Summary-Harry had a hellish time during the war. But he did give it is all and fought against the best the dark side had to offer; all the while coming up on top. He loved, he lost and more importantly he continued to fight; all the while never giving up. So, when his heritage came up, or the fact that the goddess of love was his mother, and he had to be sent to a camp called camp half-blood of all things; well Harry wasn't exactly pleased. It could also be said in no certain terms that Harry didn't appreciate the fact that because of who his mother was caused everyone automatically assumed that all he was good for was looking good or flirting. That he wouldn't fight for fear of breaking a nail. Well that just wasn't Harry and Harry was going to show the whole camp this, as well as everyone else who made assumptions about him, why there was a saying that said, 'love hurts', and he do it all without breaking a nail just to spite them all. This is a Harry Potter Percy Jackson crossover.

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or Percy Jackson nor do I make any profit off of either one of them.


Harry was drenched in sweat, his entire body was most likely one giant, bloody, bruise, and he was sure that at least one of his bones was broken. Most likely either at least one of his ribs or one of his legs had been at the very least fractured. Perhaps even both if the amount of pain he was currently feeling from each of them meant anything.

But despite this, Harry couldn't keep the grin off of his face, nor did he really want to for that matter. Because now it was all finally over, all his training, both magical and mundane, had finally paid off and he had managed to defeat Voldemort. As well as a good number of his more blood thirsty death eaters. And this time, Harry knew with certainty that this time it was for good and the monster wouldn't be coming back.

Harry would honestly, without any hesitation, admit that the fight against Voldemort was one of the longest, hardest, magical draining fights he had even been through; it was most certainly the bloodiest he had ever been in. But that last bit really went without saying, considering just what types of spells the Dark Lord favored after all.

At the same time Harry knew if he hadn't put himself through all the hellish training, that he had been through for the last several years, then the fight against Voldemort would have been a lot longer, as well as a lot harder, then it had been for him. Not that it hadn't been a really difficult fight to begin with; as Harry knew it was fight for his very life since the very beginning of said fight.

There was also the fact that Harry got the feeling, that without the training he had undergone, he would have most likely would have died sometime during the fight. Most likely near the beginning of it considering the level of spells most seventeen years would know coming out of Hogwarts. Instead Harry found himself, at the age of sixteen nearly seventeen, being the defeater of the darkest dark lord that the wizarding world had seen in the last five hundred years.

Honestly though Harry could say, at least mentally, that he would give it another ten years or so before there was another Dark Lord trying to take over; at a maximum at that. As the wizarding world, especially those in the British wizarding world, just seemed to breed them with all the prejudice they had there.

Shaking his head a little, to clear it of such thoughts, and letting out a slightly choked sob Harry absentmindedly began to clean the blood off his twin swords. Both which could be used as a conduct for his magic and both of which he had had for a little over two years now. And more importantly both of which had played a noticeable part in defeating the former Dark Lord that was now on the ground in front of his feet. Considering the fact, it was those two blades that behead the Lord in question.

While he was cleaning up said blades Harry decided to take in the area around him; to see just what damaged had occurred during the battle. As he did this Harry could feel the tears, which he had been desperately trying to hold back, begin to slowly fall down his face.

Harry cried as he realized it was all over, that he didn't have to worry about the Dark lord trying to hunt him, and everyone he dared love, down anymore. That at long last he was finally free from it all, that he could finally just be Harry instead of the boy who lived.

Harry stood there silently weeping as everything hit him at once. The overwhelming emotion of it all nearly brought Harry down to his knees; only his stubborn nature stopped him from actually falling to his knees. Though his stubborn nature did nothing for the tears that were slowly falling down his face and Harry didn't care; not feeling the least bit ashamed of crying after everything had happened.

He wasn't sure how long he stood there staring off into space, continually wiping his now clean blades, when a suddenly hand lightly gripping his shoulder. This unexpected sensation, and the fact that he hadn't actual heard the person come up behind him, caused Harry to spin around. His blades now pointed at the throat of the person that had been behind him and his magic singing an achingly familiar battle tune as he did so.

Only to blush slightly at his reaction, as well as his actions, when he saw that it was Luna who had placed her hand on his shoulder, in a rather comforting manner at that, and it was Luna who he currently had at blade point. Fortunately, it seemed that Luna understood, and didn't blame him in the least bit, about why he had reacted the way he had. If the sympathetic, understanding, look on her face said anything.

A look of understand that quickly shifted to a look of worry as she took in the destroyed land around both of them. As she took in the destruction war caused; as she took in all the death around the both of them.

Harry seeing this look, and seeing the tears starting to shimmer in the eyes of the young teen, who he had long since seen as a little sister, went to hug Luna. Knowing, and feeling quite similar to how she was feeling, as he took continued to look around them; war was never pretty; no matter which side ended up winning.

A hug that Luna seemed to greatly appreciate if the way she collapsed into his arms sobbing meant anything. Feeling more than actually seeing his sister crying Harry quickly went to sooth her, by rubbing her back and humming to her the only lullaby that he knew; one that he could barely remember himself having only heard it once so long ago. But was still stuck in his memory however faintly it may be.

But once again, this seemed to be just what Luna needed because as soon as Harry had gotten finished humming the last bit of the song that he could recall she pulled away and gave Harry a watery smile. Only to gasp as she got a good look at him and start dragging him off; worriedly muttering the whole way. It seemed that Harry was actually in worse shape than he thought; at least he was if Luna's muttering meant anything.

"Oh, Harry we need to get you to a healer right away." Hearing this last bit, which came after several different curses about Harry current condition, Harry immediately started to dig in his heels in the ground.

There was no way, no how anyone, not even his darling little sister, was ever going to get him even remotely close to what he called the dragon lady's domain, and Harry let that be known when he asked; rather desperately at that.

"Do I really need to go to the healer's Luna? I am sure I am not that injured, and I know there are a lot of people who are more injured then I am. Others who need to be healed a lot more than I do…so wouldn't it be best to let them be healed first?"

This earned Harry one of Luna's rare exasperated looks as she stopped pulling Harry, which honestly she had gotten a lot farther then most would expect doing that, and instead settled for give her brother a look that told him he better not argue as she plainly stated.

"Harry, your basically one big walking bruise, I can see, at the very least at that, two deep cuts on you, and that is with your clothes covering nearly every inch of you! You have a rather big one on you face, just below you eye, then there is the one in the very center of your chest. Which might I add I can see through the tear in your shirt, and both of which I swear I can see bone what with how deep they are!" Here Luna paused to take a deep breath and while looking her brother right in his eyes and tightening her grip on his arm so he could run away, added on.

"Not only that but I know from the way you're walking at least one of your bones are broken… Knowing you, most likely more than that. We also have no idea what spells, or how many spells for that matter, you may have been hit with and we also have no idea if said spells have any delayed reactions. So, now rather you like it or not, you are going straight to a healer, and if I have to tie you up and drag you there by that mop you call your hair I will!"

Harry hearing Luna's words subconsciously ran a finger through his hair in an attempt to calm said hair down; even just a little bit. Hair which currently fall down to a little bit below his shoulders, just brushing past his shoulder blades, and because of how mess it was did resemble a mop quite well. Though it was really only like that at the moment because one Harry had been unable to cut it for a while and two it was caked with all kinds of filth that had been flying all over the battle field; not to mention Harry really couldn't remember the last time he really ran a brush through it for that matter.

But still he did reflexively try to straighten it up none the less; despite knowing it was hopeless at the moment. But honestly it was a reflex that Harry couldn't seem to stop, one he started when he was really young. And one he felt he might always so at least whenever a female said something about it; mainly because of his aunt who used to constantly harp on him about his hair. Often getting his uncle to harshly punish him when nothing was done about it; despite the fact that there really seemed nothing he could do about it in the first place.

After doing this, Harry was about to shrug off what Luna had said; still not believe he honestly needed a healer. That is until Harry took a good look into Luna's eyes and saw that yes, she was seriously and yes, she would very easily carry through with the threat. Both the one she had said as well as the even worse, unspoken ones, that were currently burning in her eyes. While making sure it was humiliating as possible as she did so just because he had made her do so in the first place.

Seeing this, and knowing from previously experience just how scary Luna could be when she wanted to be, or when you finally made her angry enough, Harry blinked his eyes before deciding that it probably would be best if he decided to go to the hospital now instead of later; after all later would be with even more broken bones then he had now. Besides now that his injuries had been really pointed out to him, they seemed to ache and burn more than they had been. As if making note of them let Harry know just how bad off he really was.

However, it seemed that though Harry had, at least in his mind, agreed to go to the hospital; however reluctantly that may have been. Apparently, he didn't make this decision fact enough, or his sister thought he was still planning on doing a runner of some sort. Because the next thing the exhausted teen knew was the fact he was now floating his way towards the hospital wing anyway.

Feeling, more than seeing this, Harry didn't know rather he should be amused or embarrassed that after all the spells that had recently been thrown at him it was a simple first year spell that really got him; thrown by his little sister of all people.

That is Harry was confused as to what he should have been feeling, before he decided he simple didn't care and was instead just going to kick back and relax for a bit; at for as long as he could that is. However as the two of them neared the hospital wing, Harry was able to quickly find out that he really couldn't relax, nor could he tamper down the emotions he was now feeling; none of which had much to do with the war that had just happened outside the school gates.

He wasn't the only one in that regard. Hell, looking at Luna Harry could tell she was currently feeling the same way he was. Though Luna seemed to be able to express it better than he could, seeing as Luna was currently incredible tense and looking angrier then Harry had ever seen her look, outside of facing a death eater that is; and even then it was a close thing.

This was because of what the both of them heard just as they rounded the last corner before reaching the hospital wing; having decided to take more of the back way to avoid anyone. It seemed that with how busy everyone was outside, actual participating and cleaning up from the war, a certain group of people had decided to take advantage of the emptiness of the hospital wing and hold their conversation there. Because apparently, from what was being said, they had already made sure that everyone else already knew to go get healing elsewhere; everyone but Luna and Harry it seemed.

This group of people was, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Hermione Ganger, and Albus Dumbledore. All of which were people Harry had thought he could both trust and love, all people he had thought were like family to him.

The key words there being had thought because Harry had thought like that towards those people, that is until he heard just what they were saying. To put it simple everything he heard really didn't put the group in a good light, not in the least bit. Not only that but it caused the previous high opinion Harry had on all of them to hit rock bottom; rather quickly

All of this was because while the group in the hospital had thought they were having a very private conversation and they began going on about how they had manipulated Harry into doing what they had wanted, as well as all of the future plans that they still had in store for him; none of which were in the least bit for Harry's benefit.

With the real kicker in all of this being the fact that they were actually saying all of this right in front of said person they were planning against; however unknowingly. Hearing all of this, Harry was seriously choking on his rage and was about to completely blow his top; only the fact his magic was already completely exhausted stopped it from reacting as well.

At the same time, as he barely managed to hold back his temper, Harry was positive that his opinion of the four in front of him couldn't sink any lower than it just had, nor did he think he could get any angrier then he was at the moment; at least not without exploding in some way.

Harry was proven wrong, in both accounts, when he heard just what the backstabbing bastard's next conversation topic was. Though to be fair the only reason he didn't completely erupted when he heard what they had to say was because Luna had threw several cheering charms at him as fast, and as powerful, as she could; just before he could lose his temper.

With a quick silencing charm on top of it all just to make sure. She was really just that good at reading him and knew just how much he could take when it came to situations like this one. So, she had been ready to react when she noticed the signs of Harry's temper truly about to snap.

Their next topic was about his family, the one thing every single one of the people in that room knew he wanted most. Once Harry grasped just what they were saying, just what they had hidden from him, Harry felt all the anger, and betrayal that he was feeling leave him and turning to a more icy numb feeling; leaving Harry feeling oddly blank. Chillingly similar to how Harry had felt right before he had finally ended the dark lord life once and for all.

Because as it turns out that there were a lot of things about his family, both sides of it, that Harry hadn't been told about. A lot of things that he really should have been told when he had first entered back in the wizarding world, or even before that in some case, but wasn't just because it made him easier to control without him knowing the truth. Well that, as well as pure spite on some people's side.

Things that if he had known beforehand would have helped him a great deal in a lot of different situations and would have most likely have saved both a lot of lives, as well as himself, a lot of pain; that is if he had known about them all. Which he hadn't. Just so certain people could stay on top of things and have a certain sense of superiority to them.

One of these things was the fact that it seemed he had more than one female parent, and the fact that Lily, the one he had been told was his mother. his only mother at that, wasn't quite that. As while being the one who had actually carried him, she wasn't actual by blood his true mother; more along the lines of actually being his second father strangely enough.

There was also a lot more to it than that, if the heavy hinted words or look the traitors were exchanging between them meant anything. All of which had purposely been kept from Harry because the four traitors in the hospital wing wanted more control over him, and through him control over a good deal of the wizarding world as well. At least that was how they seemed to see it from what Harry could gather from what they were saying.

Well not anymore, Harry swore he would find out everything he could, everything they didn't want him to, and then he would make the traitors, the cold-hearted manipulators, pay for keeping it all from him.

For basically making him their puppet, their prisoner, and he would make the pay in tears and blood if he had to. Especially if his sinking feeling that he had been getting in his gut, and the icy cold touch of pure dread down his spine, proved the thoughts he was currently trying his best to ignore to be correct.

Luna must have seen something on Harry face that actually frightened her a bit, and at the same time almost made her feel a minuscule amount of pity for the four in the hospital wing, because she pulled back just slightly; wondering if she should perhaps stop Harry from whatever he was planning.

But even as she thought this and thought that instead of doing that, she would rather like to help him give out some much-deserved punishment instead replaced it. Still this didn't stop Luna as she still shook her head and reached over to grab Harry's shoulder knowing she had to stop him before he did something; even if he most likely wouldn't regret doing it later. She knew she wouldn't have it she was in his shoes. Or at least she needed to stop him for the time being.

"Harry you need to calm down. I know you want to them to pay for everything they have done, for everything you had to suffer through because of them. Hell, I am right there behind you in that regard, because I can see just how many lives could have been saved if they had hadn't done all of the things they did. Be we can't, at least not yet, we can't. We need to first think things through. I mean look at them, they are all look fresh like they haven't even been fighting…"

Here Luna got a pensive look on her face as she thought back. A look that quickly turned darker than it had ever been and joined Harry's in the department of if looks could kill before she continued; pure rage coating every word she said as she did so.

"In fact, now that I think about it I really don't recall ever seeing any of them out there on the Battle field; or anywhere near it for that matter…you on the other hand, I know I saw you were right there in the middle of things giving it you all, and it shows."

Here Luna gave a slight grimace as she remembered just why they were in the hallway in the first place before resuming what she had been saying. Knowing she would need to if she didn't want Harry to continue with whatever he was planning on doing.

"Right now, you're gravely injured, not to mention completely exhausted. Hell, that why I brought you here in the first place… I think it would be in your best interest to not attack them; at least not yet. If you do attack them now, especially given the state you are in, there is a good chance they'll easily beat you and most likely erase all of this from BOTH of our memories. We don't want to give them a chance to do that, particularly because we have no idea as to just what they'd plain to plant in said memories place."

Again, Luna stopped in her speech this time with a faint shudder as she began to imagine just what could be placed in their minds if Dumbledore was given the chance. Especially given their exhausted state where they wouldn't be able to naturally fight of anything he would want to do; like they would have been able to do otherwise.

At the same time, Luna looked at Harry to see if he was getting what she was saying, and upon seeing that it looked like he was at least calming down slightly she gave him a slight smile before starting up again. This time trying to wrap everything she was saying up.

Seeing as she really didn't want to be caught outside the hospital wing by the headmaster, certainly not at the moment at least. Which meant they had to leave really soon seeing as the backstabbers in the hospital wing looked to be wrapping up their own conversation; if the way they were talking about making sure they looked like they had been the fight meant anything.

"Instead I say we need to do is go to Grinngotts bank. For more than one reason…and before you say anything brother, please listen to me. First they can give you the answers you want , that you so desperately need at the moment and second they are really good at helping other get the revenge they want…for a price of course; which again is something you need." Here Luna paused a let loose a wicked smirk before continuing on when she saw that she had Harry's full attention.

"What they can do is a Blood- test a sort goblin magic that lets them see the family of the blood they use. And which is powered by their own brand of blood magic, which despite how much the ministry may deny it, is much more powerful than any one normal wizard or witch can do; goblins know blood just as well as they know money you know."

Hearing this bit Harry had to rise an eyebrow as he didn't know globin were so skilled in blood magic, but at the same time he knew better to say anything as Luna wasn't quite done speaking yet. And she might just answer any question he had without him having to voice them in what she still had to say.

"Their blood ritual would be one that will be able to tell you everything that the headmaster, and his little stooges, wants to be hidden from you. Because after all in the end blood does truly tell all and the goblins know just how to read said blood" Here Luna gave Harry's shoulder a squeeze as she tried to guide him away from the hospital wing and away from the traitors inside of it.

Fortunately it seemed Harry had decided to listen to her for the time being, and allowed himself to be guided away from the hospital wing; though he did absent mindedly wonder just how he was going to be healed as he did so.