Winter had come and gone, like the majestic and chilling wings of an Articuno. The Johto countryside had been waiting, with open arms, for the summer to arrive once more. During this wonderful time of the year, most of the children would spend time training their Pokemon, running along the open fields and swimming in the clear, cool pools of water.

The hot sun had dappled the forest floors with shadows and the gentle winds had tickled the grassy fields, causing them to sway back and forth. The oceans were calm, and if you sniffed hard enough, you could catch a small scent of the ocean's saltiness in the air.

People and Pokemon alike have always enjoyed the summer days and nights together, helping them to form even stronger bonds with one another.

But summer was the busiest time of the year for Melody, whose family was running one of the most popular Pokemon ranches in the region. As much as she wanted to relax like all the other kids, she found her self cleaning and tending to the various Pokemon that lived on the family ranch. Most days, she spent more time watching the Pokemon relax than relaxing herself.

But today, she had a small amount of free time on her hands. She grabbed a copy of The Spring Without Pokemon, a best-selling book that was published in the Orange Islands. Her mother had bought her the book as a gift for Melody's 10th birthday, but she had never gotten around to reading it. Now she was 11, and she finally chose to start reading it. Melody had always seen the Nurse Joys around the regions as inspiration for her ranch work.

Melody sat on the edge of her bed, pulling the dusty book off of her windowsill. But before she could become fully invested, she was interrupted. One of her personal pets, a chubby Bidoof, had waddled into the room. He was a master at begging for food, and as a result, he had packed on quite the amount of weight. Sometimes when ever customers or family came over to visit, Bidoof would be at the door to greet them. They had always mocked (sometimes jokingly), about how much weight he had gained.

"Bidoof!" he exclaimed.

Immediately, she knew what he was looking for. His eyes were fixed on a box of PokeTreats on the windowsill. Melody slowly outreached her hand towards the box, but she started to hesitate.

"Bidoof, you don't need any more treats", Melody scolded. "I'm trying to read a book, so I need you to be quiet, okay?"

"Bidoof!" he cried.

Melody, as she usually did, caved in and gave him a small handful to keep him quiet. She hoped that it would be enough to make him waddle away and give her enough peace to read through the first 3 chapters.

As she had expected, Bidoof had toddled his way out the door. Finally, Melody thought. I can have some quiet reading time.

Melody decided to get comfortable by lying down on her left side. She was so excited to read that she failed to notice another small shape slinking its way through her room door. Although it wasn't Bidoof, she still was exceedingly annoyed. Forcing herself to peel her eyes away from the book, she looked down at a small, black, cat-like figure.

Thank goodness!, Melody thought to herself.

It was her pet Umbreon, Midnite. She was a great listener and the perfect companion for when things got a little stressful. In one fluid motion, she crouched and leapt onto the bed by Melody's side. Midnite, in her search for someplace warm, decided to curl up near Melody's feet. Melody could feel the rumbling build up in Midnite's body as she let out a content purr.

"You wanna keep me company while I read, don'tcha, girl?" Melody whispered softly.

With that, Midnite's purring grew in volume.

This moment didn't last for long, however. About half and hour later, Melody's father came into her room. "I need you to go out and feed the Magikarps. When you are done with that, I need you to go out and brush the Miltank."

Perturbed, Melody closed her book and placed it on the windowsill next to her bed. Melody's sudden movement caused Midnite to yowl and jump off the bed in a state of shock. "Yes sir", Melody responded in mechanical-sounding voice.

"Don't worry about milking the Miltanks," her father continued. "I already had that taken care of."

After giving Melody her instructions, he left the room and headed downstairs. I love Pokémon…, Melody thought. …But why do we have to do so much work? After finding a new set of appropriate "working clothes", she turned to Midnite.

"Ready to do some ranch work?" Melody said, trying her best to sound encouraging.

"Umbry umbry!" Midnite called.

"Then, c'mon! Those Miltank aren't gonna brush themselves!"