Summary-Harry had a hellish time during the war. But he did give it is all and fought against the best the dark side had to offer; all the while coming up on top. He loved, he lost and more importantly he continued to fight; all the while never giving up. So, when his heritage came up, or the fact that the goddess of love was his mother, and he had to be sent to a camp called camp half-blood of all things; well Harry wasn't exactly pleased. It could also be said in no certain terms that Harry didn't appreciate the fact that because of who his mother was caused everyone automatically assumed that all he was good for was looking good or flirting. That he wouldn't fight for fear of breaking a nail. Well that just wasn't Harry and Harry was going to show the whole camp this, as well as everyone else who made assumptions about him, why there was a saying that said, 'love hurts', and he do it all without breaking a nail just to spite them all. This is a Harry Potter Percy Jackson crossover.

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or Percy Jackson nor do I make any profit off of either one of them.

Chapter eight

After the two had managed to keep their humor off their faces, and had finished cleaning up Clarissa for that matter, both Luna and Harry headed to the Hermes cabin. Where they would hopefully be able to find Percy and finally be able to introduce themselves to him. Something they both felt the need to do. Both because they honestly wanted to, and because their magic was driving them to do so in the first place.

This time, it seemed that fortune was on their side because just as they were arriving at Hermes Cabin, to see if the newest resident had arrived yet, they say Annabeth pulling Percy out muttering something about having to do better than that. Which looked, at least to Harry, to be the last straw for Percy in terms of what he could take for the day.

Which something Harry knew Percy would have to work on if he wanted to survive the new world, he found himself in. As there were a of things out there that would need to be accepted, understood, and eventually over come if necessary, out there then whatever Percy had dealt with so far. Though honestly considering the fact that Percy had most likely had his whole world just recently flipped on in Harry did try to be a bit more sympathetic and thus keep these thoughts to himself; at least for the time being.

Even as he thought this Harry quickly found out he was right about being told he had to do better, when he had no idea really just what was going on, or more like was still trying to deny everything thing was going on, was the last straw that Percy could take at the moment. Because he pulled his arm out of Annabeth's grip before nearly shouting out at her; a clear edge of panic in his voice as he did so.

"What is going on? What is your problem? You keep going on about all of this, whatever this is, and expect something out of me. When all I know is that I killed some Bull guy-" However before he could go on, and really get into the rant Harry knew was building up in him he was interrupted by Annabeth.

"Don't talk like that, do you realize just how many kids just wish to be in your shoes, to have the chance you did!?" Again, the wrong thing seemed to be said and Percy temper built right back out as he snapped out.

"What to be killed? I didn't realize-"

Harry seeing where Percy could be going with what he was about to say and knowing that if he did finish that statement things would get ugly rather quickly interrupted Percy once more. This time answering before Annabeth could, while walking towards to quarrelling couple; his sister, almost looking amused, following behind him as he did so.

"Hey, if I were you, I wouldn't talk like that. You never know who is listening and just what they may do if they don't like what they hear. Or what sort of amusement or disaster they would make for you because of what you may have said." As he said this Harry hoped that Percy got his warning as he felt it wasn't only gods or Demigods that may have been listening in. Before continuing in. This time trying to calm down Percy instead of warning him.

"But what I think Annabeth here, was trying to say. Was that there are a lot of people here who would have loved to have a chance to prove themselves and stop a monster like you did. To show their parents just what they can do and see for themselves if their training paid off. She wasn't insulting you or anything like that…" Smiling slightly after he said this and hoping that his Olocalamy shields were working at a hundred percent, Harry reached out a hand for Percy to shake.

"By the way, my name is Harry Potter, and this is my sister in all but blood Luna. We were there when you first arrived and helped while you were in this hospital. We were the newest arrivals until you arrived. So, maybe we can help you understand a little more about what is going on; with Annabeth's help of course. After all, she's been here longer and know more answers then either of us do."

Harry's friendly smile and how he seemed to sympathize with what Percy was going through, as well as the fact that Percy thought the both of them had recently gone through something similar to what he just had, made Percy calm down a bit. Before he reached out and took the hand Harry offered him.

"My name is Percy, thought you already seem to know that…. but any help you willing to offer I'll take. I get the feeling I'll need all the help I can get soon."

At hearing this, Harry felt a shiver go down his spine, he got the feeling Percy was a hundred percent correct in what he had just said. A feeling that was only proven when he heard Luna giggle lightly behind him causing him to groan slightly; she only ever giggled like that when something interesting was about to happen.

Well, at least this time it seemed he would have some company it whatever was going on, and if Percy was anything like him he would draw trouble to him like he was some type of magnet; sadly Harry strongly got the feeling Percy was just like him in that regards.

Harry was knocked out of thoughts, which were about to take a rather morbid turns as he began to wonder just what kind of trouble him and Percy could bring now that they were together, by Luna. Who upon seeing that Harry looked to be lost in thought slapped the back of his head knocking him back into the present; where apparently she had been saying something. Luna seeing the slightly embarrassed look and knowing that he hadn't heard what she had just said repeated herself, gaining slightly amused looks from both Percy and Annabeth as she did so.

"I said Harry, that we should probably take Percy to Chiron so that he can help in see what he is good at and get some practice in some perhaps we can figure out just who is godly parent is. Then we could show him where the dining hall is and explain more things to him while we're at it. Like say who we are in more detail, who are parents are, our skill, more about this camp, telling him about capture the flag, and offer to train him a bit, because if even a little bit of what I saw was true he is going to need it." Harry knew she had just added that last bit, about the training and Percy going to need it in the future, because the look on both Annabeth and Percy's face once it had been said.

One looked rather interested in what was being said, while the other looked to be rather horrified about what Luna had just suggested. Still Harry couldn't deny that his sister was right both about bringing Percy to Chiron and training him a bit.

But at the same time, he wanted to have a little bit of fun, even if it was a little at the expense of Percy. Someone who Harry got the feeling he would both get along wonderful with yet at the same time most likely be constantly annoyed by the younger teen as well.

"Are you sure he can handle to training, I mean you do remember the last guy we trained with…he did run away screaming and crying after only a couple of days of our training…." Here Harry trailed off, hoping that his sister would play along with him, if only for a little bit. Luckily, it seemed that she would, at least for the time being, because instead of scolding, or otherwise doing something that would hopefully calm Percy down some, she instead said.

"I believe he is strong enough for our training, I know I was wrong about it before with that other guy. But I got a good feeling I'm right about this. For now, let's let Chiron deal with him and find just what he is good at, and just what we have to 'improve' on."

Harry was sure even the idiot son of Ares would have heard the word torture instead of improve in what Luna had just said, and he noted with a serious amount of humor that Percy definitely did, and the fact that Annabeth seemed to know just what they were doing; if the amused glimmer and slight twitch of her lips meant anything. Seeing this Harry had to fight back a grin as he slapped a hand on Percy's back; stopping him from backing up and fleeing like it looked like he had been planning to do.

"Yes, Chiron first then it's our turn." This said Harry grabbed Percy shoulder and started to tug him towards where the trainer of hero's was waiting. Funnily enough Percy looked like he was going to his own funeral while Harry was doing this, and honestly Harry couldn't wait till their training began, if more than just to see Percy's reaction to it all.

He really hadn't been joking about sending the last guy off crying because of their training. He had just left out the fact he had been pranking the guy mercilessly during the whole training time. Because of how arrogant and lazy said guy had been during the training in question.

At the same time, it wasn't going to be as bad as Percy thought it was. As they wouldn't make it that bad, at least not in the very beginning; or at least not if the teen in question put the effort into it, they wouldn't. As both of them knew that Percy had to learn to crawl before he was thrown to the wolves.

That in mind, and doing his best not to laugh evilly, Harry handed Percy over to Chiron. His smile becoming even brighter and dazing quite a few people around him as he heard the slight whimper Percy let out as he did this.

Later Harry felt like both shaking his head in disbelieve and hitting it repeatedly off of the nearest hart surface. This was because of just what Percy had done well on during his trails, or more like what he hadn't done well in.

He was bad enough in the smithery that he had actually been banned from it when there wasn't someone there in there with him. Which when you consider there was always a son or daughter of Hephaestus in there wasn't a very big thing. But still it was the principle of the manner more than anything else. Not many people had that type of ban on them; only five that Harry could recall off the top of his head.

Moving on from that, he had some skill in arts and crafts, enough to make something recognizable and was better at it then Harry; so that was something. He lost utterly when it came to racing the Nymphs, which again was to surprising. Besides Harry got the feeling he was more of a strength fighter then speedy on. But still there was that to work on. Both speed and strength in that matter; as strength didn't matter in the least bit if you were too slow to hit whoever you were fighting against.

When it came to bow and arrows the less said about that, the better. Only that there was no way Harry was going to have anything to do with teaching Percy the bow and arrow, nor was Luna. Also, as a side note Harry made sure that if Percy ever did have a Bow and arrow, he would go in front of the target he was aiming at; it'd be the safest place to be at.

When it came to what the campers affectionately called the flaming wall of doom Percy had been okay at it. Nothing to brag about but again nothing to be disappointed about either; still it was another thing Harry want to train him up on. By the time, his sister and him were done with him he wanted Percy to all but fly through that wall, and with Chiron's help he was sure that would be completely possible.

Percy had been really good at the Canoeing; Harry was sure he would have been able to do laps around him when it came to that so there wasn't much Harry could do in that regard. On the other had there was plenty he could do when it came to his hand to hand combat which was another big thing Harry knew he would have to work on Percy with.

Then there were the swords, or the skills Percy seemed to have with swords. From what Harry had seen when he had watched Percy practiced with Luke. Percy did seem to have a talent with them. Plenty of it, and all of it seemed to be natural but no training with it.

Harry got the feeling that when it came to sword play Percy would be like a diamond in the rough. It was just right now he was currently so rough that he was coal; again, something Harry and Luna both needed to work on him with.

Think on all that, Percy had to train in and all that he was skilled in Harry couldn't help but smile in excitement. Percy reminded him somewhat of what he had been like when he was his age, except he was healthier, and quite a bit more naive as well. Knowing that and knowing how much he had both needed and how much all the training he had been put through helped him Harry could help but be eager to start training Percy.

Perhaps this is what is trainers felt when they first started training him, if so, he could almost forgive the nightmares said training gave him. Meanwhile a little further way an amused Luna watched as Harry began to plot out just how they were going to train Percy. She almost felt sorry for Percy; almost that is, she got over that really quickly and went to help her brother. It was more fun that way after all.