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"I can't understand why the Student Council accepted someone like her, just what is Takuto-senpai thinking?"

"She's just so bland and quiet… She can't speak well, while Student Council members are supposed to be good at public speaking, right?"

"Why does she have to be in the same committee as Kai-senpai and Miwa-senpai?"

"Maybe she bribed her interviewers…"

The school cafeteria was the place where the school's popular people reside. Those people would usually gather during recess and sit together on the most recognizable table. Sometimes they would talk about various topics, from the latest movies to the latest clothes. Sometimes they laugh at jokes or some incidents they found amusing. However, above all, they loved to gossip about hot celebrities to the school dorks. For someone who wasn't part of the popular society, it must be hard to walk around a cafeteria like this.

Sendou Aichi found herself purchasing two tuna sandwiches with some whispers and some loud remarks about her joining the Student Council. She realized that they were talking about her in particular, so she paid the sandwiches hurriedly and rushed to get out of the tight cafeteria, with some red cheeks on her face. She blamed herself for forgetting to take her mom's lunchbox, which made her to buy some food in the cafeteria so that she won't starve. She avoided many people on her way out and headed to her usual spot for spending recess. However, since her head was looking down all the time to avoid people's faces, she accidentally bumped and stepped on someone. That person let out a cry. She raised her head and found a face she knew. "I apologize, Miwa-kun!" She bowed deeply.

The blond was surprised to see Aichi, but then he looked relieved. "It's fine, Aichi! And by the way, good timing for you to crash onto me. I was also thinking of looking for you, to tell you about our Committee Meeting which will be held today, after school on the school's rooftop. Be sure to come! That jerk Kai has just told me today and he expected me to give the message to you."

"I will come, Miwa-kun. And thank you for passing the message to me," Aichi smiled and walked away.

Aichi's usual eating spot was a hidden balcony on the third floor, near the girls' toilet. People rarely went there since it was a place where broken stuff, such as desks covered with drawings of creative people who obtained inspiration from listening or maybe not listening to their teacher, and chairs that looked worn out of age. From that balcony, she could see the clear blue sky and observe the clouds. It was the only place at school where she could relax and just be herself, where she didn't have to fake anything.

Aichi tasted her tuna sandwich, "It's good, but not as excellent as Kaa-san's. Anyway, at least this will do."

The blue haired-girl ate and kept looking at the sky. There was not a single cloud today, and the sky seemed wider than ever. I wonder if the sky has any boundaries, she thought. She didn't took notice of a boy who joined and sat next to her. Both of them didn't say anything to each other, but remained in each of their imagination while gazing at the sky. The boy murmured, "When I grow up, I will be like that sky and achieve my dreams without knowing any limits."

Aichi was surprised of hearing someone's voice. She turned her head and looked at the boy, who also turned to look at her. The boy was somehow small for a highschooler in physique, he had brown bobbed-hair and wore glasses over his brown eyes. Aichi turned tense as she thought that no one knew her secret place. "Hi," she said nervously.

"Hello too," The boy answered. "Sendou Aichi, one of the Student Council's newbies, member of the Environment Care Committee."

"Ye-yes... How do you know?" Aichi asked.

The boy folded his arms, "Of course someone like me would know. You see here, I know every single member of the Student Council and their positions in the Council."

"So why aren't you a member of the Council?" The bluenette asked eagerly.

The boy turned from Aichi and looked at the sky again. "I did sign up for it, but I wasn't accepted. Now you know that I'm really envious of you," he sighed. "Sendou Aichi, the girl without a speck of confidence, doesn't know how to speak well, however has good brains, especially in Mathematics."

Aichi felt uncomfortable with the boy's words. She tried to say something, "I have no idea why they accepted me."

"I also can't understand why they accepted someone like you but rejected someone like me, who has a clear vision and of course, better brains than yours. And above all, I know how to do public speaking, right?" The boy now looked very irritated and Aichi was very worried of making him mad. "I have always dreamed of becoming the Student Council President, but even now I'm not accepted as a member."

Aichi did her best to think about any way to calm the boy, but nothing came across her mind. "I-I think that you can always sign up next year. People might say things, but I reckon that you'll be fine. By entering next year you won't have a chance of becoming the president, but it's still better than nothing, right?" She tried to something again, "And eh, I can help you, I guess."

The boy was lost in Aichi's words. He thought of something for several minutes, then he looked at Aichi. "Are you sure you will help me make my way to the Student Council?"

Aichi nodded, even though she wasn't very sure.

"Then I shall take your advice, Sendou-san." The boy said, then he let out his hand. "Anyway, my name's Komoi Shingo from class 1-B. It's nice to be acquainted with someone nice like you, Sendou-san."

Aichi had never gone to the school's rooftop, since she had to pass several seniors' classes whom she was very terrified of to reach the stairs. But this time, a tiny flare of courage lit inside her. Some people, like her new friend, were very eager to enter the Student Council but didn't make it. While she, who was obviously unsuited for the Council, was accepted. That's why she had to make the most of it.

The bluenette opened the door of the rooftop and saw her Committee President laying down there, staring at the sky with his clear teal eyes. She closed the door and returned to her normal, shy self. There wasn't anyone except Kai, whom she wasn't familiar with. She approached Kai and hoped for Miwa to come soon. "He-hello, Kai-senpai."

"Just Kai is fine, Sendou." He said shortly, not bothering to take a look at Aichi.


"I hate seniority, so just do it." He was still staring at the sky.

Aichi asked, "May I sit?" Kai didn't say anything, which she took as a 'yes'. She then joined Kai, however instead of laying down, Aichi just sat. She stared at her Committee President, who didn't pay any notice to her presence. He was in a completely different world. After several minutes of thinking whether to ask or not, Aichi asked curiously, "Where is Miwa-kun?"

The door to the rooftop, which Aichi had closed earlier, was opened with a loud voice. The bluenette was shocked to turn around and see Miwa, bathed in sweat. Before Aichi had the chance to ask, a girl who had long lilac hair arrived at the rooftop. She too, looked exhausted.

Miwa was terrified to see the girl who had chased him all over the school because he jumped over the school fence which separated the lawn with the street to avoid her scolding for the late students. "I didn't mean to, Misaki. It's just that you were so frightening and it gave me the natural insting to climb the fence!" Then he earned a strong tweak on his left ear, which turned very red. "Ouch!"

"That's because you're a Student Council member. You're supposed to be a model for the other students! Don't you remember what Takuto said?" The girl's scolding sounded like a mother scolding her naughty son.

"Hey, leave me alone! I have a Committee Meeting here! You're not part of the Committee, so you're supposed to get out of here!" Miwa complained.

The girl looked at Kai, "I guess you're right, Miwa." Then she turned her face to Aichi who was frightened, "So you're this Committee's new member? Well it's nice to meet you then, Sendou? Or should I call you Aichi?"

"A-aichi is fine," Aichi's cheeks turned red as she was the center of attention now.

The girl's fierce face turned into a friendly face with a gentle and beautiful smile. Wow, she's very pretty if she smiles, Aichi thought. "I'm Tokura Misaki, you can just call me Misaki though. I am the Disciplinary Committee President, so you should watch out for me if you break any school rules." The girl's tone was much nicer and friendlier. "I guess that I should take my leave now."

Misaki walked away and left the three of them on the rooftop. Kai finally sat after laying down for a couple of hours. He took a certain book which had Vanguard High's logo in front of it and it was written there, 'Environment Care Committee Book'. "I should report to Takuto that one of the old members arrived late to the Committee Meeting," Kai said loudly and wrote something on one of the book's pages, which made Miwa complain, "I would have arrived on time if that Boss-lady hadn't caught me." But Kai didn't took any notice and said, "Well then, let's start the meeting and try our bests to go home as soon as possible."

Kai passed the book which was open in a certain page to Aichi. "So, we are making our work plan for the whole year today. Our Committee doesn't do anything much, it's just that we have to make at least three programs. Do you understand?" Aichi nodded.

"Good, so you can take a look at the previous Committee's programs on the previous pages. If you have any ideas, please tell us and we will discuss it."

Miwa threw in some ideas, however Kai insisted that they weren't essential. "This is madness! I should have joined the Friendship Committee. I bet they're Committee Meeting is very cool and interesting, at least not like ours." And in the end, they only had one program, Earth Hour Campaign, ready.

Aichi, whose mind was concentrated on thinking, found something. "How about we make a recycling contest where the students in one class have to work together to create a product? Then they have to present their product in front of the teachers."

"That sounds interesting, we can do it anytime, most likely after the finals," Miwa commented, then he turned to Kai. "What do you think? You're the Committee President."

Kai wrote something on the book, "That seems like a fair idea, with not much budget needed for us. Your idea is accepted, Sendou and you are the person in charge of the program. The Recycling Contest will be held after the finals. And now we only have one program to go."

Everyone turned very quiet, as they were all thinking. After several minutes, Miwa's eyes brightened. "I have something really cool in mind, it's just that it might need a huge budget. Are you fine with it, Kai?"

Kai seemed to think, but then he said, "Just explain me about it, and I shall see whether or not is it essential."

Miwa was very happy, "The students will go and camp in the countryside for three days, where they have to work in farms and plantations. They will learn to live modestly and to appreciate the Earth's blessings. I reckon that we could ask some help from the Friendship Committee to arrange the activities. The loophole is that, I think that we'll need a huge budget."

Kai seemed to be in deep thought, "This is a good idea and it will turn out as one of the major programs, if it is sure to be held. I think that I could ask the principal about the budget. Anyway, you'll be the person in charge, Miwa. And if the principal approves, we will have to find three days that won't disturb the lessons for the camp. Good one, Miwa."

Kai wrote on the book, then he said to his Committee members, "I also another program, it's a go-green poster contest. We can put it on the same day as Sendou's Recycling Contest, then we shall name that day with 'Green Day'. The poster contest's person in charge is Miwa, but the whole Green Day's person in charge is me."

"And so, I conclude our Committee Meeting, any questions? If there aren't any, you may leave and relax, since you only have to wait for the principal's approval."

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