Final Chapter: Our Miracles!

"I'll show you the power of my monsters, Yuya!" I declared.

"I can't wait, Elliot!" Yuya replied.

"Elliot Summoned three monsters like that at the same time..." Yuzu breathed in shock.

"To think he had power like this!" Gongenzaka said.

"I'd expect nothing less from my two rivals!" Sawatari declared.

"This is so exciting!" Standard Ayu squealed.

"It's giving me shivers!" Futoshi cried.

"This really is a full force Duel between them!" Tatsuya commented.

"First, I activate the effect of Yggdrasil the Evolution God!" I raised my hand up to the Synchro/Xyz. "Once per turn, I gain 1000 Life Points for every monster my opponent controls! Yuya, with your Four Dimensional Dragons, I gain 4000 Life!"

"What!? All of his Life back in an instant!?" Nico cried.

"I won't let you! I activate Clear Wing's effect to negate Yggdrasil's effect and destroy it! Dichroic Mirror!" The dragon unleashed light waves from its wings.

"That won't work! Yggdrasil the Fantasy God's effect prevents my monsters from being targeted by card effects, and with Yggdrasil the Evolution God's effect, my monsters effects cannot be negated!" The light waves merely bounced off the monsters.

"They weren't even fazed by Clear Wing's effect!" Frank gasped.

"It's like they really are gods!" Amanda added.

"So amazing!" Tanner marveled.

"Yggdrasil the Evolution God's effect will continue!" The monsters crystals glowed and covered me in a green light.

Elliot's LP: 4050

"Now I activate Yggdrasil the Determination God's effect!" I continued. "Once per turn, during either players turn, I can detach an Overlay Unit and have it gain attack equal to the original attack of one monster my opponent controls until the End Phase! I choose Starving Venom!" The dragonic god absorbed its comet and roared as its power rose to 6000.

"Also, I activate Yggdrasil the Evolution God's other effect!" I went on. "Once per turn, during either players turn, I can reduce the attack of one of my opponents monsters to 0! Again, I choose Starving Venom!" The monsters crystals gave off a powerful glow as the Fusion Dragon's power dropped to nothing.

"Those monsters completely stole Starving Venom's power!" Sora gaped.

"Battle! Yggdrasil the Fantasy God will attack Starving Venom Fusion Dragon! World Fantasy!" The monsters cloak billowed out as orbs of dark energy began gathering around it.

Yuya activated his roller bladers and shot off, grabbing an Action Card. "Action Spell: Big Escape, ends the Battle Phase!"

"We're not letting you escape!" I smirked. "I activate Yggdrasil the Fantasy God's effect! Once per turn, during either players turn, I can negate the activation of a Spell or Trap card and destroy it! Big Escape is rendered useless!" The eye in the monsters chest shot a red beam that destroyed the card.

"Not even Action cards can stop them!" Yoko marvelled.

"The attack will continue!" The dark energy orbs fired multiple black beams that destroyed the Fusion Dragon.

Yuya's LP: 5300

"Yggdrasil the Evolution God will attack Clear Wing Synchro Dragon! World Evolution!" The monster generated a void of energy between its hands which it tossed at the Synchro Dragon, resulting in a giant explosion.

Yuya's LP: 4600

"Yggdrasil the Determination God will attack Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon! World Determination!" The monsters colours glowed strongly as it unleashed a golden beam from its jaws that destroyed the Xyz Dragon.

Yuya's LP: 1100

"Finally, Yavix the Imprisoned Warrior will attack Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon! Sealed Energy!" My ace monster unleashed a giant beam of red energy that destroyed the Pendulum Dragon.

Yuya's LP: 900

"I-I-I can't believe it!" Melissa screamed. "Elliot completely turned the Duel around in only one turn!"

"I'm not done yet!" I said. "I activate Yggdrasil the Determination God's effect! Once per turn, I can attach a monster in my opponents Graveyard to it as an Overlay Unit! I choose Starving Venom!" The Dragon rose out of the Graveyard portal before becoming a purple comet that orbited my monster.

"He even took Starving Venom as well..." Shun noted.

"And to finish it, I activate Yggdrasil the Fantasy God's other effect!" I threw my hand up at it. "Once per turn, I can banish a number of monsters from my opponents Extra Deck equal to the number of monsters I control! I control 4! Yuya! From your Extra Deck, I banish Performapal Odd-Eyes Synchron, Performapal Odd-Eyes Dissolver, Stargazer Magician, and your ace! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" The four monsters vanished.

"Odd-Eyes!" Yuya gasped.

"He even erased Odd-Eyes..." Jack narrowed his eyes.

"With this, I end my turn." I finished. "Yggdrasil the Determination God's attack returns to normal."

"Those three gods together, they really seem invincible." Greiger said.

"It's making me anxious to see how the rest of this Duel plays out." Kalin admitted.

Yuya stood up with his goggles covering his eyes, his body trembling.

"Yuya?" I called to him.

But then he smiled, and he took his goggles off to reveal his eyes sparkling with joy. "Wow! To think you could do something like this, Elliot! This is absolutely fantastic Entertainment! So, as a Pro Duelist, I have to respond in kind, with everything that I have, and make everyone smile!"

"Then bring it, Yuya!" I challenged.

"My turn! Draw!" Yuya began. "It's time for the second act of our Entertainment Duel to begin! I shall begin with our most dazzling monster! I activate Performapal Odd-Eyes Magician in the Pendulum Zone!" The monster that rose up wore a shimmering rainbow tuxedo and bright red bowtie with matching trousers and black pointed shoes with white gloves that had pink stars on the back of them. He had a red left eye and a green right eye with a blue star on his left cheek and a yellow one on his right, with short, combed orange hair underneath a purple top hat with a smiling star on the front of it.

Performapal Odd-Eyes Magician, Level 10, Spellcaster, DARK, ATK: 0 DEF: 0, Pendulum Scale 4

"Did you forget, Yuya? I activate Yggdrasil the Fantasy God's effect to negate the activation of Odd-Eyes Magician and destroy it!" The monsters eye shot its laser, but a shield formed around the monster and protected it! "What?"

"Odd-Eyes Magician's activation cannot be negated!" Yuya explained. "And whilst I control him in the Pendulum Zone, the activation and effects of my Spell cards cannot be negated!"

"He beat one of the gods effects!" Crow cheered.

"Also, when Odd-Eyes Magician is activated, I can target a Pendulum monster that is in my Graveyard, or banished, and place it face-up in my Extra Deck!" He revealed the card. "Of course, I choose Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!"

"He even got Odd-Eyes back!" Allen cheered.

"Now I activate the Spell, The Phantom Knights of Loss!" The card showed The Phantom Knights of Break Sword crumbling as its Overlay Units ascended into a starlit sky. "With this, all Overlay Units on the field are sent to the Graveyard!" Yggdrasil the Determination God's stolen Starving Venom fell back into the Graveyard.

'Phantom Knights...' I stared at the card as it faded away. 'Right...Yuya also accepted his own counterparts, as well as Yuzu...but they must be hurting too...' My eyes widened. 'Wait, could I really...?'

"Now I activate the card that will open up the door to our futures! Odd-Eyes Fusion Gate!" The card from his and Reiji's Duel appeared. "I Special Summon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon from my Extra Deck and Starving Venom Fusion Dragon from my Graveyard with their effects negated, then Fusion Summon using them!" The two dragons appeared before becoming a red and blue whirlpool.

"Dragon with dual colored eyes! Become one with the poisonous dragon. Be the power that leads to supremacy! Fusion Summon! Appear! Level 10! Dragon with gem-like eyes of kindness! Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon!" The Fusion Dragon appeared with a shining light and 3300 ATK.

"It's Yuya and Yuri's dragon!" Asuka marveled.

"Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon's effect activates when it is Fusion Summoned! It gains attack equal to the attack of all monsters my opponent controls!" The dragons wings glowed with a brilliant violet energy as its ATK rose to a staggering 15600.

"It has 15600 attack!?" Nico shouted.

"Battle!" Yuya declared. "Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon will Yggdrasil the Fantasy God!" The dragon flew forward with a roar.

"It's not gonna be that easy! I activate Yggdrasil the Evolution God's effect! It reduces the attack of Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon to 0 until the End Phase!" My Synchro gods gems glowed as the dragons power dropped to nothing.

"It's power was stolen again!" Sayaka cried.

Yuya used his boots to grab a card as Yggdrasil the Fantasy God countered by firing its multiple beams and destroying it. "Action Spell, Damage Vanish reduces the damage to 0!"

"That was scary..." Yuzu admiited.

"Aw, so close too!" Anna pouted.

"Sis, don't take sides..." Allen sighed.

"I knew you'd do that, Elliot." Yuya said as he showed the card. "When Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon is destroyed, I can Special Summon a monster from my Pendulum Zone, then set Venom Dragon in that Zone! I Summon Performapal Odd-Eyes Magician!" The magician appeared on the field as Venom Dragon rose up with a 1 under it. "And when this effect is activated, all monsters you control are destroyed, and you take damage equal to their combined attack!" The dragon roared as it fired red beams from all of its crimson gems.

"All of Elliot's monsters!?" Synchro Ayu cried.

"My gods won't fall to that!" I rebuked. "Yggdrasil the Determination God's effect prevents my monsters from being destroyed by card effects!" The red beams fizzled into nothingness before reaching my monsters.

"Not even effect destruction fazes them." Kaito said. "They truly are god-like monsters."

"Created by combining two Extra Deck types..." Shark pondered. "Like how all of us have come together...I'm in anticipation of what you will do next, Elliot, and how Yuya will respond in kind."

"That's quite annoying." Yuri's spirit admitted. "But we're far from done."

"Just try to beat us, then." Hotaru's spirit challenged.

"I'm up next! Bring it, Leiko!" Yugo's spirit cried.

"Fuck yeah! I'll beat you too, Yugo!" Leiko's spirit boasted.

"When Odd-Eyes Magician is Special Summoned, the effects of all Spell cards you currently control are negated!" I could only watch as Solar Knight and Lunar Knight lost their Pendulum Effects.

"Elliot, like you, we can do even more as well!" Yuya said. "Since Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon was destroyed, I send Odd-Eyes Fusion Gate to the Graveyard to add Odd-Eyes Synchro Gate to my hand, and activate it! I Special Summon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon from my Extra Deck as a Level 1 Tuner, and Clear Wing Synchro Dragon from my Graveyard with their effects negated, and Synchro Summon using them!" Odd-Eyes became a green Synchro ring that Clear Wing flew through in a beam of white light.

"Dragon with dual colored eyes! Gain the shining wings of light. Soar to the summit of supremacy! Synchro Summon! Appear! Level 8! Dragon with piercing eyes of breakthrough! Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon!" The Synchro Dragon soared into the battle with 3000 ATK.

"Now it's Wing Dragon!" Shinji smiled.

"Go! Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon will attack Yavix the Imprisoned Warrior!" The monsters wings glowed brilliantly before it shot forward and sliced through my ace.

Elliot's LP: 3750

"Now Odd-Eyes Magician will attack Yggdrasil the Evolution God!" The monster nodded and jumped forward.

"What!? But Odd-Eyes Magician has 0 attack!" Rio stated.

"Let's see what your plan is, Yuya! Counter, Yggdrasil!" The monster tossed its energy sphere which enveloped the magician.

Yuya bounced and grabbed another card. "Action Spell, Encore lets me reactivate Damage Vanish from my Graveyard! And I activate Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon's effect to negate Odd-Eyes Magician's destruction, then set itself in the Pendulum Zone!" Odd-Eyes Magician emerged from the explosion unharmed as Wing Dragon rose up with a 10 underneath it.

"Now he has a Scale of 1 and 10!" Sawatari pointed out.

"Now it's my turn." Yuto's spirit smirked.

"Come at us with all you have!" Anzel's spirit accepted it.

"I activate Odd-Eyes Magician's final effect!" Yuya held his arm out. "By destroying itself and another face-up Spell Card I control, I can add a Spell Card or a Pendulum Monster from my Deck to my hand! I destroy Odd-Eyes Synchro Gate!" The monster and the Spell burst into sparkles as he took out a new card from his deck. "I add Odd-Eyes Xyz Gate to my hand, and activate it! I Special Summon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon from my Extra Deck and Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon from my Graveyard as a Level 7 monster with their effects negated, and Xyz Summon using them both!" The two dragons became sparkling purple energy that swirled into the galactic portal.

"Dragon of dual colored eyes. Unleash that black scale of wrath, eradicate all opposing enemies! Xyz Summon! Come forth, Rank 7! Dragon with eyes of rage! Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon!" The first combined dragon appeared with a devastating roar and 3000 ATK.

"Now Rebellion Dragon...the first one he created..." Gongenzaka remembered.

"I activate Odd-Eyes Xyz Gate's effect! I banish itself as well as Synchro Gate and Fusion Gate in my Graveyard, to have Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon attack twice, and give it 1000 attack!" The dragons power rose to 4000.

"This is bad, I've used up their effects!" I thought aloud as I ran to grab an Action Card.

"Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon! Attack Yggdrasil the Determination God! Thunder of Revolution - Lightning Strike!" The monsters wings shocked themselves with purple lightning as it unleashed a beam of purple energy from its jaws that destroyed my god.

Elliot's LP: 2950

"And Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon will attack Yggdrasil the Evolution God! Imperial Wrath Revolt - Strike Disobey!" The monsters fangs glowed with lightning as it tore through the ground before stabbing my second monster just before I grabbed a card, the impact blowing me back.

Elliot's LP: 2150

"He destroyed two of them!" Fubuki cried.

"Now, in my second Main Phase, I will Pendulum Summon! Revive from my Extra Deck in Defence Position!" A single ray fell from the portal above. "Level 3! Timegazer Magician!" The magician of time reappeared to defend. "I end my turn!"

"...Wow." I smiled as I sat up. "Even with all of their power, you still managed to destroy two Yggdrasil's. But that's who you are, Yuya. The Duelist who becomes more dazzling and amazing with each new experience he's confronted with."

"You shouldn't forget yourself either." Yuya told me. "The person who braved through the worst of his life, and connected everyone together, even saving everyone, Elliot Reid or Elliot Zekaki, whoever you choose to be...that's the person I know, and why I'm so happy to be Dueling you!"

"Yeah..." I stood up and pointed at him. "I won't disappoint! My turn!"

'It's been pretty selfish of me...' I thought as I looked at Yuya, then glanced up towards Yuzu in the crowd. "Yuya and Yuzu...your counterparts are just like mine...I don't want them to have regrets either. Even if it takes all my power...I'll save all of you! Even if two of the Yggdrasil's are gone, the door has already been opened!'

"Again, I will Pendulum Summon! Revive from my Extra Deck! The chained heart of my resolve! Yavix the Imprisoned Warrior!" My ace appeared on the field. "Yavix's effect activates when he is Special Summoned! Drain Chains!" The monsters chains bound Rebellion Dragon and Timegazer, reducing their power.

'That's it. I'll do it with Yavix.' I looked up at the monster. 'My monster that I created from Elliot Kirek's influence. This Yavix, the Pendulum Yavix, is mine. Not one that Elliot Kirek created. So I know, Yavix will accept my power!'

"Battle! Yggdrasil the Fantasy God will attack Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon! World Fantasy!" The god unleashed its multiple dark rays that obliterated the dragon.

"I activate Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon's Pendulum Effect!" Yuya pointed up. "Once per turn, when I would take Battle Damage, I reduce that damage to 0!"

"Then I activate Yggdrasil the Fantasy God's effect to negate and destroy it!" The monsters eye shot its laser again.

"I also activate Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon's Pendulum Effect! When my opponents monster activates an effect, I can negate that effect!" Wing Dragon shot light waves at the red beam which dissolved it as a violet barrier formed around Yuya to protect him from the damage.

"They're each fighting back strongly." Ryo said.

"So amazing! What a great Entertainment Duel!" Johan beamed.

'This is it...I'll put my D.E into this attack!' I decided.

"Yavix the Imprisoned Warrior! Attack Timegazer Magician! Sealed Energy!" My ace unleashed a D.E enhanced attack which destroyed the Spellcaster in a giant red explosion.

'Did it work?' But as the smoke cleared, the only change was that Timegazer was gone, and I didn't feel anything. 'What? That wasn't enough? Damnit! What else can I do? I put all that I could into that it really too much to revive all of them? No, I'm not giving up!'

"I activate Yggdrasil the Fantasy God's effect! I control two monsters, so, Yuya! I banish Timegazer Magician, and Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon from your Extra Deck!" The two monsters vanished. "I set a card and end my turn!"

"Now Yuya has no monsters to Pendulum Summon, and no cards in his hand!" Melissa commented. "He'll need a special card to get out of this!"

"I believe!" Yuya smiled, unwavered. "Because I want to enjoy this Duel to the very limit, I'll definitely draw the right card! My turn! Draw!" He drew his card, creating a shining light. "It came! I activate the Spell, Pendulum Return!" The card showed Yuya's Pendulum swinging in a beautiful starry sky with five Pendulum rays shooting around it. "I Special Summon a Pendulum monster from my Graveyard or face-up in my Extra Deck under the condition I can't Pendulum Summon this turn! Revive! With your beautiful dichromatic eyes! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" His ace appeared on the field once again with shining eyes.

"Odd-Eyes again!" Standard Ayu cheered.

"Of course. Odd-Eyes is Yuya's star after all." Yuzu nodded.

"Then, the Summoned monster gains attack equal to the attack of the monster in my Pendulum Zone with the lowest attack. That would be the 3000 attack Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon!" Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon roared as its ATK became 5500.

"It has 5500 attack!" Synchro Ayu cried.

"If it attacks Elliot with that much power, it's over!" Kaito said.

"Battle! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon will attack Yggdrasil the Fantasy God! Spiral Strike Burst!" The dragon leapt into the air and began charging its attack.

"Trap card open! Friendship Belief!" My card showed a shadowed figure praying as several white figures behind them shone brightly. "When a monster I control is attacked, I excavate the top three cards of my Deck, then I send any number of Level 4 or lower monsters among them to the Graveyard to have my monster gain attack equal to the discarded monsters attack until the end of the Damage Step! Anything else is shuffled back into the Deck."

"Odd-Eyes has its Reaction Force effect to double damage, so Elliot needs to send Level 4 or lower monsters with 1300 or more attack to the Graveyard to increase Yggdrasil's attack enough to survive." Shun said.

"The first card!" I drew and revealed it. "It's the Trap, Rallied Forces, so it is shuffled back into the Deck."

"You can do it, Elliot!" Anna whispered.

"The second card!" I drew and revealed. "It's the 300 attack Timestream Blob! So I discard it and have Yggdrasil gain its attack!" My gods power rose to 3500.

"Now he needs a monster with 1000 or more attack...c'mon!" Fubuki said.

'I need a monster...but if it's not strong enough, or if it is Level 5 or higher...' I clenched my fist. 'I'll believe...I will...I will!' I placed two fingers on top of my Deck.

"The third card...draw!" I looked at it, then revealed it. "It's the 1600 attack Parally Pendulum Performer! I discard it as well to have Yggdrasil gain its attack!" Yggdrasil's power rose to 5100.

"It's enough!" Edo smiled.

"Odd-Eyes' effect will double the Battle Damage! Reaction Force!" The monsters spiraling beam destroyed my god.

Elliot's LP: 1350

"With this, I end my turn, so Odd-Eyes' attack goes back to normal." Yuya finished.

"That was close." I wiped my forehead. "Thank you."

"What are you talking about?" Parally Pendullum Performer's spirit asked. "Of course we would help you! You gotta believe in us more."

"I know. Because you always do." I smiled.

"Well, duh. That's what we do." She smiled. "We're connected to you, just like everyone else is. And we will always help you." She then faded away.

'Everyone is connected to me...everyone will help me...' I smiled. 'That's it!'

"My turn!" I drew, then held my arms up. "Ladies and Gentlemen! During our Entertainment Duel, let me show you my Unity Dueling!"

"Awesome! Unity Dueling!" Fubuki cheered.

"What's this now?" Kalin looked interested.

"Alright." Kaito smirked.

"First, I will activate this card!" I showed it. "The Continuous Spell, Magical Star Dream!" The card showed a rainbow filled galaxy with different coloured stars all spinning around, before stars and bubbles suddenly started shooting out of the card all around.

"Beautiful!" The trio of children from both the Standard and Synchro Dimensions marvelled.

"Whilst Magical Star Dream is activated the effects of all other Spell cards are negated, and neither player can activate Spell cards!" All of the Action cards were suddenly trapped in the stars, as Solar Knight, Lunar Knight, Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon, and Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon, were trapped in bubbles and began bouncing around off of each other.

"Sealing all Spell cards?" Yoko echoed.

"He's sealing off Action Cards, the very heart of Action Dueling." Yushou said. "But in its place, he has provided this spectacle. I wonder what he is planning..."

"Also, whilst Miracle Star Dream is in play, any monster that isn't Pendulum Summoned has its attack and defence reduced to 0, and any monster that is Pendulum Summoned must be in attack position." I added.

"He's forcing battle as well?" Reiji thought aloud.

Using one of the trampolines, I bounced onto Yavix's back. "Everybody in the Fusion Dimension!"

"Eh? Us?" Sora stared dumbly.

"I wonder what this is!" Johan asked excitedly.

"This is our attack!" I called out to them. "Let's all do it together!"

"An attack together! Awesome!" Fubuki said.

"If that's what he wants." Ryo shrugged.

"I will." Haruka nodded.

"I'll do it." Kirek agreed.

"Everyone! Let's do it!" Edo yelled out.

"Yeah!" All the students cheered.

"Battle!" I yelled pointing forward. "Now!"

"Yavix the Imprisoned Warrior! Attack Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" Everyone from the Fusion Dimension yelled.

'I can feel it! Everyone's D.E!' I thought. 'This time for sure!'

"Sealed Energy!" Yavix unleashed a rainbow beam of energy that destroyed the dragon, and upon the impact, it unleashed a giant pulse of purple energy across the stadium.

Yuya's LP: 700

"Eh?" Yuzu gasped as she started glowing purple. "What is...?"

"Is this...?" Yuya was also glowing purple.

"This is it!" I cried as I also glowed purple.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" We all cried out as purple lights shot out of the three of us and shot over to the side of the stadium in a burst of light.

When the light cleared, three figures were standing there.

" I...?" Yuri said.

"" Selena gaped.

"You really did it." Hotaru smirked.

"Wh-Whaaaaaaaat!? What just happened!?" Nico cried. "Three people just appeared!"

"HOTARUUUUUUU!" Suddenly Haruka began running down, stepping over people as she jumped down and ran over to him.

"Haruk-Ack!" Hotaru gasped as she strangled his neck.

"My're back!" She cried uncontrollably. "My sweet, sweet Hotaru..."

"Yeah...I'm alright my little yandere." Hotaru wheezed as he petted her head.

"Oh, that's sappy." Yuri sighed. "But I'm glad you're not dead, Hotaru."

"Same to you, even if you wanted to card me." Hotaru huffed.

"Thank you, Elliot...thank you so much!" Selena smiled with tears in her eyes.

"Yuri, Hotaru and Selena are...!" Asuka gasped.

"He really did it!" Zevrakex cried.

"I knew you could, Elliot Reid!" Ari smiled.

" brought them back..." Yuya stared in shock.

"Heh heh, well it wasn't just me." I admitted. "Sorry for not telling you."

But he just smiled. "Somehow, I feel this is just like you. You keep being this I can't fall behind!" He gave me a determined look. "I'm not holding back! If you wanna keep going, then come at me with everything you have!"

"Of course! I wouldn't want you to let up!" I confirmed.

" two truly are the greatest." Yuzu smiled. "Please...keep going!"

"My turn!" Yuya drew. "Pendulum Summon! Revive from my Extra Deck! With your brilliant dichromatic eyes! Odd-Eyes pendulum Dragon!" His ace reappeared in attack position. "I set a card and end my turn."

"My turn! In order to keep Magical Star Dream in play, I have to skip my Draw Phase." I explained. "Okay! Everyone in the Synchro Dimension! It's our turn now!"

"We get to attack as well?" Frank gasped.

"Awesome!" Tanner cheered.

"We'll do it as well!" Amanda cheered.

"If that's what you want, Elliot, I'll do it!" Crow cheered.

"Very well." Jack agreed.

"I shall give you my strength." Greiger nodded.

"And me." Kalin added.

"Uh, does that include me?" Melissa asked.

"If you're going to do what I think you will...I'll pray with all my heart!" Ayu declared.

"We'll help too!" One of the Commons cheered.

"And us with you." A Tops nodded.

"Battle!" I shouted.

"Yavix the Imprisoned Warrior! Attack Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" Everyone from the Synchro Dimension yelled.

"Sealed Energy!" Yavix unleashed another rainbow beam.

"Trap card, open! Wall of Disruption!" Yuya's Trap revealed itself. "With it, Yavix loses 800 attack!"

"Oh no! Our attack is...!" Ayu cried.

"Don't give up!" I yelled as I jumped up. "Our attack carries all of our feelings! If you believe in it, it will definitely go through!" I grabbed an Action Card from a star. "I activate Magical Star Dream's final effect! Once per turn, when my opponent activates a card or effect, I discard a card to negate its activation and destroy it! I discard Action Spell, Tenacity!" Wall of Disruption burst into stars.

"I see now..." Reiji spoke. "Sealing off Action Cards, which can be used to turn the tables, allows Elliot and everyone to place their completely unwavering faith in their attack together. Uniting them without fear or hesitation in one beautiful moment."

"Yavix's attack will continue!" The monsters rainbow beam hit the dragon and caused a giant green burst of energy to resonate out.

Yuya's LP: 500

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Me, Yuya and Yuzu screamed as we glowed green before three green lights burst out and landed outside the field in a burst of light.

"Me...too?" Yugo spoke.

"I can't believe it..." Rin whispered.

"Holy shit...we're all back together again!" Leiko cheered.

Yugo instantly looked up. "Rin!"

"Yu-Yugo!" Rin gasped, before her eyes turned towards the ground and she began shaking. "Yugo...I...I'm so sor-" She was cut off as Yugo hugged him.

"Rin...I finally found you again, and you're back to normal!" Yugo sobbed. "I'm so glad...!"

"Yugo..." Rin whimpered as she hugged him back.

"LEIKO!" Said person froze as Ayu stomped towards him with an angry look on her face.

"A-Ayu!" Li panicked. "Uh-um-S-Sorry for dying! Didn't mean to! I jus-!" She pulled back a punch and he flinched, but she simply tapped him with her fist before burying her head in his chest and crying.

"I love you too, you idiot..." She sobbed, with Leiko looking shocked for a moment before smiling and hugging her.

"Those three..." Crow smiled lightly.

"Well done, Elliot." Orion nodded. "Just one more time..."

"I end my turn at that." I finished.

"My turn!" Yuya drew. "Pendulum Summon! Return to my field again! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" His ace reappeared on the field again. "I set a card and end my turn."

"My turn! Again, I skip my Draw Phase to keep Magical Star Dream in play!" I declared. "Xyz Dimension! Now it's our turn!"

"We'll do it!" Allen nodded.

"I'll give it my all!" Sayaka agreed.

"Take all my feelings, Elliot!" Anna cheered.

"My thank you." Rio nodded.

"For what you've done, you can take all my strength!" Shark nodded.

"For what you have planned, I will give you everything!" Shun declared.

"We will all do it! Resistance! Let's go!" kaito declared.

"Yeeeeeeah!" They all cheered.

"Battle!" I shouted.

"Yavix the Imprisoned Warrior! Attack Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" Everyone from the Xyz Dimernsion yelled.

"Sealed Energy!" Once again, Yavix destroyed Odd-Eyes, unleashing a wave of blue energy.

Yuya's LP: 300

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" Me, Yuya and Yuzu yelled as blue energy burst out of us and crashed outside of the field.

"'s been a while." Yuto admitted. "I was almost getting used to it."

"Give me a break. Do you have any idea how worried I was about you?" Anzel huffed.

"Yuto! Anzel!" The two males were both suddenly hugged by Ruri. "We're all back together again, finally! In a new world! Isn't this great!?"

"Ruri!" The three of them looked as Shun jumped down in front of them and ran over to them, trying and failing to keep his composure. " came back..."

"...Yes...I didn't think I would but..." She was stopped as the siblings hugged.

"Thank god...I'd given up again." Shun admitted. "'re really here...for real this time!"

"Anzel." He turned to Yuto, who smiled. "Thank you. For looking for us all this time."

Anzel stared at him for a moment, before smiling. "No problem. We're all together again at last. That's all I wanted."

"Anzel..." He turned again, only for Ruri to kiss him on the cheek and make him blush. "I'm really glad we're together again."

"...Yeah..." The four of them all smiled.

"He did it...everyone is back!" Paluis cheered.

" truly are a miracle." Ari smiled.

"With that, I end my turn." I ended with a smile.

"They're all back. Everyone together, really did it." Yuya grinned. "This really is uniting everybody, towards our future, an even better future then when we began!"

"Right! Our door has been thrust wide open!" I declared. "Let's keep going forward! Unrelenting! Unflinching! Towards this fate!"

"You bet we will!" Yuya smiled. "All as one! Smiling magnificently! My turn! With the power that helped open this door! Pendulum Summon! Revive once more! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" His ace once again appeared. "Battle! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon will attack Yavix the Imprisoned Warrior!"

"What!? But Odd-Eyes still has less attack!" Melissa panicked.

"Trap card, open! Performapal Teamwork!" His Trap flipped up. "I equip a Performapal from my hand to Odd-Eyes, and have it gain double the equipped monsters attack!"

"That won't happen!" I swung on a Fusion swing and grabbed a card. "With Miracle Star Dream's effect, I discard Action Spell Acceleration to negate Performapal Teamwork and destroy it!" The card burst into sparkles.

"Then I activate the effect of Performapal Undercover Hippo in my hand!" He revealed the monster. "By discarding it, a Performapal or Odd-Eyes monster I control gains 800 attack until my opponents next End Phase!" Odd-Eyes' attack rose to 3300.

"It's attack is higher then Yavix's now!" Gongenzaka gasped.

"Go, Odd-Eyes! Spiral Strike Burst!" The dragon unleashed its attack on my ace. "And with Odd-Eyes' effect, the battle damage is doubled! Reaction Force!" The attack intensified before my monster was destroyed.

Elliot's LP: 150

"Yuya has turned the Duel around yet again!" Nico cried. "This is so back and forth its making my head spin! What an absolutely incredible Duel!"

"Go! Both of you!" Hotaru, Yuri, Selena and Haruka cheered.

"Give it all you've got!" Leiko, Yugo, Rin and Ayu cried.

"Show us your Dueling!" Anzel, Yuto, Ruri and Shun yelled.

"That's clever Yuya." I admitted, nodding. "With Odd-Eyes' attack at 3300, even if I summoned Yavix back, its attack would only drop to 2800."

"Yeah." Yuya nodded knowingly. "Now your next draw is what you will rely on. The next step forward."

'He's right.' I looked down at my Deck. 'I've already done so much...but even so, I can still keep moving forward, I can still keep doing more. More and more and more, better and better and better. Creating even more miracles.' I placed two fingers on top of it. 'I'll keep moving forward, towards my future!'

"My turn...I DRAW!" I drew the card as it sparkled. "Since I drew, Miracle Star Dream is destroyed!" As the card vanished, the Action Cards were freed from the stars and the Pendulum Monsters were freed from their bubbles.

"This card is..." I looked up. "Pendulum Summon! Return! The chained heart of my resolve!" A single ray fell from the portal. "Yavix the Imprisoned Warrior!" My ace reappeared on the field. "And when Yavix is Pendulum Summoned, Odd-Eyes will lose 500 attack and defence! Drain Chains!"

"I activate Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon's Pendulum Effect to negate Yavix's effect!" Yuya interrupted.

But I picked up another card. "Action Spell, Candy Coat makes Yavix unaffected by your Spells and Traps until the End Phase! So his effect will continue!" The chains bound the monster for a second, but it quickly broke free with still 2800 ATK.

"We're not gonna be held back!" Yuya jumped onto Odd-Eyes' head. "Come on! Elliot!"

"Right! I activate the Spell, Unity Dimensions!" The card showed five dimensions of purple, white, black, green and yellow, as rainbow comets flew between them in a beautiful diagram. As soon as it appeared, the sky of the Action Field lit up with rainbow lights and colours.

"Wonderful..." Leo breathed.

"I target a monster I control, then Special Summon any number of Fusion, Synchro or Xyz monsters from my Graveyard with equal or less attack, and their effects negated!" I explained. "Appear magnificently! Yavix the Disgraced Nightmare! Yavix the Enhanced Samurai! Yavix the Forgotten Gaia!" The three Yavix's reappeared in a burst of colour all with 2700 ATK.

"They're all back!" Shuzou marvelled.

I smiled. "Battle!" I jumped on the back of Yavix the Disgraced Nightmare. "Yavix the Disgraced Nightmare will attack Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!"

"B-But Odd-Eyes still has more attack!" Melissa pointed out.

"I'm not afraid! Everyone will definitely help me!" I smiled as Yavix flew close to a platform so I could grab a card. "Action Spell, High Dive! Yavix gains 1000 attack until the end of the Damage Step!" The Fusion Yavix roared as its attack rose to 3700. "Go, Yavix! Nightmare Eyes!" The monster roared as it fired its lasers.

"Odd-Eyes!" The dragon roared in agreement as it charged forward and allowed Yuya to grab a card. "Action Spell, Avoid! I negate the attack!" Odd-Eyes swerved out of the way of the attack.

"No way!" All six children from Pendulum and Synchro cried.

"This...this is the heart pounding excitement of an Action Duel." Yusho smiled. "Together with your monsters, using Action Cards...magnificent! Both of you!"

"Next up is you!" I jumped off of my Fusion Yavix as Yavix the Enhanced Samurai caught me, and I stood on his shoulder. He jumped up and created his blades as I grabbed another card. "Action Spell, Assault! My monster gains 600 attack until the end of the Damage Step!" The Synchro Yavix's power rose to 3300. "Twin Energy Rush!"

Yuya jumped off of Odd-Eyes and activated his roller bladers, speeding off and grabbing a card. "Action Spell, Choice of Miracle! With it, I prevent Yavix's destruction! and using Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon's Pendulum Effect, I take no battle damage!" A shield blocked Yavix's blades.

"Hey! Look at that!" Sawatari pointed. Odd-Eyes' and the Yavix's eyes were turned upward gleefully. "The monsters are...smiling?"

"How could they not be smiling?" Yoko said. "Those monsters are clashing against each other together with their Duelists, without fear and without hesitation. They're all having fun together."

"Your turn now!" I jumped on Yavix the Forgotten Gaia's head. "Over there!" My monster jumped up so that I could grab a card. "Thanks! Yavix the Forgotten Gaia will attack Odd-Eyes! And I activate the Action Spell, Rejuvenation! Yavix gains 800 attack until the end of the Damage Step!" Yavix's power rose to 3500. "Ancient Rage!"

Yuya sped up a pole and jumped off to grab a card in the air. "I also activate Rejuvenation! Odd-Eyes also gains 800 attack!" His ace's power rose to 3600. He then sped down and jumped back on Odd-Eyes. "Counter, Odd-Eyes! Spiral Strike Burst!" The two monsters beams collided, unleashing a beautiful burst of sparkles across the field.

"With Rejuvenation's effect, Yavix isn't destroyed!" I cried as the attacks cancelled each other out.

Elliot's LP: 50

"Too close!" Sora cried.

"Hey...look!" Asuka pointed. "Are Elliot and Yuya...glowing?"

Both me and my opponent were bathed in rainbow light as we bounced around each other with our monsters.

Yuzu was also covered in the same light. "You both..."

Meanwhile, Reira was laughing happily as she also glowed rainbow. "What is...this?" Himika asked.

"You two..." Reiji smiled. "You never cease to amaze me."

"Their Duelist spirits are resonating with each other..." Ari breathed in shock. "The amount of D.E they're's more then I ever thought possible!"

"But...what will happen with this D.E?" Orion thought aloud.

"Finally, our main act!" I jumped down onto Yavix the Imprisoned Warrior's head. "Yavix the Imprisoned Warrior attacks Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" We both jumped into the air with our monsters.

"Go, Odd-Eyes!" "Go, Yavix!" We both shouted as we grabbed a card at the same time.

"Action Spell, Attack Force! Yavix gains 600 attack!" Yavix's power rose to 3300. "Sealed Energy!" My ace unleashed a blast of rainbow energy.

"Action Spell, Miracle!" Yuya countered. "Odd-Eyes isn't destroyed, and the battle damage is halved!" The rainbow energy crashed into the dragon in a burst of brilliant beautiful light, that resonated out across all dimensions.

Yuya's LP: 50

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Me, Yuzu and Reira cried as rainbow lights shot out of all three of us. Two of them crashed down outside of the stadium, whilst the third one shot into one of the VIP areas, where Ari and the three Beings were.

"...Am...I...?" Zarc breathed in confusion.

Suddenly he was smacked forcefully across the face. "That's for destroying the world!" Ray scolded him.

He rubbed his face with a forlorn look. "...Is that all?"

"No. You're also an idiot, and a horrible monster." She huffed.

"Yeah...I deserve that..." Zarc admitted. " could save it for later?"

"Eh!? You-!" Ray raged.

"I want to enjoy this." The two of them looked at the Duel. "This Duel...this's beautiful. They're happy."

Ray stopped for a moment, then huffed. "Idiot...I was going to tell you...that I still considered you my friend."

Zarc smiled. " I don't deserve that now. So please, Ray...just enjoy this moment too. You deserve it most of all."

"...Fine." She smiled lightly.

The light in front of Ari began to fade. "Elliot..." A familiar voice spoke from the light. "You truly surpassed are absolutely miraculous."

"That voice...!" Orion gaped.

"It can't be!" Zevrakex said.

"It is..." Paluis cried happily.

As the light faded, Elliot Kirek opened his eyes and smiled. "Hello, Ari."

She stared at him in shock for a moment, before her eyes filled with tears. "E...E...ELLIOT!" She leaped on him and buried her face in his chest as she cried uncontrollably, whilst he stroked her head.

"It's okay, Ari." He soothed her. "I know much you can do on your own. But still...I still want to be beside you."

"Me too...I want us to do so much more together..." She sobbed.

"Elliot Reid...he brought back Elliot Kirek, Ray, and even Zarc." Orion fell to his knees in pure shock. "He...did all of this..."

"How the hell...did we not see this sooner?" Zevrakex gaped.

"Elliot Reid is absolutely amazing!" Paluis sniffed through her tears.

"With this, I end my turn." I finished as my smiling monsters descended all around me. "During the End Phase, all monsters Special Summoned by Unity Dimensions have their attack and defence reduced to 0." The trio's power dropped to nothing.

"So...that is your Unity Dueling..." Yuya stood up and smiled. "It truly is amazing. It did so much, and now everyone is..." he simply shook his head. "It's too good to be true."

"Yeah...I get the feeling." I admitted. "But this was only done because of what we all achieved."

"And you, Elliot." Yuya told me. "It wouldn't be possible without you. Because you're the one who united everyone, saved's thanks to you."

"Yuya..." I breathed.

"So, now...I also want to show everyone, what I have done, and what I can still do!" Yuya placed his fingers on top of his Deck. "This is my Entertainment! My turn! DRAW!" He drew the card over his head, creating a sparkling arc over his head.

Then, a spotlight fell on him. "Ladies and Gentlemen! It's time for the very last turn of our Unity Entertainment Duel!"

"Eh!? Last turn!?" Melissa gasped.

"So this is it, huh?" I thought aloud.

"On our stage, we have our performers! Odd-Eyes pendulum Dragon and the Yavix monsters!" Yuya announced. "Now the smiles of these monsters will illuminate the world! I activate the Spell, Smile Dimensions!" The card showed five dimensions of the same colour with giant smiley faces on them and smiling stars and comets shooting around them. As the card appeared the field suddenly lit up in rainbow colours as smiling faces began falling around us like shooting stars.

"So pretty..." Ray mumbled as Zarc smiled.

"With the effect of Smile Dimensions, all of my opponents monsters gain 100 attack for every monster on the field!" Yuya said.

"Just mine?" I thought aloud as my monsters suddenly gained big smiles, with the trio of Extra Deck's ATK's being boosted to 500 as Yavix the Imprisoned Warrior's rose to 3200.

"And then, I can target 1 monster I control, and have it gain attack equal to the combined attack all my opponents monsters gained, all until the End Phase!" Yuy smiled. "My choice of course is our star! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" The dragon smiled as its ATK became 4500.

"Let's go, Odd-Eyes!" Yuya cheered as he jumped on the dragon. "Battle! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon will attack Yavix the Imprisoned Warrior!" His dragon began charging up energy within its jaw.

"I activate the effect of Unity Dimensions in my Graveyard!" I countered. "When my monster is attacked, I banish it from my Graveyard, and all monsters I control!" The card and my Yavix's all vanished in bursts of spirals.

"Elliot's monsters vanished!" Ari gasped.

"That's right, Elliot...convey your own will to him, and everyone." Elliot Kirek nodded.

"Then, I Special Summon a monster from my Extra Deck with less attack then the original attack of the attacking monster, and make it the attack target!" My Extra Deck opened up. "Come! The dragon that shatters time itself! Timestream Dragon!" The dragon appeared with a tremendous roar and 2400 attack as lights shot out all around.

"Timestream Dragon!" Everyone stared.

"Yuya...this is the first monster I Special Summoned from the Extra my first Duel, in this world, with you...I will end this Duel with it, absolutely!" I declared. "The monster Special Summoned by Unity Dimensions other effect gains 1000 attack for every monster banished to activate its effect! I banished four Yavix's, so Timestream Dragon gains 4000 attack!" The dragon roared as its power rose to 6400.

"Timestream Dragon..." Yuya smiled. "I remember. Our first Duel, Your first Duel."

I jumped on Timestream Dragon's head. "Yuya...let's go!"

"Right...Elliot!" He nodded.

"Chrono Laser!"

"Spiral Strike Burst!"

My dragon fired a blue beam as Odd-Eyes fired a red beam, the two attacks colliding in a firework of stars and beautiful light as the sky above shone brightly.

Everyone gasped and stared in awe at the dragons clashed.

"Yuya...I'm so thankful...I got to meet you and everyone." I said.

"Me too." Yuya smiled, before opening his eyes. "I activate the effect of Smile Dimensions in my Graveyard! When my opponents monster gains attack, I banish it to have all my monsters gain half the attack boost until the End Phase!" Odd-Eyes' power increased by 2000 to 6500.

The two lasers exploded in a burst that shot across everyone, throughout all the Dimensions, in a warm, soft white light, as I felt myself fall back and onto the ground with a big grin on my face.

Elliot's LP: 0

Yuya: WIN!

As the light and the Action Field ended, everyone and everything was being showered with white sparkles that rained down like snow.

"Th...Th...THAT'S IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" Nico screamed. "The winner of this absolutely jaw-dropping, eye-popping, miraculous Duel is...YUYA SEKAKI!"

The stadium roared with cheer as I sat up. Yuya walked over to me and offered me a hand.

"That was a fantastic Duel, Elliot." Yuy said.

I took his hand as he helped me up. "Thanks, Yuya."

"Yuya! Elliot!" Suddenly everyone, and I mean EVERYONE swarmed around us and began cheering.

"That was an amazing Duel!" "You brought Anzel back!" "Yugo is here as well!" "My dear Hotaru!" "So amazing!"

"Yuya, Elliot." Reiji, Himika, baby Reira and Leo approached us as Reiji spoke. "You have magnificently opened up the door to a new world together for all of us."

"You've both done so much." Himika admitted as Reira gurgled happily.

"In this one Duel, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done." Leo said.

"I think he's referring to us." Ray said as she and Zarc made their way through the crowd.

"Zarc..." Leo glared at him.

"Say whatever you want. I understand." Zarc sighed. "My ambition...I'd always thought that it was out of reach. But after meeting Elliot and learning about D.E, I could talk to my monsters, understand them, knew that they liked showing off their power. I guess I just became more and more obsessed with their strength, and it turned into something horrible."

"That's kinda putting it lightly." Elliot Kirek said as he and Ari walked forward. "D.E did grant you what you wanted Zarc, but you also became enamoured with it, consumed by its infinite possibilities. It's a very dangerous power to have, so...really, you can't be blamed TOO harshly for losing your will over it. But still, an 'I'm sorry' won't hurt, right?"

"Fair enough..." Zarc agreed sadly. "I may not ever be able to undo what I've done, but at least I can do that, right?"

"If you're apologising, then I should as well." Ari nodded.

"Wouldn't want you two to bow alone." Elliot shrugged.

"Please forgive us." All three of them bowed in apology.

"Zarc, do you really think I can forgive you?" Leo snarled.

"Oh, lighten up, Leo!" Kirek huffed. "Our world is back, and our Dimensions are united. Give the kid a break."

"Kirek." Leo growled.

"Besides, you've got your daughter back, and I've got my son back, so be happy!" Kirek himself certainly looked happy.

"I don't think you can win with five happy Dimensions against you." Reiji smirked.

The veins on Leo's head pulsed with annoyance. "Fine. Say what you want."

"Thanks, everyone!" Zarc beamed.

"Don't go so happy so suddenly!" Leo, Elliot Kirek and Ray yelled at him.

"Sorry, sorry." He sighed.

"Elliot did so much." Orion said.

"We were definitely right to pick ya." Zevrakex cried.

"You're our, and I think everyone's hero!" Paluis cheered.

"I'm happy..." Ari sniffled. "Everyone is back, everything feels right, this is all that I ever wanted and more...I feel like I don't deserve it."

"You didn't need to do what you've done for me, Zarc and Ray...but you did anyway, which I thought was impossible. Thank you." Elliot Kirek.

"Thank you, everyone." I smiled.

"Now we can begin our new start in this world that all of us share." Yuzu smiled.

"All together." Selena nodded.

"Without discrimination." Rin said.

"And without hate." Ruri added.

And everyone cheered. Finally, everyone was happy, smiling around me. It was all so wonderful. A happy world, the world I'd always wished for my own...then, I took a deep breath.

"Ari." I spoke to her. "Can I ask you...for a favour?"

"Hm? Anything, Elliot! After all you've done, I'm indebted to you for life!" She cheered.

I nodded. "Could you...send me back to my world?"

There was a pause.

"WHAT!?" Everyone yelled.

"Y-You're going back!?" Sawatari screamed.

"Why? Are you leaving us!?" Standard Ayu cried.

"What about everything that happened to you in your world?" Gongenzaka asked.

"The thing is, I realised during that Duel that...I was pretty selfish." I admitted. "Horrible things did happen to me in my world, that won't change...but there were also still a lot of people who supported me and loved me, and I just left them, and became content with leaving them. So, I want to thank everyone who helped me, and at least say thank you and goodbye. Then, I will come back."

There was silence, then Elliot Kirek spoke.

"You've truly grown, Elliot Reid." He said. "I understand...we can allow you to go back."

"Oh, yes!" Ari perked up. "We'll help you do what you want to do."

"Thank you." I nodded, then looking out across everyone. A whole sea of anime faces and crazy hair that I had come to love. "Everyone, I'll see you later."

"I understand. I wish you luck, Elliot." Yuzu nodded.

"We must say fair farewells." Gongenzaka was failing to hold back tears. "I, the manly Gongenzaka, understand."

"Yeah? W-Well, I'm gonna miss you in the meantime, y'hear!? Because you're my rival!" Sawatari sniffled.

"You have to come back as soon as possible, okay?" Standard Ayu said.

"Definitely!" Futoshi added.

"Don't worry, he will." Tatsuya assured them.

"Kinda rude just walking out on us like that...but I'll prepare something for you when you come back." Yoko said.

"No matter where you go, make those around you smile." Yushou tipped his hat.

"Everything you do will be filled with burning passion, I'm sure!" Shuzou cheered.

"I have no idea why you want to go back to that're crazier then me!" Hotaru laughed.

"Well, see you around, not-Hotaru!" Haruka waved.

"I don't really care, but, whatever." Yuri waved it off.

"I will be waiting for you...not that that means anything, really." Selena smiled.

"Good luck, Elliot." Sora nodded.

"Stay well." Asuka nodded.

"Show everyone there your unity as well!" Fubuki smiled.

"Never hesitate on this decision you've chosen." Ryo nodded.

"I can't wait to see your Entertainment again!" Johan waved.

"It'll be excellent." Edo assured him.

"Come back whenever you want." Grace and Gloria said.

"I'll put on a special show for you!" Dennis smiled.

"I'm not fucking crying you asshole!" Leiko wept.

"He means he'll miss you." Synchro Ayu translated.

"You are strong enough to do anything." Greiger assured me.

"And have the will for it as well." Kalin added.

"If you put your mind to it, you'll definitely do it!" Yugo cheered.

"Just make sure to appreciate everyone around you whilst doing so." Rin said.

"See you soon, Elliot!" The three children cheered.

"Let's all eat together when you get back." Crow smirked.

"It'll be on me." Shinji joked.

"Never forget the feelings of everyone who is here today!" Jack said.

"In the meantime, again, thank you for everything." Anzel said.

"We'll all be together, and you'll always be one of us." Ruri nodded.

"Never forget we're your comrades, your friends." Yuto said.

"And if you ever need help, we'll come to your aid." Shun said.

"Come back as soon as you can! Because I'll miss you!" Anna said.

"Later." Rise waved.

"Definitely let us know when you come back, 'kay?" Rio asked.

"And when you do, let's do something all together, like Duel!" Shark smirked.

"I'll make a present for ya!" Allen nodded.

"And I'll make something too!" Sayaka added.

"We'll always be with you in spirit." Kaito nodded.

"Your choice." Kirek shrugged.

"Whatever you do, everyone will wish you the best." Leo assured me.

"The path which you walk...after all of this, I know without a doubt, it is the right one." Reiji nodded.

"Very noble of you, Elliot." Orion nodded.

"You've still got guts I guess." Zevrakex shrugged.

"Always know, that you are loved very much!" Paluis cried.

I nodded. "Thank you, everyone."

Elliot and Ari held hands as a portal opened up behind me.

"You can come back whenever you wish." Elliot assured me. "Just will it, and your D.E, as well as ours, shall respond."

"That goes for anything nasty from your world too." Ari nodded. "Call us if you ever need help!"

"Elliot!" I turned to Yuya, as he smiled. "We'll be waiting for you. And when you come back, we'll greet you with big smiles on our faces!"

I smiled too. "Thank you, Yuya." I took a deep breath, then exhaled. "See you soon, everybody!"

"See you soon, Elliot!" Everybody waved as I waved back, and I stepped through the portal.

And I was back in my room. During the day, as the portal closed behind me.

I took a moment to simply soak in the fact that I was standing there again. Everything seemed so plain after all I had gone through. My own room filled with games and technology felt boring, that was a weird sensation.

I walked across the landing, to the bathroom, and looked at myself in the mirror. Me. The old me. With simple brown hair and blue eyes, dressed in my pajamas.

"Hello, old face." I greeted my reflection, before I went back into my room and turned on my laptop, checking the date. I had been gone for just over three weeks.

"It sure felt longer then that..." I admitted. "Guess that means I missed out on summer holidays...and there still will be a lot of uneaten food in the fridge."

I leaned back in my chair and stared up at the bulb. "...Here we go."

My grandparents returned from their summer holiday the next week. They traveled a lot, and I was used to that. But still...seeing them again made me hug them tightly, and I thanked them for taking care of me. They were a bit confused by the abruptness, but accepting nonetheless. I spent longer nights listening to them tell me about how things were back in their day, barring my mum of course, but they were happy.

When my second year at university started, I greeted all my old friends, and thanked them for just...helping me. We went back to just hanging out around their flats and playing games together, happily. We talked a lot more about our futures, as the end year was approaching. I told them I was planning on leaving town to find work, being as vague as possible, but they still supported me.

I studied hard and got good grades, and passed my course with a degree. And me and my friends had heartfelt goodbyes and good lucks for each other as we began to separate to pursue our own careers. Walking down our own paths.

There were still tons of problems with the world. There was still war. There was still disease. Famine. Terrorism. Hatred. There were horrible people killing, and horrible people in power. There were times when it seemed like it would get better, only for reality to come crashing down hard as things became even worse. But I've come to expect that now. And I am not abandoning it. These are problems that I can't change. But I can still do all that I want to do.

I've done so much, created miracles. Some huge, some tiny...and in a way, I've done that constantly, even before I went into Arc-V. And I still managed to keep doing it, again and again. When we create a miracle, we can do it again and again, with enough will, enough strength, or enough love. We should never stop.

I said goodbye to my grandparents as I loaded all my things into boxes and loaned a van to be driven. It was tearful, and I promised to keep in contact. (And yeah, I can do that) as I was driven off.

I had the guy drive me to a field I had found on a map. He was really confused by this, but complied as he helped me unload my boxes onto the grass, and I waved him off as he drove away and left me there.

And then I just sat there, and stared across the field, with a blue sky filled with clouds above me. It was fine. It was calm. It was devoid of everything I hated about that world...and calm enough so that I could think of all the good too.

After a while, I opened the portal, and pushed all my boxes through, before I looked back across it.

"Goodbye, world." I spoke to it one last time, before I stepped through myself.

So I am. Everyone is happy. Is it kind of cheesy? Maybe. It's not my old world for one thing. But I am also happy, living happily, and I think I can afford to be at peace with that.

Elliot and Ari have been experimenting with Dimensional travel lately, reaching further and further out. They've found a whole bunch of new worlds, and I get to explore them a lot. I'm kinda like a pioneer for new dimensions, which is really cool! And yeah, they're all Yu-Gi-Oh related. Weird, huh?

But that is that. What has happened, and what my life is now. It certainly wasn't easy to make it here, but I truly believe we deserve it.

So, to anyone in my world reading this. Never give up. All of us can create a miracle. And when we do, don't stop there. Keep going and do it again, and again, and again, towards your own future, your own happiness, because you can fight against the world and carve your own path through all of its mistakes and darkness.

Now, I'm finishing this story, getting my Deck ready, about to head off and explore another new world, because my future has only just opened itself up to me.

As Yuya would say..."The fun has only just begun!"

Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-VOC


Yggdrasil the Fantasy God: 1 Synchro monster + 1 Synchro 'Yavix' monster. You can Fusion/Synchro Summon this card by sending the above cards you control to the Graveyard (You do not use 'Polymerization'). You can Special Summon this card from your Extra Deck by tributing 1 'Yavix' Fusion monster whilst you control a Synchro monster, this Special Summon is treated as a Fusion Summon and a Synchro Summon. Once per turn (Quick Effect) when your opponent activates a Spell/Trap card, you can negate its activation and destroy it. Once per turn, you can banish a number of monsters from your opponents Extra Deck equal to the number of monsters you control. Monsters you control cannot be targeted by card effects.

Yggdrasil the Evolution God: 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner Xyz 'Yavix' monsters. You can Synchro/Xyz Summon this card by treating an Xyz monster as having a Level equal to its Rank. You can Special Summon this card from your Extra Deck by tributing 1 'Yavix' Synchro monster whilst you control an Xyz monster, this Special Summon is treated as a Synchro Summon and an Xyz Summon. Once per turn (Quick Effect) you can reduce the ATK of 1 monster your opponent controls to 0 until the End Phase. Once per turn, you can increase your LP by 1000 for every monster your opponent currently controls. The effects of monsters you control cannot be negated.

Yggdrasil the Determination God: 2 Fusion Monsters with the same Level, including at least 1 'Yavix' monster. (This cards original Rank is always treated as 1). You can Special Summon this card from your Extra Deck by tributing 1 'Yavix' Xyz monster whilst you control a Fusion monster, this Special Summon is treated as an Xyz Summon and a Fusion Summon, and if you do, attach that tributed monster to this card as an Xyz Material. Once per turn (Quick Effect) you can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card to have this card gain ATK equal to the original ATK of 1 monster your opponent controls until the End Phase. Once per turn, you can attach 1 monster in your opponents GY to this card as an Xyz Material. Monsters you control cannot be destroyed by card effects.

Performapal Odd-Eyes Magician: Pendulum Effect: This cards activation cannot be negated, the activation and effect of Spell cards you control cannot be negated. When this card is activated, you can target 1 'Performapal' or 'Odd-Eyes' Pendulum monster in your GY or Banished Zone, place it face-up in your Extra Deck.

Normal Effect: This card cannot be Normal Summoned/Set, this card can only be Special Summoned by Pendulum Summon, or by the effect of a 'Performapal' or 'Odd-Eyes' Pendulum Monster. When this card is Special Summoned, you can negate the effects of all face-up Spell cards your opponent currently controls, and the activation and effects of Spell cards you control cannot be negated for the rest of this turn. (Quick Effect) You can tribute this card and 1 face up Spell card you control to add 1 Pendulum Monster or Spell card from your deck to your hand.

The Phantom Knights of Loss: Detach all Xyz Materials from all Xyz Monsters on the field, then draw 1 card for every Xyz Material detached from a 'The Phantom Knights' monster.

Pendulum Return: Special Summon 1 Pendulum Monster from your GY or face-up in your Extra Deck, then it gains ATK equal to the ATK of the monster in your Pendulum Zones with the lowest ATK, until the End Phase. You cannot Pendulum Summon the turn you activate this effect.

Friendship Belief: When your opponent attacks a monster you control, excavate the top 3 cards of your Deck, and discard any Level 4 or lower monsters among them, whilst shuffling any other cards back into the Deck. Your attacked monster gains ATK equal to the total ATK of all discarded monsters until the end of the Damage Step. Your opponent takes no Battle Damage from this battle.

Magical Star Dream: Negate the effects of all other Spell Cards on the field, neither player can activate Spell Cards. All monsters that are not Pendulum Summoned have their ATK and DEF reduced to 0. When a monster(s) would be Pendulum Summoned, they must be Pendulum Summoned in ATK Position. Once per turn, when your opponent activates a card or effect, you can discard 1 card to negate the activation of that card/effect and destroy it. During your turn, skip your Draw Phase or destroy this card.

Performapal Undercover Hippo: (Quick Effect) You can discard this card to increase the ATK of a Level 4 or higher 'Perfromapal' or 'Odd-Eyes' monster you control by 800 until your opponents next End Phase.

Unity Dimensions: Target 1 monster you control, Special Summon any number of Fusion, Synchro or Xyz monsters from your GY with equal or lower ATK then that monsters, with their effects negated, and their ATK and DEF becomes 0 during the End Phase of this turn. When a monster you control is targeted for an attack, you can banish this card from your GY and all monsters you control, then Special Summon 1 monster from your Extra Deck with ATK less then the original ATK of the attacking monster, and change the attack target to it. The monster Special Summoned by this effect gains 1000 ATK for each monster banished by this cards effect until the End Phase.

Smile Dimensions: All monsters your opponent controls gain 100 ATK for every monster on the field, then you can target 1 monster you control, it gains ATK equal to the combined ATK all your opponents monsters gained via this effect, until the End Phase. When your opponents monster gains ATK, you can banish this card from your Graveyard to have all monsters you currently control gain ATK equal to half the ATK gain until the End Phase.'s over. I've finally completed it. To this day, I have been writing this story for 3 whole years. And now it has finally ended.

There were some changes along the way. New Duels, new characters, but somehow, it all went the way I wanted it to. I've told my story, and it is now complete. My three years of work is done.

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QOTC: What are your Top 5 Favourite Duels in Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-VOC and why?

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