine. His eyes are blazing with blue fire. I've always liked blue eyes.

I shrink out of sight as he passes by, anticipating the smell of his blood. I had a bite before I came so I should be alright. I don't need to hold my –

No. I'm not alright. He's done for. That's it. Not here! I'm vaguely aware of my glass cracking in my hand, the champagne spilling down my arm. Not here, not here.

He smells like something wicked, something I can't name, but I know I want it. I need it. To taste that which makes his heartbeat so fast, yet he walks with such composure. What is he?

I turn to watch him go, shaking the drops off my fingers. He descends the stairs, reaches the bottom – and brings his cane hard across the face of the security guard before him. The harsh crack startles everyone, but he isn't finished yet. He's just beginning.

So...that's it. Thoughts?