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Sendou Aichi opened her blue eyes and yawned. After that she glanced at the clock on the wall. Its long arm was pointing at number nine, while its short arm was pointing between number seven and eight. Her eyes widened. "No way! I will be late for school!" Aichi quickly went to the bathroom, which was luckily unoccupied, and showered as fast as she could. Five minutes later, she walked out of the bathroom, already clad in her school uniform, except for the blue tie. It took Aichi a minute to do it, and then she grabbed her school bag. She ran downstairs, to the dining room, where she could find her mother. Emi wasn't there, since her school started at half past eight which is thirty minutes after Aichi and her school wasn't as far as Aichi's. "Aren't you quite late today, dear?" Her mother asked. Aichi nodded, then put her breakfast toast in her mouth and took her lunch box. She wore her shoes, then waved goodbye to her mother, and left in a hurry.

Aichi stared at a line of late students before her. The bluenette sighed, as she couldn't make it on time. Now she would have to face Misaki whom she didn't want to disappoint. I bet she's going to scold me, Aichi thought. She looked at the other late students in front of her, there were around fifteen of them. One student, the one who was in front of Aichi, caught her interest. The student was a red-haired boy with somewhat dozy, dirty gold eyes. He seemed very bored as he crossed his arms. "Why is this taking so long?" He said loudly, which made a couple heads turned.

After a couple of minutes, the line went forward. Aichi could see the one who was judging the late students. It wasn't Misaki, but a blond boy of beautiful violet eyes. He wrote the names of the late students on a book and asked their reasons for being late, then mentioned their punishments. Beside him, there were two girls who looked incredibly identical as they were, in fact, twins. Both had long blue hair, which colors were lighter than Aichi's, and dark yellow eyes. The girl on the left had her hair tied to the right with a dark blue headband, while the girl on the right's hair was tied to the left with a teal headband.

"Your name, class, and reasons for being late," said the blond boy flatly to the red-haired boy in front of Aichi. He seemed quite annoyed with the number of the late students.

"Hey, isn't it supposed to be Misaki-senpai's duty to guard the school gate? Who are you?" The redhead protested.

"Soryu Leon, the new member of the Disciplinary Committee. Tokura-senpai assigned me to guard the school gate today," the blond answered shortly, "your name, class, and reasons for being late?"

"What? Hasn't she told you about me?" said the redhead, quite surprised. Then he said in a calmer voice, "Ishida Naoki, class 1-B. Late because I can't get up early and my house's quite far from here. So you know, Soryu Leon, I am almost always late. It means that we will see each other frequently. Next time, you won't need to ask my reasons, since it never changes."

"Being late isn't a good habit, Ishida Naoki. You should get rid of it, since it won't do any good for you in the future. Use an alarm and then try to be punctual," Leon lectured Naoki coolly, "and today after school you have to clean the cafeteria with some of your fellow late friends." Naoki just nodded and walked away without saying anything, while Leon wrote something on the book. "Next!"

"Se-sendou Aichi, class 1-A. I'm late because I overslept." The bluenette said nervously. She wondered if she was asked to clean the school cafeteria like Naoki.

"Well then, Sendou, since you're a member of the Student Council, being late is such a disgrace. You are a model for the other students, and if a model can't give a good example, then the people who are supposed to follow the model's lead will be worse." Leon said, hitting right on the mark. Aichi could feel her feet trembling. "You will help clean the cafeteria after school today, now you may go to your class."

"Well then, class, you will need to work in pairs for this project. You may choose your pair and then report to me. After that, you can use the remaining five minutes to discuss the project together. Start thinking what kind of plant movement you will be observing, the materials, and where you will perform the observation. If you have any questions, ask me and I will be glad to answer them. And remember, that you are asked to submit the results at the end of the month." said Tanaka-sensei five minutes before recess.

Even though almost everyone in class 1-A started to get very noisy as they approached their closest friends, Aichi just sat alone on her seat. The bluenette had always been the wallflower of the class. Everyone would choose their best friends for this kind of project, while she, who didn't have any friends, would just wait until someone didn't get a partner. She had done nothing wrong, but anyone would of course prefer to work with people whom they were comfortable with, while she made no one comfortable, especially with her very shy nature. She could always ask whether they wanted to be her partner or not, however Aichi herself wasn't very proactive either.

The blue-eyed girl was very surprised when one of her classmates appeared in front of her in such a short time. Usually someone would ask after a couple of days. This classmate of hers was Nagashiro Maki, a quiet girl like her, who had red-purple hair and red eyes with red-framed glasses worn over them. "Would you mind to be my partner for this project, Sendou-san?"

Aichi happily accepted with a smile, "Of course not, Nagashiro-san. I am honored to work with you."

"Okay then, I'll go report to Tanaka-sensei. You can just stay here if you want." Maki said with a smile.

Maki went to the front and reported, while Aichi eyed her partner. I think that Nagashiro-san is amazing, she doesn't talk a lot but she is very bright and nobody teases her, because she is confident. Moreover, she's very nice too. Anyone would want to work in the same team as her, but she asked me! Aichi said to herself.

After reporting, Maki went back to Aichi and pulled a chair to Aichi's desk, then they started discussing. "Yeah, phototropism would be the best option. Not only that it's very simple to be done, the plant's movement is very visible to us."

"How about we plant green beans in a cup, then we put the cup in a box that has only one hole that gets sunlight? The plant will grow towards the sunlight."

"That's a fine idea, Sendou-san. We can plant it together in my house, then I can record the data of the plant's movement every day. After that, we can make the portfolio together."

"Don't forget to measure the length of the plant's stem. And it would be easier to look at if you put your data in a table."

The bell rang. Everyone were very excited, especially because Biology had ended, and who would love to study Biology when the weather outside was very nice? The boys went to the field and played soccer, while most of the girls went to the cafeteria to chit-chat with girls from other classes. Aichi herself was quite glad to take a break from studying and she went to the hidden balcony to enjoy the gorgeous sky today. I wonder if Komoi-kun will be enjoying the sky too today, she thought.

It was then, when Aichi was walking across a hallway, a gentle hand patted her from behind. The bluenette turned her head, and saw a beautiful girl, who had long, flowing blonde hair that reached her waist. Half of those hair were tied up with a black headband. "You are Sendou Aichi, correct?" The blonde's clear, green eyes stared at Aichi's blue eyes.

"Ye-yes. Do you have any business with me?" Aichi asked, not sounding very confident.

"I'm Tatsunagi Kourin, secretary of the Student Council. You have some errands waiting in the Student Council Room, please follow me," said the blonde girl with a stern voice.

The two girls walked past several hallways, then they climbed up the stairs until they reached the third floor. Kourin led Aichi to a room with an oak door. Aichi had never been there before, since she wasn't the type of girl who loved to explore each and every corner of the school. Kourin didn't say anything, she knocked gently, then someone from inside said, "Come in!"

Aichi went inside, as Kourin had instructed her to do so. "Excuse me," said the bluenette as she entered the room. The room was quite capacious. Its walls were painted blue and there were some charts and framed photographs of each year's Student Council members. In the middle of the room there were two comfortable-and-elite-looking black sofas facing each other and a glass table between them. On the corner of the room there was a metal cupboard containing the documents of the Council. Aichi froze as she saw a white-haired, yellow-eyed boy who was her Student Council President, Tatsunagi Takuto. Next to him was a girl who had dark blue eyes and interesting aqua hair, Tatsunagi Suiko, the Student Council Vice-President. "Have a seat, Sendou Aichi."

Aichi sat on the sofa; however she didn't feel comfortable at all. In fact, she was quite tense, since sitting right in front of her were the two most important people in the Student Council. Takuto, however, saw this and decided to make the younger girl as relaxed as possible, since the thing he would be saying was important. "Kourin, why don't you pour some cold green tea for Sendou-san?"

"A-ah, there's no need for that, Tatsunagi-senpai." Aichi refused, but Kourin poured tea anyway.

"Takuto. That's how you shall call me, since the three of us here have the same family name, and I don't want to get confused. Tatsunagi is very common, right?" Takuto said in a friendly tone. "And oh, you should drink the tea. Theanine in green tea can make people who drink it more relaxed. That's what you need now, right?"

Aichi blushed and took Takuto's advice. She drank the green tea and took a deep breath. After that, she opened her eyes and felt more relaxed, even though she was facing the Student Council President and Vice-President. "Thank you, Takuto-senpai. I'm feeling much better."

"Now that's better," Takuto smiled. "And now I want to ask something, Sendou-san. What do you think of the Student Council?"

Aichi answered, "I think it's great fun. I have new experiences and get to know new people. I still haven't memorized all the members' names, though."

Takuto laughed, "Of course it takes time to memorize the 45 members of the Council! After some time, you will be able to memorize them all. Anyway, whose names do you remember?"

The bluenette paused to think, "There's Miwa-kun, Kai-kun, Misaki-san, Soryu Leon, you, Suiko-senpai, and Kourin-san."

The white-haired boy applauded, "That's quite a lot!" After that he asked a different question, "What are the activities of the Student Council that you have attended?"

"Hmm… The first Council Meeting and the first Committee Meeting. That's all," Aichi answered shortly.

"Great! So you have had your first Committee Meeting! That's to be expected from your Committee President, Kai, since he doesn't really want to fuss himself later with some Committee Meetings when he's busy," said Takuto. "How was it? What did you talk about?"

Aichi answered "It's fun, we discussed about some programs for the work plan."

"So, what program are you in charge of?"

"The Recycling Contest after finals."

"I hope that it will go well," Takuto said courteously, then he narrowed his eyes. "Now, what do you think about yourself, after joining the Council?"

This was one question that troubled Aichi, even though she had drunk green tea. "I-I… I think that I'm still the same. I'm still not very good at speaking and I'm still not very confident. I'm still not proactive at making friends. I'm invisible in class. Some people in the cafeteria whispered to each other when I passed them, and some people still tease me."

Takuto now looked very serious, despite his friendly and playful nature before. "Well that's a trouble for us, then." He crossed his arms, "We accepted you because we saw potential and we thought that you can develop it so that it comes out to the surface. If you're still like this, then why bother joining the Council? If you don't want to change, then how will you change your world? You said that you want to join the Council to help you turn into a more confident person and have friends, so that people won't tease you. How will you have any friends if you don't try to be the one to start your friendship? How will people stop teasing you if you're someone worth teasing? It's hard for me to say this, but you're disappointing, Sendou-san."

"I-I…" Aichi just couldn't say anything.

Takuto looked very furious now, "Now you have to state to me about why you should stay in the Council. If your answer doesn't satisfy me, then you will be dismissed from the Council. End of story for Sendou Aichi."

This made Aichi frightened, as she used a couple of minutes to arrange her sentences and words. Her answer had to satisfy the Student Council President. Takuto was impatiently waiting, and it created a rather uncomfortable atmosphere in the room since no one said anything. Aichi opened her mouth, "I should stay in the Council, Takuto-senpai, because from your words today, I learn that for people around me to change, I must change first. I can't rely on other people to pity or sympathize." The bluenette continued, "And this other reason has something to do with one of my new friends, Komoi-kun. He signed up for the Council with dedication, however he wasn't accepted, even though he wanted to join badly. When he told me that, I was committed to give the most for the Council, since I've been very lucky to be accepted. That's my answer to your question, Takuto-senpai. I hope it is satisfying."

Takuto, Suiko, and Kourin stood up and applauded Aichi. The bluenette blushed a little. "That's nice to hear, Sendou-san."

Aichi felt relieved. When she was delivering her answer, she felt like the whole world's fate will be up to this answer.

Suiko, who hadn't said anything, asked Aichi to look out from the room's window. Aichi did what Suiko asked, and he saw a huge cherry blossom tree. It would be surely beautiful later on April, Aichi thought. Suiko joined her, then asked, "Will you blossom like those cherry blossoms and be a better person than before, Aichi?"

"Yes." The bluenette didn't think any further about it.

Suiko smiled, "Well then, here, you shall promise to us to become the most beautiful blossom. I believe you can do it, Aichi."

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