Sorry this is so short! I have been super busy, a little too busy! ;) I hope you all enjoy it! Please remember that this fanfiction take place after Harry Potter and Divergent, so the characters are not the same!

A Prefect leads the Amity first years to our common room and dorm. We stop in front of a portrait of the Amity crest. A badger is sitting in a quadrant.

"Welcome to Hogwarts! Think of your happiest memory to get into the common room." The badger announces as we approach.

"Just let us in please. Its the first years." says the Prefect slightly annoyed.

"Fine." The portrait splits down the middle and the Prefect leads us into a room with light yellow walls and a black carpet. There are a few rocking chairs and some tables to play card at. There are several cushy couches that gleam a gold-ish color. A fireplace it located directly across from the entrance. Along one of the walls is a small kitchen, with black cabinets and counters. There is a black granite bar-like table for one to sit. The prefect leads us into the room and up a flight of stairs, to the dorm room. In our dorms, we each have a bed, with a gold velvet curtain that we can slide around so we can have privacy. The room is cozy and have plenty of windows, as well as a long, thin balcony with chairs and a few small tables. The dorm room is perfect.

"This is the dorm room. Boys and girls stay in here." The boys all grin and our Prefect notices, "if you like this then you will be thrilled with the bathroom." He leads us to the bathroom, an octagon shaped room crafted out of yellow stone. Stalls line some walls and sinks stand in the center. Okay, so the dorm isn't that perfect. Boys and girls sharing a bathroom... no, not perfect at all. "You all can go and choose your beds now. In about half and hour I will lead a tour of Hogwarts so be ready by then!" I rush to the bedroom so I can get a window-side bed. Luckily I am fast and I reach one of the two beds next to a window before anyone else. I jump onto the gold velvet and the soft fabric brushes my legs and I watch the others scramble and swap beds.
When all the switching and cursing is complete, the boys are on one half and the girls on the other. No one dared to change sides.