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Warning: Complete and utter crack. May permamently injure your brain.

Fandoms (in order) include Legend of Zelda, Star Wars, Phantom of the Opera, X-Men, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Pirates of the Caribbean and Black Butler. :D

Farore Worldshaper: Finally! *Magically proofs up popcorn* I can watch Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in HD!

Erik: *Popping up* Did somebody say Phantom?

Farore: Wait, what? No, Erik, go away! Or else-

Christine: He is no menace! He is an Angel of Music!

Farore: …That.

Raoul: PHANTOM?! I will destroy you, you menace! *Begins chasing Erik around with a sword*


Magneto: I'm sorry?

Farore: NO! Wrong mopey genius! How'd you get here anyways?

The Doctor: Well, the readings from my sonic screwdriver seem to show that there's been a tear in the space-fan continuum! All the fictional universes are blending together!

Sherlock: Isn't it obvious? *Rolls eyes*

Farore: O.O

Anakin: What the HOTH is going on here? Why are so many people here? Oh, Obi-Wan's gonna be pissed…

Jack: Why is the rum always goneeee...

Farore: That's it! Using my powers of a goddess of Hyrule, Link, I summon you here!


Link: Wh-what? Where am I? Where's everyone?

Farore: Link, why are you shirtless?

Link: Me and some others were playing strip poker. Who might you be?

Farore: …Ignoring that, I'm Farore, your patron goddess. Here's the Triforce, now go kill all the people who aren't from this universe.

Link: …

Farore: …I'll throw in a heart container.

Link: HYAAA!

*Screams of terrified mopey genii as they and their friends get slaughtered*

*Sound of Doctor regenerating*

*Sound of Sherlock sword fighting with Link*

Farore: Where's the popcorn? This is more interesting than the movie, anyways.

Doctor: Well, that was rude. Ooh! New voice! I like it. Say, am I ginger?

Farore: No.

Doctor: T_T

Grell: Hold still, sweetheart, I can't get your memories with you all twitching like that~!

Anakin: GAAAH!


…Nevermind, here's your heart container anyways. *Poofs Link back to Hyrule* Now what should I do with all these dead bodies?

Undertaker: Kekeke… I see lots of pretty dead bodies~

Farore: Oh, hey Undertaker! How've you been?

Undertaker: Very good. Ooh, these will go perfectly in my new coffins~

Farore: Would you mind taking care of them? I need to go back to Hyrule to keep an eye on everything. And get my nails done with Din and Naryu.

Undertaker: Don't worry, milady, I'll take care of e-very-one~

Doctor: Wait, what about me? I'm not exactly dead.

Farore: Get your TARDIS and go back home if you're not dead! Unless you want to be…

Doctor: Well, I'd give you a long lecture on the moral wrongness of killing, but wow I'm late for tea! Bye then!

*TARDIS vworps away*

Farore: Thanks again, Undertaker! See ya! *Pfoofs back to Hyrule*

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